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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
George and Inger Zerucha, M.T.S., United States We are truly blessed! 4/19/2005
Tim Hickey, United States Congratulations Papa 4/19/2005
Mary A., United States You are not alone! 4/19/2005
Susan Covert, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Anne-Marie Mansfield, United States Viva Il Papa!! 4/19/2005
Jo Ann, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Nicole Stephens, United States Praised be Jesus Christ! 4/19/2005
guy trudeau, United States Congradulations Papa! 4/19/2005
Joni Crowley, United States A New Shepherd To Guide The Flock 4/19/2005
Michele Hughes, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
John Lee, United States prayers 4/19/2005
Adam R Burnieika Sr, United States Holy Father 4/19/2005
Marie Jefferson, United States Thank you. 4/19/2005
Nichols family, Canada Congratulations 4/19/2005
Sara Ford, United States Praise God!!! 4/19/2005
Andrew P. Lomas, United Kingdom Habemus Papam 4/19/2005
David Hakes, United States Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro! 4/19/2005
John and Cheryl Geay, United States Praise God ! 4/19/2005
Luke O'Sullivan, United Kingdom Vivat Papa Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Dale & Patricia Stroyick, United States Congratulations to Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
R Kurasiewicz, United States congratulations 4/19/2005
Antoinette Fisher, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Mark Savage, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Linda Helveston, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Robert Weiler Jr, United States God Bless Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Kevin Scanlon, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
ShirleyZ, United States Thank God 4/19/2005
Fr. Mark Rowles, Wales Congratulations!! 4/19/2005
Sara Carpeaux, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Michelle Marie Romani, United States We love you, Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
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