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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
benjie espina, Philippines congratulations!!! 4/21/2005
Pete and Liz Brown, United States Hallelujah! 4/20/2005
Carol P. Abrantes, Philippines Congratulatory Message/ Praise& Thankgiving 4/20/2005
Cynthia E Dabrowski, United States Prayer for you and Christ's Church 4/20/2005
Dustin Wyant, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Sandra M. Watson, United States Congratulations from the California flock! 4/20/2005
Pascaretta Family, United States Congratulations and Blessings 4/20/2005
George, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
florence mccarthy, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
David Rocks, Ireland The Holy Father 4/20/2005
Mark and Shannon Seymour, United States Thank you Holy Father! 4/20/2005
Michael Shields, United States Habemus Papam 4/20/2005
Leonardo Camargo, United States Habemus Papam! 4/20/2005
Jeff Williams, United States Blessings Be Up Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
LISA, United States YIPEEEEEEE! THANK YOU GOD! 4/20/2005
The Gillette-Ibern Family , United States congratulations 4/20/2005
John & Michelle Maksymowicz, United States Congratulations and God Bless You Holy Father 4/20/2005
John Baesch, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Matthew Whiteacre, United States Blessings be upon his Most Holiness Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
cesar M ventura, Philippines VIVA I'L PAPA 4/20/2005
Robert Feduccia, United States Blessed be God! 4/20/2005
Debbie Davis, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Ted Clarke, United Kingdom Papal Election 4/20/2005
Jerry Busch, Canada Congardulations 4/20/2005
Patti Neary-Shadle, United States Congratulations, Holy Father! 4/20/2005
Lopez/Rodriguez Families, United States Greetings 4/20/2005
Theresa Mochinski, United States Blessings to Our Holy Father 4/20/2005
Karen Murray, Canada God be with you 4/20/2005
John & Camille Vidos, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
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