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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Danielle,Gary,Stephen and Ashley Torres, United States Congratulations to the Holy Father 4/25/2005
Ann Grimes, United States Much Love and Congratulations 4/25/2005
Mr. & Mrs. Benito J. Lascano, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/25/2005
Jim and Sally Mitson, United States May God be at your side always 4/24/2005
Catholic Campus Ministry at VCU, United States Deo Gratias 4/24/2005
Miss Bailey's 2nd Grade Class, United States Congratulations, Holy Father! 4/24/2005
Mary Ellen DeMarco, United States Congratulations 4/25/2005
Mariola Furtado, Kuwait God Bless Our Pope Benedict XVI 4/25/2005
ANNA REED, United States CONGRADULATIONS 4/25/2005
Angela, United States Congratulations 4/25/2005
The Eucharistic Companions of Saint Joseph, Philippines Long Live His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI! 4/25/2005
Rudy E. Mondragon, United States Papal Election and Inauguration 4/25/2005
Br. Christopher Ngozi Onuoha, Nigeria Congratulations! You are Peter! 4/24/2005
Jennifer Ries, Australia Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
Gerald Emmanuel Sevilla Cenir, Philippines Our hearts rejoice, Santo Papa! 4/25/2005
Jose Joel, Kuwait Wishing new Pope 4/24/2005
GARY COMBS, United States Bless you HOLY FATHER 4/24/2005
Jacob & Robina Philip, United States New Holy Father 4/24/2005
Diane Reed, United States Grace and Blessings to Pope Benedict XVI 4/25/2005
Clara Komla, Ghana Congratulations 4/25/2005
Carl Sterner, United States HELLO MY NEW PAPA 4/23/2005
Angela Williams, United States Congraulations 4/25/2005
Robert J Sledz, United States God Bless you Holy Father!!! 4/23/2005
Joyce Rono, United States Congrats! 4/23/2005
Linda Bonanno, United States PAX PAX PAX 4/23/2005
Nancy & Angelo Ortiz, United States YOU ARE IN OUR PRAYERS 4/23/2005
Alicia Driscoll, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Heryawan Cahyana, Indonesia May the Lord Guard You! 4/23/2005
Joe Kulys, United States A long reign... Holy Father 4/25/2005
Charlotte Noronha, United States Congratulations and God Bless You Pope Benedict XVI 4/25/2005
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