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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Gary and Kathleen Frost, United States Congratulations 4/25/2005
Dolores DeLima, United States God's messenger of peace 4/21/2005
Ted Francois, United States God Bless our New Pope! 4/20/2005
Brother Jacob Nsumbu, United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
The Little Family, United States Habemus Papam 4/20/2005
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Linnell, Guam Congratulatory Message 4/20/2005
Ben Weber, Canada Congradulations 4/20/2005
Zuzana Myšáková, Czech Republic Thanks God 4/20/2005
Tim, United States Ad Multos Annos! 4/20/2005
Noe Rodriguez, United States Thanks God 4/20/2005
DESWARTE Thérèse, France CONGRATULATIONS 4/25/2005
Marlene Newman, United States Congratulations to our new Holy Father Pope Benedict XV1 4/20/2005
Ysabel C Urivez, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Douglas Lamberty, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Anne, United States Congratulations 4/25/2005
Frida Molina, United States Our Prayers and sacrifice offeribgs are with you Holy Father Benedict VXI 4/20/2005
Bill Davis, United States God Bless You Holy Father 4/21/2005
Drynia Smith-Van Uytrecht, Netherlands Antilles CONGRATULATIONS 4/20/2005
Veronique-Marie, United States Papal congratulations! 4/21/2005
Gloria Marie Leventhal, United States A Blessing from God 4/20/2005
Buford Jones family, United States God has blessed us. 4/21/2005
Alwin and Mira D'Souza, New Zealand Congratulations - God Bless You! 4/20/2005
norma bennett, United States pope benedict xvi 4/20/2005
Stephanie Miller, United States I'm so happy you are our Holy Father 4/21/2005
The Yu Family, United States Long Live Pope Benedict XVI. God bless you and Mary keeps you. 4/20/2005
Renata Lee, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Shane P Dundas, United States He is worthy 4/20/2005
Chris Connally, United States Thank You for saying Yes 4/21/2005
Nick McLuskey, United Kingdom Congratulations! 4/20/2005
Griffiths, Wales HH Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
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