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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Mark N. Farmer, M.D., United States G-A-U-D-E-A-M-U-S 4/20/2005
suzette, Philippines Mabuhay!!! 4/20/2005
Chris and Nenette Orcullo and Family, Philippines MABUHAY ANG BAGONG STO. PAPA! 4/20/2005
FRANCESCA LOWIS, SAC, United States Gottes Segen! 4/20/2005
Claire Delaney, Ireland Beanneachtai le Dia dhuit 4/20/2005
Niccolo Florencio, Philippines Mabuhay! 4/20/2005
Newly Found Faith, United States Aufrichtig Segenswünsche 4/20/2005
Roberto&Emma Ugalde, United States Congratulations Holy Father! 4/24/2005
Jude Ikezu., Nigeria Congrats Papa Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Jo Kelly, Ireland Congratulations to Pope Benedict 4/20/2005
WILLIE and MARGARET KELLY, United States BE NOT AFRAID Thank's for the Smile. 4/20/2005
HUCK FAMILY, United States VIVA PAPA 4/24/2005
Nancy Thompson, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Larry , United States We offer our prayers 4/20/2005
Denise, Erin and Elise Martelli, United States THE POPE BENEDICT XVI 4/20/2005
Christine Griggs, United States Congratulations Holy Father 4/20/2005
Brendan Young, United States Pope Bendict XVI 4/20/2005
The Dick Miller Family, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Fr. Robert Kirkskothen, Germany Exsultet et te Deum laudamus! 4/20/2005
Jason, United States Congrats 4/20/2005
Theresa Bose, United States Congratulations to Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
John, Marcella, Catherine, Luke & Eric Pulver, United States God bless Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Debbie Castilleja, United States Full of Joy upon hearing of the New Pope 4/20/2005
Cecilia Pineda, Philippines Praise the Lord Jesus & Mary 4/25/2005
Cathy, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
S. Guy George, United States I Pray you the wisdom of Soloman humble servant 4/23/2005
HRH Prince Kevin L. Smith, The Royal Family, United States The Holy Father, Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Canon Bartholomew Nannery, United Kingdom Congratulations 4/22/2005
Vic Luis, Philippines Congatulation Father 4/23/2005
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