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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Jim, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
Margaret Keller, United States CONGRATULATIONS THANKS BE TO GOD 4/20/2005
Donald Klontz, United States Praise and Congrats! 4/20/2005
James & Margaret Curtin, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Marianne Bach, United States Thanks be to God! 4/20/2005
Carla Schwab, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Waterman Brigitte und James, United States Gottes Segen 4/20/2005
paul christopher abood, United States Good Legacy Continues 4/21/2005
Gerald Augustinus Naus, United States Pope Benedict XVI will surprise many 4/22/2005
Shirley Kucher, Canada God bless His Holyness 4/22/2005
Mariusz & Martha Waleszczuk, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
Hoa and Cathy Pham, United States Congratulations Holy Father Benedict XVI! 4/24/2005
Cas and Chris Moritz, United States Holy Father Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
Gail & Tom Buckley, United States We love you Holy Father. Congratulations - you are answered prayer! 4/25/2005
Sonny & Mabel Gaskell and children, Philippines Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/25/2005
Margarett , Philippines Mabuhay Pope Benedict XVI !!! 4/25/2005
The Daley Family, United States Welcome, Pope Benedict! 4/25/2005
Marie elizabeth Misquitta, India Congratulations 4/25/2005
Jaimanne Leopold, Saint Lucia Congratulations 4/20/2005
Stephanie Luke, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
Maria, United States Congratulations and God Bless 4/25/2005
Elizabeth , United States O give thanks to the Lord for he is good! 4/21/2005
Fr. Michael Spitzer, United States God Bless you Holy Father! 4/21/2005
Naomi Young, United Kingdom Dear Holy Father 4/21/2005
Raul R. Vidal de Sepulveda, Puerto Rico Viva el Papa!!! 4/20/2005
Aaron Kooienga, United States Congratulaons to the new pope 4/20/2005
Nancy Brown, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Audrey Vallely, United States Congradulations 4/20/2005
Joan Williams, United States Congratulations 4/25/2005
Jo Kelly, Ireland Congratulations to Pope Benedict 4/20/2005
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