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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Matthew Bieniek, United States Congratulations Holy Father 4/20/2005
Tony, United States Congratulations! 4/20/2005
Eiko, Regina and Teresa Lawrence, United States New Holy Father 4/20/2005
The Fassano Family, United States To Our Holy Father 4/20/2005
Regina Trudy , United States Papa Benedict! 4/20/2005
Mrs. Deborah Collier, United States Congratulations Holy Father Benedict XV I!!! 4/20/2005
Santana Aldrich, United States May the Lord Bless You 4/20/2005
James R. Goodman, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Thierry P Wersinger, United States BXVI 4/20/2005
Kevin Turley, United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI !!! 4/20/2005
Joemon Joseph, United Kingdom congratulations and prayers 4/20/2005
Joy Paulson, United States What a relief! 4/20/2005
Make and Mary Miklosovic and family, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Pat & Bernie Hanus, United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
James E. Clement, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Sandra F. Wall, United States Blessings!!! 4/20/2005
Emily Wickenheiser & Emily Fleming, United States Cheers for Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
James Morgan, Canada Thank God for our new pope! 4/20/2005
Gloria Camacho, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Tina Romanek - Group, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Jenna Benna, United States Habemus Papam..... Congratulations Benedict XVI !!!!!!! 4/20/2005
Nicole Benestante, United States Prayers and congratulations to Pope Benedict XVI. Thanks be to God! 4/20/2005
Patricia Nagorka, United States MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT GUIDE YOU 4/20/2005
Sandra McWilliams, Canada Wonderful News 4/20/2005
De Vone Family, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
david witter, United States Congradulations, Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Larry Warns, United States Congratulations 4/20/2005
Jean Harbeson, United States Congratulations Benedict XVI!!! 4/20/2005
Denise Germain, Canada Congratulations 4/20/2005
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