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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Demi, United States congratulations 4/22/2005
Kathy McAvinue, United States Thank You God 4/23/2005
Pauline, United States We love you! 4/22/2005
Lloyd J. Cassista, United States Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
The Brabstons, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Catherine Smith, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Mano, Belgium Congratulations 4/23/2005
Joan, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Dan Le, United States To our dear Holy Father Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Lunar T. Fayloga, Philippines Do not be afraid! 4/21/2005
Carmen Patricia Martinez, El Salvador Congratulations! And God Bless! 4/21/2005
bob borowick, United States HE IS WITH YOU 4/21/2005
MICHELLE & FRANCO, Kuwait Congratulations! 4/23/2005
The Priela Family, United States We are praying for you 4/23/2005
Alan and Jeannie Eberl, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Debbie M. Lynah, United States Congratulations to our new Holy Father 4/21/2005
Mr. & Mrs. James Heppard & Family, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Jill Fielder, United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
Lori Ryan, United States God Bless Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
kendra ross, United States Congratulations Holy Father!!! 4/21/2005
Kenneth Cheung, Hong Kong Congratulations 4/21/2005
Sally Baloloy, Philippines Congratulations and God bless! 4/21/2005
Don Zandro G. Rapadas, Philippines A warm welcome to you! 4/21/2005
Cameron Cabanlig, Philippines Viva il Papa: Pope Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Rebecca, United States We support you! 4/21/2005
Jose Vazquez, Mexico Abrazo caluroso desde México!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/20/2005
Eugene Dziurzynski Jr, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Marie Bartolome, Philippines God bless Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
The Haverkamp Family, United States Welcome 4/21/2005
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