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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Ton and Cathy Scanlon, United States Blessings! 4/22/2005
Reynaldlo Atkinson, United States Congratulations Holy Father. 4/22/2005
Karen & Bill Eberlein, United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
Cantu Family, United States In Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for His excellant choice 4/24/2005
Evelyn Giesbrandt, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Catherine Bartle, Canada Way to go, Holy Father! 4/22/2005
O'Brien Family , Ireland Pope Benedict XVI congratulations 4/24/2005
Ma. Guadalupe Pennington, United States Un mensaje de felicitacion para el Papa 4/23/2005
chris magan, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/23/2005
Carl & Joan Williams, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/23/2005
Cristina, Argentina Habemus Papam! 4/22/2005
james, United States Habemvs Papam! 4/21/2005
PHILIP ENCARNCAION, Philippines WE LOVE YOU! 4/21/2005
Michael Fanelli, United States congratulations 4/21/2005
Stephenie Paquette, United States Best Wishes 4/21/2005
Edwin & Karen, United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
Sue Nicholls, Australia Congratulations and God Bless You 4/21/2005
Aida Severini, United States I'm so glad it's you, Papa! 4/21/2005
Maria, United States Congratulations and prayerful request 4/21/2005
Mike Buell, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Heidi and Wayne Drealan, United States Congratulations und alles Gute!!! 4/22/2005
The Fassano Family, United States God Bless You! 4/21/2005
Tony Stucchio, United States God's Blessings upon our Holy Father 4/24/2005
Judie Schoyer, United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
Dorothy, United States The German Shepherd 4/24/2005
olivia, United States congratulations 4/24/2005
Dolores Dominguez, United States Congratulations, Your Holiness 4/21/2005
Gary Sarver, United States Be Not Afraid 4/21/2005
David & Dorothy Caporaletti, United States Congratulations Holy Father 4/21/2005
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