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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
RICO RAMOS SERITO, Philippines give thanks to our FATHER IN HEAVEN 4/24/2005
John & Sue Haley, United States Blessings and Congratuiations 4/24/2005
Rev. Dr. Allen Ruscito, United States Assurance of my prayers for Pope Benedict XVI 4/23/2005
Bill Reagan, United States Go forth Mighty Shepherd! 4/23/2005
Charlie and Jane Marx, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Michael J. Clark, United States Prayers and BEST WISHES !!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/23/2005
Maureen Steacker, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
The Robles Family, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
Sheila Marie, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
THERESA THOMAS, United States congradulations 4/22/2005
Mathes Family, United States Congratulations 4/22/2005
Emmanuel Egbele, Nigeria Congratulations Papa Benedict XVI 4/22/2005
Veronica A. Brown, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/24/2005
Kathleen Novak, United States Congratulations 4/24/2005
Colleen Herder, United States congratulations Holy Father 4/24/2005
Michael DeNobile, United States Pope Benny XVI--Congrats from a Youth 4/23/2005
D.F. Lukawski, United States congratulations 4/24/2005
GRAHAM RIGG, United Kingdom THE NEW POPE 4/24/2005
Pam Dwyer, United States You are in my prayers 4/24/2005
Alice Rattigan, United States Benedict XVI 4/22/2005
Fred&Esther Tarasi, United States We are Blessed to have you as our Pope. 4/22/2005
Constance Warrick, United States Message of congratulations 4/23/2005
Norm & Barbara Keller, United States Welcome Papa! 4/23/2005
Shirley Faux OCDS, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/23/2005
Rose Anticole, United States We truly are blessed... 4/23/2005
J. G. Abbott, United States Congratulations 4/23/2005
Laura Paredes, Chile God Bless You 4/24/2005
William and Wilma Cook, United States Congradulations Holy Father! 4/23/2005
The Gaertner family, United States Gruess Gott, Papst Benedikt XVl 4/23/2005
frank ryder, United States kofc 4/23/2005
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