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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Bryan D. Boyle, United States Deo Gratias! 4/21/2005
Maureen Trivilino, Albania Congratulations 4/21/2005
Adrian Correa, Colombia Thanks Holy Spirit for our new Pope! 4/21/2005
leonardus , United States Congratulation and Let's pray for him. 4/21/2005
Ali Medina, United States May the Lord strenghthen you and guide you in His will. 4/21/2005
Bill Malecki, United States The Holy Spirit Has Blessed Us! 4/21/2005
Ms. Robin Rau, United States To My Beloved Papa, Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Matthew J. Fisher, United States May God bless your papacy 4/21/2005
Jake H. Garsuta, Philippines Congratulations and Welcome! Pope Benedict XVI 4/20/2005
Martha Cecilia Buckner, United States God Bless You 4/20/2005
Rev. Christopher M. Floss, United States Congratulations and many blessings... 4/20/2005
Matthew Cheong, Singapore Congrats 4/20/2005
Barb Rickman, United States May Your Reign Long! 4/20/2005
Robin DuBois, United States Congratulations to Our Holy Father 4/20/2005
Bill Riseley, United States Best Wishes 4/20/2005
Lenny and Donna Bradberry, United States Congratulations to our Holy Father 4/20/2005
Ron and Charla Parks and family, United States All of our love 4/20/2005
Sandy James, United States The LORD is all good!! 4/21/2005
Josephine Paschal, India GOD BLESS OUR POPE BENEDICT XVI 4/21/2005
Keith McGaughey & Katie McLaughlin, United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/21/2005
Halpin Family (121 members), United States We Rejoice! 4/21/2005
Teresa Becerra, United States Congratulations to our Holy Father 4/21/2005
Mark Gillies, United States Long Live Papa 4/21/2005
rodmar c. pulido, Philippines congratulations and mabuhay 4/21/2005
Lozel Aguilar, Philippines Congratulations 4/21/2005
Maria Terezinha de C. Salomao, Brazil Light of the Holy Spirit/Luz do Espirito Santo 4/21/2005
Beth, United States Congrats. 4/21/2005
Alexandria, United States Congratulations 4/21/2005
Mauro & Shannon Salomao and Children, United States Congratulations! 4/21/2005
Roy Ordiales, United States Pope Benedict XVl 4/21/2005
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