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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Deanna Holcomb, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Joslyn B. Ford, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Karen Hargis, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Thomas L Smith, United States Congratulations, Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Helen Schultz, United States Hail The New Holy Father!!!!!!!! 4/19/2005
Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles, United States All Honor, Praise and Glory 4/19/2005
ROY IVOR CROWL., United Kingdom OUR NEW HOLY FATHER. 4/19/2005
Tanja Holecek, United States Congratulations and Prayers 4/19/2005
Audia Otto, United States God Bless you 4/19/2005
susan cameron, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
James Scholz, United States Our New Pope 4/19/2005
John Peale, United States Congratulation 4/19/2005
Adam R Burnieika Sr, United States Holy Father 4/19/2005
Kinga Lipinska, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Brian ODonnell, United States Servant of God 4/19/2005
Maria de los Angeles, Costa Rica Congratulations 4/19/2005
George Markelonis, Jr., United States God be with you, your Holiness! 4/19/2005
Brandie, United States God Bless You 4/19/2005
JENNIFER T. HILLYARD, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Dorothy Kleinman Carter, United States Herzlichen Gluckwunsch! 4/19/2005
K. M. Rennie, United States Congratulations, Holy Father! 4/19/2005
The Cipriani Family, United States WE WELCOME YOU PAPPA! CONGRATULATIONS! GOD IS WITH US! 4/19/2005
Ed Christopher Chua, Philippines Our prayers are with you. 4/19/2005
The Cipriani Family, United States WE WELCOME YOU PAPPA! CONGRATULATIONS! GOD IS WITH US! 4/19/2005
L. Goodno, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Gitthaline A (Candie) Gagne, United States Congratulations to our New Holy Father 4/19/2005
Stephen Haude, United Kingdom Anglican sends greetings 4/19/2005
Brian, Sheila, Elizabeth, Ann-Marie & Mary Blum, United States Blessings on Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Ginny Lopez, United States Habemus Papam 4/19/2005
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