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The New Evangelization: Building the Civilization of Love. Africa







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Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for Africa

TV Coverage

Papal Visit to Angola: Meeting with the President of Angola and members of the Diplomatic Corps [90:00] LIVE (US and Africa)
Visit to the president of the Republic of Angola in the presidential palace in Luanda where he will also deliver an address to political leaders and the diplomatic corps.
Fri Mar 20 21:30 IST
Fri Mar 20 16:00 GMT
Fri Mar 20 12:00 ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Meeting with the Bishops of Angola [60:00] LIVE (Africa)

Meeting with Bishops of Angola and Santo Tome in the chapel of the apostolic nunciature in Luanda.
Fri Mar 20 23:30 IST
Fri Mar 20 18:00 GMT
Fri Mar 20 2:00 ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Holy Mass [2 Hours] LIVE (US and Africa)
Pope Benedict XVI will celebrate Mass in Luanda's church of Sao Paulo.
Sat Mar 21 14:30 IST
Sat Mar 21 9:00 GMT
Sat Mar 21 5:00 AM ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Meeting with young people [90:00] LIVE (US and Africa)

Meeting with young people in the stadium of Coquieros.

Sat Mar 21 21:00 IST

Sat Mar 21 15:30 GMT
Sat Mar 21 11:30 AM ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Holy Mass with the Bishops of IMBISA [2 ½ Hours] LIVE (US and Africa)

Celebration of Mass with bishops of IMBISA (Inter-Regional Meeting of the Bishops of Southern Africa) at Cimangola Square, followed by the Angelus.
Sun Mar 22 14:30 IST
Sun Mar 22 9:00 GMT
Sun Mar 22 5:00 AM ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Meeting with Catholic movements [60:00] LIVE (US and Africa)

From the parish of Santo Antonio in Luanda the Holy Father will meet with Catholic movements for the promotion of women.
Sun Mar 22 21:15 IST
Sun Mar 22 15:45 GMT
Sun Mar 22 11:45 AM ET


Papal Visit to Angola: Farewell Ceremony [30:00] LIVE (Africa)
Farewell ceremony at 4 de Fevereiro International Airport of Luanda.
Mon Mar 23 14:30 IST
Mon Mar 23 9:00 GMT
Mon Mar 23 5:00 ET