Thursday, September 4, 2014

Like most of the past 10 days I have spent the greater part of this day trying to resolve an avalanche of issues, many of which are technical. The lack of wifi, thus Internet, continues to be a mystery. I went to the store near my home, whose owner has just returned from holidays, to borrow his wifi, as I did in late July, and he too had no service today. I then went to a local caf and once again, no service. I persisted and the wifi came to life and here I am, 6 pm, to write a brief column and let you know I am alive.

When things return to normal, I will have a lot of catching-up to do sending belated birthday and anniversary greetings (a ton of those), answering emails with special requests or missives from friends who simply want to know how I am (improving) and why I have not written in a while.

I did have an unusual experience on Monday. I had to have a Doppler test and the vascular doctor who has been treating me told me I had to go to one of the local ASL offices (local clinics) to do this. When she told me where to do, I was incredulous and asked, more or less rhetorically, are you sure?

Of course she was and so I followed her instructions and went to Pza. Cavour to Italys Supreme Court building! I had to present ID before I was shown to a rather large area of the building dedicated to health care, exam rooms, and rooms for tests such as the Doppler. I was floored, to say the least. The waiting time was minimal and that is always a plus when waiting for a doctor or an exam.

As I left the building, I told the officer to whom I had given my passport that I had passed this immense building hundreds of times in my years in Rome but had never been inside. And, I noted, it seemed strange that my first visit was not for a judicial matter, but a medical one! I also learned that there was a fully functioning post office! I forgot to ask if there was s supermarket! Next time!

Just a note today. I hope to be able to post some news tomorrow and perhaps even a few photos - because the day will include a very special event.

Thanks for bearing with me in this rather strange period!

Click here, however, for a very worthy news story about Pope Francis and Shimon Peres:

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