April 2013 Family Newsletter

Dear Family,
I hope that the arrival of the Easter season has brought you the great joy of our Risen Lord. Our preparation through Lent, with its appropriate focus on sacrifice and self denial, rightly culminates in the greatest triumph in history. We have such reason for hope and cause for celebration!

Throughout Lent and Holy Week we recognize the cost of our sins and contemplate the value of God's
sacrifi ce. At Easter we are then able to focus on God's glory and His resurrection. We know Christ is the source of all joy and that separation from Him is the cause of so much unhappiness in the world. Easter is a time of renewal; hope and rejoicing follow Lent as Spring follows the Winter.

Here at the Network we remain constantly aware of the need to spread the joy and truth of our Lord. Each day we air programs, broadcast radio signals, and present the Gospel through the many new forms of media. Mother Angelica, who celebrates her 90th birthday this month, followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit and created something that had never before existed. Her life is a beautiful example of living both the sacrifices of Lent and the joys of Easter. Her faith and perseverance established what is now an engine of the New Evangelization.

Mother's life inspires us in this labor of love that is only possible through the support of you, our Family. Thanks to you Christ's message now reaches over 225 million households in more than 140 countries and territories.

EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world, continuing day and night the work of Peter and the Apostles. As we celebrate Easter we count on your generosity to allow us to continue to spread the Hope of Christ and to reach those who do not yet know our Savior. And the reason for our joy! Happy Easter and may Our Lord continue to bless you!

Sincerely in Christ,
Michael P. Warsaw
President & Chief Executive Officer



Dear Family,
He is risen as He promised, Alleluia! The glorious joy of the Resurrection marks the Easter Season. Truly this is the Feast of Victory – Jesus' Victory – over sin and death. And in this way, it is the feast of our victory too.
He died on the Cross so that we might live. He took our sins upon Himself so that we might be set free. We are victorious in Him. We do not sing Alleluia because we have loved Him perfectly. We sing Alleluia because He loved us while we were yet sinners (see Romans 5:8).

We do not sing Alleluia because we are powerful. We sing Alleluia because His power is made perfect in weakness (see 2 Cor 12:9).

We do not sing Alleluia because we are have never failed Him. We sing Alleluia because His Mercy endures forever (see Psalm 136).

We do not sing Alleluia because we have followed Him. We sing Alleluia because, when He was lifted up on the Cross, He drew us to Himself (see John 12:32).

He has accomplished everything. W e are the recipients of such great love.

Family, throughout this Easter Season, let us make an effort to express gratitude to Our Lord for the gift our Redemption. In this Year of Faith, let us ask for a deeper faith and trust in this Love that saved us and set us free. Through the Cross and Resurrection of Our Beloved Lord, we have received an assurance of love beyond our comprehension. Now He asks for our zeal in returning love for love.

In the Risen Christ,
Fr. Joseph Mary W olfe, MFVA
EWTN Chaplain