Please join us in wishing our beloved Foundress Mother Angelica a very happy 92nd birthday! Here's an update family: The sisters tell us that Mother Angelica listens attentively when asked to pray for someone (thank you Mother!) and she appreciates the many flowers and gifts which EWTN's viewers send her. "We give her hugs and kisses for all the folks asking us to do that for them." says Sister Mary Michael.

While Mother has had her ups and downs healthwise in the many years since her stroke, Sister says she offers it all up for the Church: "Suffering is the greatest form of love and Mother Angelica's many years of 'loving immolation' in union with Jesus on the Cross benefits all her spiritual children and will win for her a great crown of glory. We appreciate all the beautiful testimonial letters you send to Mother thanking her for the spiritual help she has given you through her programs and the Network."

May Our Lord continue to bless his servant, Mother Angelica, on this, her 92nd birthday!


From The Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels
 on April 20, 2015

Pray for Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica is so grateful to you all for the love and prayers offered on her behalf.

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