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1. BUSINESS - BADECONO.HTM - Bad Economics
Michael S. Joyce

A revealing and instructive comparison of the fundamental difference in approach between the U.S. Bishops' Economic Justice for All (1986) and Pope John Paul II's encyclical Centesimus Annus (1991)--relating to economy, the human person and subsidiarity. This article was taken from the November 1996 issue of Crisis magazine.

2. BUSINESS - FORTUNE.HTM - Big Business Feels the Heat of Religious Right
Jean-Francois Orsini

Do the November elections and the Gingrich-led landslide mark the first real chance for the "religious right" to be successful in forcing big business to take a principled stand on major social and political issues of modern life, including the issue of abortion? This article comments on the cover article in the February 1995 issue of Fortune Magazine, "Today's GOP: The Party is over for Big Business".

3. BUSINESS - ANTLEGAB.HTM - Big Dip in Corporate Funding of Pro-Abortion Politicians
St. Antoninus Institute

A new St. Antoninus Institute research study indicates that the amount of money given by US corporations to hard-core pro-abortion US senators and congressmen has fallen 30% between 1990 and 1992. This article describes the report and the comments on the necessity of vigilance in the marketplace. ABORTION BOYCOTTS BUSINESS ETHICS ST ANTONINUS

4. BUSINESS - LEGATUS.HTM - Bosses Have Souls, Too
Peter Feuerherd

This file contains information about the Catholic organization Legatus. Taken from the 'National Catholic Register,' October 30, 1994. LEGATUS FEUERHERD MONAGHAN BUSINESS

5. Business - ZMORCAP.HTM - Building Moral Capital

Ethical scandals in business raise the question of what role morality can play in avoiding such problems. Moral capital helps, i.e., good character, based on the virtues, not only to avoid scandals, but to further the common good. MARKETS ECONOMIC ECONOMY CULTURE CAPITALISM

6. BUSINESS - ANTBUSAM.HTM - Businesses for America, 'The Virtual Franchise'
David Pittman

'The Virtual Franchise' In the 'Virtual by one person, agree to work together in joint ventures to accomplish cooperative purchasing, marketing and product development. The virtual franchise is a unique and appealing business concept because it provides a legal means for like, and sometimes unlike, businesses to join in cooperation instead of competition. BUSINESS FRANCHISE ST ANTONINUS PITTMAN

7. Business - zbuscath.htm - Can Business Be Catholic?

There is a pereception that Catholicism and commerce don't mix. Yet the vast majority of Catholic colleges and universities in the United States offer business majors, many with graduate programs. Michael Naughton, director of the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, responds to questions posed by Annamarie Adkins of ZENIT on the compatibility of a career in business with a Catholic life. EDUCATION WORK ETHICS

8. BUSINESS - FR91401.HTM - Capitalism Rightly Understood: The View of Christian Humanism
Michael Novak

The combination of democracy and capitalism will not bring about heaven on earth. But it will do more to free the poor from poverty and tyranny, and to release their creativity, than any known alternative. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

9. BUSINESS - FR91407.HTM - Centesimus Annus: A Perspective
William Luckey

Dr. Luckey compares Centesimus Annus, and Rerum Novarum and finds that Pope John Paul II addresses broader and more penetrating issues than did Pope Leo XIII. He explains his reasoning and offers an assessment of Centesimus Annus. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

10. BUSINESS - FR91403.HTM - Centesimus Annus: Maintaining the Continuity of Catholic Social Teaching _ A Response to Professor Michael Novak
Stephen M. Krason

While Dr. Krason finds much to agree with in Michael Novak's analysis and discussion of Centesimus Annus, nevertheless he finds some important points on which he judges Professor Novak's understanding of the Pope to be questionable or erroneous. He attempts to clarify those points in this essay. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

11. BUSINESS - THEWORK.HTM - From A Theology of Work to a Theology of Affluence
St. Antoninus Institute

'The Church has always taught that man's work concerns not only the economy but, also, and especially, personal values. . . The economic system and production process benefit precisely when these personal values are fully respected.' This file discusses the various parts and dimensions of work from a Catholic perspective.

12. BUSINESS - FR91405.HTM - From Rerum Novarum to Centesimus Annus: Continuity or Discontinuity?
Ernest L. Fortin

In this essay Fr. Fortin compares between Centesimus Annus and Rerum Novarum. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

13. BUSINESS - ANTFAWK.HTM - How People integrate Faith and Work
St. Antoninus Institute

A report on a study done in 1991 on Personal Needs and Congregational Responses, by the Center for Ethics and Corporate Policy in Chicago. The results show that the laity is very interested in answers on how to integrate Faith and Work. The implications of the study are quite rich and may be of great help in any serious program of evangelization. FAITH WORK ST ANTONINUS BUSINSESS ECONOMICS

Catholic Encyclopedia

A value exacted or promised over and above the restitution of a borrowed capital. Taken from the 'Catholic Encyclopedia' 1913 edition. This file is part of the Catholic Encyclopedia Project, an effort aimed at placing the entire work on the World Wide Web.

15. BUSINESS - FR91404.HTM - Is America Liberal?
Michael Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz discusses the Church's condemnation of liberalism, what liberalism means in the American context and how the real experience of Americans is considerably closer to the ideal envisioned in Catholic social teaching than it is to the mechanical diagrams of liberal ideology, in its nineteenth or its twentieth century formulation. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

16. BUSINESS - LEGATUS2.HTM - Legatus Arrives
Tom Wyatt

Report on the alliance of America's most wealthy, powerful and influential Catholics who are doing what they can to further God's kingdom on earth. This article was taken from the June 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

17. BUSINESS - FR91406.HTM - Liberalism, Democratic Capitalism, and the Catholic Human Rights Revolution
Kenneth L. Grasso

This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

18. BUSINESS - LIVWAGE.HTM - Not a Minimum Wage, But a 'Living' Wage
William Bole

With the numbers of 'working poor' on the rise, some communities are dusting off an old Catholic teaching. Taken from the September 3, 1995 issue of 'Our Sunday Visitor'.

19. BUSINESS - ANTRADEV.HTM - Organizational Issues in Radical Evangelization
St. Antoninus Institute

In order to gain some tactical and practical insights in the evangelization efforts of the unholy and ungodly, e.g. the gays and the radical ecologists, this file has been written. It is a study of an article which appeared in a management journal. ECOLOGIST GAYS EVANGELIZATION ACT-UP PLURALISM ST ANTONINUS

20. BUSINESS - ANTOUTWK.HTM - Out of Work; Unemployment, Government and Bishops.
St. Antoninus Institute


21. BUSINESS - ANTLEVI.HTM - San Francisco's Levi Strauss' Aids Program True Compassion or All Out Support For Homosexuals?
St. Antoninus Institute

Levi-Strauss company, leader in the defense of the homosexual cult. LEVI-STRAUSS AIDS HOMOSEXUALS ST ANTONINUS

22. BUSINESS - FR91402.HTM - Social Justice in the Changing Economic Environment: Encounter or Conflict
Rocco Buttiglione

The American Experience and the Christian Social Doctrine. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

23. BUSINESS - ANTDEBRS.HTM - South Africa's De Beers the Most Unethical Corporation in the World
St. Antoninus Institute

This article presents the example of one company which really defies all standards of business conduct on a grand scale. DeBeers is a corporation which was set-up by Cecil Rhodes, the British explorer and adventurer who gave his name to Rhodes scholarships. DE BEERS RHODES DIAMOND CFR APARTHEID ST ANTONINUS AFRICA

Saint, Priest, Archbishop, Dominican friar, Prior, Vicar, General, Historian, Counselor, Confessor, Ambassador, Administrator, Manager, Economist, Jurist, Theologian, Ethicist, Reformer, Benefactor, Founder of institutions, St. Antoninus was all this. This article contains some highlights of his life and then concentrates on the lessons he is giving us today, lessons on which the claim is based that he is a theologian for our times.

26. BUSINESS - ANTPCBE.HTM - The Last Bastion of Political Correctness and the End of 'Business Ethics Chic'
St. Antoninus Institute

One of the difficulties on the road to re-introducing a true Christian ethics in the mentalities and policies of large corporations is that they believe they already have a good ethical system; they do not need a Christian system of philosophy which, allegedly, is likely to be viewed negatively in a pluralistic society. However, recently the house of cards came tumbling down with the Dow Cornin

27. BUSINESS - PIGECON.HTM - The Pig Economy
Rupert J. Ederer

'Now we have a growing class of people who must combine two or more incomes to survive. . . Even those who are 'lucky enough to earn a paltry seven or eight dollars an hour cannot begin to support 'comfortably' a worker and his wife and children, as Pope leo XIII described the function of the just wage more than a century ago! RUSKIN LAISSEZ-FAIRE MARX

28. BUSINESS - ANTCENAN.HTM - The Promises of Centesimus Annus
St. Antoninus Institute

Article on the wisdom of Centesimus Annus in the post Communist age. Originally published in the September 1991 issue of Laywitness, publication of the Catholics United for the Faith. CENTESIMUS ANNUS SOCIAL MARXISM ST ANTONINUS WELFARE STATE MONEY FREEDOM

29. BUSINESS - RISEFALL.HTM - The Rise & Fall of Politically Correct Businesses
St. Antoninus Institute

A number of politically correct corporations, including Ben & Jerry, which have been the darling of the press for a while find that they can also fall on hard times. The mere chore of conducting daily operations becomes more difficult, they have to be more flexible with their liberal principles and last, but not least, the press turns against them. Lessons for genuine Catholic corporations.' ANTONINUS POLITICALLY CORRECT BUSINESSES MURPHY

30. BUSINESS - SCARE.HTM - The Scare Economy: Our Money, Our Virtues, Our Choice
Jean-Francois Orsini

Orsini suggests that the fear that plagues us isn't totally rational or grounded on substantial facts. ORSINI FEAR SCARE

31. BUSINESS - COVEY.HTM - The Stephen Covey Phenomenon: An evangelization opportunity
Jean-Francois Orsini

A critique of Stephen Covey's philosophy as professed in his major book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."

32. BUSINESS - FR91400.HTM - The Third Way of : Is It Elusive or Merely an Illusion?
Damian Fedoryka, Ph.D.

An essay by Dr. Fedoryka on whether or not "Centesimus annus" indicated a third way between capitalism and socialism. This article was taken from the Winter 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

33. BUSINESS - RELBUS.HTM - Unreasonable Involvement of Religious Busybodies in Economics Allows Corporations to Dismiss Genuine Business Ethics
Jean-Francois Orsini

Mr. Orsini examines three religious-oriented groups, the Ecumenical Committee for Corporate Responsibility, the Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility which make their living watching over the activity of corporations.

Catholic Encyclopedia

Taking excessive interest for the loan of money. This article is part of the Catholic Encyclopedia Project, an effort aimed at placing the entire Catholic Encyclopedia on the World Wide Web.

35. BUSINESS - SUMBOOK.HTM - Virtue Based Management
Jean-Francois Orsini

A review of Mr. Orsini's book, "Virtue Based Management". Business school students, executives as well as any person affected by the modern trend which places economic values in the forefront of all cultural values of today are the first intended readers of this book, which answers the question, "Is there a place in God's plan for business?".

36. BUSINESS - VBMAV.HTM - Virtue Based Management
St. Antoninus Institute

This file announces St. Antoninus Institute's new Catholic textbook of management. The textbook is offered under the form of a 'virtual book', or 'electronic book'. ANTONINUS TEXTBOOK MANAGEMENT

37. BUSINESS - FR94302.HTM - Was Aquinas a Whig? St. Thomas on Regime
Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr.

This article was taken from the Fall 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason". NOVAK LORD ACTON LIBERALISM