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1. Prolife Issues - BRAINDED.TXT - 'Brain Death' Debate Sets Off Ethics Alarm Bells
Mary Meehan

Mary Meehan discusses President Clinton's proposed National Bioethics Advisory Commission and how it will affect the debate over 'brain death' and organ transplants. This article appeared in the March 5, 1995 issue of the 'National Catholic Register.' MEEHAN BRAIN DEATH ORGAN TRANSPLANTS BIOETHICS CLINTON

2. Prolife Issues - FAGIOLO.TXT - 'Humanae Vitae' 25 Years Later: Church Can Interpret Natural Law?
Archbishop Vincenzo Fagiolo

Archbishop Vincenzo Fagiolo is the President of the Pontifical Council For the Interpretation of Legislative Texts. From the English Version of L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO, N. 35, 1 September 1993. FAGIOLO HUMANAE VITAE NATURAL LAW CONTRACEPTION

3. Prolife Issues - FR93104.TXT - 'Humanae Vitae' and Some Principles for Re-Evangelization
Basil Cole, O.P.

This article was taken from the Spring 1993 issue of "Faith & Reason".

4. Prolife Issues - FR93201.TXT - 'Quid est Veritas?' Human Freedom After Casey
John R. Meyer

This article was taken from the Summer 1993 issue of "Faith & Reason".

5. Prolife Issues - RIGHDUTY.TXT - 'Right' or Duty to Die? Depends on Who You Ask
Richard Doerflinger

A look at the statistics relating to who supports the right to die, as of late 1996. The author is Associate Director on Policy Development at the U.S. Bishops' Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities. This article was taken from the December 15, 1996 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor."

6. Prolife Issues - SPAREMBR.TXT - 'Spare' Embryos & 'Symbolic' Life
David Andrusko

This editorial, by David Andrusko, about the harvesting of fetal tissue appeared in the February 28, 1994 issue of the National Right to Life News. ANDRUSKO EMBRYO FETAL TISSUE RESEARCH LIFE ABORTION

7. Prolife Issues - humanvit50.htm - Humanae Vitae Fifty Years Later
Lucetta Scaraffia

Seen from a different perspective from when the Encyclical was promulgated in 1968, Humanae Vitae may be viewed as prophetic. Pope Paul VI was not deceived by the utopian visions entertained by those favoring contraception. WEALTH OVERPOPULATION SEXUAL REVOLUTION CONTRACEPTIVES NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING

8. Prolife Issues - 10pontlife - 10th General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life
Palma Sgreccia

Issues connected with reproductive technologies are surveyed as they were addressed by the Pontifical Academy for Life (Vatican City, 20-22 February 2004). "A clear vision of human dignity and human procreation is presented in a perspective that goes beyond moral and juridical aspects to reveal the ontological dimension." EMBRYO REPRODUCTION ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION FERTILIZATION IN VITRO IN VIVO STERILITY PERSON

9. Prolife Issues - REJECTS.TXT - A Doctor Rejects the Seduction of Contraception
John Mallon

An EWTN News Feature story about Dr. Martha Garza, MD, an ob/gyn specialist in reproductive endocrinology from San Antonio, Texas, who told groups at two recent seminars on Natural Family Planning (NFP) that medical students are never taught to recognize that birth-control pills are abortifacient.

10. Prolife Issues - MCHOICE.TXT - A Mother's Choice
Michele Henderson

A mother's last minute decision not to abort her unborn child ultimately lead to her complete conversion back to God after being a fallen away Catholic and New Age believer in reincarnation. This article was taken from the May-June 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life' published by American Life League, P. O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. ABORTION CHOICE CELEBRATE LIFE

11. Prolife Issues - znatrev.htm - A Natural Revolution in Women's Health Care

Traci Osuna, of ZENIT, traces the career of Dr Thomas Hilgers, gynecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery, and founder of the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. From his researches has come Natural Procreative Technology (NaPro Technology), with 230 fertility care centers throughout the United States and programs in countries all over the world. HUMANAE VITAE NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING NFP CREIGHTON MODEL FERTILITY CARE SYSTEM REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY PILL CONTRACEPTION

12. Prolife Issues - NEWETHIC.TXT - A New Ethic for Medicine and Society
CA Medicine

This article is presented as a resource for those interested in the history of the pro-abortion movement in the United States. Taken from CALIFORNIA MEDICINE September 1970, it illustrates that even as abortion was being legalized and pro-abortionists were denying that they were killing children, in reality they were well aware of what they were doing and justified it with the claim that "this schizophrenic sort of subterfuge is necessary because while a new ethic is being accepted the old one has not yet been rejected."

13. Prolife Issues - zprolifenat.htm - A Pro-Life Nation

Many speak of abortion as a fruit of women's emancipation and progress, but Poland sees it otherwise: Legal abortion was imposed there first by the Nazis and later by the Communists, and it has repercussions, says the leader of a pro-life organization. Antoni Zieba, secretary of World Prayer for Life and vice president of the Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements, spoke with Antonio Gaspari, of ZENIT, about the Polish outlook on abortion. UNITED NATIONS JOHN PAUL II UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS

14. Prolife Issues - zquestlife.htm - A Question of Life or Death
Father John Flynn, LC

In examining President Barack Obama's first weeks in office, Fr Flynn finds that Catholics supposing him to be "essentially pro-life" were mistaken. His early acts and appointments run counter to the Church's teaching on life going back to the earliest centuries. ABORTION JOHN PAUL II CULTURE OF DEATH EUPHEMISMS

15. Prolife Issues - EMBRES.TXT - A Summary of Issues Discussed at the NIH's 2 Day Meeting on Human Embryo Research
Richard Doerflinger

Some dialogue of the panel discussion is included. A number of issues were discussed including cloning and using fetal ovaries as a tissue source. An overarching attitude of the panel - embryos are disposable. Taken from 'National Right to Life News.' BIOETHICS EMBRYO NIH FETAL TISSUE CLONING

16. Prolife Issues - MAYMSG.TXT - A Trip to a 'Death with Dignity' Clinic
Fr. Peter Pilsner

A federal appeals court recently ruled that New York State's laws on assisted suicide were unconstitutional. Anticipating the possibility of "euthanasia clinics" springing up in the United States as a result of this decision, Fr. Pilsner wrote a story imagining what a trip to a euthanasia clinic might be like. The point of the story is that the "euthanasia clinic," like the abortion clinic, will be characterized by lies, deception, and denial of the horrible crime that takes place there.

17. Prolife Issues - ABCLIN.TXT - A Walk Through An Abortion Clinic
Carol Everett

Carol Everett is a former abortion provider. In this article, taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES, August-September 1991, she gives us an insight into the high profit abortion industry. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) EVERETT ABORTION ABORTIONIST PROBLEM PREGNANCY

18. Prolife Issues - RUBELLA.TXT - Aborted Fetal Cell Use in Rubella Vaccines: A Medical and Ethical Conflict
Laurence F. Roberge

Recent media reports have surfaced that the US version of the Rubella vaccine is manufactured with components originating from aborted fetuses. This article by Laurence F. Roberge, M.S.appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' ROBERGE RUBELLA ABORTION VACINATION VACCINE

19. Prolife Issues - ABORTN.TXT - Abortion
Fr. William Most

Quotes from the Fathers of the Church on abortion compiled by Fr. William Most. ABORTION FATHERS DIDACHE TERTULLIAN CYPRIAN BASIL JEROME AMBROSE AUGUSTINE

20. Prolife Issues - MISUSEMD.TXT - Abortion & the Misuse of the Media
Sandra M. Winn

Winn contends that some current news items generated by the recent shootings of abortion clinic workers seem to fall into some definite categories of subtle ploys used by the press to deliberately drive home it's 'politically correct' points. WINN ABORTION PRESS MEDIA BIAS VIOLENCE

21. Prolife Issues - zabortdepr.htm - Abortion and Depression

A woman goes through psychological stages in her relation with her unborn child as a pregnancy progresses — a factor often overlooked in the abortion debate. In this interview with ZENIT, Theresa Burke, the founder of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, discusses the relationship between a woman and her unborn child, and the link between abortion and depression. MOTHER POST-ABORTION TRAUMA SUICIDE

22. Prolife Issues - ABORMAIN.TXT - Abortion and the 'Mainstream
Joseph Sobran

This article appeared in the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. SOBRAN ABORTION PRO-LIFE SUPREME COURT WHITE HOUSE CLINTON FOSTER

23. Prolife Issues - NEWFREED.TXT - Abortion and the New Sexual Freedom

Analyses the disasterous effects of current mores and sexual practices on the health of women in the United States. Taken from January, 1995 'Spiritual Intervention Journal' published by LifeAction Advocates, Inc. AIDS PROMISCUITY ABORTION BIRTH CONTROL

24. Prolife Issues - ABITALY.TXT - Abortion Gives Italy Europe's Lowest Birthrate
Fr. Paul Marx, OSB

Taken from the August 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' MARX ITALY ABORTION

25. Prolife Issues - ABHURTS.TXT - Abortion Hurts Women
Lynn Murphy

Life Research Institute, (510) 676-2929, April, 1995 Edition, Quotes from Planned Parenthood

26. Prolife Issues - COMMENTC.TXT - Abortion Hurts Women
Lynn K. Murphy

This is a commentary written for publication in newspapers by Lynn K. Murphy of the Life Research Institute.

27. Prolife Issues - COMMENTA.TXT - Abortion Rights Are Not Right
Lynn K. Murphy

This is a commentary written for publication in newspapers by Lynn K. Murphy of the Life Research Institute.

28. Prolife Issues - ABORRISK.TXT - Abortion Risks And Complications - Breast Cancer

Most people, even those who take the time to engage in the debate regarding abortion, don't realize the physical risks associated with it. Much has been made of the psychological complications of abortion - including PAS (Post- Abortion Syndrome) which involves extreme emotional guilt and sometimes severe depression. However, this is a compilation dealing with only the physical aspects of the abortion complications. ABORTION COMPLICATIONS BREAST

29. Prolife Issues - zabortwors.htm - Abortion Warns of Something Worse?

Abortion is a warning of something pervasive and deeply rooted in our society — the loss of human identity. This is an observation made by Father Robert Gahl, an associate professor of ethics at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in an interview on the television program "Where God Weeps" of the Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN). ORIGINAL SIN EUGENICS SEXUAL REVOLUTION CONTRACEPTION HANDICAPPED SCIENTISM DOWN'S SYNDROME DESIGNER BABIES

30. Prolife Issues - FR94401.TXT - Abortion's Mother: Early Works of Simone de Beauvoir
Germain Kopaczynski, O.F.M.Conv.

This article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

31. Prolife Issues - zsneakyrise.htm - Abortion's Sneaky Rise: Interview With Susan Yoshihara

In this interview with ZENIT, Susan Yoshihara of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), discusses a recently released document she co-authored with Douglas Sylva titled "Rights by Stealth." The white paper explains how tactics by U.N. treaty bodies are being used to promote the legalization of abortion without the awareness or consensus of member states. NONGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS TREATIES FEMINISM SECULARISM

32. Prolife Issues - VIOLENCE.TXT - Abortion-Related Violence and Alleged Violence

An Investigative Report by Life Research Institute January 5, 1995 It covers violence and alleged violence only in the United States.

33. Prolife Issues - RTWRG.TXT - Abortion: Women's Rights and Wrongs
Frederica Mathewes-Green

She points out that abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate and discusses what she sees as two trends in modern feminism that combine to push women to abortion. Published in 'The Evangelical Catholic', Feb 92, and 'ALL About Issues', May 1992. MATHEWES-GREEN ABORTION FEMINISM

34. Prolife Issues - AB28A.TXT - Abortion: Your Risks
Judie Brown

If you have been told that abortion is a 'safe and legal' procedure, please read this file. Many problems can come up either during or after a legal abortion, problems that you might not have been told about. Most of the information presented is from official medical publications. All sources are listed at the end. BROWN ABORTION RISKS COMPLICATIONS

35. Prolife Issues - HLI.TXT - About Human Life International

Description of the nature and purposes of Human Life International, with contact information. Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL PROLIFE ABORTION DESCRIPTION BIOETHICS

36. Prolife Issues - ADOPOPT.TXT - Adoption--A Positive Option

From the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. KOSMACHUK ADOPTION ABORTION

37. Prolife Issues - HVPLEDGE.TXT - Allegiance to 'Humanae Vitae' Pledge

This is the text of a pledge made available by HLI. In signing the pledge, an individual or couple pledges allegiance to the teachings of the Church as stated in Humanae Vitae. Uploaded by Robin M Peacock.

38. Prolife Issues - HLIPSY.TXT - American Psychiatric Association

A Human Life International report detailing the abortion policies of the American Psychiatric Association. Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd, Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL ABORTION

39. Prolife Issues - ADOPT.TXT - An Adoption Story: Helen A Birth Mother
Linda and Gary Rickman

This article is taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES Fall 1991. Linda and Gary Rickman have been actively involved pro-lifers for more than ten years. Gary is a member of the board of directors for Right to Life of Kansas. Besides their three children, Faith, Rodney, and Hope, the Rickmans have seven grandchildren. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) RICKMAN ADOPTION BIRTH PRO-LIFE

40. Prolife Issues - JBROWN.TXT - An Evangelist for the People
John Kurzweil

Mrs. Judie Brown - Catholic of the Month An interview by John Kurzweil of Judie Brown, president of American Life League. This article appeared in the March 5, 1995 issue of Twin Circle. BROWN AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE ABORTION PROLIFE

41. Prolife Issues - ANDRUSKO.TXT - An Historic Crossroads
David Andrusko

Excellent comments on the Sate of HealthCare reform in the Untied States, and the impact these issues have on the sanctity of life. Taken from 'National Right to Life News.' CLINTON HEALTH CARE CONGRESS SOCIETY

42. Prolife Issues - z3parent.htm - Analysis: Parenthood in the Age of Surrogacy
Fr. John Flynn

Father Flynn discusses the ethics and legal disputes surrounding the birth of "three parent babies." DNA EMBRYO MOTHER EGG DONOR SURROGATE THIRD WORLD

43. Prolife Issues - pavfailtodo.htm - And What I Have Failed To Do..."
Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, urges citizens to vote, on pain of sin. Even when no candidate meets our satisfaction, "we use our vote to create the better outcome and to limit the damage." ELECTIONS OMISSION

44. Prolife Issues - zanonparen.htm - Anonymous Parenthood
Father John Flynn, LC

In this ZENIT article, Fr Flynn examines the implications of a constant increase in artificial insemination and the use of sperm donors for the lives of those who have now reached adulthood without knowledge of their biological fathers. ADOPTION HALF-SIBLING

45. Prolife Issues - BIBLE1.TXT - Answering the Theological Case for Abortion Rights
Klusendorf & Wanamaker

The following points are covered in this file: I. Why Scripture's alleged silence cannot be used to justify abortion; II. The intent of the Bible writers; III. Why Exodus 21 and other passages cannot justify abortion and IV. The Church's historical position on abortion. Scott Klusendorf is Director of Education for the Center for BioEthical Reform in Anaheim, CA. Dave Wanamaker is Director of Education, Johnson County Ka

46. Prolife Issues - INFERT.TXT - Answers for Infertility
Thomas W. Hilgers, MD

Treating the problem is better resorting to artificial procreation. This article appeared in the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. HILGERS INFERTILITY

47. Prolife Issues - zanhextr.htm - Are Food and Water Extraordinary Measures?
E. Christian Brugger and William E. May

In this essay the authors define "vegetative state," analyze our duties to persons in this state, and give an update on "the current state of Catholic teaching on providing food and water to patients in a persistent vegetative state." ANH LIVING WILL ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOOD HYDRATION ORDINARY AND PROPORTIONATE UNDUE BURDEN

48. Prolife Issues - PHYSUICI.TXT - Arguing Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

An excellent article from the March, 1995 issue of 'Lifeline' Newsletter published by Colorado Springs Right to Life, Inc. SUICIDE PAIN DEPRESSION PHYSICIAN EUTHANAISA DEATH

49. Prolife Issues - znfparous.htm - Arousal During NFP's Times of Abstinence
William E. May and E. Christian Brugger

William E. May and E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellows at the Culture of Life Foundation, reply to the question of how far expressions of affection are to be avoided between husband and wife during periods of abstinence in Natural Family Planning. CONTINENCE FOREPLAY MASTURBATION

50. Prolife Issues - zartrep.htm - Artificial Reproductive Technology: Constructing a Dystopia
Denise Hunnell, MD

Writing for ZENIT, Dr Hunnell foreshadows the dystopia we face with human beings less and less dependent on parents to exist. Artificial reproductive technology has increasingly disregarded natural law, with the prospect of future generations being the product of scientific efforts to produce "perfect" specimens, without regard to the innate dignity of the embryos destroyed to produce them. GENETICS HUXLEY IVF PGD PROCREATIVE BENEFICENCE GAMETOGENESIS BIOETHICS

51. Prolife Issues - NAZIPOPC.TXT - As Many Abortions as Possible
Mike W. Perry

An excellent study documenting the population control policies of the National Socialists (Nazis) before and during the Second World War. Includes an exceptional list of references documenting the use of abortion and forced abortion as a means to control the population of inferior races. Taken from _The ProLife News_. POPULATION CONTROL NUREMBURG TRIALS FORCED ABORTIONS

52. Prolife Issues - NAZIPOPU.TXT - As Many Abortions as Possible
Mike W. Perry

An excellent study documenting the population control policies of the National Socialists (Nazis) before and during the Second World War. Includes an exceptional list of references documenting the use of abortion and forced abortion as a means to control the population of inferior races. POPULATION CONTROL NUREMBURG TRIALS FORCED ABORTIONS

53. Prolife Issues - ASHERSYN.TXT - Asherman's Syndrome: A Consequence of Abortion
Lawrence F. Roberge, M.S.

A review by Huggins & Cullins examined abortion effects on fertility and found that the most commonly used methods of abortion often harm fertility. This article by Lawrence F. Roberge, M.S. was taken from the August 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' ROBERGE ASHERMAN'S SYNDROME ABORTION FERTILITY

54. Prolife Issues - IVF_LIFE.TXT - Assisted Conception: Ethical and Social Problems

For all its supposed and very real benefits for individual patients and the medical profession, and for all our best efforts to imagine pro-life uses for these technologies, the sad fact is that IVF and related technologies are deadly and they threaten the nature of our society at a very fundamental level. Uploaded by Michael Hains. FISHER IVF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION CONCEPTION FERTILITY

55. Prolife Issues - ORFERTIL.HTM - Avoid a practice that refutes human dignity
Catholic University Institute of Bioethics (Rome)

This article from L'Osservatore Romano discusses the affront to human dignity involved in the use of assisted fertilization techniques, such as in-vitro fertilization. BIOETHICS MEDICAL FERTILITY PROLIFE

56. Prolife Issues - ADOPTOPT.TXT - Basis For an Argument
Dave Wanamaker

This file refutes the argument that pro-lifers must be willing to adopt the child of the mother who wants to abort. Dave Wanamaker is the Education Director of Johnson County Kansas for Life and a member of CRNET. WANAMAKER ABORTION ADOPTION ARGUMENT

57. Prolife Issues - MASFUN.TXT - Behind the Mask of UNICEF

UNICEF claims to represent the needs of children throughout the world. Such claims form a false face masking a cynical program that uses children to prevent other children from being born. A 1992 report from the 'Population Research Institute Review.' Published by The Population Research Institute, P.O. Box 2024, Baltimore, MD 21298 POPULATION SEX EDUCATION CHINA BANGLADESH MALAYSIA UNICEF UNITED NATIONS

58. Prolife Issues - BERNCONV.TXT - Bernard Nathanson's Conversion
Julia Duin

One cold January morning in 1989, Bernard Nathanson, famous Jewish abortionist-turned-atheistic-pro-lifer, began to entertain seriously the notion of God. Seven years later, thanks to a persistent Opus Dei priest, the sixty-nine-year-old doctor, author of Aborting America and The Abortion Papers, has become a Roman Catholic. This article was taken from the June 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

59. Prolife Issues - ARTINSEM.TXT - Beware of Artificial Insemination
Sue Widemark

This article gives the Church's teaching on artificial insemination and illustrates the physical danger involved with a real life example. WIDEMARK ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION INFERTILITY

60. Prolife Issues - zmythrelat.htm - Bioethics and the Myth of Relativism

In this interview with ZENIT, Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, director of education at the Philadelphia-based National Catholic Bioethics Center, discusses the need to base bioethics on absolute moral principles. He affirms that even people who profess relativism count on certain absolutes in life. EMBRYO NATURAL LAW

61. Prolife Issues - CALL-ACT.TXT - Call to Action, Call to Insanity
Carol Lloyd

Carol Lloyd reports on the annual Call to Action Conference held in Chicago last November, 1994. This is a good overview of the anti-church. Taken from the February 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' LLOYD CALL TO ACTION CHICAGO FEMINISTS SOPHIA REUTHER

62. Prolife Issues - ZRODLUN.HTM - Can a Catholic Support a Law That Allows Some Abortions?

In an interview with Ángel Rodríguez Luño, professor of moral theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, ZENIT raises the question of whether it is morally justifiable to vote for a law that accepts abortion with restrictions, as an alternative to a more permissive law already in force or about to be voted on. This and similar questions were addressed by the professor in an article for L'Osservatore Romano, "Evangelium 73: The Catholic Lawmaker and the Problem of a Seriously Unjust Law." ETHICS SCANDAL

63. Prolife Issues - CANCATH.TXT - Can Catholics Be Pro-Choice?
Fr. William Saunders

Father William Saunders gives us the Church's teaching on this issue. Taken from an article that appeared in the January 19, 1995 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' SAUNDERS ABORTION PRO-CHOICE CATHOLICS

64. Prolife Issues - KILLJUST.TXT - Can the Killing of Abortionists Be Justified?
Dr. Charles Rice

Dr. Charles Rice addresses the issue using the 'Summa', Fr. Hardon's 'Catholic Catechism' and the new 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' as his references. This article was taken from the September 1, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' RICE ABORTIONIST KILLING

65. Prolife Issues - CHTHAB.TXT - Catholic Church's Teaching on Abortion
Greg Smith

Greg Smith of New South Wales, Australia, Right to Life traces the Church's written statements about abortion from the 'Didache' to the present time. ABORTION CHURCH DIDACHE VATICAN COUNCIL II SMITH

66. Prolife Issues - FEMORDIN.TXT - Catholic Feminists Unsure About Ordination Goal
Donna Steichen

Women's Ordination Conference was founded 20 years ago to urge the admission of women to the Roman Catholic priesthood, but its leaders have changed their minds. At an anniversary celebration in Arlington, Va., 10-12 November, the major debate was whether ordination is still worth seeking or would merely mean assimilation into oppressive male-dominated system.

67. Prolife Issues - CATHABOR.TXT - Catholic Teaching on Abortion
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

This article by Anthony Fisher O.P. appeared in 'The Allen Review', 7 (Trinity 1992), 12-17. Uploaded by Michael Hains. ABORTION FISHER CATHOLIC MAGISTERIUM

68. Prolife Issues - zcathdnr.htm - Catholics and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
William E. May

William E. May, a Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation and retired Michael J. McGivney Professor of Moral Theology at the John Paul II Institute, replies to the question of whether Catholics are ever morally justified in giving or honoring a Do Not Resuscitate order. ORDINARY PROPORTIONATE EXTRAORDINARY DISPROPORTIONATE TREATMENTS ADVANCE DIRECTIVE CPR CARDIOPULMINARY RESUSCITATION EUTHANASIA

69. Prolife Issues - CFCPART2.TXT - Catholics For a Free Choice' Exposed, Part II: The Dirty Money
James A. Miller

This part of the expose of Catholics For a Free Choice, by James A. Miller reveals the source of their funding back to the year 1980. Names and addresses of parties to contact are provided. Taken from the February 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' CATHOLICS FREE CHOICE HLI MILLER

70. Prolife Issues - CLONING.TXT - Cloning, A Catholic Moral Evaluation
Sr. Terese Auer, OSF

Sr. Terese Auer, OSF, discusses the procedure used in cloning and the Church's position that cloning is immoral. This article appeared in the January- February issue of 'Spes Nostra', 531 East Merced Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790, published by the Fr. Kolbe Missionaries. CLONING IN VITRO FERTILIZATION EMBRYOS

71. Prolife Issues - COOPEVIL.TXT - Co-operation In Evil
Anthony Fisher

An excellent article, by Anthony Fisher, O.P., that discusses the everyday problem of what to do when faced with decisions that involve apparent cooperation with evil. Father discusses the difference between intentional and unintentional cooperation and how to decide which is which. Uploaded by Michael Hains. FISHER COOPERATION EVIL

72. Prolife Issues - 1998CMA.HTM - Conclusions

The concluding statement of the 1998 joint meeting of the 9th World Congress of International Federations of Catholic Medical Associations and the 67th Annual Convention of the Catholic Medical Association (USA). MEDICINE CONTRACEPTION ABORTAFACIENT EUTHANASIA HOSPICE

73. Prolife Issues - EURPRLIF.HTM - Conclusions of the International Congress of European Pro-Life Movements in Granada
Pro-Life Movements of Europe

Over 2,000 people gathered from 7 to 9 April 2000 in Granada, Spain, for the European Congress of Pro-Life Movements. Their theme was "Europe for Life: Evangelium vitae in the Third Millennium". Here are the proceedings of that congress. FAMILY CONTRACEPTION ABORTION EUTHANASIA

74. Prolife Issues - znaprotech.htm - Conference: In Vitro Isn't the Only Option
Karna Swanson

According to ZENIT, couples suffering from infertility have another option than artificial fertilization treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), condemned by the Church. Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) was a topic of discussion at an international medical conference sponsored by the Pope Paul VI Institute. HILGERS BOYLE MISCARRIAGE FERTILITY OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY

75. Prolife Issues - contramental.htm - Consequences of the Contraceptive Mentality
K.D. Whitehead

In an article in L'Osservatore Romano, from June 1978, K.D. Whitehead, then Executive Vice President of Catholics United for the Faith, Inc., New Rochelle, New York, showed the consequences of rejecting Humanae Vitae, the logical and psychological connections between acceptance of contraception and a whole series of actions and attitudes against life and the family. ABORTION EUTHANASIA HOMOSEXUALITY EXTRMARITAL PREMARITAL SEX EDUCATION MARRIAGE UNITIVE PROCREATIVE IVF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION

76. Prolife Issues - CF5.TXT - Contraception and Catholicism
William E. May

A Church teaching, such as that on contraception, does not depend for its authority on the reasoning advanced in its support. But in the case of contraception an exposition of the reasons for the teaching is especially useful. A refutation of the case for contraception can help to dissuade people from contraception itself as well as from its extensions. In this excellent tract, Professor May has admirably provided that refutation as well as a convincing exposition of the reasons for the Church's teaching on the subject.

77. Prolife Issues - zcontrcov.htm - Contraceptive Coverage Decision Decried
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn reports on the outcry against a health care law which would compel Catholic schools, hospitals and charitable agencies to cover contraception, including abortifacients, in their insurance plans. CONSCIENCE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM STERILIZATION SECULARISM OBAMA SIBELIUS FIRST AMENDMENT

78. Prolife Issues - HLICNT.TXT - Contraceptives are Pollution
Peggy Norris

The author maintains that birth control pills, devices and injections pollute women's bodies and endanger their offspring. 'HLI Reports' 1992, published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. DALKON SHIELD CANCER NORPLANT STERILIZATION PREGNANCY HUMANAE VITAE

79. Prolife Issues - COUNTCOS.TXT - Counting the Cost of Abortion
Raul Acosta

A look at the little-know and corrosive effects Roe vs. Wade has had on American life. Taken from the August 4, 1996 issue of "Catholic Twin Circle."

80. Prolife Issues - ZWOMEN.HTM - Culture of Death and Its Deep-Rooted Effects on Women

The 1960s sexual revolution and the culture of death it helped foster have wreaked heavy psychological damage on women, says a Catholic psychologist, Gladys Sweeney, dean of the Arlington, Virginia-based Institute for the Psychological Sciences. ABORTION CONTRACEPTION FEMINISM ABORTIFACIENT INFERTILITY DUALISM

81. Prolife Issues - ZCULTDET.HTM - Culture of Death at Catholic Colleges in U.S.

Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, co-authored a five-year study investigating inroads made by advocates of abortion, contraception, premarital sexual activity and physician-assisted suicide on Catholic college campuses. Reilly shared with ZENIT the importance of the U.S. bishops' statement and the danger of Catholic schools welcoming high-profile persons who publicly oppose the Church's fundamental moral principles. POLITICIANS POLITICS EX CORDE ECCLESIAE EDUCATION

82. Prolife Issues - DADLIF.TXT - Dads For Life (1)
Gary Bell

Gary Bell writes of his futile attempts to save the lives of his unborn children. Taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES, August-September 1990. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) BELL ABORTION FATHERS DADS-FOR-LIFE

83. Prolife Issues - DLIFE.TXT - Dads For Life (2)
Gary Bell

Gary Bell is the President of Dads for Life. This article was taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES, June-July 1991. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) ABORTION FATHERS DADS-FOR-LIFE BELL

84. Prolife Issues - DEALCT.TXT - Dealing With the Court
John Broderick

This article by pro-life attorney John J. Broderick to rescuers awaiting trial is taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES, August-September 1991. It provides insights in dealing with the courts and prosecutors. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) ABORTION RESCUERS COURTS TRIAL BRODERICK PLEA BARGAINING

85. Prolife Issues - ABORTACT.HTM - Directives From English Bishops on Abortion Act
English Bishops

Following passage of the Abortion Act in England, in 1968, the Catholic Bishops there issued eight directives for the guidance of Catholic doctors and nurses. MORAL ETHICAL CONSCIENCE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION

86. Prolife Issues - SIDEWALK.TXT - Don't Panic: The Sidewalk Counselor's Guidebook
Judith Fetrow

Judith Fetrow, erstwhile Planned Parenthood employee, has written a guide for those who feel they are supposed to be at abortion chambers, but do not know what to say. This complete guide, written by the convert, includes the goals of training, qualities of an effective sidewalk counselor, and many other tips for good sidewalk counseling skills. FETROW SIDEWALK COUNSELING ABORTION COUNSELORS

87. Prolife Issues - KEVORKIA.TXT - Dr Kevorkian and Assisted Suicide
J. Michael Venditti

This is the text of a homily given back in September regarding Dr. Jack Kevorkian's notion of Assisted Suicide, applying to it the principle of double effect. Fr. Venditti welcomes your comments. KEVORKIAN VENDITTI EUTHANASIA SUICIDE

88. Prolife Issues - KEVORK.TXT - Dr. Jack Kevorkian-Serial Killer or Angel of Mercy?
Sue Widemark

Researched article on Jack Kevorkian including his background, his views on suicide and death and life in general. Article includes the AMA objections to Kevorkian's assisted suicide. WIDEMARK KEVORKIAN EUTHANASIA DEATH SUICIDE

89. Prolife Issues - STRANWOR.TXT - Dr. Jack's Strange World
Charles E. Irvin

An excellent article about Dr. Kevorkian, the courts and the implications for our society if we allow the philosophy of death to prevail.

90. Prolife Issues - HOECSHT.TXT - Drug Induced Termination of Pregnancy With Mifepristone (RU 486) and Prostiglandin
Hoecsht AG

This file contains an English translation of a German paper on Hoecsht AG's position regarding the importation of RU486 into any country. It describes the mechanism by which RU486 works, some of the clinical experience, and then, the most maddening part, they try to set the moral/ethical framework for the debate by implying anyone who might be against abortion is primitive and simplistic. This file was taken fro

91. Prolife Issues - elimimperf.htm - Eliminate the Imperfect
Carlo Bellieni

This article comments on the disappearance of people with genetic disabilities from the social panorama, due to abortion. While genetic disorders are undesirable, the persons who are affected thereby do not themselves become undesirable and in fact may live a higher quality of life than their peers. DOWNS SYNDROME PRENATAL GENETIC SCREENING MEDIA

92. Prolife Issues - EMBRYO.TXT - Embryo Research
Eustace de Souza

Modern technologies in reproductive biology, as well as the possible uses for foetal tissue in brain implants, have brought embryo research into sharp focus. Dr. Eustace de Souza M.S., M.S. is the Executive Director of FIAMC, Biomedical Ethics Center. Nov./Dec. 1992 issue of 'Population Research Institute Review'. Published by The Population Research Institute, P.O. Box 2024, Baltimore, MD 21298 FERTILIZATION INVITRO CLONING TWINNING ZYGOTE EMBRYO ABORTION FETUS

93. Prolife Issues - zcontrac.htm - Emergency Contraceptives More Available Than Ever
Arland K. Nichols

Arland K. Nichols, National Director of HLI America, an educational initiative of Human Life International, unmasks the ill effects of so-called "emergency contraception." ABORTION LEVONORGESTREL MIFEPRISTONE RU-486 ULIPRISTAL ACETATE ELLAONE ELLA ABORTIFACIENT PLAN B

94. Prolife Issues - CASEYDEC.TXT - Et Tu, Justice Kennedy? or What Really Happened in the Casey Decision

Discusses what really happened in the Casey vs Planned Parenthood (1992) decision from a Conservative Catholic viewpoint. This article was taken from the September, 1992 issue of 'Crisis,' P.O. Box 1006, Notre Dame, IN, USA 46556 Phone: (800) 852-9962. ROE V WADE CASEY SUPREME COURT KENNEDY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW

95. Prolife Issues - EUTHN.TXT - Euthanasia
Women for Faith & Family


96. Prolife Issues - EUTHHD.TXT - Euthanasia in Holland
Julie Grimstad

Julie Grimstad interviews Dr. Richard Fenigsen on Holland's Euthanasia policy. Take from ALL ABOUT ISSUESS, Winter 91. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) GRIMSTAD HOLLAND EUTHANASIA DEATH ALL

97. Prolife Issues - EUTHRW.TXT - Euthanasia: Rights and Wrongs
Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy reports on Dr John Fleming's talk before the Select Committee on Euthanasia in Australia. Dr. Fleming is the Director of the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, Adelaide and the sole Australian member of UNESCO's International Bioethics Committee. His appearance in Canberra was arranged by the Knights of the Southern Cross. CASSIDY FLEMING AUSTRALIA EUTHANASIA

98. Prolife Issues - PROCHOIC.TXT - Examining Some 'Pro-Choice' Rhetoric

This file provides answers in the following areas to help refute 'pro-choice' arguments. Abortion, contraception & birth control, 'You can't legislate morality,' the death penalty, '...a woman and her doctor,' public opinion polls, what 'rights' will be take away next?, 'Why are most pro-lifers men?', Who knows when life begins?, Fetal tissue transplant, and 'Diary of An Unborn Child.' PRO-CHOICE ABORTION CONTRACEPTION MORALITY DEATH PENALTY LIFE FETAL TISS

99. Prolife Issues - EXCEPT.TXT - Exception: To Save the Life of the Mother
Rev. E. M. Robinson, O. P.

Rev. E.M. Robinson, O.P. explains the Church's teaching on indirect abortion. Taken from 'ALL About Issues' June-July 1991. ALL About Issues, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) ABORTION DOUBLE EFFECT ROBINSON

100. Prolife Issues - AB15.TXT - Exceptions: Abandoning 'The Least of These my Brethren'
Judy Brown & Brian Young

Why Pro-Life Legislation Should Not Contradict Pro-Life Principle. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board. EXCEPTIONS ABORTION PRO-LIFE ALL

101. Prolife Issues - FACEUP.TXT - Facing Up to Infanticide
J. Bottum

For over twenty years in America, the legality of abortion has primarily been defended with an ethical system that most Americans now recognize as philosophically incoherent. What the pro-life movement must face and fear, is that the pro-abortion movement may find the coherent general ethics it currently lacks, a new ethical system, one that accepts slavery, infanticide, and gradations of human life.

102. Prolife Issues - PPRACISM.TXT - Facts about
Planned Parenthood's Racism

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, information compiled by Lynn K. Murphy, Life Research Institute, June, 1994. Murphy shows that Planned Parenthood continures to uphold Sanger's philosophy.

103. Prolife Issues - FANFLAME.TXT - Fanning Anti-Catholic Flames
Judie Brown

Judie Brown addresses the recent opposition of Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice to Pope John Paul II's position on abortion and artificial birth control control (i.e. population control). This article appeared in the August 4, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' BROWN KISSLING JOHN PAUL II CONTRACEPTION ABORTION POPULATION

104. Prolife Issues - CONTRACE.TXT - Fathers on Contraception
Fr. William Most

collected quotes from several Fathers of the Church condemning contraception.

105. Prolife Issues - DIRTRICK.TXT - Feminists Resort to Dirty Tricks to Get Their Way at U.N. Conference In Beijing
Vernon Kirby

106. Prolife Issues - SCIFORLI.TXT - Fetal Tissue Transplantation: Ethical issues
Keih A.Crutcher

In this second of a three-part series Keith A. Crutcher, PhD - examines the ethical issues surrounding the use of fetal tissue transplants. Taken from October, 1991 issue of 'Science for Life' FETAL USEAGE FETAL TRANSPLANTS FETAL TISSUE CRUTCHER

107. Prolife Issues - TRANABOR.TXT - Fetal Tissue Transplants and Abortion
Antonio G. Spagnolo

Institute of Bioethics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome. The use of fetal tissue transplants raises serious questions of moral co-operation, this article discusses the relationship of fetal tissue and induced abortion, provides an analysis of some suggested guidelines and speaks about the inevitable problem of complicity involved in the use of fetal tissue. Taken from the February 8, 1995 issue of L'Osservatore Romano.' SPAG

108. Prolife Issues - zlivevsdie.htm - Fighting to Live Versus Dying to Die
E. Christian Brugger

Professor Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, reviews the recent history of the euthanasia movement and summarizes the USCCB's response to physician assisted suicide (PAS). QUINLAN CRUZAN PERSISTANT VEGETATIVE STATE PVS HUMPHRY PALLIATIVE CARE

109. Prolife Issues - zaltabort.htm - Finding Real Alternatives to Abortion

In 1995, Pennsylvania started a bold, state-funded initiative to reduce the number of abortions by providing pregnant women the necessary resources to keep their children. In this interview with ZENIT, Kevin Bagatta, president & chief executive officer of Real Alternatives, discusses the Pennsylvania Alternative to Abortion Services Program and how it has helped abortion rates in the state to fall steadily. PAASP CRISIS PREGNANCY STD SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES CONDOMS

110. Prolife Issues - FOETISSU.TXT - Foetal Tissue Transplantation
Susan McLernon

A chilling article on fetal tissue experiments by neuropsychopharmacology researcher Susan McLernon. Taken from the July 1996 issue of FAITH Magazine.

111. Prolife Issues - BNATHAN.TXT - Former Abortionist Finds His Epiphany In 'Hand of God': Spiritual quest leads to Catholicism
Julia Duin

Bernard Nathanson, the Jewish abortion doctor-turned-atheistic pro-lifer, will be baptized a Roman Catholic this Spring. This article discusses what led to his conversion.

112. Prolife Issues - FNDEAT.TXT - Foundations of Death
Lynn Murphy

How 'charitable' foundations kill babies, and what we can do about it. HLI Reports Oct./Nov. 1992, Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. FORD PLANNED PARENTHOOD SEX EDUCATION ALAN GUTTMACHER

113. Prolife Issues - FREEWILL.TXT - Freedom to Choose & Shape Our Own Destiny

What should I choose? How should I act? What is it reasonable for me to do? Human life is full of questions like this. But they only make sense if we have 'free will', the capacity to make free choices. Uploaded by Michael Hains. FISHER FREEDOM WILL CHOICE

114. Prolife Issues - GENESLIF.TXT - Genes & Human Life
Jerome Lejeune

Testimony given to the Louisiana State Legislature on June 7, 1990 by Prof. Lejeune, Professor of Fundamental Genetics for he University of Paris. One of the world's foremost authorities on genetic and prenatal sciences. He is also the Director of Genetic Consultation for the Hospital for Infant Diseases in Paris and a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. HUMAN LIFE GENES DNA LEJEUNE

115. Prolife Issues - zcontrsteril.htm - Grieving Over Contraception and Sterilization

Debates over the use of the "morning-after" pill seldom discuss the mental, emotional and spiritual health of women who use the drug, which can cause early abortions. One specialist who does deal with the problem is psychologist Theresa Burke, the founder of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries. She reports that many women suffer pain and regret from use of contraception and sterilization. ABORTIFACIENTS PROCREATION

116. Prolife Issues - PPAULPRO.TXT - Have Humanae Vitae's Bold Predictions Come True?
Janet Smith

Pope Paul VI made four general 'prophecies' about what would happen if the Church's teaching on contraception were ignored. Prof. Smith explores those areas and demonstrates that the Pope was right. Taken from the September 1994 issue of 'Religious Life,' published by the Institute on Religious Life, P.O. Box 41007, Chicago, IL 60641-0007. Subscriptions are $10.00 per year. HUMANAE VITAE POPE PAUL VI CONTRACEPTION

117. Prolife Issues - VIOLENCE.HTM - Healing Violence Against Women
Theresa Burke

Dr Burke, of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, criticizes radical feminism for ignoring the trauma of abortion. "The idea that abortion is a fundamental right, or the only way that women can care for themselves does not reflect the way that women actually experience abortion. It is more inherently felt as a violation of oneself rather than a caring and nurturing of oneself." EQUAL RIGHTS RU 486 SAFE SEX

118. Prolife Issues - HIPPOATH.HTM - Hippocratic and Ideological Medicine
Angelo Fiori

The writer of this article from 1978 was the Director of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Insurances at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He describes the perennial conflict between two approaches to medicine, how the Ideological approach, today represented in the political domination of medical practice, has always been to the detriment of the patient and undermined the development of medical science. ABORTION EUTHANASIA EUGENICS GENETIC ENGINEERING STEM CELL RESEARCH

119. Prolife Issues - piromaxkolbe.htm - Homily for the Memorial of St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe
Fr. P. Francis Piro

In his homily for the Mass in honor of St. Maximilian Kolbe, 14 August 2006, Father Piro (attending the 25th anniversary celebration at EWTN) recalled the heroism of the Saint who gave his own life at Auschwitz, to save the life of another, and thereby became the patron of the pro-life movement. ABORTION JEWS NAZIS GENOCIDE

120. Prolife Issues - TARGETCL.TXT - Homosexual Advocacy Groups Target Classrooms
David Morrison

Have your school aged children celebrated October as Gay and Lesbian History Month yet? Have they been offered the chance to meet their gay, lesbian, or bisexual peer support group in a classroom after school? If six new homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and 'transgender' advocacy groups get their way, they soon will.

121. Prolife Issues - PAINBOOK.TXT - How to Protect Your Loved Ones From Pain
Robert Sassone

This book, written from a medical perspective, addresses such issues as: what is pain, what drugs are most effective in controlling it, euthanasia, medical directives and living wills. An excellent resource available from American Life League. SASSONE PAIN EUTHANASIA LIVING WILL MEDICAL DIRECTIVE DRUGS PAINKILLERS

122. Prolife Issues - CLONEPT4.HTM - Human Cloning Part 4
Roberto Colombo

The Rev. Professor Roberto Colombo, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in the fourth part of his four-part article on the cloning of human beings, examines international agreements, beginning with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) for their impact on the cloning debate. NUREMBERG NAZIS DIGNITY PERSON NATURAL RIGHTS IUS GENTIUM UNITED NATIONS EMBRYOS STEMS CELLS REPRODUCTIVE THERAPEUTIC CLONING SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY SCNT SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER

123. Prolife Issues - CLONEPT1.HTM - Human Cloning: Part 1
Roberto Colombo

In the first part of a four-part article, the Rev. Professor Roberto Colombo, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, presents the scientific facts which help clarify the moral debate on cloning. REPRODUCTIVE THERAPEUTIC EMBRYO STEM CELLS BIOMEDICAL ETHICS IN VITRO FERTILIZATION

124. Prolife Issues - CLONEPT2.HTM - Human Cloning: Part 2
Roberto Colombo

The Rev. Professor Roberto Colombo, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in the second part of his four-part article on the cloning of human beings, continues his examination of the moral issues involved, with a particular focus on natural law. IN VITRO FERTILIZATION REPRODUCTION REPRODUCTIVE THERAPEUTIC PROCREATION DIGNITY PERSON LIFE PARENTHOOD SEX STEM CELLS FAMILY

125. Prolife Issues - CLONEPT3.HTM - Human Cloning: Part 3
Roberto Colombo

The Rev. Professor Roberto Colombo, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in the third part of his four-part article on the cloning of human beings, considers morally unobjectionable alternatives to the cloning of embryos and compares their prospects for success in cell therapy treatment of certain disorders. Also considered is the moral stance, used to justify infringements on human dignity, which elevates the "good of humanity" over the good of individuals. STEM CELLS LIFE BIOETHICS SCIENCE IN VITRO FERTILIZATION THERAPEUTIC CLONING

126. Prolife Issues - zcryopres.htm - Human Cryopreseration: Ethical and Moral Assessment
Justo Aznar

Justo Aznar, Director of the Bioethics Observatory of the Catholic University of Valencia (Spain), examines some of the problems associated with the preservation of human bodies at low temperatures, with a view to reanimation at some later time. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS YAMANAKA JOHN PAUL II CRYOGENIC

127. Prolife Issues - BIOSLAVE.TXT - Human Embryo Bioslavery: The Eugenicists
Suzanne Rini

Dream Come True' This article on fetal experimentation was updated in July 1994. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. RINI EUGENICS FETAL RESEARCH ABORTION NIH

128. Prolife Issues - CQHEE.TXT - Human Embryo Experimentation

Definitive historical statements on human experimentation from international authorities which can be used to help write letters to members of Congress opposing Human Embryo Experimentation. HUMAN EMBRO EXPERIMENTATION CONGRESS LETTERS

129. Prolife Issues - CRISIS.TXT - Human Life International Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines

A list of pregnancy counseling hotlines in North America provided by Human Life International. These are numbers you can call if someone needs pro-life help with a difficult pregnancy. Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. PROLIFE PREGNANCY HOTLINE HLI PHONE NUMBERS NORTH AMERICA

130. Prolife Issues - BEGINSCN.TXT - Human Personhood Begins At Conception
Peter Kreeft

'Professor Kreeft presents a compelling case for personhood of the fetus with the splendid clarity and crystalline purity of a consummate logician.' (Bernard Nathanson) Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. KREEFT CONCEPTION ABORTION LIFE PERSONHOOD

131. Prolife Issues - BABLIV.TXT - I Want Our Baby To Live
Diane Craver

This moving account by Diane Craver of the birth of her first child is taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES June-July 1991. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) CRAVER DOWNS SYNDROME HANDICAP

132. Prolife Issues - flirteugen.htm - If We Flirt with Eugenics
Carlo Bellieni

In this article, we are shown the prevalence of genetic discrimination, resulting in selective access to health care, based not on whether a patient would benefit from it, but whether he deserves it, i.e., being free of serious mental disabilities. HANDIPHOBIA HANDICAPS RETARDED

133. Prolife Issues - ZINVITRO.HTM - In Vitro Children and the Risks They Face

In this interview with ZENIT, Dr. Carlo Bellieni, professor of neonatal therapy at the School of Pediatrics of the University of Siena, talks about the dangers of artificial procreation for the child conceived, as revealed in recent scientific studies. IN VITRO FERTILIZATION IVF PSYCHOLOGY SURVIVORS SYNDROME

134. Prolife Issues - ivfrisks.htm - In Vitro Fertilization Poses Risks to the Unborn Child
Carlo Bellieni

A recent study, published by the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, reopens the ethical debate on topics concerning in vitro fertilization. The supposed right of parents to have a child do not take into account the risks posed by IVF to the child. ICSI PROCREATION MULTIPLE BIRTHS

135. Prolife Issues - INCONLIV.TXT - Inconvenient Lives
Robert H. Bork

This telling essay by Robert H. Bork, adapted from his book Slouching Toward Gomorrah, shows that the central argument-and reason-for abortion is "convenience." This article appeared in the October 1996 issue of First Things.

136. Prolife Issues - INDIRECT.TXT - Indirect Abortion
Edwin F. Healy

Taken from 'Medical Ethics'. This file provides the Church's position on indirect abortion. HEALY INDIRECT ABORTION

137. Prolife Issues - ZINFERTL.HTM - Infertility Treatments, in Accord With Church Teaching

Many Catholic couples who experience infertility can achieve pregnancy without resorting to immoral medical treatments, says an expert in natural procreative technology. Dr. Thomas Hilgers, director of Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction, explained to ZENIT some of the fertility methods he has developed that are in accord with Church teachings. FAMILY CHILDREN PROCREATION PREGNANCY ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IN VITRO FERTILIZATION

138. Prolife Issues - INTROEUG.TXT - Introduction To Eugenics
John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe

John Cavanaugh-O-Keefe gives us the history of the eugenics movement up to the present time. He also provides references for the Church's position. Uploaded by American Life League and also available from them in booklet form. CAVANAUGH-O'KEEFE EUGENICS HITLER RACISM EUTHANASIA SANGER

139. Prolife Issues - ISMURDER.TXT - Is Abortion Murder?
Pedro C. Moreno

Pedro C. Moreno, a Bolivian attorney, works as the International coordinator of The Rutherford Institute and feels that Christians today, are proclaiming the message of life, but he explores the many reasons why abortion is becoming more of a problem. MORENO ABORTION MURDER LIFE

140. Prolife Issues - ISAAC.TXT - Isaac: The Diary of Katherine Marie Gardner
Liz Gormley

This document is a Science Fiction, Pro-life novel. It contains compelling pro-life arguments in an exciting story line. Isaac is a parable of the conflict that is now, of the conflict to come, of the great army God is building - and how best we are to prepare. Written by CRNET member, Liz Gormley (user name for mail: JOHN C GORMLEY). Mrs. Gormley invites and welcomes your comments. This version is a a text only ascii version. GORMLEY PRO-L

141. Prolife Issues - PMAR.TXT - Issues Update, March/April 1994
American Life League

Taken from the March-April 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life', published by American Life League, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. F.A.C.E. F.O.C.A. ABORTION REFERRAL MARCH OF DIMES CHINA PLANNED PARENTHOOD SUICIDE CHILE MEXICO

142. Prolife Issues - ZIVFSCIE.HTM - IVF Faces More Scrutiny by Science

The 20th annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (27-30 June 2004)provided a mixed bag of news. Along with the usual news of the latest advances in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques, there were more somber presentations regarding the limits and abuses of artificial reproduction methods. IN VITRO FERTILIZATION CLONING ARTIFICIAL REPRODUCTION CHILDREN DIGNITY

143. Prolife Issues - JEWVIEW.TXT - Jewish Views on Abortion
Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits

Retired chief rabbi of United Kingdom details how abortion is viewed in Jewish law and tradition. This article was taken from the Spring 1996 issue of "The Human Life Review."

144. Prolife Issues - zjustcause.htm - Just Cause and Natural Family Planning
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers the question of whether using Natural Family Planning, without good reason, to prevent births is the same as contraception. NFP JUSTA CAUSA JOHN PAUL II PIUS XII BIOETHICS

145. Prolife Issues - LATCHL.TXT - Latin Children In Danger
Magaly Liaguno

The sex indoctrinators have vowed to invade every Latin American country with their philosophy. HLI Reports Oct./Nov 1992, Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. CONTRACEPTIVES PLANNED PARENTHOOD AIDS

146. Prolife Issues - LEGABOR2.TXT - Legal Abortion Deaths, Part II: Missreported, Unreported, & Covered Up
James A. Miller

Ectopic deaths are now never linked by the DCD with an earlier abortion, no matter how proximate a cause of death the abortion might have been.

147. Prolife Issues - COVERUP.TXT - Legal Abortion Deaths: Unreported, Misreported, & Covered Up
James A. Miller

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)', there have been 240 maternal deaths due to legal abortion in the United States during the years 1972-1987. This article taken from the October 1995 issue of HLI REPORTS explains how statistics are manipulated to reflect favorably on the abortion industry and to make childbirth appear to be the more dangerous choice.

148. Prolife Issues - LIABLE.TXT - Legal Accountability for Wrongful Life
Richard W. Smith

Richard W. Smith's informative letter to the American College Health Association on the potential legal accountability of school-based clinics and other condom-purveyors, with respect to wrongful life suits. WRONGFUL LIFE CONDOMS LEGAL LIABILITY SMITH AMERICAN COLLEGE HEALTH ASSOCIATION

149. Prolife Issues - ABORDOLR.TXT - Letter from a Woman Who Had an Abortion

In 1971 the Catholic woman who wrote this moving letter had an abortion in New York. Seven months latter she wrote this letter to a priest. Except for some personal references her letter is reproduced in full.

150. Prolife Issues - z4cellife.htm - Life at Four Cells Old
Father John Flynn, LC

Stem cell research using material taken from human embryos continues to be hotly debated. Robert P. George, who is also a member of the President's Council on Bioethics, and Christopher Tollefsen, avoid religious-based arguments and lay out a series of scientific and philosophical principles in favor of the human status of the embryo. ABORTION PERSON BIOLOGY EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH CONSEQUENTIALISM NATURAL LAW

151. Prolife Issues - LIFBFROE.TXT - Life Before Roe: A Brief Survey of US Abortion Law Before the 1973 Decision
Brian Young

Attorney summarizes abortion laws in the 200 years proceeding Roe vs Wade. Article from 'Celebrate Life' - Sept/Oct issue 1995 YOUNG ABORTION LAW ROE V WADE

152. Prolife Issues - BCANCER.TXT - Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

This statement from the Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life draws attention to the link between breast cancer and abortion, and includes an extensive scientific bibliography. Originally posted for use in encouraging US Senators to vote against abortion coverage in mandatory health care. ABORTION BREAST CANCER SENATE HEALTH

153. Prolife Issues - roompeople.htm - Make Room for People
Steven W. Mosher

Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, is the host of the EWTN series, “Promoting the Culture of Life around the World,” and frequently testifies before the U.S. Congress on population and human rights issues. This article appears in the USCCB Respect Life Program for 2010. ABORTION STERILIZATION POPULATION CONTROL

154. Prolife Issues - zmakechild.htm - Making a Child, or Receiving One

When Robert Edwards, who pioneered the process of in vitro fertilization, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine (12/10/2010), an ideology that sees children as products was implicitly approved. ZENIT spoke about this with Father Pablo Requena Meana, a physician and moral theologian, who explained that at the heart of in vitro fertilization is an outlook that understands children as a "right." TEST TUBE BABIES ICSI BIOMEDICINE ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION PROCREATION DIGNITY

155. Prolife Issues - MARALDO.TXT - Maraldo & Planned Parenthood: What went wrong?
Jim Sedlak

Taken from the September 1995 issue of HLI REPORTS. This article discusses the stunning news of Pamela Maraldo's resignation as president of Planned Parenthood after holding that position for 2 1/2 years.

156. Prolife Issues - zmarknfp.htm - Marketing Natural Family Planning
Rebecca Oas, PhD

Rebecca Oas is a Fellow of HLI America and a postdoctoral fellow in genetics and molecular biology at Emory University. She addresses the problem of making NFP known in a world where the sale of contraceptive measures is a multi-billion dollar business. DIVORCE MARRIAGE COMMUNICATION FAMILY

157. Prolife Issues - zmeddling.htm - Meddling With Life
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn shows why a legitimate desire for children must not be satisfied at the cost of respecting the human life to be artifically produced. Children produced by IVF are often deprived of the natural relationship to their biological parents and may be left in a frozen condition indefinitely. IVF ARTIFICAL FERTILIZATION EMBRYOLOGY BIRTH DEFECTS FAMILY

158. Prolife Issues - EG06.TXT - Medical Ethics: Its Accommodation of Abortion and the Effects

This file provides a history of medical ethics from Hammurabi to the Twentieth century. It compares ethical codes and discusses the erosion of medical ethics and the effects of the new ethic on the moral climate and on physicians. The dilemma presented by medical technology, i.e., treatment in utero and utrasound imaging is discussed, as well as the AMA's principles vs. practice. Finally fetal politics; experimentation, organ harvest

159. Prolife Issues - METHOTRE.TXT - Medical References to the Use of Methotrexate as an Abortifacient
Dave Collart, PhD

Four journal articles that document the use of Methotrexate as an abortifacient (like RU-486). Includes several news items from back issues of the ProLife News as background material. Taken from _The ProLife News_. ABORTIFACIENT METHOTREXATE

160. Prolife Issues - pavwitness.htm - Modern Witnesses to the Value of Life: A Reflection
Fr Frank Pavone

Fr Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, underlines the importance of personal witness as a tool of evangelization, in converting the hearts of those favoring the "choice" to abort. ABORTION CONVERSION RIGHT TO LIFE

161. Prolife Issues - KILLET.TXT - Moral & Philosophical Dilemmas in Death & Dying
Fr. Anthony Fisher, O.P.


162. Prolife Issues - MULCOL01.TXT - Moral Decisions 1
Rev. Msgr. James J. Mulligan

This collection of files is a series of columns by Msgr. Mulligan which deal with moral decision making and pro-life topics. All have appeared in various Catholic newspapers over the last 8 years in a column called 'Moral Decisions.' They have also been rewritten and appeared as a book called 'Choose Life' which was published by the Pope John Research Center in Braintree, MA. There is a total of 107 articles in 5 files. (Pt. 1 of 5)

163. Prolife Issues - MULCOL02.TXT - Moral Decisions 2
Rev. Msgr. James J. Mulligan

This collection of files is a series of columns by Msgr. Mulligan which deal with moral decision making and pro-life topics. All have appeared in various Catholic newspapers over the last 8 years in a column called 'Moral Decisions.' They have also been rewritten and appeared as a book called 'Choose Life' which was published by the Pope John Research Center in Braintree, MA. There is a total of 107 articles in 5 files. (Pt. 2 of 5)

164. Prolife Issues - MULCOL03.TXT - Moral Decisions 3
Rev. Msgr. James J. Mulligan

This collection of files is a series of columns by Msgr. Mulligan which deal with moral decision making and pro-life topics. All have appeared in various Catholic newspapers over the last 8 years in a column called 'Moral Decisions.' They have also been rewritten and appeared as a book called 'Choose Life' which was published by the Pope John Research Center in Braintree, MA. There is a total of 107 articles in 5 files. (Pt. 3 of 5)

165. Prolife Issues - MULCOL04.TXT - Moral Decisions 4
Rev. Msgr. James J. Mulligan

This collection of files is a series of columns by Msgr. Mulligan which deal with moral decision making and pro-life topics. All have appeared in various Catholic newspapers over the last 8 years in a column called 'Moral Decisions.' They have also been rewritten and appeared as a book called 'Choose Life' which was published by the Pope John Research Center in Braintree, MA. There is a total of 107 articles in 5 files. (Pt. 4 of 5)

166. Prolife Issues - MULCOL05.TXT - Moral Decisions 5
Rev. Msgr. James J. Mulligan

This collection of files is a series of columns by Msgr. Mulligan which deal with moral decision making and pro-life topics. All have appeared in various Catholic newspapers over the last 8 years in a column called 'Moral Decisions.' They have also been rewritten and appeared as a book called 'Choose Life' which was published by the Pope John Research Center in Braintree, MA. There is a total of 107 articles in 5 files. (Pt. 5 of 5)

167. Prolife Issues - CFFC3.TXT - More Dirty Money: Foundations That Fund CFFC
James A. Miller

HLI continues an expose' of Catholics For a Free Choice. This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' MILLER CFFC HLI FOUNDATIONS

168. Prolife Issues - MORERHET.TXT - More on Rhetoric
Judie Brow

This article appeared in the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. BROWN ABORTION RHETORIC

169. Prolife Issues - zivf.htm - Motherhood at a Price
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn cites statistics about the growth in number of births by in vitro fertilization, and warns of the dangers of this procedure, both to the baby and to the mother. MULTIPLE BIRTHS EMBRYOS IVF INHERITED DISEASES INCEST SPERM OVA DONORS

170. Prolife Issues - zmultibirths.htm - Multiple Births: When Supply Exceeds Demand
Dr. Rebecca Oas

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D., a Fellow of HLI America and postdoctoral fellow in genetics and molecular biology at Emory University, writes about the increased frequency of multiple births and the drawbacks, particularly where these births are a consequence of in vitro fertilization. IVF FERTILITY REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY EMBRYOS ABORTION

171. Prolife Issues - NYREJECT.TXT - N.Y. Task Force Rejects Assisted Suicide
Dave Andrusko

Citing fears of widespread abuse, the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law has unanimously recommended against legalizing assisted suicide. EUTHANASIA NEW YORK ASSISTED SUICIDE

172. Prolife Issues - znewhelm.htm - New at Helm of the Life Academy: Where to Start?

Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, says the issue with pro-abortionists is not scientific, but socio-political. They have the political power to enforce unnatural "rights." ABORTION EMBRYO IDEOLOGY POST-ABORTION SYNDROME UMBILICAL CORD BANKS

173. Prolife Issues - STOPBIO.TXT - New Bioethics Panel: The Usual Suspects
Mary Meehan

This article by Mary Meehan exposes a problem America is having with President Clinton's proposal to invent another body of experts, a National Bioethics Advisory Commission, whose mission and make recommendations on moral questions. Taken from the 'National Catholic Register,' February 5, 1995. MEEHAN CLINTON BIOETHICS PANEL

174. Prolife Issues - NIHFACT.TXT - NIH Targets Public and Congress to Sell Human Embryo Research
American Life League

NIH Fact Sheet January 1995 This useful dateline summary of the NIH and embryo experimentation is provided by American Life League. NIH EMBRYO RESEARCH FETAL EXPERIMENTATION

175. Prolife Issues - NORPLANT.TXT - Norplant's Physical Side Effects and Implications
Steven A. Ertelt

A summary of some of the major physical side effects to the mother using the abortifacient contraceptive Continuous Subdermal Levonorgestrel (Norplant). Includes references. Taken from the ProLife Infonet. ABORTIFACIENT SIDE EFFECTS NORPLANT

177. Prolife Issues - RUBOYCOT.TXT - Now's the Time To Defend Our Borders
Tom Hess

Discusses the importation of RU 486 into the US and the targets for a nationwide boycott of involved drug companies. Includes a list of products to boycott as well as a list of addresses of the CEOs of these drug companies to write letters to explaining you are participating in a boycott. Taken from Vol 8, No 8 of the 'Citizen.' ABORTION RU 486 BOYCOTT TPC THE POPULATION COUNCIL HOECHST AG

178. Prolife Issues - BLAND.TXT - On Not Starving the Unconscious
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

This article by Anthony Fisher, O.P. appeared in 'New Blackfriars', 74 (March 1993), 130-145. Uploaded by Michael Hains. FISHER STARVATION UNCONSCIOUS BLAND BRITAIN TUBE-FEEDING

179. Prolife Issues - ABORPOEM.TXT - One More Chance

An anonymous but powerful pro-life poem uploaded by Suzanne from the Catholic Information Center. ABORTION POEM

180. Prolife Issues - OCSIUDS.TXT - Oral Contraception, Norplant and IUD's
Sue Widemark

A compilation of facts concerning contraceptive methods. Sue Widemark of Phoenix Arizona compiled the data and references are listed at the end of the document.) WIDEMARK ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES NORPLANT IUD RU-486 ABORTION

181. Prolife Issues - PHARMCOM.TXT - Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemical Abortion and Profits
American Life League

This file will introduce you to the many companies currently making a profit from the manufacture and sale of chemicals and devices that act to destroy a new human being after his or her life begins in the womb. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. ABORTION PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES CHEMICAL PROFIT

182. Prolife Issues - HLIPP.TXT - Planned Parenthood

Human Life International documentary on Planned Parenthood's role in the anti-life, pro-abortion movement. Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD ANTI-LIFE ABORTION FAMILY PLANNING

183. Prolife Issues - POPFACTS.TXT - Population Facts and Myths

A series of 9 electronic fact sheets countering media misinformation about population issues. The topics covered are: Population and 'unmet needs', Population and the Economy--Does population growth cause poverty?, Population and Fertility Rates, Population and Food, Population and Resources, Population and the Environment, Population and the Feminist Movement, Population and the Freedom of Choice and Population and the Chinese. Published on the Internet by the Natio

184. Prolife Issues - AMA.TXT - Positions on Abortion

The American Medical Association's Positions on Abortion, 1859 - 1992

185. Prolife Issues - POSTROE.TXT - Post-Roe Feminism: Recharged or Discharged?
Frederica Mathewes-Green

Talks about the history of the feminest movement and how abortion became it's number one issue. Also discusses what direction the movement will take if Roe v Wade is overturned. MATHEWES-GREEN ABORTION FEMINISM ROE-V-WADE

186. Prolife Issues - pregnancy - Pregnancy and the Development of the Child

This chart shows the typical development of the child that occurs in the womb, as well as other important milestones of pregnancy. PROLIFE ABORTION CONTRACEPTION MEDICINE BIRTH UNBORN PREBORN EMBRYO FETUS BABY TRIMESTER

187. Prolife Issues - PRENATDI.TXT - Prenatal Diagnosis of Birth Defects
Judie Brown

A 1994 update on the March of Dimes. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. MARCH OF DIMES BROWN ALL BIRTH DEFECTS

188. Prolife Issues - CLINTREC.TXT - President Clinton's Record on Abortion
Douglas Johnson

A fairly complete layout of what Democratic President Bill Clinton and his Administration have done to promote abortion throughout the US and abroad during his first two+ years in office. Taken from 'National Right to Life News.' CLINTON HEALTH CARE CONGRESS RU-486

189. Prolife Issues - PRIPETIT.TXT - PRI Petitions FDA to Remove Norplant, Citing Risks
Paul Gallagher

This article is about the Population Research Institute's recent petition filed with the Food and Drug Administration, asking the FDA to rescind its approval of the contraceptive device Norplant and to halt its sales in the United States. According to the PRI, there is overwhelming evidence that "Norplant has caused untold suffering among women. . ."

190. Prolife Issues - PRFORLF.TXT - Priests For Life Sponsors Interviews With Ex-Abortionist
Henry V. King

This article gives information on the work of the organization, 'Priests for Life.' Taken from the January 26, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' KING PAVONE PRIESTS ABORTION PRO-LIFE

191. Prolife Issues - PRINCPLS.TXT - Principles of Pro-Life Action
Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life explains how the pro-life movement can reach a more effective peak if each of us perceives the specific challenges of the present time and embraces the solutions. We must go beyond what is comfortable. PAVONE PRO-LIFE ABORTION ACTION

192. Prolife Issues - ABAALT.TXT - Pro-Life Attorneys Form ABA Alternative

Article taken from the July 7, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' ABA ATTORNEYS LAWYERS NLA

193. Prolife Issues - RU-486.TXT - Pro-Life Groups Organize Boycott of RU-486 Companies
John Boland

Taken from an article that appeared in 'The Wanderer,' June 16, 1994. RU-486 ABORTION BOYCOTT

194. Prolife Issues - ZSIGNSCO.HTM - Pro-life Movement's Signs of Confidence

In a 2-part interview (20-21 January 2005), Father Frank Pavone, director of Priests for Life, shared with ZENIT how he sees the pro-life movement. It is much more than a response to Roe vs. Wade; it is a response to Jesus Christ. He sees a dead-end to the pro-abortion movement, as it contains the seeds of its own destruction. ABORTION

195. Prolife Issues - ZFEMLIFE.HTM - Pro-Lifers Go Back to the Roots of Feminism

Recently, Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life of America, shared her thoughts with ZENIT on pro-life feminism and on trends in the abortion controversy. There seems to be a growing pro-life trend in the country, but putting an end to abortion will require redirecting the debate to care for the woman. The whole interview is included here, which was published by ZENIT in two parts. CULTURE OF LIFE DEATH

196. Prolife Issues - PRORACIN.TXT - Project Rachel: Healing the Wounds of Abortion
John Mallon

An interview with Vicki Thorn and Father Blair Raum which appeared in three parts in the April 9, April 23, and May 21 editions of the Sooner Catholic.

197. Prolife Issues - HIPOATH.TXT - Prolife Doctors Revise Hippocratic Oath
Mary Meehan

The times, some distinguished doctors feel, require a rewrite of the Hippocratic Oath. Taken from the 'National Catholic Register,' July 16, 1995. MEEHAN HIPPOCRATIC OATH DOCTORS

198. Prolife Issues - PROMEDU.TXT - Promiscuity Education (formally called Sexuality Education)
Lynn K. Murphy

Specific Examples of Promiscuous Content, compiled by Lynn K. Murphy of Life Research Institute. January, 1994 revision (WARNING: Explicit material, for adults only) This compendium will show many, many examples of what Planned Parenthood, the Sex Education and Information Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), and others call Sexuality Education but would be much more accurately called Promiscuity Education.

199. Prolife Issues - GENOME.HTM - Protecting human genome is responsibility of all humanity
Dr. Giorgio Filibeck

Dr. Filibeck of the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace makes some observations on the Declaration on the Human Genome (11 November 1997) by UNESCO. SCIENCE BIOETHICS MEDICINE GENETICS ANTHROPOLOGY

200. Prolife Issues - QUIDSIT.TXT - QUID SIT VERITAS
Clayton Ward Kischer, Ph.D.

The Odyssey of One Human Embryologist as a Modern Diogenes' Describes a set of attempts to bring scientific knowledge of human development before the public by an expert embryologist. While the truths within science have been sought and revealed by those who know the subject best, sadly, this has not been the case with the truths of human development. Political imperatives have allowed other than human embryologists to speak for human embryology and g

201. Prolife Issues - RACHELVN.HTM - Rachel's Vineyard: From Anguish to Healing
Leslie Graves

An article showing the beneficial results of the ministry of Rachel's Vineyard to those suffering the spiritual and psychological after effects of abortion. ABORTION FAMILY

202. Prolife Issues - CBURKE.TXT - Random Thoughts
Msgr. Cormac Burke

In this article taken from the Irish publication, 'Position Papers,' Msgr. Burke answers questions on Humanae Vitae, marriage, natural family planning, forming one's conscience and other things. BURKE HUMANAE VITAE CONTRACEPTION NFP ABORTION RIGHTS

203. Prolife Issues - RAPINCST.TXT - Rape, Incest and Abortion: Searching Beyond The Myths
David Reardon

This excellent article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of the 'The Post Abortion Review,' published by the Elliot Institute. REARDON RAPE INCEST ABORTION

204. Prolife Issues - zpostpreg.htm - Reasons for Postponing a Pregnancy
E. Christian Brugger

Professor Brugger, a Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation and associate professor of moral theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, responds to the question of what constitute just causes for postponing a pregnancy by use of NFP, and gives a follow-up on when it is right to remove a patient from a ventilator. NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING JUSTICE ANH ARTIFICIAL NUTRITION AND HYDRATION

205. Prolife Issues - ORCLONES.HTM - Reflections on Human Cloning
Pontifical Academy of Life

To support the prolife efforts of the Holy See and the universal Church, Pope John Paul II established the Pontifical Academy of Life, composed of scientific, theological and other experts. This article is a reflection by the Academy on the possibility of human cloning. CLONE MAN MEDICINE VITRO SCIENCE

206. Prolife Issues - mothter.htm - Respect Life in the Words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Mother Teresa

Excerpts from Mother Teresa's talks in various countries on respect for human life compiled by Franciscan Communications. MOTHER TERESA LIFE ABORTION CHILD EUCHARIST JESUS

207. Prolife Issues - VATRU486.TXT - RU-486: The 'Abortion Pill'

Pontifical Council on the Family Report sent to bishops' conferences throughout the world. The report was developed at the Vatican's request by Gonzalo Herranz, a Spanish bioethicist. RU486 VATICAN ABORTION

208. Prolife Issues - RU486.TXT - RU486 Abortifacient Drug
Phyllis Bowman

Human Life International report on RU486, the powerful abortifacient drug from France. Published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. RU486 ABORTIFACIENT DRUG FRANCE BOWMAN

209. Prolife Issues - RUSBABCU.TXT - Russia, Babies, and Hard Currency
Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B.

Article by Fr. Marx discussing the abortion 'business' in Russia. Taken from the July 7, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' MARX ABORTION RUSSIA ORGAN TRANSPLANT

210. Prolife Issues - RXADOLES.TXT - Rx for Adolescents: Premarital Abstinence
James H. Ford, M.D.

In 1983 James H. Ford, M.D., Vice-President Emeritus American Life League, Inc, presented an earlier version of this resolution to the the California Medical Association, but it was rejected. Some 10,000 copies of that earlier resolution were printed by American Life Lobby. They were circulated in California and around the world, as concerned parents and pro-life leaders took the initiative to promote sensible, moral behavior. Uploade

211. Prolife Issues - SAFMAR.TXT - Safe & Legal--In Maryland
James Miller

Story of Suzanne Logan, who is suffering from brain damage due to an abortion performed at the Hillview abortion mill in 1989. 'HLI Reports,' Sept. 1992, published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. ANESTHESIA LICENSE DEATH CARDIAC ARREST LOGAN ABORTION

212. Prolife Issues - SAFNY.TXT - Safe & Legal--In New York
James Miller

Tragic story of the dath of 13 year old Dawn Ravenell killed by abortion in 1985. 'HLI Reports,' Oct./Nov. 1992, published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. COURT ANESTHESIOLOGIST ABORTIONIST RAVENELL ABORTION DEATH

213. Prolife Issues - zsavsib.htm - Savior Siblings: At What Moral Cost?
E. Christian Brugger

Professor Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, explains the concept of a "savior sibling," a child conceived to be used in the treatment of an older brother or sister, and he tells why this is wrong. EMBRYOS UMBILICAL CORD IN VITRO FERTILIZATION IVF CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE EUGENICS

214. Prolife Issues - zyeslife19.htm - Saying Yes to Life — 19 Times

James and Kathleen Littleton wrote about their experience of responding to God's creative love in a book about raising their 14 living children, "Better by the Dozen, Plus Two." The Littletons also spoke with ZENIT about their decision to have such a large family, and why it required separating themselves from prevailing cultural opinions, even perhaps among Catholics. PARENTHOOD PROCREATION MARRIAGE FORMATION OBEDIENCE PENANCE CONFESSION CRITICAL THINKING MORAL RELATIVISM

215. Prolife Issues - ZNEONATE.HTM - Science Backs Up Humanity of the Unborn

The verifiable suffering of the human fetus poses serious reflections for doctors and researchers, and proves it is unscientific to treat "prenatal life as second-class," says Italian neonatologist, Dr. Carlo Bellieni. In a ZENIT interview, he addresses such questions as: What does a fetus experience? What are its rights? Is artificial insemination really harmless? ABORTION PERSON

216. Prolife Issues - MULTIPLE.TXT - Selective Termination and Multi-Fetal Pregnancy Reduction A Procedure With No Clinical Place
Ian MacIsaac

This is the text of a medical paper given by Australian obstetrician Ian MacIsaac at mid 1994 Obstetrics conference in Adelaide, South Australia concerning the reduction of multiple pregnancies by abortion. Includes a glossary of medical terms which occur in the paper. PREGNANCY REDUCTION

217. Prolife Issues - SENDSCHL.TXT - Send Your Family to School
Jim Sedlak

Parents need to know what their children are learning in school. Jim Sedlak offers an excellent suggestion for parents on how to moniter their children's school and how to enlist the whole family in the process. This article appeared in the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. SEDLAK SCHOOL EDUCATION PARENTS

218. Prolife Issues - RGHTRSPS.TXT - Sex Education: A Parent's Right, A Parent's Responsibility

Uploaded by American Life League.

219. Prolife Issues - SHOCKED.TXT - Shocked Speechless: The Death of Conscience
David Andrusko

This editorial is not for the squeamish. It goes into descriptive detail about the horrors of abortion with the intention of forcing us to face how hideous abortion really is so that it does not become a mere abstraction to us. Taken from the National Right to Life News, February 23, 1993. ANDRUSKO ABORTION

220. Prolife Issues - ZEUTHCHL.HTM - Slippery Slope of Euthanasia for Children

The Netherlands' decision to allow the euthanasia of children could lead to the practice of arbitrarily deciding which youngsters will live or die, warns a leading bioethicist. Father Gonzalo Miranda, dean of the School of Bioethics of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, says, in an interview with ZENIT, that "all the concerns that arose in regard to the Dutch legislation on euthanasia are being tragically verified." PAIN DEATH EUGENICS NAZIS

221. Prolife Issues - DivineChild.htm - Solemnity of the Divine Child
Fr. Miguel Marie Soeherman, MFVA

Father Miguel, MFVA, in his homily of 3 September 2006, given at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Hanceville, Alabama, encouraged devotion to the Divine Child as the solution to much of the mess the world is in, as exemplified in the destruction of children by abortion and for the sake of embryonic research. DIVINO NIÑO

222. Prolife Issues - JUST.TXT - Some Life-and-Justice Issues for the 1990's
Fr. Anthony Fisher, OP

An examination of the bioethical issues which face us in the last decade of the 20th century. CONSCIENCE DISSENT ABORTION AUTHORITY MAGISTERIUM

223. Prolife Issues - 5ANNEVVT.HTM - Statement Issued for Fifth Anniversary of Encyclical Evangelium Vitae
Pontifical Academy for Life

During the Sixth General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life, held in Rome, February 2000, a group of experts from nations representing the five continents met for study and reportage on the Church's efforts to implement Evangelium vitae in the context of changing national and international norms and policies. CONTRACEPTION STERILIZ ABORTION PROCREATION EMBRYO EUTHANASIA

224. Prolife Issues - SEXMORAL.TXT - Statement of Policy

American Life League Statement of Policy: Formation of Conscience & Education in Sexual Morality

225. Prolife Issues - CHOICENC.HTM - Status of 'Catholics For A Free Choice'
Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza

In a recent statement, the National Council of Catholic Bishops denounced "Catholics for a Free Choice" as an arm of the abortion lobby and not a Catholic group at all. LIFE POPULATION

226. Prolife Issues - zstemcells.htm - Stem Cells for Dummies
E. Christian Brugger

In this ZENIT article, a Senior Fellow at Culture of Life Foundation, and associate professor of moral theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado, explains the terminology used in any discussion of controversies surrounding embryonic stem cell research. EMBRYO TOTIPOTENT PLURIPOTENT MULTIPOTENT UNIPOTENT ZYGOTE ASC ESC

227. Prolife Issues - ZMEDIASI.HTM - Stories You Might Not See in the Mainstream Media

Studies that suggest women may face serious risks from abortion and birth control pills have met with an odd response in the mainstream media: virtual silence. PLANNED PARENTHOOD BREAST CANCER CONTRACEPTIVE HOMOSEXUAL

228. Prolife Issues - PORDET.TXT - Structurally Adjusting the Poor to Death
L.C. Jain. PhD

The belief that increased economic growth-rate will deliver the poor will only work when individual people are the primary concern. The author, Dr. Jain, is a noted economist and former member of the Planning Commision of India. Taken from Sept/Oct 1992, 'Population Research Institute Review.' Published by the Population Research Institute, P.O. Box 2024, Baltimore, MD 21298 INDIA POPULATION STARVATION AGRICULTURE WATER-MANAGEMENT PROLIFE P

229. Prolife Issues - COMMENTB.TXT - Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Hurts Women
Lynn K. Murphy

This is a commentary written for publication in newspapers by Lynn K. Murphy of the Life Research Institute. On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court announced its famous 'Roe v. Wade' decision and its less famous but very important 'Doe v. Bolton' decision. Together these decisions legalized abortion across the United States for any reason the mother would give and for any age of the unborn baby. On June 29, 1992, the United States Supr

230. Prolife Issues - FETALPN.TXT - Synopsis of 'Lancet' Article On Fetal Pain
Thomas Jackson

Thomas R. Jackson, M.D. and CRNET member provides a summary of an article that appeared in volume 334, n. 8915, pp. 77-81 of 'The Lancet.' LANCET FETAL PAIN ABORTION

231. Prolife Issues - TESTIMS.TXT - Testimonies of Women Who Have Had Abortions

Presented to show a side of the abortion issue you wouldn't otherwise learn about. Life Research Institute, April, 1995.

232. Prolife Issues - TESTABP2.TXT - Testimony of an Ex-Abortion Provider
Dina Madsen

Dina Madsen's testimony is followed by a message from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. MADSEN ABORTIONIST ABORTIONS TESTIMONY PAVONE

233. Prolife Issues - TESTABPR.TXT - Testimony of an Ex-Abortion Provider
Joy Davis

Joy Davis's testimony is followed by a message from Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. DAVIS ABORTIONIST ABORTIONS TESTIMONY PAVONE

234. Prolife Issues - CCFAIL.TXT - Testing Rhetoric Against Reality: The Christian Coalition's Failure
Judie Brown

Mrs. Judie Brown, President of American Life League, presents A.L.L.'s opposition to The Christian Coalition's compromising 'Contract with the American Family.' BROWN CHRISTIAN COALITION CONTRACT FAMILY

235. Prolife Issues - LIVWILEU.TXT - The 'Living Will' and Euthanasia: A Doctor-Patient Dialogue
Raymond Voulo, M.D.

This file is an exchange between Dr. Voulo and an imaginary patient concerning the burning issues of the 'Living Will' and euthanasia. This article shows the dangers of signing a Living Will and that it is the brainchild of the euthanasia movement. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. EUTHANASIA VOULO ALL LIVING WILL DEATH

236. Prolife Issues - SOMEBODY.TXT - The Abortion
Anne Sexton

Somebody who should have been born is gone. A poetic reflection on the devastation of abortion.

237. Prolife Issues - ABORCOCK.TXT - The Abortion Cocktail
Bernard N. Nathanson

The legal battle to ban abortion is not by any means defeated with the report of a medical abortifacient. The unprofessional and unethical means by which the procedure was tested, the unknown long-term medical effects on women of the drugs involved, and the extreme dangers to the human gene pool posed by partially completed medical abortions all suggest a strong societal interest in banning the "abortion cocktail." And the falsity of claims that medical abortions will 'demedicalize" and "empower"

238. Prolife Issues - ABCLINK.TXT - The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: Fabrication or Fact?
Mike Richmond

A list of the studies that show there is a firm link between abortion and breast cancer.

239. Prolife Issues - BO18.TXT - The Beatitudes and the Cross
Bish. Fulton Sheen

This American Life League pamplet contains an introduction by Judie Brown of an explanation of the beatitudes by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Taken from the book 'The Life of Christ'. BROWN SHEEN BEATITUDES CROSS

240. Prolife Issues - PFLBIBLE.HTM - The Bible's Teaching on Abortion
Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone explores the Bible on the abortion issue and scripturally proves abortion is morally wrong. 'Biblical reasons why abortion, the deliberate destruction of a child in the womb, is very wrong.' PAVONE ABORTION BIBLE UNBORN

241. Prolife Issues - WELFARE.TXT - The Bottom Line on Welfare Reform
Judie Brown

An editorial by Judie Brown, president of American Life League concerning, the welfare family cap. BROWN WELFARE CAP REFORM

242. Prolife Issues - MISSMORA.TXT - The Case of the Missing Moratorium A Tale of Criminal Politics and Murderous Science
Randy Engel

This file deals with Federal funding of research involving transplantation of human fetal tissues from induced abortions. Taken from the September 15, 1994 issue of 'The Remnant.' ENGEL NIH FETAL TISSUE ABORTION SHALALA HHS

243. Prolife Issues - REINVHU.TXT - The Case of the Preembryo: The Reinvention of Human Development, Part One and Part Two
C. W. Kischer

One key justification for experimentation on young human beings is that prior to 14 days they are supposedly a qualitatively different entity, more like mere tissue than a 'real' human being. Thus the application of the misnomer 'preembryo.' In this article, Dr. Clayton Ward Kischer shows conclusively that there is no biological justification to make such an arbitrary distinction. First appeared

244. Prolife Issues - UNJUSTLW.HTM - The Catholic Lawmaker and the Problem of a Seriously Unjust Law
Angel Rodríguez Luño

Professor Rodríguez Luño, Professor of Moral Theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, addresses the question of whether unjust laws on abortion may ever receive Catholic support, in light of Evangelium Vitae 73. Interview with A. Rodríguez Luño. ETHICS RIGHT TO LIFE INTENTION DOUBLE EFFECT LESSER EVIL GOOD

245. Prolife Issues - PROLIF.TXT - The Catholic View of Abortion
Fr. Anthony Fisher

In this well written article, Fr. Fisher OP clearly states the Catholic position on abortion. ABORTION LIFE DEATH

246. Prolife Issues - zintrujil.htm - The Challenging Defense of Life and Family

Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, a champion of the cause for life and the family, was president of the Pontifical Council for the Family from 1990 up until his death on April 19, 2008. Before he died, the cardinal gave an interview to Juan Manuel Estrella, which has now been published by ZENIT. JOHN PAUL II BENEDICT XVI EVANGELIUM VITAE

247. Prolife Issues - FACESFEM.TXT - The Changing Faces of Feminism
David Reardon

David Reardon debunks the myth that early feminists were pro-choice. He shows that they were strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian concepts of morality and justice. This article was taken from the May-June 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life' published by American Life League, P. O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. FEMINISM ABORTION FFLA CELEBRATE LIFE

248. Prolife Issues - VENCAIRO.TXT - The Church's Position Regarding the UN Population Conference
J. Michael Venditti

This file contains a homily preached by Fr. Venditti on the Cairo Conference. He welcomes your comments. VENDITTI CAIRO SERMON POPULATION ABORTION

249. Prolife Issues - CONNECT.TXT - The Connection: Abortion, Permissive Sex...
Lynn Murphy

...Instruction, and Family Planning: What the Pro-Abortion Experts; And What the Pro-Life and .other Experts Say' A compilation by Lynn K. Murphy of Life Research Institute, November, 1993 revision.

250. Prolife Issues - VALLSCAI.TXT - The Courage to Speak Bluntly
Joaquin Navarro-Valls

Statement about the upcoming Cairo Conference by Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, director of the Vatican Press Office. NAVARRO-VALLS CAIRO POPULATION UNITED NATIONS ABORTION

251. Prolife Issues - SETBACKS.TXT - The Culture Of Death Suffers Two Setbacks In Australia
Alberto Carosa

This article, taken from the March 6, 1997 issue of The Wanderer, concerns a victory for pro-life forces in the drive to prevent Euthanasia and the profanation of holy things.

252. Prolife Issues - KILL.TXT - The Difference between Killing and Allowing to Die
Fr. Anthony Fisher, OP

This article looks at the distinction between killing a person and letting them die. DEATH DIE MURDER LIFE

253. Prolife Issues - ADVISE.TXT - The Doctor Has Advised You

This brochure is a reminder that all babies are human lives and that even 'deformity' is not a reason to abort --- no matter what the 'genetic advisor' tells you! Uploaded by American Life League.

254. Prolife Issues - ABORT-UK.TXT - The Effects of Abortion on British Society
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

Taken from 'Priests & People', November 1994. Uploaded by Michael Hains. ABORTION UNITED KINGDOM ENGLAND FISHER

255. Prolife Issues - ALLOCATN.TXT - The Ethics of Health Care Allocation
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

This article by Anthony Fisher, O.P., appeared in the 'Catholic Medical Quarterly', 44(4) (May 1993), 13-20. Uploaded by Michael Hains. HEALTHCARE RATIONING BRITAIN FISHER BRITAIN

256. Prolife Issues - EUTHCON.TXT - The Euthanasia/ Abortion Connection
Frederica Mathewes-Green

'The objectionable activity is making people die: people who may be small, weak, or disabled, but are not dying; people who cannot defend or speak for themselves. The objection is to creating an ever-widening class of unpersons, persons unwanted or imperfect, and imposing on those persons a duty to die.' Published in Sisterlife, Spring 1991. MATHEWES-GREEN EUTHANASIA ABORTION

257. Prolife Issues - FCTSOFPL.TXT - The Facts of Pro-LifeA
Lynn K. Murphy

book written by Lynn K. Murphy of Life Research Institute. Copyright 1991 by Lynn K. Murphy This book is dedicated to the 30,000,000 babies that have died from legal abortion in the United States since it was legalized in 1973.

258. Prolife Issues - zlifebegins.htm - The Facts of When Human Life Begins

The conclusion of scientist Maureen Condic that human life begins at a defined moment of conception isn't an opinion based on a belief, but rather a "reflection of the way the world is." In an interview with ZENIT, Condic explains why the question of when human life begins is important to address, and what scientific criteria she used to define a "moment of conception." EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH FERTILIZATION ABORTION

259. Prolife Issues - FAMCAP.TXT - The Family Cap Is a Prolife Issue
John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe

'The 'family cap' is part of many welfare reform proposals. If it is implemented, the family cap will kill children. It is the beginning of forced abortion. It is based on deception and manipulation. Prolifers should fight the family cap, no matter what they think about other parts of welfare or welfare reform.' This article was taken from American Life League's BBS. CAVANAUGH-O'KEEFE FAMILY CAP WELFARE CHILDREN ABORTION

260. Prolife Issues - HLIFDA.TXT - The FDA and Accutane

History of the FDA's involvement with Accutane, a drug for acne known to cause birth defects when used by women during the first trimester of pregnancy. Published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. ACCUTANE FDA HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL BIRTH DEFECTS

261. Prolife Issues - GAYAGEND.TXT - The Gay Agenda in Schools, Part II: Redefining 'Sensitivity' and 'Tolerance'
David Morrison

Part I discussed the attempts of new groups of gay activists to change the public-school curricula to reelect a more 'gay positive' view of homosexual activity and to introduce speakers and 'counseling' groups who share the same view. This article examines who these new groups think should be allowed to teach, and what material about homosexuality they want to see placed in school libraries.

262. Prolife Issues - DRDEATH.TXT - The Gospel According To Dr. Death
Diane Sabom, PhD

What do Derek Humphry, an avowed atheist, and Dr. John Pridonoff, a Christian theologian, have in common? Both have been exceedingly dedicated to the mission of the Hemlock Society, cofounded by Humphry in 1980 and led by Pridonoff, its executive director since October 1992. Diane Sabom, PhD, gives a brief review of the history of the Hemlock Society by examining aspects of several of Dr. Pridonoff's talks, his writings and her interview with hi

263. Prolife Issues - CROWNLIF.TXT - The Gospel of Life Crowns My Life
Fr. Paul Marx

Fr. Marx says that 'this encyclical is a godsend and presents the only remedy for the sex mess that pervades the whole affluent West and other parts of the world influenced by the money and media of the wealthy nations.' This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' MARX GOSPEL OF LIFE JOHN PAUL II ENCYCLICAL

264. Prolife Issues - THAIEXPR.TXT - The Great Thailand Experiment: Why condoms shouldn't be used to fight AIDS
Dr. Orestes Monzon

The ASEAN task force on AIDS is using Thailand as a model of the best way to fight AIDS. This article, taken from the January 1997 issue of "HLI Reports", shows that the truth is quite the opposite.

265. Prolife Issues - BO10A.TXT - The Helpers of God's Precious Infants

This file gives information about The Helpers of God's Precious Infants, a group of people committed to maintaining a loving and prayerful presence outside of the abortion mills where God's children are put to death. They unite themselves with these tiny victims, in solidarity with their pain, as they are put to death at this modern-day Calvary. HELPERS GOD'S PRECIOUS INFANTS PRAYER ABORTION MILLS

266. Prolife Issues - PPHISTRY.TXT - The History of Planned Parenthood
Mike Perry

Mike Perry shows the eugenic roots of Planned Parenthood and the bigotry of Margaret Sanger, its founder. Uploaded from American Life League Electronic Bulletin Board (703) 659-7111. PLANNED PARENTHOOD SANGER EUGENICS BIRTH CONTROL POPULATION CONTROL

267. Prolife Issues - PUBMONEY.TXT - The Human Embryo
Judie Brown

Special Edition of Communique January 27, 1995. An excellent article which will provide its readers with references and material to help in the fight to protect the youngest human beings from research and experimentation. This statement was presented to the 104th Congress and later became an advertisement. BROWN FETAL RESEARCH ABORTION EXPERIMENTATION

268. Prolife Issues - zhypocritic.htm - The Hypocritic Oath?
Michael Pakaluk

In this ZENIT article, Micahael Pakaluk, professor of philosophy and the director of Integrative Research at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia, questions the rationale of doctors who perform abortions for mental health reasons, in the face of mounting evidence that abortion is detrimental to women's mental health. MENTAL ILLNESS INFORMED CONSENT DENIAL

269. Prolife Issues - zincregg.htm - The Incredible, Profitable Egg
E. Christian Brugger

In this ZENIT article, a Senior Fellow at Culture of Life Foundation, and associate professor of moral theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado, warns of the health risks to women caused by clinical harvesting of their eggs. INFERTILITY IVF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION EGG-HARVESTING

270. Prolife Issues - JEWEL.TXT - The Jewel of My Creation
Charles Goering

'Before the dawn of Creation, I thought of you, Before the dawn of Creation, I thought of YOU. Before the mist blew through the heavens, I thought of you' A moving pro-life poem taken from the February 16, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer'. POEM GOERING PRO-LIFE UNBORN

271. Prolife Issues - LEGALLOG.TXT - The Legal Logic of Euthanasia
Michael M. Uhlmann

A legal scholar examines the flawed logic in the judicial case for euthanasia. Taken from the June-July 1996 issue of "First Things."

272. Prolife Issues - CAPLPUN.TXT - The Legitimacy and Prudence of Capital Punishment
Dr. Charles Rice

Dr. Rice shows how reasons why a consistent pro-life position can recognize the authority of the state to impose the death penalty and can support the use of that penalty in some cases. This article was taken from the August 25, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' RICE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT DEATH PENALTY CRIME

273. Prolife Issues - ABORTBC.TXT - The Link Between Abortion & Breast Cancer
Scott Somerville

This is an in-depth presentation of the medical research that indicates a significant risk of breast cancer due to early abortion, both spontaneous and elective. This article includes an excellent bibliography. A must for understanding this deadly side-effect of abortion. BREAST CANCER EFFECTS OF EARLY ABORTIONS ABORTION SIDE EFFECTS

274. Prolife Issues - LIVWILL.TXT - The Living Will's Fatal Flaw
Wesley J. Smith

Smith, an attorney, works with the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force, and has contributed a number of articles on the subject of assisted suicide and euthanasia to *National Review.* Some of you might not know that the living will was developed in 1967 by the Euthanasia Society of America, now called Choice in Dying.

275. Prolife Issues - ANTHONY.TXT - The Lost Legacy of Susan B. Anthony
Anne Morse

America's first feminist would not be accepted by today's leaders, who would likely vilify her as one of those intolerant Religious Right types wanting to force her morality on everyone else. This article was taken from the May-June 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life' published by American Life League, P. O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. ANTHONY FEMINIST CELEBRATE LIFE

276. Prolife Issues - MEDIAABR.TXT - The Media and Abortion
Steve Dunham

Addresses the question 'Is the media biased to pro-choice?' Steve Dunham, editor of All's 'Celebrate Life' answers this question. DUNHAM MEDIA ABORTION BIAS

277. Prolife Issues - PHLA.TXT - The Paramount Human Life Amendment
Brian Young

Questions and Answers About the Legislative Goal of the Pro-Life Movement by Brian Young, A.L.L. Senior Vice President, Policy, Research and Development. YOUNG PARAMOUNT HUMAN LIFE AMENDMENT UN

278. Prolife Issues - zphysmoral.htm - The Physician's Relationship With Morality
Dr. José María Simón

Dr. José María Simón, President of World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, addressed a letter to Catholic Physicians Worldwide, published by ZENIT, in which he outlined conflicts that have arisen in recent years between procedures made possible by scientific developments and the natural law. In his letter, the doctor surveys the moral problems connected with several of these procedures, including euthanasia, contraceptives, abortion, and artificial reproduction. CONDOMS AMNIOCENESIS EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS SCIENTISM EVOLUTIONISM ETHICS CONSCIENCE MORALITY

279. Prolife Issues - POLLS.TXT - The Pro-Life Majority
Collegians for Life

This is a factsheet currently in production by Arkansas Collegians for Life. It contains the results of various surveys taken between 1989 and 1994. POLL SURVEY ABORTION PRO-LIFE

280. Prolife Issues - CF2.TXT - The Pro-Life Movement: A Spiritual Perspective
Charles E. Rice

In this tract, Dr. Rice's major objective is to confront the question, "Where do we go from here?". He restates the two fundamentals, that the abortion issue must not be considered in vacuo and that it is primarily a religious issue. From this very basic re-assessment of our situation Dr. Rice derives a revamped game plan for the pro-life movement, dependent primarily on spiritual means, most particularly the Rosary. It is his hope that we will cease reacting to the shiftiness of the opposition, and keep our own true goals clearly fixed in mind.

281. Prolife Issues - FROZEMBR.TXT - The Question of Frozen Embryos
Maurizio P. Faggioni, O.F.M.

This article looks at the "delicate moral problems" of "the modern techniques of artificial insemination" and recalls Pope John Paul's appeal "to stop the production and freezing of human embroyos."

282. Prolife Issues - RIGHTCOC.TXT - The Right to Choose & the Right Choice
Fr. George Rutler

This file is an editied transcript of a talk given by Fr. George Rutler on October 15, 1989, at a dinner sponsored by Wisconsin Right to Life. ABORTION CHOICE RUTLER LIFE

283. Prolife Issues - SAFETY.TXT - The Safety Dance

One of many examples of Planned Parenthood Perversions Though Planned Parenthood failed to get this program implemented in schools, this description of their Safety Dance serves to illustrate the extraordinary perversions of Planned Parenthood promiscuity educators specifically and this nation's promiscuity educators in general.

284. Prolife Issues - zscilife.htm - The Science of Life

Elisabetta Pittino of the “One of Us” Campaign interviewed Professor Justo Aznar Lucea, Doctor in Medicine from the University of Navarra and Director of the Life Sciences Institute at the Catholic University of Valencia, to learn about the scientific basis of the “One of Us” initiative. EMBRYO IMPLANTATION FERTILIZATION EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH

285. Prolife Issues - SEDOFF.TXT - The Seduction of Feminism
David Reardon

Modern feminism is far removed from the ideals and goals of the original 19th century feminists, who were strongly rooted in the traditional Judeo-Christian concepts of morality and justice. Author David Reardon is director of the Elliot Institute. 'HLI Reports,' Sept. 1992, published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. MARRIAGE HEALTH MOTHERHOOD BIRTH CONTROL PROMISCUITY ABORTION NOW CHOICE

286. Prolife Issues - SUICIVIL.TXT - The Suicide of Civilization
John Mallon

The United States Supreme Court ruling on Planned Parenthood vs. Casey marks the end of civil society in America. John Mallon explains why.

287. Prolife Issues - BECKYBEL.TXT - The Truth About Becky Bell

This file contains the story of 17 year old Becky Bell whose death the abortion advocates have dishonestly tried to exploit as a means of defeating parental notification. This article was reprinted in the Winter 91 issue of 'ALL About Issues' ALL About Issues, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555, $12.95 per year (6 issues). BECKY BELL ABORTION PARENTAL NOTIFICATION

288. Prolife Issues - TWONATUR.TXT - The Two Natures of Christ: The Pro-Life Cause
Fr. Thomas Knoblach

Fr. Thomas Knoblach explains that 'in defending the pro-life principles by using the Scriptures, one must be careful to preserve both the humanity and the divintiy of Christ.'

289. Prolife Issues - PAULMARX.TXT - The Wanderer Interviews Fr. Paul Marx
Arthur J. Brew

This article was taken from the April 20, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' BREW MARX INTERVIEW WANDERER ABORTION CONTRACEPTION LITURGY PORNOGRAPHY NFP

290. Prolife Issues - EUTHEOL.TXT - Theological Aspects of Euthanasia
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

This article by Anthony Fisher, O.P. appeared in John Keown (ed.), Examining Euthanasia: Legal, Ethical and Clinical Perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995 [forthcoming] Uploaded by Michael Hains. FISHER EUTHANASIA

291. Prolife Issues - 4PRINCES.TXT - Theology and the Four Princes
John Finnis and Anthony Fisher, O.P.

'Morality identifies the basic reasons for human choices, and articulates principles for making those choices compatible with openness to integral human fulfilment. Many ethical approaches and many sorts of choices are incompatible with this. Faith guided by church teaching offers further and surer education for conscience, and deeper understanding of the healthcare worker's vocation. Uploaded by Michael Hains.

292. Prolife Issues - zhealthrenew.htm - Time for Health Care Renewal

Doctor Anne Mielnik, a family physician, is the cofounder and executive director of the John Paul II Center for Women and Gianna Health Care for Women, pro-life centers completely committed to following the teachings of the Catholic Church. In this interview with ZENIT, she spoke about the importance of a developing movement of health care workers that includes a network she is launching for Catholic and pro-life physicians. ABORTION CONTRACEPTION MEDICAL ETHICS EUTHANASIA STANDARDS OF CARE

293. Prolife Issues - TIMESTOP.TXT - Time to Stop the Politics of Abortion
Judie Brown

This article appeared in the July 21, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' BROWN ABORTION POLITICS

294. Prolife Issues - TISTRANS.TXT - Tissue Transplants: The Coming Battle
Dr. Joseph Martino

This article by Dr. Joseph Martino, Ph.D on fetal experimentation appeared in the March-April 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. Celebrate Life magazine is available for $12.95 per year (6 issues) from American Life League, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. MARTINO FETAL EXPERIMENTATION FETAL TISSUE TRANSPLANTS ABORTION PARKINSON'S DISEASE

295. Prolife Issues - ztoldarkun.htm - Tolkien's Dark Lord at the UN
Elizabeth Lev

Elizabeth Lev, writing for ZENIT, offers an uncomfortable parallel between Tolkien's Dark Lord, Sauron, in Lord of the Rings, and Planned Parenthood, whose efforts to sway the UN toward "reproductive rights" were barely deflected by Iran and a handfull of small Catholic nations. ABORTION POPULATION

296. Prolife Issues - ZPORCHOI.HTM - Tracking the Effects of Abortion on Women

ZENIT conducts an interview with David Reardon, of the Elliot Institute, a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, Illinois, dedicated to researching the effects of abortion on women and society. Doctors should give warning of the possible detrimental effects of abortion. The interview appeared in two installments, which are here combined. RIGHTS CHOICE

297. Prolife Issues - ALLO_AGE.TXT - Treating the Old Is A Christian Duty
Anthony Fisher, O.P.

This article, by Anthony Fisher, O.P., is about age-based health-care rationing as practised in Britain. Uploaded by Michael Hains. HEALTHCARE AGED RATIONING BRITAIN FISHER

298. Prolife Issues - UNPLAN.TXT - Un-Planned Parenthood
Jennifer Clifford

This file contains Jennifer Clifford's experience with an unplanned pregnancy and her courageous determination to keep her child despite all the pressures exerted upon her by Planned Parenthood to have an abortion. CLIFFORD PREGNANCY SINGLE PARENT

299. Prolife Issues - UNICEF.TXT - UNICEF Tries To Coopt the Church
Jean Guilfoyle

UNICEF is creating confusion among Catholics throughout the world by claiming endorsement from the Roman Catholic Church. Author Jean Guilfoyle is director of the Population Research Institute. 'HLI Reports,' Oct./Nov. 1992, published by Human Life International, 7845 Airpark Rd., Suite E, Gaithersburg, MD 20879. HOLY SEE UNICEF UNITED NATIONS CHURCH BIRTH CONTROL ABORTION

300. Prolife Issues - DECLINEP.TXT - United Nations Low Variant Projects World Population Decline
Robert L. Sassone

Changing its previous projections, the UN is now projecting possible world population decline. Perhaps this most important population news ever casts serious doubt on the now outdated and apparently incorrect projections relied on by the leaders of the 1994 UN Population Conference. SASSONE CAIRO POPULATION UNITED NATIONS

301. Prolife Issues - zreversabort.htm - Vanguard Hospital Helps Women Reverse Abortions

A Chicago Catholic medical center instituted a ground-breaking protocol to save the babies of women who change their minds while in the process of second-trimester abortions. ZENIT interviewed Resurrectionist Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, executive vice president and CEO of Resurrection Medical Center, and Erica Laethem, director of clinical ethics at Resurrection Health Care, about this new protocol. PREGNANCY SOLIDARITY

302. Prolife Issues - vigmasslife07.htm - Vigil Mass for Life, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 21 January 2007
Cardinal Justin Rigali

In his homily, at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC, Cardinal Rigali, of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, shed light on the issues motivating the March for Life scheduled for the next day, 22 January 2007. He explained how Roe v. Wade, rather than increasing our freedom, mocks it. But there is cause for rejoicing in the decreasing popular support for that Supreme Court decision. ABORTION

303. Prolife Issues - STERIL.TXT - Voluntary Sterilization Severs God's Perfect Creative Plan for Our Lives
Denis & Marx

Fr. Denis St. Marie and Fr. Paul Marx teamed up to write this tract on voluntary sterilization. STERILIZATION VOLUNTARY MARX ST. MARIE CREATIVE PLAN GOD

304. Prolife Issues - HOMEMOM.TXT - Welcome Home, Moms!
Marilyn Medvidik Greene

An organization called, 'Mothers at Home, gives homemakers mutual support. This article appeared in the May-June 1995 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. GREENE MOTHERS HOME HOMEMAKERS HOUSEWIVES

305. Prolife Issues - BIBSAYAB.TXT - What Does the Bible Say About Abortion? What About the Early Christians?

This file provides Biblical quotes and an excerpt from the Didache to show how abortion was regarded in the Old and New Testament.

306. Prolife Issues - CAROLEV.TXT - What I Saw in the Abortion Industry
Carol Everett

Carol Everett, the former director of four abortion clinics speaks out on the financial side of the abortion industry and reveals it is the largest uncontrolled industry in our nation and extremely profitable for those involved. ABORTION INDUSTRY EVERETT

307. Prolife Issues - SAUNRU.TXT - What the Church Says About RU-486
Fr. William Saunders

An article taken from the June 23, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' RU-486 ABORTION

308. Prolife Issues - zusabortrulng.htm - What the U.S. Abortion Ruling Means

The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision (4/18/07) to uphold a federal partial-birth abortion ban may be the necessary precedent to validate future laws defending life, according to an expert on family law. For an in-depth analysis of this decision, ZENIT turned to Douglas Kmiec, professor and Caruso Family Chair in Constitutional Law at Pepperdine University, and a former justice department official and dean of the law school at Catholic University of America. WOMEN DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE MORALITY

309. Prolife Issues - zunbrnsns.htm - What the Unborn Sense in the Womb

During its gestation the fetus is "already a member of the family and company for the mother even before being born," says neonatologist Carlo Bellieni. Dr. Bellieni of the Department of Neonatal Intensive Therapy of the University Polyclinic Santa Maria Le Scotte of Siena talked with ZENIT about his research on life-before-birth. "Today we know that the fetus is a pluri-sensorial being," whose senses become operative in a preordained sequence. ABORTION SENSATION PAIN MEMORY DREAMS

310. Prolife Issues - znewborns.htm - When Doctors Want to Kill Handicapped Newborns

According to British press reports the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecology has asked that doctors be allowed to let seriously disabled newborns die. Opposition to the Royal College request has been expressed in the United Kingdom by the British Council of Disabled People. To better understand the issue and its implications of a bioethical nature, ZENIT interviewed neonatologist Carlo Bellieni, director of the Neonatal Intensive Therapy Department of the Le Scotte University Polyclinic of Siena. EUGENICS EUTHANASIA HANDICAPPED

311. Prolife Issues - ZBODTRUT.HTM - When Spouses Speak the Truth With Their Bodies

In a pastoral letter (as slightly adapted in ZENIT), Bishop Victor Galeone of St. Augustine, FL, defends the Church's teaching on contraception. The dire consequences predicted by Paul VI in Humanae Vitae, if contraception became the norm in society, have occurred. The alternative to these consequences is found in a conscience rightly formed by Church teaching. MARRIAGE DIVORCE PROCREATION NFP NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING

312. Prolife Issues - PP04A.TXT - Who Was Margaret Sanger

This brochure presents a glimpse of the real Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and discusses her promotion of eugenics. Available from American Life League. SANGER HITLER EUGENICS PLANNED PARENTHOOD

313. Prolife Issues - CABUSE.TXT - Why Child Abuse Is On the Rise
Haven Bradford Gow

Mr. Gow is Contributing Editor for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. In this article taken from ALL ABOUT ISSUES, August-September 1991, he discusses the relationship between the pro-abortion mentality and the increase in child abuse. ALL ABOUT ISSUES, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555 $12.95 per year (6 issues) GOW CHILD ABUSE ABORTION

314. Prolife Issues - WYOPOSPP.TXT - Why Do We Oppose Planned Parenthood?

STOPP International has outlined the many reasons for their opposition to Planned Parenthood. STOPP PLANNED PARENTHOOD

315. Prolife Issues - POPPROJ.TXT - Why Population Projections Are Always Too High
Robert L. Sassone

The method the United Nations uses for projections does not take into account any of about 25 major leading indicators that are known to both predict and influence future fertility. This report was provided by the American Life League. SASSONE POPULATION UNITED NATIONS

316. Prolife Issues - WOFATHER.TXT - Women's Choice & Fatherhood: Two Concepts That Cannot Co-Exist
Michael Peters

'How can we as a society hold a man responsible for the existence of a baby if he has no say in whether the baby reaches birth?' Taken from the August 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' PETERS FATHERHOOD CHOICE ABORTION WOMEN

317. Prolife Issues - WB-SMI.TXT - World Ban Safe Motherhood Initiative
Jean Guilfoyle

An 'interagency partnership' composed of the World Bank, the United Nations Children's Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, Internationl Planned Parenthood, etc. May/June 1992 issue of 'PRI Review' published by The Population Research Institute, P.O. Box 2024, Baltimore, MD 21298 GUATEMALA MEXICO WASHINGTON FAMILY PLANNING RU-486 ABORTION PROLIFE

318. Prolife Issues - zworldpop.htm - World Population Day: What Is the UN Doing?
Father John Flynn, LC

11 July 2012 was the United Nation’s World Population Day, whereon the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) called for more funds for family planning. A London Summit, organized by the British government and others, urged contraceptives as "the best investment a country can make in its future." On the other hand, Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), commented that fertility rates are falling off a cliff and that “the world faces a new reality of demographic winter.” CONTRACEPTION MUSLIMS POPULATION DECLINE CHINA GERMANY ABORTION

319. Prolife Issues - HOLOCAUS.TXT - Yes, It Is a Holocaust
Kenneth Whitehead

'Moderate' and pragmatic' politicians urge the pro-life movement to compromise. But the only logical argument against abortion is an unflinching insistence on principle. This article appeared in the August\September issue of 'The Catholic World Report,' P.O. Box 6718, Syracuse, NY 13217-7912, 800-825-0061. WHITEHEAD ABORTION HOLOCAUST