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1. MEDIA - SCLIST.TXT - 'Schindler's List' is a Fatally Flawed Epic
John Boland

A review of the movie 'Schindler's List' that appeared in the March 3, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' SCHINDLER SPIELBERG MOVIE JEWS WANDERER

2. Media - CSCHULZ.HTM - L'Osservatore Romano and Charlie Brown's Lessons

ZENIT comments on the tribute paid to Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, by the semi-official Vatican newspaper, noting how religion can still find a place in the modern media. ART COMICS MOVIES TELEVISION FAITH MORALITY

3. Media - ZYRBOOK.HTM - 1997 Statistical Yearbook of the Holy See

The Holy See has just published its Statistical Yearbook, with data through 1997. The changing nature of the Catholic population, more Asian and African, as well as a "boom" in vocations, are reflected in the new statistics. SEMINARIANS PRIESTS RELIGIOUS

4. MEDIA - TEMPCHR.TXT - A Commentary on the 'Last Temptation of Christ;
Fr. John Trigilio

Fr. Trigilio calls the movie distasteful and a piece of bad cinema, not to mention offensive to ordinary Christians. He finds Scorsesi's interpretation blasphemous and pandering to sensationalism. MOVIE SCORSESI TRIGILIO CHRIST

5. Media - zhumescriva.htm - Actor Explores Human Side of St. Josemaría Escrivá

St. Josemaría Escrivá was a man with struggles and doubts, but, says Charlie Cox, the actor who portrays him in "There Be Dragons," the Spanish saint stayed committed to his calling and accessed "an extraordinary part of himself" — something that "we are, perhaps, all capable of doing." In this interview, Cox tells ZENIT that he "wanted the audience to see a man, a real man" — even someone who people could relate to in their own lives. OPUS DEI FAITH PRIEST

6. MEDIA - VENDITTI.TXT - An Apostolate For The Future
Fr. Michael Venditti

An article which will appear in the Nov. issue of the 'Homiletic and Pastoral Review.' A description of Fr. J. Michael Venditti's 'on line' apostolate, 'Ask Father', on the information service known as 'America On-Line.' VENDITTI AOL ON-LINE ASK FATHER

7. Media - zantichrstcens.htm - Anti-Christian Censorship and New Media
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn draws attention to a report commissioned by the Virginia-based National Religious Broadcasters, which reveals "substantial problems in the way new media communications platforms treat religion." APPLE GOOGLE TWITTER FACEBOOK HOMOSEXUALITY ABORTION

8. MEDIA - MONKSING.TXT - Benedictine Monks From Spain: The Latest Music Sensation?
The Wanderer

The monks of Santo Domingo De Silos are set to release a repackaged version of their CD, 'The Best Works of Gregorian Chant by the Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos Abbey.' in the United States this month with Angel Records. CD GREGORIAN CHANT MUSIC MONKS

9. MEDIA - MICHGONE.TXT - Book Review
James McCoy

James McCoy reviews the book 'WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, MICHELANGELO? THE LOSS OF SOUL IN CATHOLIC CULTURE,' By Thomas Day, New York: Crossroad, 1993. Mr. Day is also the author of 'Why Catholics Can't Sing' DAY BOOK REVIEW LITURGY CULTURE

10. Media - zbluff.htm - Calling the Media's Bluff
Father John Flynn

Media and religion often have an uneasy relationship. It's not that journalists ignore religious topics, it's just that quality coverage is frequently lacking. Father Flynn shows how the media often distort news relating to the Faith, and present an unbalanced picture of the Church. BERTONE EXODUS TURKEY

11. MEDIA - CAPRA.TXT - Capra's Comedy of Triumph
Robert E. Lauder

Summary of film director Frank Capra's Catholic vision. This article was taken from the June 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

12. MEDIA - PERIODIC.TXT - Catholic Periodicals List

List of Catholic English-language newsletters, newspapers, magazines and academic journals which generally promote a sound Catholic perspective. Originally based on the collection at the Christendom College library in Front Royal, Virginia. PERIODICALS MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS NEWSLETTERS CATHOLIC JOURNALS

13. Media - zhollywood.htm - Christians Setting Sights on Hollywood

Christians should work to change Hollywood from the inside, instead of criticizing it from outside. This is one of the main themes of "Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture," a collection of essays, edited by Spencer Lewerenz and Barbara Nicolosi, which stem from the activity of Act One, a group set up in 1999 by Christian writers and producers active in Hollywood. CINEMA

14. MEDIA - MEDIA.TXT - Directory of National Catholic Media (from 1994 - may contain out-of-date information)

Phone and fax numbers for National Catholic News Outlets, Catholic Television Stations, Catholic Radio Stations (U.S), Religious Broadcasting Satellite Networks, Prominent National Radio Outlets, Secular, National Radio Organizations, Christian, Catholic Communications Organizations (U.S.), National Media Literacy Organizations, Miscellaneous National Press Outsources and Religious On-line Communications Services (U.S.) MEDIA RADIO TELEVISION N

15. Media - guidecommin.htm - Exploring Guidelines for the Communications Ministry
Fr. Joseph Palakeel

Fr. Palakeel examines Guidelines for Communication Ministry in the Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle, a document which "enunciates the theological vision, formation strategy and administrative norms for communication ministry in the missions." A new communication theology is emerging which relates Revelation, Church and Mission to the communication revolution and its cultural implications. NEW EVANGELIZATION MEDIA INCULTURATION MISSIONARY

16. MEDIA - HOLLYLIE.TXT - Hollywood's Three Biggest Lies
Michael Medved

Hollywood doesn't want anyone to know how profoundly its distorted messages influence us. This article, by Michael Medved appeared in the August 1995 issue of 'New Covenant' magazine. MELVED HOLLYWOOD MOVIES TELEVISION

17. Media - ZHOLLYWD.HTM - How Christians Can Deal With Hollywood

Clare Sera, an alumna of Act One: Writing for Hollywood, recognizes that the media offer both a risk and a richness. While parents should limit their children's exposure to the media, Christians should not be afraid of engaging those who generate the media. Hollywood's direction can be changed. CULTURE

18. Media - inaugamto.htm - Inaugural Address: International Congress, Pontifical Council for Social Communications
Archbishop Angelo Amato, S.D.B.

In his address to the International Congress, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Archbishop Amato, (then) Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, drew a parallel between the microphone of Catholic radio and the ambo of a basilica. From both the Word of God is proclaimed. HEARING LISTENING REVELATION RELATIVISM CATECHESIS SCIENCE

19. Media - zinfoethics.htm - Info-Ethics for a Connected World
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn comments on Pope Benedicts Message for World Communications Day 2008. In referring to the Holy Father's warning that the media can not only report events, but create them for ideological purposes, Father Flynn gives examples of biased reporting of Church events, as well as of hostile portrayal of Christians in popular entertainment. HOLLYWOOD ANTI-CATHOLIC ANTI-CHRISTIAN

20. Media - internetdef.htm - Internet and the Defence of the Human Person
Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli

Archbishop Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, examines the question of how the new means of communication, particularly the internet, can defend the person and fully respect human dignity. DIGITAL CULTURE COMPUTERS TECHNOLOGY ECONOMY ETHICS

21. Media - edverast.htm - Interview with Eduardo Verástegui, Film Producer and Pro-Life Advocate
Joanne Ford

On 30 August at the 2009 Walsingham Prayer Festival, Mexican singer, actor, film producer, international speaker and much recognized pro-life advocate Eduardo Verástegui spoke to more than 1,200 British teenagers on the theme of "The Call to Holiness". After the festival, devout Catholic Verástegui graciously took the time to speak to "L'Osservatore Romano" on his grand conversion and his views on life which continue to inspire and enlighten. MEXICO LATINO ST MONICA METANOIA FILMS BELLA ABORTION

22. Media - ztheocommjp2.htm - John Paul II's Theology of Communication

The theology of communication is not merely Christianizing media-technology or scientific techniques, but rather an encounter with the living Christ, says theologian Christine Anne Mugridge, a lay member of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity. In this interview with ZENIT, Mugridge discusses the seminal work of a theology of communication found in John Paul II's pontificate. MEDIA CULTURE ECCLESIA IN AMERICA NEW EVANGELIZATION ANTHROPOLOGY PERSON

23. Media - lookbacklor.htm - Looking Back at L'Osservatore Romano
Mons. Robert J. Dempsey

Rev. Mons. Dempsey, Parish Priest of St Philip the Apostle Church in Northfield, Illinois, and former Editor of the English edition, recounts the beginnings of L'Osservatore Romano, whose purpose for 150 years has been to "be the clear and reliable voice of the Holy Father in the world of the printed word, both for the passing moment and as an everlasting record." ITALY LATERAN TREATY WORLD WAR II FASCISM PIUS XII

24. Media - zmedevang.htm - Media and Evangelization
Archbishop Claudio Celli

Here is the text of a conference given by Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, on the theme of "The Role of Mass Communications in Evangelization." The conference was given 30 January 2009, at a congress sponsored by the New Evangelization of America, lasting through 1 February, in Dallas, Texas. TRINITY CULTURE IMAGE OF GOD NIHILISM RELATIVISM PRAGMATISM TECHNOLOGY DIGITAL INTERNET CONVERSION

25. Media - mediatruth.htm - Media and the Truth About Man
Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera

Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, reflects on the responsibility of journalists to report the truth, not manipulate it to serve interests other than the common good. RELATIVISM FREEDOM OBJECTIVITY

26. Media - zmedire.htm - Media Bias and the Church in Ireland

In a country where the Church has been under attack, both by the secular media without and from clerical corruption within, Catholics from around the world gathered together in Dublin, June 2012, to celebrate the 50th International Eucharistic Congress. David Quinn, director of the Iona Institute and a freelance contributor to the Irish Independent and the Irish Catholic, spoke with ZENIT about the crisis in the Catholic Church in Ireland. MURPHY REPORT CANON LAW SEX ABUSE CHILDREN

27. MEDIA - MEDIANET.TXT - Media Internet Addresses (may contain out-of-date information)
Tim DeRyan

Hundreds of Internet E-Mail addresses of Newspapers, Magazines, News Services, Radio/TV, Newsletters. INTERNET ADDRESSES NEWS MAGAZINES RADIO TV

28. Media - mediafamily.htm - Media Management to Protect Your Family

Catholic families are beginning to realize there is more to life than what the secular media promises, says Teresa Tomeo, Catholic talk show host and former broadcast journalist. In this interview with ZENIT, Tomeo discusses how families can guard against the effects of the ever-encroaching secular media. CULTURE INTERNET VIDEO GAMES ADVERTISING CHILDREN

29. MEDIA - MEDLIMIT.TXT - Moral Limit On Media?
Fr. William Saunders

What does the Catholic Church teach concerning the moral responsibility of journalists, reporters and newscasters? Fr. Saunders replies in this article taken from the May 18, 1995 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' SAUNDERS MEDIA JOURNALIST REPORTER NEWSCASTER

30. MEDIA - MAPAIN.TXT - Mother Angelica and the Pain of Providence
Raymond Arroyo

An inspiring article on the link between Mother Angelica's suffering and the successful growth of the Eternal Word Television Network. This article was taken from the April 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

31. Media - zbedrag.htm - Movie Inspires a Forgiveness Movement

Joaquín Navarro-Valls, Vatican spokesman from 1984-2006, told ZENIT that the producers of the movie, "There Be Dragons," set during the Spanish Civil War, "are daily receiving messages of thanks from people who see the movie and ... return to God after a long time of being distanced from him." "There Be Dragons" is an historical drama, directed by Roland Joffé, that evokes the youthful years of St. Josemaría Escrivá (1902-1975), founder of Opus Dei, and his attitude to the Spanish Civil War. JOHN PAUL II KAROL WOJTYLA WOJTYŁA DA VINCI CODE

32. Media - znewgoodnews.htm - New Ways to Proclaim the Good News

The Church has a message to deliver, and the challenge of that task today is to do it in a "mediated" world, says Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, director of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and Television Network. He said the Church needs to be "there on the scene, using all the means of modern social communications to proclaim the word of God and the message of the Church." NEW EVANGELIZATION COLLABORATION SECULAR MEDIA

33. Media - TVNORMS.HTM - Norms Issued by Bishop of Birmingham, USA
Fr Richard E. Donohoe

On 22 February 2000, feast of the Chair of Peter, Bishop David Foley of Birmingham in Alabama, USA, published Norms for Televising the Mass in the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. LITURGY MISSAL ORIENTEM POPULUM

34. MEDIA - NOVEL2.TXT - Novels that Keep Satan at Bay
Paul Evans

What unites Catholic novelists is their insistence that the novel ultimately be realistic: that it heed the whisper of the soul above the clamor of the streets. This article was taken from the September 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine.

35. MEDIA - WRONGDAY.TXT - On the Wrong Day
David Scott

A review of the new film biography of Dorothy Day, "Entertaining Angels."

36. Media - zparbeware.htm - Parents Beware

Does watching sex and aggression on TV and in video games lead teens to have sex and be more aggressive in real life? Two studies published by the journal of the American Pediatrics Association say yes. Kristen Fyfe, the senior writer for the Culture and Media Institute, analyzed those studies and shared with ZENIT some advice for parents. CHILDREN TEEN PREGNANCY JAPAN

37. Media - retractcorr.htm - Retractions, But No Correction
Thomas J. Nash

In an article published by The Catholic World Report, February 2000, Mr Nash recounts the refusal of the PBS program Frontline to retract unfounded criticism of St Maximilian Kolbe. ANTI-SEMITISM RACISM HOLOCAUST NAZIS JEWS PIUS XII

38. MEDIA - SHADOWLD.TXT - Review of film 'Shadowlands'
Lewis Kapell

Shadowlands is the true story of the relationship between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman. C.S. LEWIS SHADOWLANDS MOVIE

39. Media - BIOJP2.HTM - Review of New Papal Biography—Pope John Paul II: Witness to Hope
Prof. Mary Ann Glendon

George Weigel's Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II is reviewed by Prof. Mary Ann Glendon, Member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. In her words, it is "a panoramic tapestry of a book. General readers will be swept along by the dramatic life story of the man who triggered the revolution of consciousness that led to the collapse of European communism, prepared the Catholic Church to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and touched the lives of hundreds of millions of women and men with his televised messages and worldwide pilgrimages." PAPACY PERSONALISM

40. Media - ZJEDI.HTM - Special Report: Star Wars

ZENIT News has provided a three part special report on the Star Wars science fiction phenomenon, which has resurged with the opening of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In Part I various critics compare the Christian and biblical themes of the Star Wars trilogy with actual Christian belief. In Part II the relationship between George Lucas and Philosopher of Religion Joseph Campbell is explored. Finally, in Part III a virtual dialogue is constructed between Bill Moyers, George Lucas and Pope John Paul II. MYTH NEW AGE MOVIE CINEMA

41. MEDIA - SCHINDLR.TXT - Spielberg's Nazis
Joseph Sobran

Review of the movie, 'Schindler's List'. Taken from the February 3 issue of The Wanderer, 201 Ohio Street, St. Paul, MN 55107. MOVIE SCHINDLER SPIELBERG NAZIS JEWS SOBRAN

42. Media - ZYRBOOK2.HTM - Statistical yearbook of the Holy See - 2

In this ZENIT story on the Statistical Yearbook of the Vatican some interesting statistics on which countries have the most Catholics, priests, permanent deacons, religious, seminarians and parishes, are given.

43. Media - zethjourn.htm - Teaching the Ethics of Journalism
Msgr. Paul Tighe

These are the speaking notes of an address given Oct. 8 by Msgr. Paul Tighe, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, at the Minuto de Dios University on the topic of "Teaching the Ethics of Communications in a Catholic University." "Catholic schools and faculties should not shy away from a respectful presentation of the most fundamental belief of our Church in the unlimited and gracious nature of God’s love for all people revealed in Jesus Christ." UTILITARIANISM POSITIVISM EMOTIVISM RELATIVISM EDUCATION MORAL PHILOSOPHY INFO-ETHICS PROFESSIONAL ETHICS POLITICS ECONOMICS CULTURE SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS

44. Media - dullesmedia.htm - The Bishop and the Nightclub
Avery Dulles

As occasioned by the conference on "Misunderstandings. The Catholic Church and the Media", held in the Vatican on 10 November 2011, LOR presents an article, first published in 1994 in "America" Magazine, in which Avery Dulles, a Jesuit theologian created cardinal in 2001, treats issues at the centre of the conference. COMMUNICATION MASS MEDIA JOURNALISM BIAS MCLUHAN PRESS

45. Media - Z2000.HTM - The Church at the Beginning of 2000

This article gives up to date statistics for the Catholic Church, including a breakdown by continent, with a focus on areas of growth and decline. POPULATION EVANGELIZATION

46. Media - zefmedviol.htm - The Effects of Media Violence
Father John Flynn, LC

The long-running debate over the effects of violence in the media has received new impetus from some recent studies, which indicate that children constantly exposed to violent media are at increased risk of resorting to aggressive behavior in conflict situations. VIDEO GAMES AGGRESSION SEXUAL BEHAVIOR

47. MEDIA - GREATSTO.TXT - The Greatest Story Ever Sold
Bill Dodds

A brief account of the project begun by Visual International in 1993 to develop a dramatic presentation of the entire Bible on video cassette. This article appeared in the November 24, 1996 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor."

48. Media - secretsuccess.htm - The Secret of His Success
Lucetta Scaraffia

This article raises the question of novelist Dan Brown's success, whose bestsellers, The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons present a skewed view of the Catholic Church. They touch on the mysteries of religion, without threatening the materialist lifestyle of our dominant culture. SEX SCIENCE

49. Media - timeliness.htm - The Timeliness of the Timeless
Giulia Galeotti

The uneven relations between the Catholic Church and secular media are traced with highlights from various addresses at the conference, "Misunderstandings: The Catholic Church and the Media", held in the Vatican on 10 November 2011. VATICAN II PAUL VI JOHN PAUL II HUMANAE VITAE COMMUNICATIONS CONTRACEPTION NATURAL LAW ABORTION

50. MEDIA - VOICEMO.TXT - The Voice of Mother Angelica
Raymond T. Gawronski

What makes Mother Angelica so appealing to many? In no small part it is because she is the voice of the little guy, people who have been held in contempt in their Church for at least 30 years. She is not part of the ruling elite, nor has she chosen to be identified with it. This article was taken from the April 1996 issue of the "New Oxford Review".

51. Media - ETHADVER.HTM - To World Federation of Advertisers
Archbishop John P. Foley

In Brussels, Belgium, for celebrations surrounding the 50th anniversary of the World Federation of Advertisers, Archbishop John P. Foley, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, delivered an intervention on 28 October 2003, in which he outlined three principles for morally good advertising. CONSUMERISM POLITICS

52. MEDIA - PAGANUSA.TXT - Together at the Foot of the Mountain
John Mallon

A review of the book by Don Feder, a Jewish newspaper columnist who serves as a feisty spokesman for Catholic moral principles. This article was taken from the February 1994 issue of THE CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT, P.O. Box 6718, Syracuse, NY 13217-7912, 800-825-0061. FEDER JEW BOOK REVIEW CATHOLIC MORALITY MALLON CWR

53. Media - ZJUBILTV.HTM - TV Coverage of the Great Jubilee Celebrations

ZENIT. Holy See and TV Networks meet to discuss TV coverage of the Great Jubilee Celebrations. The Knights of Columbus will pay for satellite time and provide signal to networks for certain of the events.

54. Media - ZINTMIR.HTM - Vatican II, 40 Years Later: Inter Mirifica

In assessing the impact 40 years later, of Vatican II's Inter Mirifica, the decree on the means of social communications, ZENIT turned to EWTN's Colin Donovan, vice president for theology at EWTN. Donovan has a licentiate in sacred theology, with a specialization in moral theology, from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelicum, in Rome. EVANGELIZATION MEDIA ETHICS CULTURE APOSTOLATES

55. MEDIA - DC_MEDIA.TXT - Washington, DC Press Directory (from 1995 - may contain out-of-date information)


56. Media - ancandmod.htm - We Need To Be Both Ancient and Modern
Giulia Galeotti

Here is a rehearsal of key points made at the Meeting on "Misunderstandings. The Catholic Church and the media", organized by L'Osservatore Romano, on Thursday, 10 November 2011, in the Vatican's Old Synod Hall. Between the Church and the media, there are five errors to be avoided and five rules for convergence. REGENSBURG ISLAM CONDOMS SEX ABUSE SCANDAL COMMUNICATION INTERNET

57. Media - zjournlsm.htm - What Is Good Journalism?

Good journalism always seeks the truth, and not necessarily what serves the interests of consumerism and power, says journalist and author Gabriel Galdón. Galdón is a professor of journalism and information ethics at Madrid's CEU St. Paul University, and the director of the Observatory for the Study of Religious Information. In this interview with ZENIT, Galdón shares his views on what he thinks is the essence of good journalism. TRUTH BENEDICT XVI COMMUNICATION PRESS INFO-ETHICS

58. Media - ZSCREEN.HTM - When the Bible Comes to the Screen

Directors and theologians discuss the pros and cons of filming Scripture. The discussion centers on "two essential veins" in the study of biblical films: the representative, which includes the portrayal of scenes from the Old Testament, and the modern-symbolic, which is more introspective, questioning "the interior of the director and the spectator." DE MILLE PASOLINI DAMIANI ZEFIRELLI YOUNG

59. MEDIA - MONIKA.TXT - Yet More on Monika the Modernist
Paul Likoudis

James Likoudis comments on the book, 'What are the Theologians Saying Now?' by Monika Hellwig, a professor at Georgetown University. Taken from the June 23, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' LIKOUDIS HELLWIG