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1. Current Issues - GAYHAWAI.TXT - 'Gay' Marriage: Hawaiian Test Case Forces Debate
David Morrison

Sometime this year, if court prognosticators have read their briefs correctly, a court in Hawaii will likely rule that it is unconstitutional for that state to forbid marriage between people of the same sex. When that happens, it will stir an enormous debate within American culture and politics. States, one by one, will have to decide where they stand on marriage and whether to recognize Hawaiian marriages. This article appeared in the April 1996 issue of "HLI Reports."

2. Current Issues - FR94305.TXT - 'Homophobia' at Seton Hall University: Sociology in Defense of the Faith
Joseph A. Varacalli, Ph.D.

This article was taken from the Fall 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

3. Current Issues - FR94305.ZIP - 'Homophobia' at Seton Hall University: Sociology in Defense of the Faith
Joseph A. Varacalli, Ph.D.

This article was taken from the Fall 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

4. Current Issues - CANADIE.TXT - 'Right-to-Die' Advocates Pushing Hard In Canada
David Morrison

Canadian doctors who refuse to kill their handicapped or debilitated patients could face discrimination charges if euthanasia death peddlers get their way.

5. Current Issues - DIVIRELA.TXT - 'Yes' Vote On Divorce Heralds A Secularized Ireland
David Manly

A mere 9,000 votes-less than 1 per cent of the 1.5 million votes cast-was all that separated victory from defeat in Ireland's 24 November divorce referendum. The divorce issue has manifested the deep divide in Ireland between the modernizers who want Ireland to join the liberal consensus of the West, and those who still value the Faith and traditions of their ancestors. Taken from the January 1996 issue of 'HLI Reports.'

6. Current Issues - z10ptspond.htm - 10 Points to Ponder In Examining the Cloyne Report
Mark Miravalle

Mark Miravalle, professor of theology and Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, calls for truth, justice, fairness and decency in dealing with cases of alleged sexual abuse of minors by clergy. CLOYNE REPORT IRELAND DEMOCRACY PAPACY CIVIL LAW

7. Current Issues - 12things.htm - 12 Things Every Catholic Should Know About the U.S. Scandals
Editors, National Catholic Register

This article from the National Catholic Register, 25 April 2010, provides a list of facts regarding the U.S. sex abuse scandals. These are facts with which every Catholic should be familiar, in view of the ongoing attacks made on the Catholic Church in the mainstream media. COVER-UP BENEDICT XVI SEMINARIANS PEDOPHILIA EPHEBOPHILIA DEFROCKING LAICIZATION

8. Current Issues - BIORSP12.HTM - 1952 Adress by Pope Pius XII to the Medical Community
Prof. Gonzalo Herranz Rodriguez

Professor Rodrigez, of the Pontifical Academy for Life, and Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Humanities of the University of Navarre, recalls a pronouncement by Pope Pius XII on the moral limits of biomedical research, recalling moral norms by which scientific initiatives must be guided, for the benefit of the individual as well as for the community. SCIENCE PERSON NUREMBERG CODE HELSINKI DECLARATION

9. Current Issues - z2parents.htm - 2-Parent Families and Poverty

The social impact of marriage is at the center of debates in many countries. Same-sex marriage, divorce, unmarried mothers and other issues divide public opinion. The journal The Future of Children dedicated its summer issue to the theme "Marriage and Child Well-being" and sheds light on the problems. FAMILY MARRIAGE PENALTY CRIME FATHERS

10. Current Issues - z3argivf.htm - 3 Arguments Against IVF
E. Christian Brugger

Professor Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers the question of why IVF is always wrong, even when there are no extra embryos destroyed. DONUM VITAE DIGNITAS PERSONAE IN VITRO FERTILIZATION CONJUGAL MARITAL ACT UNITIVE PROCREATION

11. Current Issues - ZADOLSAT.HTM - 5 Phases of an Adolescent's Slide Into Satanism

In an interview with ZENIT, Italian journalist and writer Carlo Climati describes how certain rock music, internet groups, adolescent curiosity, and moral relativism open doors to satanism for adolescents, and proposes ways to detect and prevent it. OCCULT ESOTERICISM SATANIC ROCK

12. Current Issues - z5wars.htm - 5 Wars Raging Behind the Bioethics Debates
Fr Joseph Tham, LC

Here is a reflection on the challenges that Catholics today face in the realm of bioethics. It is written by a medical doctor, Joseph Tham, who is now a Legionary of Christ priest and an assistant professor of bioethics at the Regina Apostolorum university. SINGER SCIENTIFIC POSTIVISM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY HUMAN NATURE UTILITARIANISM MORAL RELATIVISM SECULARISM

13. Current Issues - 63sesUNGA.htm - 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

This is a statement of the Holy See on the Declaration on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, 18 December 2008 at the 63rd Plenary Assembly of the United Nations, promoted by the French Presidency of the European Union. HOMOSEXUALITY

14. Current Issues - Z90MILFE.HTM - 90 Million Missing Females, and a $45 Trillion Gap

While the United Nations and family planning groups continue in their efforts to lower birthrates, several recent books have drawn attention to the severe economic and social problems linked to having too few children. Topics in this ZENIT summary include the impact of sex-selection on Asian populations and of aging populations on the economy worldwide. CULTURE CHINA INDIA TAXES ECONOMY

15. Current Issues - CASECENS.TXT - A Case for Censorship
Thomas Storck

Thomas Storck defends censorship and why it can sometimes be a necessity. Taken from the May 1996 issue of the "New Oxford Review."

16. Current Issues - zcitysoul.htm - A City's Soul in the Balance
Elizabeth Lev

Elizabeth Lev, writing for ZENIT, recalls her recent trip to New York City, with critiques of pop singer Lady Gaga and the Broadway musical, Book of Mormon. CATHOLIC SCHOOL HOMOSEXUALITY SACRILEGE LATTER DAY SAINTS LDS UGANDA PROPOSITION 8 DOLAN

17. Current Issues - austantislav.htm - A Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Modern Slavery
H.E. John McCarthy, QC

The Sydney Archdiocesan Anti-Slavery Taskforce provided “a fifth anniversary gift for Pope Francis" in the form of a “framework for a comprehensive anti-slavery strategy” set forth in the Taskforce Report to the Archbishop of Sydney. The framework was described by the Taskforce Chair and former Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, H.E. John McCarthy, QC in a speech he delivered at an Ethics and Action Workshop. HUMAN TRAFFICKING FORCED CHILD LABOUR GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS HUMAN RIGHTS ANTHONY FISHER

18. Current Issues - ETHICDOC.TXT - A Doctor Looks at Medical Ethics
Mary Arnold

A review of the book, 'Ethics for Doctors, Nurses and Patients,' by H.P. Dunn, M.D. This is a good book for priests, medical students and new doctors. Taken from the November 6, 1994 issue of 'Catholic Twin Circle.' ARNOLD DOCTORS MEDICAL ETHICS BOOK REVIEW

19. Current Issues - FLAWED.TXT - A Flawed Translation?
Peter Roman

Some in Rome say the English-language translation of John Paul's unprecedented 1994 best-seller, 'Crossing the Threshold of Hope', leaves much to be desired. Peter Roman explores this accusation. Taken from the December 1994 issue of 'Inside the Vatican.' ROMAN JOHN PAUL II CROSSING HOPE TRANSLATION

20. Current Issues - GENDGAP.TXT - A Gender Gap in the Church?
Fr. Jay Scott Newman

A priest reflects on the growing thirst for sound doctrine in the Church and among younger priests.

21. Current Issues - zgovtconvs.htm - A Government Cannot Oblige Religions to Go Against Their Convictions

Attacks against religious liberty are happening in several parts of the world. In the United States a real “battle” is being waged between the present government and religious institutions. ZENIT interviewed Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez Nieves, Archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who was clear and energetic in presenting the current situation looming in the U.S. HHS MANDATE ABORTIFACIENTS STERILIZATION CONTRACEPTION ABORTION CONSCIENCE FORTNIGHT OF FREEDOM SOCIAL DOCTRINE USCCB FAMILY

22. Current Issues - zreligplural.htm - A Guide in an Age of Religious Pluralism

Christianity does not belong to Christians, but rather is the property of Christ, "who wills to save everyone," says Father José Galindo Rodrigo. An Augustinian Recollect, who teaches theological anthropology at the University of Valencia, Father José shared some of his insights with ZENIT. INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE

23. Current Issues - papyrusadr.htm - A Papyrus Adrift
Alberto Camplani

Alberto Camplani, who teaches Christian history at Sapienza University in Rome, considers the reliability of claims being made for a papyrus fragment which purports to refer to a "wife" of Jesus. GNOSTICS COPTIC APOCRYPHA CELIBACY

24. Current Issues - ZVEGET.HTM - A Patient in a Vegetative State Is a Human Person

The "vegetative state" is a pejorative term which implies lack of humanity, warns Dr. Gian Luigi Gigli, president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations. In a ZENIT interview, Dr. Gigli explains the Church's position on the care of persons who are wakeful, but apparently unaware of their surroundings, and who need to be fed. The Jewish perspective is also reviewed. EUTHANASIA

25. Current Issues - zgosnell.htm - A Psychologist's Look at the Gosnell Case

A Philadelphia abortion doctor was found guilty on 13 May 2013 of three counts of first-degree murder. To consider the Gosnell trial and what it means for Americans, ZENIT contacted Dr. Gregory Bottaro, a psychologist practicing in Manhattan who received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences. POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER RACISM PLANNED PARENTHOOD

26. Current Issues - zcathpharm.htm - A Quandry of Catholic Pharmacists
William E. May

William E. May, a Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers a question on the moral obligations of pharmacists regarding the sale of contraceptive and abortifacient materials to their customers. FORMAL MATERIAL COOPERATION ABORTION GRISEZ

27. Current Issues - ZFEMBIB.HTM - A Return to the Female Biblical Role

Mary Ellen Bork, writer, lecturer and wife of retired federal judge Robert Bork, shared with ZENIT the need for modern women to reclaim their God-given role in society, and to reject the defective anthropology and misguided ideas of feminism. BIBLE SCRIPTURE CULTURE SECULAR LIBERALISM ABORTION SEXUALITY

28. Current Issues - ZRYCHLAK.HTM - A Righteous Gentile Defends Pius XII

From ZENIT, a piece on Pope Pius XII by University of Mississippi law professor Ron Rychlak. The author of "Hitler, the War and the Pope," Rychlak counters the charge that the Pope was not involved in Catholic efforts to save the Jews by producing an eyewitness, Tibor Baranski, executive secretary of the Jewish Protection Movement of the Holy See in Hungary during World War II, and honored by Yad Vashem as a Righteous Gentile. HOLOCAUST NAZIS HITLER

29. Current Issues - CHILDRIT.TXT - A Threat to America: the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child
Charles Francis

November/December 1993 issue of the 'Population Research Institute Review'. Alarming article about Hillary Clinton's views on children's rights. PRI Review is published bi-monthly by: The Population Research Institute, P.O. Box 2024, Baltimore, MD 21298-9559, 301-670-1864. CHILDREN'S RIGHTS HILLARY CLINTON UN FAMILY CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND

30. Current Issues - ZHOLYCRO.HTM - A Triumph-of-the-Cross Homily From County Cork

A national day of mourning in Ireland for victims of the terrorist attacks, 9 Sept 2001, in the U.S. brought this homily by Bishop John Magee of Cloyne, in County Cork. IRISH DIGNITY TERRORISM

31. Current Issues - zabortment.htm - Abortion and Mental Health
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, examines the question of whether induced abortion increases a woman's risk of mental health problems. He compares recent studies which seem to be in conflict on the issue. ANXIETY ALCOHOL SUICIDE DEPRESSION COLEMAN PSYCHIATRY PREGNANCY

32. Current Issues - zcoerc.htm - Abortion: A History of Coercion and Destruction
Joe Kral

From ZENIT comes an article by Joe Kral, adjunct professor of theology at the University of St. Thomas, who debunks the idea that abortion empowers women, showing that women are more often coerced into abortion by men. ROMAN LAW PATRIA POTESTAS BIOLOGICAL FATHERS

33. Current Issues - zaborteth.htm - Abortions's Ethics
Father John Flynn, LC

From The Ethics of Abortion: Women's Rights, Human Life and the Question of Justice, a book by philosopher Christopher Kaczor, Father Flynn derives arguments based solely on reason, against prochoice positions, particularly those trying to distinguish persons from humans. INFANTICIDE FETUS ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZATION TWINS CONCEPTION

34. Current Issues - ZABSTWIS.HTM - Abstinence Education Shows Its Wisdom

Despite increasing evidence that sex education programs promoting abstinence are more effective in reducing teen pregnancy, abstinence education still receives only a fraction of the federal funds supplied for programs stressing condom use. This ZENIT report shows the resistance met by an abstinence-only approach to reducing "sexual risk-taking behaviors." TEEN-AGE PREGNANCY ABORTION SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE

35. Current Issues - zanderscall.htm - Address at Hispanic Leaders Conference
Carl Anderson

This is the text of an address given Saturday, 25 August 2012, by Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, at the annual conference of CALL (the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders). He spoke of the current threats to religious freedom, saying, "We owe future generations of immigrants a country where they can practice their faith." OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE JUAN DIEGO NEW EVANGELIZATION IMMIGRANTS SOCIAL TEACHING POLITICS IMMIGRATION JOHN PAUL II HHS MANDATE ABORTION LIBERTY THOMAS MORE MULTICULTURALISM

36. Current Issues - bertonehavan.htm - Address at the University of Havana, Cuba
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

On 25 February 2008, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State, met with the entire school community of La Habana University. The Cardinal spoke on the current moral climate in the West, with relativism as its creed, and how the Church can contribute to a restored recognition of natural rights. MODERNITY CULTURE SUBJECTIVISM REASON ETHICS NATURAL LAW TOLERANCE LAICITY

37. Current Issues - zrightadopt.htm - Adoption Isn't a Right for Gays or Others

Mexico's Supreme Court has propelled the nation to one of the world's most liberal stances on homosexual "marriage" and adoption. ZENIT spoke with Jorge Traslosheros Hernández, historian and juridical expert from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, about Mexico's ruling and the supposed creation of a "right to adopt." POLITICAL CORRECTNESS TYRANNY PERSON CHILDREN FAMILY

38. Current Issues - zathvrel.htm - Age of Atheism or Religious Revival?

The notion of holiness can seem boring to modern man, but in reality it is the greatest adventure of human existence, says Legionary Father Thomas D. Williams, dean of theology at Rome's Regina Apostolorum university. He spoke with ZENIT about the state of religion and spirituality in Western society. TRUST ENLIGHTENMENT SCIENTISM

39. Current Issues - zaidsafrica.htm - AIDS in Africa: Abstinence Works

In the fight against AIDS, abstinence-based programs that focus on changing behaviors rather than handing out condoms simply work better, says AIDS expert, Matthew Hanley, HIV/AIDS technical adviser at Catholic Relief Services (CRS). In this interview with ZENIT, Hanley comments on the programs and principles that have led to dropping rates of HIV prevalence in Africa. UGANDA KENYA SOUTH AFRICA UTILITARIANISM

40. Current Issues - zaidspol.htm - AIDS Policy Lethal Mix of Ideology?

When it comes to fighting AIDS, the western model of risk reduction hasn't curbed the deadly epidemic. In this interview conducted by Carrie Gress for ZENIT, Matthew Hanley, co-author of "Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS: What Africa Can Teach the West," discusses the science behind preventing AIDS and what is truly effective. UGANDA ABSTINENCE CONDOMS HIV RELATIVISM INDIVIDUALISM

41. Current Issues - ZALICEVN.HTM - Alice Von Hildebrandt on Feminism and Femininity

Alice Von Hildebrand, author of "The Privilege of Being a Woman" (Sapientia) and a philosopher in her own right, shared with ZENIT how every woman can find supernatural strength in what feminism perceives as her weakness and look to Mary as a model of perfect femininity. SECULARISM WIFE MOTHER MARRIAGE NATURE SUPERNATURE

42. Current Issues - zalliesp12.htm - Allies Urged Pope Pius XII

The United States and Great Britain discouraged Pope Pius XII from speaking out against Nazi brutality, warning the Pope that a public protest could have grave consequences. The Allies' recommendation is reported in a document unearthed recently by the New York-based Pave the Way Foundation, founded by an American Jew, Gary Krupp. ANTI-SEMITISM JEWS HOLOCAUST

43. Current Issues - AMERICAN.TXT - Americanism: Then and Now
Russell Shaw

The Vatican spoke out authoritatively almost a century ago, but the lessons drawn from the American experience remain crucial for the Church today. This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.' SHAW AMERICA AMERICANISM TESTEM BENEVOLENTIAE LEO XIII

44. Current Issues - zafrichiv.htm - An African View of Church and HIV

The Catholic Church is Africa's primary caregiver for AIDS victims, and the Church is not just a service provider — it is a Mother. This is the impression shared by Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, founder of the African Jesuit AIDS Network. In this interview given to the television program "Where God Weeps" of the Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN), Father Czerny tells how the Church cares for AIDS victims and why its work is so little recognized. CONDOMS IDEOLOGY CULTURE SEXUALITY ABSTINENCE FIDELITY

45. Current Issues - zaxsec.htm - An Axis of Secularism
Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, reports for ZENIT on the growth of secular hostility toward Christianity and the Church. Europe's attempt to disengage itself from its Christian roots is being echoed, though to a lesser extent, in the United States. CHRISTIANOPHOBIA SECULARISM RELATIVISM MEDIA

46. Current Issues - clonecybrid.htm - An Examination of Therapeutic Cloning and Cybrids
Assuntina Morresi

This article provides an overview of attempts at human cloning and the production of cybrids (human-animal hybrid embryos). Apart from the moral issue, there is little likelihood of any medical benefit being derived from these experiments. SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER SCNT EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS THERAPEUTIC CLONING

47. Current Issues - interevo.htm - An Interdisciplinary Look at Evolution
Fiorenzo Facchini

This article examines the limits of empirical science when confronted by man's cognitive abilities, which transcend his biology, whatever its origin. Here philosophy and theology must be invoked. As emphasized by Pope John Paul II, spirit cannot come from matter. MIND BRAIN IMAGE OF GOD HOMINIZATION PALEONTOLOGY MARITAIN

48. Current Issues - BRUSKEWI.TXT - An Interview With Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz
Paul Likoudis

Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz of Lincoln issued a formal warning to Catholics who belong to groups which are opposed to the Catholic Church that they are in danger of excommunication. This

49. Current Issues - ZUGLUCIA.HTM - An Interview With Dr. Zugibe
Steve Mahowald

This article from The Wanderer is an abridged version of a piece that appeared in September/October 2003 issue of Catholic News & Commentary. Dr. Zugibe, a medical professor and expert in forensic medicine, recently visited Sr. Lucia, the seer of Fatima, and asked her whether Russia had been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, by John Paul II, according to Our Lady's instruction. CRUCIFIXION GRUNER

50. Current Issues - PRSTSLIF.HTM - An Urgent Message for Lawmakers, Voters, and Those Running for Public Office
Fr Frank Pavone

On Tuesday, 18 July 2000, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, met with the press at the National Press Club, to restate the Catholic position against abortion and to outline the program of Priests for Life to inform the people and their leaders of the moral implications of abortion. Included is the full-page ad placed by Priests for Life in the New York Times on Friday, 21 July.

51. Current Issues - ZANGELS.HTM - Angels

On a visit to Rome, Basilian Father Thomas Rosica, the chief organizer of World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, spoke to ZENIT (in a 2-part article) about the significance of angels in contemporary culture, in Catholic theology and in Christian life. NEW AGE THOMAS AQUINAS GUARDIAN ANGELS CHRISTMAS

52. Current Issues - zantidepres.htm - Anti-Depressants and the Dying
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers the question of whether anti-depressants raise moral problems for people preparing their consciences for death. PAIN ANXIETY DEPRESSION PALLIATIVE

53. Current Issues - ANTISEM.TXT - Anti-Semitism & Our Common Future

from the June/July 1995 issue of 'First Things.' NEUHAUS ANTISEMITISM JEWS

54. Current Issues - ANTISEM.ZIP - Anti-Semitism & Our Common Future

from the June/July 1995 issue of 'First Things.' NEUHAUS ANTISEMITISM JEWS

55. Current Issues - SPRINGTM.TXT - Apostolic Letter Anticipates New Springtime of Christian Life

Article from the Vatican Information Service summarizing Pope John Paul II's new Apostolic Letter, Tertio Millennio Adveniente'. JOHN PAUL II MILLENNIUM 2000 JUBILEE

56. Current Issues - zchapcathcit.htm - Archbishop Chaput's Column on Catholic Citizenship
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Here is the text of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia's weekly column, entitled "Public Witness and Catholic Citizenship." According to the Archbishop, "We can't truthfully call ourselves "Catholic" and then behave as if we're not." He added, "If our faith is real, then it will bear fruit in our public decisions and behaviors, including our political choices." GRAVE EVIL SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ELECTION POLITICS 

57. Current Issues - znuclequest.htm - Archbishop Chullikatt's Address on the Nuclear Question
Archbishop Francis Chullikatt

This is an address given 1 July 2011 by Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, the permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, to the Catholic Center of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. The talk is titled "The Nuclear Question: The Church's Teachings and the Current State of Affairs." COLD WAR DISARMAMENT DETERRENCE NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY FUKISHIMA NUCLEAR TEST BAN CHERNOBYL

58. Current Issues - zlorifreedom.htm - Archbishop Lori on Weapons for Defending Freedom

Through education, catechesis and prayer, says Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, the ever-growing threat against religious liberty can be confronted. Chairman of the United States bishops' ad hoc committee for religious liberty, the Archbishop sat down with ZENIT and discussed religious freedom both in the United States and abroad. HHS MANDATE FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM MARYLAND SAME-SEX MARRIAGE ABORTION FREE SPEECH HUMAN TRAFFICKING

59. Current Issues - zrichblame.htm - Are the Rich to Blame for Poverty?
Father Piero Gheddo

"The radical causes of poverty are not colonization, or the multi-nationals or the egoism of rich countries," this according to Fr Gheddo, director of Mondo e Missione and of Italia Missionaria, founder of AsiaNews, and author of more than 70 books. The root cause is in the skewed cultural and religious values of backward nations. GLOBALISM MISSIONARIES AFRICA CAMEROON WEST CORRUPTION

60. Current Issues - FROMWAR.TXT - Are We Really Serious When We Ask God to Deliver Us from War? The Catechism and the Challenge of Pope John Paul II
William L. Portier

Does our present disjunction between just-war and pacifist approaches to this issue reflect uncritically the sort of extrinsicist theology of nature and grace characteristic of the modern period? This article was taken from the Spring 1996 issue of "Communio: International Catholic Review".

61. Current Issues - FROMWAR.ZIP - Are We Really Serious When We Ask God to Deliver Us from War? The Catechism and the Challenge of Pope John Paul II
William L. Portier

Does our present disjunction between just-war and pacifist approaches to this issue reflect uncritically the sort of extrinsicist theology of nature and grace characteristic of the modern period? This article was taken from the Spring 1996 issue of "Communio: International Catholic Review".

62. Current Issues - RU486.HTM - As Fruits of the Same Tree: The Abortifacient Nature of the So-called 'Morning-after Pill'
Maria Di Pietro

Shows the close connection between contraception and abortion. The "morning-after pill" is abortifacient, in preventing the implantation of embryos in the uterine wall. PREGNANCY CONTRACEPTIVES SEXUALITY INNOCENT

63. Current Issues - ABOMCRIM.TXT - Assisted Suicide Is Abominable Crime
Fr. Gino Concetti, O.F.M.

Legalization of euthanasia in Australia's Northern Territory adds a monstrous chapter to human history. Taken from the July 10, 1996 issue of "L'Osservatore Romano."

64. Current Issues - ABOMCRIM.ZIP - Assisted Suicide Is Abominable Crime
Fr. Gino Concetti, O.F.M.

Legalization of euthanasia in Australia's Northern Territory adds a monstrous chapter to human history. Taken from the July 10, 1996 issue of "L'Osservatore Romano."

65. Current Issues - bertvarese.htm - At Varese, Italy
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

In Varese, Northern Italy, Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State, gave the keynote address at a Congress on: "Religious freedom, a milestone of the new Europe". The Cardinal highlighted the fact that, of all freedoms, religious freedom is the most fundamental, because it is "rooted in the dignity, hence, in the very nature of the human being." Without it, all other freedoms weaken. TOLERANCE SECULARISM MULTICULTURALISM TRANSCENDENCE RELATIVISM REASON ENLIGHTENMENT EDUCATION

66. Current Issues - AUSCHINA.TXT - Australia's Unjust Legislation on Chinese Refugees
Rita M. Joseph

This article deals with the Australian Government's policy in regards to the handling of Chinese refugees and their refusal to accept those fleeing from persecution. Focuses on the forced abortion policy of China. JOSEPH AUSTRALIA CHINA REFUGEES BOLKUS

67. Current Issues - STEALTH.TXT - Baby-Killing Vaccine: Is It Being Stealth Tested?
James A. Miller

Is the World Health Organization deliberately contaminating tetanus vaccine with hCG? HCG when introduced into the body coupled with tetanus toxoid causes antibodies to form against hCG causing miscarriages in women who subsequently get pregnant.Taken from the June/July 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' MILLER WHO HCG TETANUS VACCINATION ABORTION

68. Current Issues - BADWORSE.TXT - Bad Becomes Worse
P. H. Mullen

A new eugenics law and reinvigorated population-control program combine to spell disaster for Chinese Catholics. This article appeared in the April 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.' MULLEN CHINA POPULATION CONTROL CATHOLICS

69. Current Issues - MEDJVAT.HTM - Ban on Medjugorje Tours

The Holy See's News Director clarifies the status of Medjugorje, in light of recent letters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to bishops who had requested information.

70. Current Issues - lescstemcel.htm - Behind Stem Cell Research
Angelo L. Vescovi

Dr. Vescovi, of the Niguarda Hospital and the University of Bicocca, Milan, and the Cerebral Stem Cell Bank, Terni, explains the continuing support of embryonic stem cell research in the face of more promising alternatives without the ethical problems. BIOETHICS SOMATIC STEM CELLS TOTIPOTENT PLURIPOTENT CLONING REPROGRAMMING

71. Current Issues - ZBELLOC.HTM - Belloc Would Not Have Been Surprised at Sept. 11

Father James Schall, a professor at Georgetown University in the Department of Government, is an expert on the Catholic essayist and historian, Hilaire Belloc. In an interview with ZENIT, Fr Schall shared some of Belloc's thoughts that shed light on the European Union's refusal to acknowledge its Christian roots and the theological outlook of Islam. MUSLIM TERRORISM PROSELYTISM HISTORY CULTURE DISTRIBUTISM JEWS

72. Current Issues - zpapacyb16.htm - Benedict XVI's Papacy a Failure?
Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, responds to the charge that the papacy of Benedict XVI has failed. The charge has no merit, but is an expression of wishful thinking on the part of those objecting to the Church's opposition to their secularist agenda. LOVE UTOPIA SECULARISM ECONOMY CHILD ABUSE

73. Current Issues - biopolperson.htm - Bio-politics and Person: An Ethical Reflection in the Age of Globalization
Adriano Pessina

This article shows the consequence of distinguishing personhood from being human for bio-political purposes. "Indeed, separating the human being from the person means introducing serious problems of social justice that undermine the political principal of equality." CITIZENSHIP EMBRYONIC EUTHANASIA SEXUALITY HOMOSEXUALITY GENDER PERSON

74. Current Issues - zendlifeissu.htm - Bioethics and End-of-Life Issues
Peter Waymel

This ZENIT article addresses the question of whether refusal of extraordinary means to prolong life is the same as suicide. It is not the same, though food and water through feeding tubes are not to be considered extraordinary means, and should be received as morally obligatory. PAIN FINANCIAL BURDEN TERMINAL ILLNESS DEATH NOURISHMENT HYDRATION COMA VEGETATIVE STATE

75. Current Issues - biolidgeo.htm - Biological Identity v. Geographical Boundaries
Bishop Elio Sgreccia and Carol Casini

Bishop Elio Sgreccia, President, Pontifical Academy for Life, and Carlo Casini, Member of the same Academy, examine a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, that the right to life recognized by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights cannot be invoked for protection of an embryo, except in countries where protection has been accorded in written laws. The implication is that no human rights are inherent in human nature, but only a product of consensus. In effect, might makes right. ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZATION PERSON DIGNITY POSITIVE LAW ABORTION HUMAN BEING FATHER MOTHER

76. Current Issues - zbrthcntrldis.htm - Birth Control for the Disabled?
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers a question about whether birth control is a legitimate self-defense for a daughter who is developmentally disabled. PROXY CONTRACEPTION RAPE SEXUAL ASSAULT ABORTION IUD PLAN B ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES

77. Current Issues - BURKELET.HTM - Bishop Burke Releases Pastoral Letter, Notification on Political Responsibility
Dan Rossini

Dan Rossini, Editor of The Catholic Times, official newspaper of the Diocese of La Crosse, gives the import of two documents published by Bishop Raymond Burke, a Pastoral Letter and a Canonical Notification, on Catholic responsibility to uphold the dignity of life, whether as legislators or private citizens. ABORTION EUTHANASIA POLITICS PERSON NATURAL MORAL LAW

78. Current Issues - KEATING.TXT - Bishop Keating Issues Pastoral on Morality and Conscience
Michael F. Flach

Bishop Keating's 'Pastoral Letter on Morality and Conscience' released Sept. 17, the Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine, is the fifth pastoral letter he has written since being installed as the second bishop of Arlington in August 1983. This article appeared in the September 15, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' KEATING FLACH PASTORAL MORALITY CONSCIENCE

79. Current Issues - ZCITIZEN.HTM - Bishop Wuerl on Faithful Citizenship in 2004 Election

Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh, in a two-part ZENIT interview, asks Catholic voters to refocus on the vision of the common good, that "we are not just individuals but part of a wider community." And the "primary issue that our nation faces is the question of who has authority over human life." ABORTION POLITICS RIGHTS COMPETITION EDUCATION POLITICAL PARTIES SOCIAL JUSTICE ANTI-CATHOLICISM SLAVERY MEDIA DIGNITY PERSON

80. Current Issues - zbpstep.htm - Bishops Actually a Step Ahead in Addressing Scandal

The U.S. bishops' conference was actively involved in addressing the problem of sexual abuse by clergy as early as the mid-1980s, according to Sister of Mercy Sister Sharon Euart, a canon lawyer who addressed participants at a one-day Canon Law Seminar for the Media, 25 May 2010. The seminar was sponsored by the U.S. episcopal conference and the Canon Law Society of America. LAICIZATION PENAL DISMISSAL ACCOUNTABILITY

81. Current Issues - bookrevchaput.htm - Book Review: Archbishop of Denver, U.S.A., On Politics and Religion
Rev. Robert Imbelli

Father Imbelli, Professor of Theology, Boston College, Massachusetts, reviews a book by Archbishop Charles Chaput, on the responsibility of Catholics to live their faith in political life. According to the Archbishop, faith is personal, but it is never private. Our relationship with Christ must inform our relationship with others. SECULAR NATURAL LAW INDIVIDUALISM MEDIA VATICAN II CHRISTOLOGY

82. Current Issues - zflynnbmbst.htm - Boom and Bust
Father John Flynn, LC

Fr Flynn observes continuing pressure to limit population growth, despite evidence showing the increasing economic cost of aging populations worldwide. MAGNUS DEMOGRAPHICS IMMIGRATION HEALTH CARE PENSIONS

83. Current Issues - zbiolparent.htm - Breaking the Bonds of Biological Parenthood
Denise Hunnell, MD

The push to redefine marriage to include relationships between same-sex couples is a movement to abolish the sociological connection between children and their biological parents. This article by Denise Hunnell, MD, a Fellow of Human Life International, concerns a movement to destroy the nuclear family. HOMOSEXUALITY DESIGNER BABIES OOCYTES ABORTION HEFA DNA

84. Current Issues - CTOA20.ZIP - Call to Action Turns Twenty: From Bicentennial Celebration to Excommunication
E. Michael Jones

An examination of the fundamental beliefs, attitudes and motivations of the Call to Action movement in its 20th anniversay year, 1996. Taken from the December 1996 issue of Culture Wars.

85. Current Issues - CTOA20.TXT - Call to Action Turns Twenty: From Bicentennial Celebration to Excommunication
E. Michael Jones

An examination of the fundamental beliefs, attitudes and motivations of the Call to Action movement in its 20th anniversay year, 1996. Taken from the December 1996 issue of Culture Wars.

86. Current Issues - zcampreform.htm - Campaign Reform: Against Corruption or Free Speech?

To better understand the reach of campaign finance laws, ZENIT turned to attorney Bill Maurer, executive director of the Institute for Justice Washington Chapter. He shared with ZENIT why Catholics, particularly because of their history of persecution and status as minorities and outsiders, should be skeptical of laws that limit the ability to speak about political issues. CENSORSHIP POLITICS LOBBYING FIRST AMENDMENT

87. Current Issues - zcaneuth.htm - Canada's Push for Euthanasia

The disabled and dying need true compassion, not premature death, says the director of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family. The so-called right to die could become a duty to die, warns the director. In this interview, Michèle Boulva spoke with ZENIT about the growing pressure to spread euthanasia in Canada. ASSISTED SUICIDE SUFFERING PAIN DIGNITY

88. Current Issues - zblacklegend.htm - Cardinal Bertone on Pius XII
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

At the presentation of a book by Andrea Tornielli, "Pio XII: Un Uomo Sul Trono di Pietro" (Pius XII: A Man on the Throne of Peter), Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone addressed the "black legend," that Pius the XII had kept silent in the face of Nazi atrocities against the Jews. Cardinal Bertone's speech is translated by ZENIT in three parts. ANTI-SEMITISM SECOND WORLD WAR

89. Current Issues - zcoccoannul.htm - Cardinal Coccopalmerio on Annulments, the Synod and Ministry to Couples

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, was picked by Pope Francis for a new commission to study simplifying the annulment process. He spoke with ZENIT about annulments and the new commission, and more generally about the synod on the family, to convene in October 2014. COMMUNION REMARRIED DIVORCED HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE INDISSOLUBILITY ADOPTION CURIA POPE FRANCIS PAUL VI

90. Current Issues - ZDULCOM.HTM - Cardinal Dulles on Communion and Pro-Abortion Politicians

Cardinal Dulles, Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University, shared with ZENIT what important steps need to be taken to defend human life, protect the sacraments, uphold the teachings of the Church and respond to pro-abortion politicians. POLITICS ABORTION EUTHANASIA STEM-CELLS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LIBERTY COMMUNION EXCOMMUNICATION

91. Current Issues - ZCONDUSE.HTM - Cardinal Expands Debate on Condom Use

Regarding the media debate concerning the Church and AIDS, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán says that the central message of the Church goes much deeper than whether or not condoms are to be used. In this interview with ZENIT, the president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers articulates the Church's pastoral proposal to prevent and combat AIDS. HIV ABSTINENCE

92. Current Issues - zrefusal.htm - Carrying Out End-of-Life Refusal Orders in a Culture of Refusal
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, explains principles according to which health-care workers should respond to requests for the removal of life-sustaining treatments. PATIENT AUTONOMY ADVANCE DIRECTIVE HEALTH CARE POWER OF ATTORNEY NUTRITION HYDRATION

93. Current Issues - chrchound.htm - Catholic Church Hounded for Pro-Life, Pro-Human Dignity Stance
Lucetta Scaraffia

This article examines the media's attack on the Catholic Church for her opposition to documents proposed for voting at the United Nations, which included access to abortion for the disabled and the accreditation of marriage to homosexuals. EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH VICTIMS REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS

94. Current Issues - DISSIDEN.TXT - Catholic Dissidents
Mary Jo Anderson

A survey and critque of the positions, history and purposes of a dissident organization, The Association of the Rights of Catholic in the Church (ARCC). This article appeared in the September 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

95. Current Issues - CLSURVEY.TXT - Catholic League Survey Yields Surprising Results
Henry V. King

The survey of American Catholics taken by the Catholic League, showed, in contrast to other polls, that a majority of Catholics 51.8%, attend Mass every Sunday, with almost 80% of senior citizens 65 years and over, going to Mass once a week or more. This article was taken from the June 22, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' CATHOLIC LEAGUE SURVEY AMERICA POLL

96. Current Issues - ZSCNDSSA.HTM - Catholic Psychiatrists Look at Roots of U.S. Scandals

In the wake of the clerical sex abuse scandals, a group of psychiatrists from the Pewaukee, Wisconsin-based Catholic Medical Association sent an open letter to the U.S. bishops, analyzing the causes of same-sex attraction, and offering recommendations for avoidance of future problems of this sort among the clergy. HOMOSEXUAL SSA PSYCHOLOGY PEDOPHILIA EPHEBOPHILIA GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER GID CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE CSA SEMINARY SEMINARIANS ETHICS MORAL RELATIVISM PROPORTIONALISM SITUATIONAL COURAGE

97. Current Issues - zcathpsychabus.htm - Catholic Psychology and Sexual Abuse by Clergy

Pedophiliac behavior — as in cases of child sexual abuse by clergy — cannot be equated with homosexuality, but research reveals that the two are not disconnected, says a Catholic psychotherapist in this ZENIT interview. Gerard van den Aardweg has worked as a therapist for almost 50 years in his homeland of Holland, specializing in cases of homosexuality and marital problems. HUMANAE VITAE SEXUAL REVOLUTION SEMINARIES PEDOPHILIA EPHEBOFILIA RESOCIALIZATION PSYCHOTHERAPY RECIDIVISM

98. Current Issues - zcontmar.htm - Catholic Teaching on Contraception: For Married Couples Only?
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers the question of whether the Church forbids contraception to married couples only. All non-marital sex is wrong, and contraceptive acts even between married partners is non-marital. UNITIVE PROCREATIVE PROCREATION INTERCOURSE MARRIAGE

99. Current Issues - captpunish.htm - Catholicism & Capital Punishment 
Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J.

This essay by Cardinal Dulles presents the Church's perennial teaching on the State's right to inflict the death penalty, as well as prudential considerations weighing against the exercise of that right. The essay was adapted for First Things magazine from a McGinley Lecture delivered by the Cardinal in New York City. MOSAIC LAW CANON CATECHISM RIGHT TO LIFE REHABILITATION DEFENSE DETERRENCE RETRIBUTION EVANGELIUM VITAE

100. Current Issues - ZMULTICU.HTM - Catholicism's Antidote to Multiculturalism

In the face of a much ballyhooed multiculturalism, Catholicism is distinct in its insistence on the priority of an authoritative moral community not of one's own choosing. That's according to Christopher Shannon, a Jacques Maritain Center research associate and former associate director at the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame. CULTURE INDIVIDUALISM AFRICAN-AMERICANS LIBERALISM

101. Current Issues - zphasdiff.htm - Catholics and Public Institutions: a New Phase of Difficulty?

Here is a statement from the Cardinal Van Thuân International Observatory for the Social Doctrine of the Church, regarding the new difficulty presented by the embrace of gender ideology by public institutions. SAME SEX MARRIAGE HOMOSEXUALITY HOMOPHOBIA FAMILY INTOLERANCE HATE SPEECH CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION

102. Current Issues - CATHVIET.TXT - Catholics in Vietnam Still on a Short Leash
William Bole

The U.S. may be opening up an embassy in Hanoi, but most doors remain closed for Vietnamese believers. This article was taken from the July 30, 1995 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. VIETNAM CATHOLICS HUMAN RIGHTS

103. Current Issues - ANIMALS.HTM - Causing Animals Needless Suffering Is Contrary to Human Dignity
Marie Hendrickx

The writer shows how man's superiority to animals in no way warrants mistreatment of them. Animal experimentation is justified only when human betterment is clearly indicated. In general, mankind benefits from kindness to animals, which tends to awaken "sentiments of admiration" for the Creator. ANIMAL RIGHTS VIVISECTION ECOLOGY

Cardinal John J. O'Connor

'It's remarkable how determined some media and other people are that we priests should be married.' Taken from the Friday, 18 August, 1995 issue of 'The Irish Family'.

105. Current Issues - zconvertsisl.htm - Challenges of Christian Converts From Islam

Converts from Islam to Christianity pose a challenge for governments to ensure freedom of religion — and their witness is also a challenge to the Church itself. So says Giorgio Paolucci, editor in chief of the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire. Here is an excerpt of an interview Paolucci gave to ZENIT. MUSLIMS KORAN CONVERSION

106. Current Issues - CHESTER.TXT - Chesterton's Wit Gives Catholics A Rule of Action
Paul Likoudis

Summary of the two-day conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Chesterton Review. CHESTERTON LIKOUDIS REVIEW

107. Current Issues - CHESSHAW.TXT - Chesterton-Shaw Debate Speaks to the Present Crisis
Fr. Ian Boyd C.S.B.

An article about the re-enactment of a debate between Chesterton and Shaw. Also gives information about the Chesterton Society. This article was taken from the January 19, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' BOYD CHESTERTON SHAW DEBATE SOCIETY

108. Current Issues - zconscritical.htm - Christian Conscience on the Critical List
Father John Flynn

In this article, Fr. John Flynn shows how the right of doctors, pharmacists and hospitals to not provide treatments that violate their moral principles is increasingly under threat. The issues involved in this area were examined by the Pontifical Academy for Life, in a congress entitled "The Christian Conscience in Support of the Right to Life," held 23-24 Feb. 2007. ABORTION CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION EUTHANASIA EMBRIONIC CELL RESEARCH TUBAL LIGATIONS IVF

109. Current Issues - CHRISECO.TXT - Christian Ecology
Stratford Caldecott

An interesting article taken from the August-September issue of "The Catholic World Report." Stratford Caldecott distinguishes between the political ideologies of environmentalism and the Christian tradition of stewardship and respect for the created world.

110. Current Issues - CHRISECO.ZIP - Christian Ecology
Stratford Caldecott

An interesting article taken from the August-September issue of "The Catholic World Report." Stratford Caldecott distinguishes between the political ideologies of environmentalism and the Christian tradition of stewardship and respect for the created world.

111. Current Issues - zneolib.htm - Christian Judgment on Neo-liberalism
Rodney Moss

Here is the text of an address given by professor Rodney Moss, of St. Augustine College, Johannesburg, S.A., at a theologians videoconference. The videoconference, 31 October 2006, was organized by the Vatican Congregation for Clergy. ECONOMICS CONSUMER GLOBALISM COMMON GOOD

112. Current Issues - zchunity.htm - Christian Unity and the East-West Divide

To avoid an East-West conflict it is necessary for all Christians to unite, says the secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. In this interview with ZENIT, Bishop Brian Farrell, who represented the Holy See at the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (2006) in Brazil, addresses the topic of ecumenism. EASTERN ORTHODOXY MUSLIM ISLAM INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE SECTS

113. Current Issues - chrstatheoc.htm - Christian Witness and the Challenge of Atheocracy
Bishop James Conley

On 5 November 2011, Bishop James D. Conley, Apostolic Administrator of Denver, reflected on the growing threats to religious liberty in America in an address in Dallas, Texas, at St Joseph's Helpers / White Rose Women's Center, one of the nation's pioneering crisis pregnancy centers. Here are excerpts from the Bishop's address. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE DEISM CONSTITUTION MARTIN LUTHER KING CHARLES CARROLL SECULARISM ATHEISM ABORTION SLAVERY JOHN QUINCY ADAMS

114. Current Issues - ZISLMLEB.HTM - Christians in Lebanon Face Challenges of Islamization

The Christians of Lebanon are a model of ecumenical cooperation without parallel in the world. Orthodox and Catholics (mostly Maronite, Syrian, and Byzantine rites) work and live together in harmony. Bishop Joseph Flavien Melki of the Syrian Catholic Church was interviewed on the situation in Lebanon by "Kirche in Not" during a recent visit to Munich. INTERRELIGIOUS FREEDOM

115. Current Issues - zchrchstat.htm - Church and State: To Separate, or Set Against

Certain advocates of a clear Church-state division have an anti-religious perspective. What, then, is a true secular perspective? ZENIT spoke about secularity with Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi of Trieste, president of the Caritas in Veritate Commission of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences, and president of the Cardinal Van Thuân International Observatory for the Social Doctrine of the Church. SECULARITY SECULARISM FAMILY CHILDREN

116. Current Issues - ZFORTUNE.HTM - Church in Seville Warns About TV Fortunetellers

This short article reviews the Church's stance against using occult means to gain knowledge of the future instead of relying on divine Providence. WITCH TAROT PALMISTRY HOROSCOPE ASTROLOGY MAGIC

117. Current Issues - ZAMEREUR.HTM - Church-State Relations in America and Europe

In a three-part ZENIT interview, Robert Kraynak, professor of political science at Colgate University and author of "Christian Faith and Modern Democracy: God and Politics in the Fallen World" (Notre Dame), explains (1) how civil religion prevented a totally secular democracy from arising in America for nearly 200 years, and how it might be a good model for other nations; (2) how the United States and Europe have taken different paths in church-state relations and what roadblocks the respective nations have faced; and (3) how, despite tensions, Catholics have contributed to the vitality of American democracy by keeping alive the natural law tradition of the American founding that most Protestants never fully appreciated and that modern skeptics now denigrate. NATURAL RIGHTS RATZINGER PLURALISM MUSLIMS ENLIGHTENMENT AMERICANISM CALVINISM

118. Current Issues - zcivrespons.htm - Civil Responsibility of Catholics
Father John Flynn

Christians have a right to make their voices heard on political and civil issues. This was one of the points made by Benedict XVI in his address to the Roman Curia on Dec. 22. After commenting on why the Church is opposed to legalizing marriage for same-sex couples, the Pope defended the right of the faithful, and the Church itself, to speak out on this issue. As reported by ZENIT, Father Flynn gives an overview of the Holy Father's statements on faith in the public arena. POLITICS SECULARITY SECULARISM MORAL LAW RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

119. Current Issues - zflynnintern.htm - Cleaning Up The Internet
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn speaks of efforts made in various countries to cleanse the internet of pornography. In response to claims that pornography does no harm, he cites results of studies indicating otherwise. ADDICTION CULTURE RELATIONSHIPS SEXUALITY SEX TRAFFICKING PROSTITUTION

120. Current Issues - totdisclos.htm - Clear and Total Disclosure
Archbishop Aidan Nichols

On 26 March 2010, The Times newspaper published an edited version of an article by Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster regarding child abuse committed within the Roman Catholic Church. This is the full and unedited text of the article written by Archbishop Nichols and offered to The Times on 25 March. SEXUAL ABUSE PARAMOUNCY CANON LAW ENGLAND WALES

121. Current Issues - zclermisasia.htm - Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Some Reflections From Asia
Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle

Here is an address given 12 June 2012 in Dublin at the International Eucharistic Congress by Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines. The address offered Asian perspectives on the clergy sexual abuse crisis. CRISIS CHILDREN CULTURE FAMILY CELIBACY CIVIL LAW MEDIA PASTORAL CARE VICTIM OFFENDER FORMATION

122. Current Issues - zclonestep.htm - Cloning Takes a Giant Step Forward
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, a Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, describes a development in cloning research, which exploits human embryos to produce disabled human life which is then destroyed for the purpose of harvesting stem cells. SOMATIC CELL NUCLEAR TRANSFER SCNT OOCYTE DNA CHROMOSOMES DIPLOID TRIPLOID NUCLEUS PLURIPOTENCY BLASTOCYST

123. Current Issues - zcohabit.htm - Cohabitation: a Recipe for Marital Ruin

Living together is an increasingly popular option in many countries. But it can involve high social and emotional costs, says Ann-Marie Ambert, of the Ottawa-based Vanier Institute of the Family. In new study, she brings together the results of hundreds of research papers that examined the social, emotional and financial effects of cohabitation and marriage on men, women, children and society. DIVORCE CHILDREN SINGLE MOTHERS COMMITMENT STABILITY

124. Current Issues - zenvironb16.htm - Commandments for the Environment
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn examines statements by Pope Benedict XVI on the environment, distinguishing the Holy Father's teaching on our responsibility to God for His creation from the pantheistic position of some environmentalists. ECOLOGY REDEMPTION STEWARDSHIP PEACE

125. Current Issues - ZSCANDSP.HTM - Commencing Badly: Scandalous Speakers at Catholic Graduations

In light of the number of actively pro-abortion speakers invited to give commencement addresses at Catholic colleges and universities in Spring of 2003, Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society shared with ZENIT why a college's choice of graduation speakers is an indicator about how it understands its own Catholic identity. EX CORDE ECCLESIAE EDUCATION

126. Current Issues - ADVNCDIR.HTM - Commentary on Advance Directives Concerning Treatment
Prof. Giuseppe Dalla Torre

Prof. Dalla Torre explains the published opinion of the Italian National Bioethics Committee, on "whether a person should express in advance one's own wishes regarding unwanted treatment, in the case of no longer being able to express informed consent due to illness or injury." The Committee's opinion is that such directives are legitimate under certain closely defined conditions. MEDICINE EUTHANASIA INFORMED CONSENT NUTRITION HYDRATION

127. Current Issues - COMENWOM.HTM - Commentary on the Relationship Between Men and Women
Prof. Jutta Burggraf

According to Prof. Burggraf, of the University of Navarre, "Human sexuality implies a clear orientation to the other. It shows that human fullness is to be found precisely in this relationship, in existing-for-the-other. It is an incentive to come out of oneself, to seek the other and to delight in his or her presence. It is like the seal of the God of love as an intrinsic part of the very structure of the human person." GENDER FEMINISM PROCREATION COMPLEMENTARITY COLLABORATION

128. Current Issues - comthercloning.htm - Commentary on Therapeutic Cloning
Eugenia Roccella

This article, on the failure of therapeutic cloning to produce useful results, shows that scientists need curbs imposed from without, if they are to avoid long and expensive dead-end roads. EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS PLENIPOTENT REPRODUCTIVE CLONING WILMUT

129. Current Issues - CATHFEM.HTM - Commentary: Catholic Feminism vs Equality Feminism
Prof. Janne Haaland Matlary

Prof. Matlary, of the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo, compares "Catholic feminist" view, that men and women are equal in dignity and personhood, yet profoundly different, with the "equality feminist" view, that women must act like men, in order to obtain their share of male power. And there is the crux of the issue. In striving to be like men, they neglect their own special gift, which is the humanizing influence they have on society, through their role as mother in the family. MOTHERHOOD SELF-GIVING CHILDREN COMPLEMENTARITY SUBSIDIARITY INDIVIDUALISM UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS

130. Current Issues - GENDFEM.HTM - Commentary: The Problem of Gender Feminism
Dale O'Leary

Dale O'Leary surveys the most influential of feminist studies over the past 30 years, which purport to show that the only significant differences between men and women are differences in gender (socially conditioned) rather than sex (naturally determined). He documents the unscientific nature of these studies and the deleterious effect of their unwarranted conclusions on the advancement of women. FEMINISM MOTHERHOOD FATHERHOOD MARRIAGE FAMILY GAY LESBIAN ADOPTION SAME-SEX PARENTING

131. Current Issues - COMLIB.TXT - Communion and Liberation: Crusaders for Catholic Integrity
Antonio Gaspari

From "Inside the Vatican": In their insistence on an absolute union between life and faith, members of the polemical movement Communion and Liberation censure modern culture, involve themselves in politics, and manage substantial business concerns.

132. Current Issues - COMLIB.ZIP - Communion and Liberation: Crusaders for Catholic Integrity
Antonio Gaspari

From "Inside the Vatican": In their insistence on an absolute union between life and faith, members of the polemical movement Communion and Liberation censure modern culture, involve themselves in politics, and manage substantial business concerns.

133. Current Issues - SJUSTWAR.TXT - Conditions of A Just War
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

Chapter 4 of Bishop's Sheen's book, 'A Declaration of Dependence.' SHEEN JUST WAR

134. Current Issues - zconconun.htm - Condom Conundrums

Critics continue to assail the Catholic Church's refusal to endorse condom use in treating the AIDS problem. Yet statistics show that, in Africa, the greater the proportion of a population is Catholic, the lower the proportion is infected with HIV. ABSTINENCE HIV/AIDS

135. Current Issues - SMITHAB.TXT - Cong. Smith on Partial-Birth Abortions
Rep. Chris Smith, MC

This file contains Congressman Christopher Smith's historic speech before the House during the debate on partial-birth abortions. This debate marks the first time that abortion techniques have been discussed on the House floor. D&X D&E

136. Current Issues - NATIONID.TXT - Congress Poised To Mandate Government Registration and Tracking of All Americans
National Center for Home Education

Imagine an America in which every citizen is required to carry a biometrically-encoded identification card as a precondition for conducting business. Imagine having your retina scanned every time you need to prove your identification. Imagine carrying a card containing your entire medical, academic, social, and financial history. Now, imagine that bureaucrats, police officers, and social workers have access under certain circumstances to the information on your card.

137. Current Issues - EDLAW.TXT - Congress Will Require Home Schoolers To Be Certified Teachers
Michael P. Farris

Summary of H.R. 6, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Prepared by Michael P. Farris, Esq., President, Home School Legal Defense Association. CONGRESS LAW EDUCATION H.R.6 FARRIS HOME SCHOOL TEACHERS CERTIFICATION

138. Current Issues - zdevcountries.htm - Conscience in Developing Countries
Cardinal Ivan Dias

Here is the intervention delivered by Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, at the international congress of the Pontifical Academy of Life on conscience. The congress, entitled "The Christian Conscience in Support of the Right to Life," was held 23-24 February 2007 in Rome. GLOBALIZATION AIDS ABORTION

139. Current Issues - zconsob.htm - Conscience Objections and Religious Liberty
Robert Royal

This is an English version of a presentation originally given in Italian, at an event organized in Rome, 29 February 2012, by the Tocqueville-Acton Institute, Fondazione Caelo et Terra, and Rubbettino Editore for Italian parliamentarians and the public. Robert Royal, president of the Faith and Reason Institute of Washington, addresses the question of fundamental rights and the relationship between citizens and government. CONSTITUTION CONSCIENCE OBJECTION RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LIBERTY BILL OF RIGHTS FIRST AMENDMENT

140. Current Issues - CONSELIB.TXT - Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results
James Hitchcock

For more than a decade, journalists have commented regularly on Pope John Paul's apparent desire to appoint more 'conservative' bishops in the United States. Yet despite promises of a 'counter-reformation,' the liberal trend continues. James Hitchcock, a leading Catholic scholar and journalist, examines that paradox. This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.' HITCHCOCK CONSERVATIVE LIBERAL BISHOPS VATICAN

141. Current Issues - CONSELIB.ZIP - Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results
James Hitchcock

For more than a decade, journalists have commented regularly on Pope John Paul's apparent desire to appoint more 'conservative' bishops in the United States. Yet despite promises of a 'counter-reformation,' the liberal trend continues. James Hitchcock, a leading Catholic scholar and journalist, examines that paradox. This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.' HITCHCOCK CONSERVATIVE LIBERAL BISHOPS VATICAN

142. Current Issues - CONTEMPL.HTM - Contemplation and Controversy
Jean Danielou

In an article from August 1968, the author showed the mindlessness of endless controversy (fomented by some intellectuals of the "youth movement"), which does not distinguish between what is essential, in the Church and society, and what stands in need of reform. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS REVOLUTION AGGIORNAMENTO.

143. Current Issues - CONTRASS.TXT - Contracepting Social Security
W. Patrick Cunningham

Discusses the demographics of the Social Security system and how the only thing that can save it is a return to a birth rate of 3.5. Taken from the July/August 1996 issue of "Culture Wars".

144. Current Issues - dolanrelig.htm - Conversation with Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York

Archbishop Dolan responds to questions from Mary Nolan of L'Osservatore Romano concerning economic difficulties, pro-life efforts, health care, and religious freedom. ECONOMIC CRISIS IMMIGRANTS IMMIGRATION SOCIAL SERVICES UNINSURED BILL OF RIGHTS FREEDOM OF RELIGION 9/11

145. Current Issues - ZPIUS12A.HTM - Cornwell's Pope: A Nasty Caricature of a Noble and Saintly Man

In light of the recent controversy provoked by the promotion of John Cornwell's new book: "Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII," ZENIT has obtained an exclusive point by point rebuttal from one of the most respected authorities on the Catholic Church and the Second World War, Dr. Peter Gumpel, S.J. He is postulator of the cause for beatification of Pius XII and has carried out years of extensive research on the life and historical facts surrounding the person and pontificate of Pope Pacelli. HOLOCAUST SHOAH JEWS JUDAISM GERMANY

146. Current Issues - courage.htm - Courage

Courage is an apostolate ministering to men and women with same-sex attraction by helping them to move beyond the homosexual label and find unity with Christ. In a recent interview with ZENIT, Fr. Paul Check, director of Courage, spoke about the origins of the apostolate, and the importance of approaching the definition of homosexuality with care and attentiveness. FR JOHN HARVEY CHASTITY OBJECTIVELY INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED MORTAL SIN HUMAN NATURE PLATO ST PAUL SEX

147. Current Issues - DAVICODE.HTM - Critical Reviews of The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code, a bestselling work of fiction, has encouraged doubt in the minds of many Christians by its radical departure from the Church's teaching on Christ, coupled with a claim to serious scholarship. As these reviews indicate, that claim has little foundation in fact. ARTIST GNOSTICISM FEMINISM APOLOGETICS HOLY GRAIL TEMPLARS BIBLE

148. Current Issues - ZVOTFCRT.HTM - Critique of Voice of the Faithful

Several priests in the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, sent out a pastoral letter to parishioners, to clarify the nature of Voice of the Faithful, a group that gained attention in the wake of the clergy sex-abuse scandals. This is a reprint of the letter. ABORTION ORDINATION WOMEN PAPACY CULTURE LAITY

149. Current Issues - zcultlife.htm - Culture of Life Remains in the Balance
William Edmund Fahey

The president of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire, warns that the future of the culture of life depends on the education of young men and women in the right use of reason (natural law), enlightened by faith (the magisterium). AMERICAN POLITICS TURKSON POLARIZATION SOCIAL JUSTICE BURKE

150. Current Issues - zdavdev.htm - Da Vinci Code's Devilish Gaffes

Dan Brown's best seller "The Da Vinci Code" says the Church demonized the symbol of Venus and killed millions of women accused of witchcraft. Not so, says Father Manfred Hauke, a professor of dogmatic theology and president of the German Mariological Society, who responds to those accusations in this ZENIT interview. FEMINISM MAGIC

151. Current Issues - zdavincisecret.htm - Da Vinci's Secret Christian Message

Some books have presented Leonardo da Vinci as an unbeliever and homosexual, who was threatened by the Church. Others, such as Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code," present him as a master of esotericism. However, philosopher Giuseppe Fornari argues that "far from being a heretic and blasphemer, a compiler of riddles, Leonardo was rather a tormented Christian, irregular by necessity but profound and impassioned." He shared more in this interview with ZENIT. NATURALISM BEAUTY

152. Current Issues - zbrowncathch.htm - Dan Brown and the Catholic Church

Despite the large number of errors regarding Catholicism that can be found in the movie "Angels and Demons," the interest in the movie demonstrates an even greater interest in the Church, says Opus Dei priest Father John Wauck, a professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. In this interview by Jesús Colina of ZENIT, Father Wauk shows that the "conflict" between science and the Church is itself part of the fiction of the film and novel. GALILEO COPERNICUS

153. Current Issues - zwestsocial.htm - Dangerous Flirting: Russian Wonders Why West Is Enamored With Socialism

Russian pro-life campaigner Alexey Komov is surprised and disheartened to see the West flirting once again with socialism as a consequence of the global financial situation. Whether it be in the form of support for the Obama administration, or the backing of other socialist-leaning policies and political parties, he sees the trend as disturbing and irrational. SOVIET UNION ALINSKY SATANIC FAMILY MARXISM ZABORSKA BUTTIGLIONE TRUTH

154. Current Issues - ZSSADOPT.HTM - Dangers of Same-Sex Couples Adopting Children

Despite the large number of securely married people waiting to adopt children, same-sex couples are often regarded as desirable adoptive parents with equal qualifications. So says Dale O'Leary, a writer and researcher for the Catholic Medical Association. She shared with ZENIT how adoption agencies have disregarded evidence that persons with same-sex attractions are far more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than the general public, and how those risk factors can negatively affect children. HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE FAMILY

155. Current Issues - zgirlsdeal.htm - Dealing Girls a Raw and Racy Deal

A recent report from the American Psychological Association on the harmful effects of the sexualization of girls shows that society needs a new strategy for young women, according to a leading women's advocate in Australia. Melinda Tankard Reist, the founding director of Women's Forum Australia, commented on the report to ZENIT, noting that instead of turning girls into sexual objects, society should teach them to "be resilient and to defend their dignity and self-respect." WOMEN'S LIBERATION FEMINISM FREEDOM OF SPEECH

156. Current Issues - DEATHNET.TXT - Death Comes to Cyberspace:..
David Morrison

Computer Users Discover How-To-Guide to Euthanasia. 'The Culture of Death has arrived on the Internet. The Right To Die Society of Canada, one of the Canadian organizations dedicated to promoting a legal 'right' to assisted suicide, has developed a highly sophisticated and well-organized site on the Internet's growing World Wide Web.' Taken from the October 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.'

157. Current Issues - ZDAVINCI.HTM - Debunking The Da Vinci Code

In this ZENIT article, Elizabeth Lev, who teaches art history at Duquesne University's Rome campus, refutes the idea, popularized by the novel, The Da Vinci Code, that the figure of the Apostle John, in Leonardi Da Vinci's Last Supper, is really Mary Magdalene. ARTIST

158. Current Issues - zdebeuth.htm - Debunking the Papal So-Called Euthanasia
Doctor Renzo Puccetti

Here is a translation of a response written by Doctor Renzo Puccetti, specialist in internal medicine and secretary of the Association Science and Life of Pisa and Livorno, Italy, to an article by Doctor Lina Pavanelli, medical anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Ferrara, which claims that Pope John Paul II was euthanized. BIOETHICS ARTIFICAL ALIMENTATION

159. Current Issues - P12HISTO.HTM - Declaration by Pius XII Relator on Historians Panel
Fr Peter Gumpel

A panel of Jewish and Catholic historians, studying the Vatican's actions during World War II, halted its work, claiming it wasn't being allowed access to Vatican archives. In response to this, a declaration was made, 26 July 2001, by Jesuit Fr Peter Gumpel, a historian and relator of the cause of beatification of Pius XII. The declaration was authorized by the Vatican. HOLOCAUST ECUMEN JEWS

160. Current Issues - zdeclinerel.htm - Decline in Institutional Religion in the United States
Father John Flynn, LC

For ZENIT, Father Flynn summarizes the findings of a survey (published October 2012) by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. According to recent studies and polls, one in five adults in the US hav no religious affiliation. PROTESTANTS CATHOLICS IMMIGRANTS ATHEISTS NEW AGE DEMOCRATS

161. Current Issues - RWANDA.HTM - Defamation campaign in Rwanda

Attacks against Church leaders are jeopardizing the future harmony of the entire African continent. The Rwandan Archbishop charged with complicity in genocide, in order to weaken the Church's ability to mediate between factions. This unsigned article appeared in L'Osservatore Romano, June 1999. RWANDA AFRICA GENOCIDE SMEAR TUTSIS HUTUS

162. Current Issues - DEMOCRCY.HTM - Democracy and Natural Ethics
Francesco D'Agostino

The President of the 'Union of Italian Catholic Jurists' shows the need, in this era of secularization, of reestablishing democratic governments on values derived from natural ethics. The alternative is either relativism or fundamentalism. POLITICS IDEOLOGY ESCHATOLOGY AUTHORITY COMMON GOOD

163. Current Issues - zdemote.htm - Demoting Humans

Latin America is facing more and more of the bioethical challenges confronting its northern neighbors, including the biggest challenge of all: the depersonalization of men and women. But in this battle the Church is leading the way, according to Dr. John Haas, director of the Philadelphia-based National Catholic Bioethics Center, in this interview with ZENIT. BIOETHICS HEALTH CARE IVF CONTRACEPTION BLACK LEGEND LUTHER REASON SCIENCE

164. Current Issues - revgdfripryr.htm - Discussion Regarding the Revised Good Friday Prayer
Cardinal Walter Kasper

Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews, provides the scriptural and theological context in which to understand the revised prayer for the conversion of the Jews in the Good Friday liturgy of the the Roman Missal 1962. EXTRAORDINARY RITE NOSTRA AETATE MISSION ST PAUL DIALOGUE

165. Current Issues - DAVINCDE.HTM - Dismantling the Da Vinci Code
Sandra Miesel

An article from Crisis Magazine, exposing the logical flaws and historical fallacies in a bestselling novel with a feminist agenda. The novel attacks the Catholic Church for hiding the "truth" about Jesus Christ, that He married Mary Magdalene, intending her to be the head of His Church, rather than Peter! HOLY GRAIL TEMPLARS BIBLE FEMINISM GNOSTICISM

166. Current Issues - zdonoharm.htm - Do No Harm? Should Patients Still Trust Their Doctors?
Denise J. Hunnell, MD

Patients should be able to come to their doctor when they are sick and weakened, and have no fear that their vulnerability will be exploited. Unfortunately, the sacred trust of the doctor-patient relationship is being strained by a new ethical model. Physicians are being urged to place the "greater good" above the needs of their individual patients. EUTHANASIA LIFE SUICIDE ORGAN DONATION TRANSPLANTATION NUTRITION HYDRATION

167. Current Issues - TAXES.TXT - Do We Have To Pay Taxes If the Money Is Used to Support Abortion?
Fr. Augustine Mary

Father explains the Church's teaching on "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's." This was a response to a question posted in EWTN Online Services' "Ask the Expert Forum.

168. Current Issues - RULELAW.TXT - Do We Still Have A Rule of Law
W. B. Ball

Mr. Ball discusses what it means to have a 'Rule of Law' and how recent Supreme Court decisions regarding the free exercise of religion and as well as the 1972 decision on abortion undermine it and if uncorrected will negate it. This article was taken from the December 1, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' BALL LAW SUPREME COURT LAWYERS

169. Current Issues - zhomodoc.htm - Document Shows Homosexuals Much Sensitivity

The new Vatican document on homosexuality and admission to seminaries and holy orders is not an "attack on homosexuals," says Cardinal Georges Cottier, former theologian of the Pontifical Household. Rather, the document is an effort "to understand their situation" and sufferings. GAY CULTURE PRIESTHOOD FORMATION FATHERHOOD PATERNITY PEDOPHILIA EPHEBOPHILIA

170. Current Issues - zsavdjewsp12.htm - Documents Reveal Pius XII Saved 11,000 Roman Jews
Jesús Colina

The direct action of Pope Pius XII saved the lives of more than 11,000 Jews in Rome during the Second World War, according to documentation recently discovered by historians and made public by the Pave the Way Foundation. NAZIS HIMMLER KRUPP HUDAL PACELLI HESEMANN

171. Current Issues - ZBODPRTS.HTM - Donated Body Parts: the Moral Criteria

An expert in Catholic health care warns that the dignity of the human body can be violated when its donated parts are used for financial gain or the remote benefit of others. Father Michael Place, president and chief executive officer of Catholic Health Association of the United States, shared with ZENIT the danger of the "gift" character of body donation being negated through commercialization. UTILITARIANISM MATERIALISM COMMON GOOD RESEARCH ORGAN TRANSPLANTS CREMATION BURIAL

172. Current Issues - zdonbody.htm - Donating One's Body to Science
William E. May

William E. May, a Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation, responds that the Church permits the donation of one's body to science, provided the remains are treated with respect and interred in a Catholic manner. CANON LAW CATECHISM CREMATION BURIAL

173. Current Issues - ZDOUBTCO.HTM - Doubts About Condoms

The Catholic Church has long been criticized for opposing condom promotion as part of AIDS prevention programs and "safe sex" campaigns. Yet opposition to condoms does not mean the Church does not care about AIDS. Rather, she urges prevention through awareness-raising and behavior change. Scientific studies recently published have shown the wisdom of the Church's refusal to back condoms. SEX MONOGAMY HIV STDS

174. Current Issues - zecrepro.htm - Economics, Reproductive Health and the Integrity of the Family
Arland Nichols and Donald DeMarco

The modern economist who restricts his professional interest to financial data displays a much narrower view of economics than has been characteristic of the Christian tradition. This narrow view, focused on GDP, interest rates, and unemployment, misses the fact that a healthy enconomy is not possible without healthy fertility rates. OIKONOMIA CONTRACEPTION ABORTION FAMILY MARRIAGE

175. Current Issues - econarist.htm - Economists According to Aristotle
Cardinal Pietro Parolin

On 22-24 October 2014 a conference on human dignity and human development was held at the University of Notre Dame Global Gateway in Rome. The initiative was sponsored by the university’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies. L'Osservatore Romano has published an address given by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, on the last day of the conference. ECONOMY ECONOMICS SOCIAL DOCTRINE HUMAN DIGNITY COMMON GOOD EVANGELII GAUDIUM HUMAN DIGNITY MATERIALISM TECHNOCRACY CONVERSION

176. Current Issues - ESTEINED.HTM - Edith Stein on the Education of Women
Igino Giordani

An article, published in 1969, giving a short introduction to the views of St. Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) on the essential character of femininity. FEMINISM MARRIAGE MOTHERHOOD CONSECRATED LIFE DIGNITY LIBERTY

177. Current Issues - zedugender.htm - Education and Gender
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn reports on renewed interest in single-sex education, based on research which indicates the differences in how boys and girls learn, particularly at the middle school level. PUBERTY

178. Current Issues - FR90103.TXT - Elizaveta Volkonskaia's On the Church: A Russian Defense of Catholicism
David Matual

The recent changes occurring in the Soviet Union have raised once again the question of the role which the Faith has played and will play in the future of Russia. In this article, Professor Matual examines the work of a Russian woman who converted to the Faith and sought to defend the Church she loved in her homeland. This article appeared in the Spring 1990 issue of "Faith & Reason."

179. Current Issues - FR90103.ZIP - Elizaveta Volkonskaia's On the Church: A Russian Defense of Catholicism
David Matual

The recent changes occurring in the Soviet Union have raised once again the question of the role which the Faith has played and will play in the future of Russia. In this article, Professor Matual examines the work of a Russian woman who converted to the Faith and sought to defend the Church she loved in her homeland. This article appeared in the Spring 1990 issue of "Faith & Reason."

180. Current Issues - ZUNPOP.HTM - Erroneous U.N. Population Count

This ZENIT interview with French demographer Pierre Chaunu disputes U.N. claims of a world population of 6 billion. UNITED NATIONS

181. Current Issues - ztomasipover.htm - Escaping Poverty: Interview With Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

In this interview with ZENIT, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, apostolic nuncio and permanent observer of the Holy See to the Office of the United Nations and Specialized Institutions in Geneva, spoke of the necessary avenues to help developing nations escape poverty. DEBT FORGIVENESS WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION SOCIAL DOCTRINE

182. Current Issues - reflsciadvances.htm - Ethical Reflection on Scientific Advances
Bishop Elio Sgreccia

Bishop Sgreccia, President, Pontifical Academy for Life, examines the procedure for producing human-animal hybrids (cybrids), observes the injury to human dignity, and notes the lack of any success or benefit accruing to the procedure. CHIMERAS INTERSPECIES FERTILIZATION CLONING EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS

183. Current Issues - eurocrux.htm - Europe and the Crucifix
Gregor Puppinck

Dr Puppinck, Director of the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), illuminates the conflict between the European Court of Human Rights, representing the forces of secularism, and those European states adhering to their Christian heritage. LAUTSI NEURTRALITY RELATIVISM RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LIBERTY DEMOCRACY COLLECTIVE RELIGIOUS IDENTITY INDIVIDUAL DIGNITY PLURALISM ORTHODOXY COUNCIL OF EUROPE STRASBOURG

184. Current Issues - zeurocrtfam.htm - European Court Rules in Favor of Family

ZENIT reports that, on 3 Nov. 2011, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) delivered its final judgment in the case of S. H. and others v. Austria, reversing a prior judgment, and deciding that the Austrian ban on using sperm and ova donations for in vitro fertilization (heterologous IVF) is not in breach of the right to respect for private and family life. IVF BIOETHICS FAMILY JUDICIAL ACTIVISM MOTHERHOOD FATHERHOOD ARTIFICIAL PROCREATION ECLJ EUROPEAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE

185. Current Issues - euthanconcern.htm - Euthanasia Case Prompts Concerns
Francesco D'Agostino

The politicization of the Piergiorgio Welby case in Italy prompts concern that an ideological spin put on such cases may lead to legalization of euthanasia, without recourse to public debate or the input of bioethicists. LIVING WILLS ADVANCED DIRECTIVES PALLIATIVES

186. Current Issues - EVANCATH.TXT - Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium
Catholic-Evangelical Consultation

This statement is the product of consultation, beginning in September 1992, between Evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic Christians. Jeff Mirus (founder of CRNET) comments on his reservations about the document. EVANGELICALS ECUMENISM PROTESTANT CATHOLICS

187. Current Issues - EVANCATH.ZIP - Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium
Catholic-Evangelical Consultation

This statement is the product of consultation, beginning in September 1992, between Evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic Christians. Jeff Mirus (founder of CRNET) comments on his reservations about the document. EVANGELICALS ECUMENISM PROTESTANT CATHOLICS

188. Current Issues - BMBTTL.HTM - Evolutionary Accident or Everlasting Architect??

The Bombardier Beetle is a strong witness for special creation.

189. Current Issues - darwinpopper.htm - Evolutionary Theory from Darwin to Popper
Carlo Maria Polvani

Mons. Polvani charges modern Darwinists with an unwillingness to proceed scientifically in accounting for difficulties in their theory of evolution. The two principles, chance and necessity, on which they rely to explain the development of species seem inadequate to the task. LAMARCK GENOTYPE PHENOTYPE MONOD DAWKINS BEHE IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY DEMBSKI VERIFIABILITY FALSIFIABILITY PENGUINS

190. Current Issues - DISSTHEO.TXT - Ex-Jesuit's Book Links Dissident Theologians To Homosexual Movement
Paul Likoudis

This article was taken from the August 24, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer. The role of 'small faith communities' and the 'new biblical scholarship' in institutionalizing the homosexual agenda in the Catholic Church is clearly spelled out in a powerful book written by an ex-Jesuit who left the order after he fell in love with a fellow Jesuit.

191. Current Issues - SATYOUTH.HTM - Exorcist Warns of Satanic Youth
Sabrina Ferrisi

Murders in Chile and Italy by young Satanists raises the question of what attracts youth to Satanic groups. The question is answered by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, exorcist for the diocese of Rome, and by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., television host at EWTN. DEVIL OCCULT DRUGS SEX

192. Current Issues - zchapfaithpol.htm - Faith and Politics: Better Together

Not only does religion have a place in the public square, a democracy needs the input of religious morals and convictions to remain healthy and strong, says the archbishop of Denver. In this interview with ZENIT, Archbishop Chaput talks about the ideas put forth in his book, "Render Unto Caesar, on Catholics and politics, and comments on what he thinks are the important issues facing voters in an election year. MEDIA BIGOTRY THEOCRACY JOHN KENNEDY CONSCIENCE ABORTION

193. Current Issues - FEMINISM.TXT - Feminism
Dale O'Leary

Dale O'Leary shows the roots of the feminist movement are marxist and proposes a solution for genuine harmony between the sexes. OLEARY FEMINISM MARXISM WOMEN

194. Current Issues - FEMLAUNC.TXT - Feminism and the Launch of the Catechism
Michael Baker

According to Mr. Baker feminism is a false and evil philosophy that works great harm in society and it is incompatible with Catholicism. This article appeared in 'Fidelity' published by John XXIII Fellowship Co-Op in Australia. FEMINISM CATECHISM BAKER

195. Current Issues - FEMLAUNC.ZIP - Feminism and the Launch of the Catechism
Michael Baker

According to Mr. Baker feminism is a false and evil philosophy that works great harm in society and it is incompatible with Catholicism. This article appeared in 'Fidelity' published by John XXIII Fellowship Co-Op in Australia. FEMINISM CATECHISM BAKER

196. Current Issues - PS1296.TXT - Feminist Assault on Reasonableness
Phyllis Schlafly

The Phyllis Schlafly Report for December focuses on feminism and how the feminist movement is causing ominous dislocations in basic concepts of American law and justice,

197. Current Issues - CAIRO.ZIP - Files Pertaining to The Cairo UN Populations Conference

Contains many files pertaining to the UN Population Conference in Cairo. CAIRO POPULATION ABORTION UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE

198. Current Issues - ZP12BERL.HTM - For Berlin, Pius XII Was a Subversive

In opposition to continuing charges that Pius XII was unjustifiably silent in the face of Nazism, Protestant pastor Francois de Beaulieu revealed to the French weekly "Reforme" his experience in 1942 as a radio operator secretly spreading Pope Pius's famous Christmas radio message against Nazism. GERMAN JEWS HOLOCAUST WWII

199. Current Issues - zfreerelig.htm - Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Christian Freedom
Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi

ZENIT presents a reflection, written by Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi, bishop of Trieste, Italy, regarding religious freedom and the truth of religion. The Archbishop distinguishes between free will, the faculty, and freedom, a concrete choice for good. INDIFFERENTISM LAICITY FUNDAMENTALISM FREE WILL NATURAL RIGHTS TRUTH

200. Current Issues - frnchamerfree.htm - French vs. American Models of Freedom and Religion
Camillo Ruini

The convention "Religion and Freedom: the United States and Europe", was held on 28 October 2008, at the Centre for Political Orientation "Gaetano Rebecchini". Here are substantial extracts of the intervention of Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar General emeritus of the Diocese of Rome. ENLIGHTENMENT FRENCH REVOLUTION PROTESTANTISM HUMANISM EVOLUTION TRANSCENDENCE

201. Current Issues - GUERRA.HTM - From 'Cold War' to Guerra Fria?
Patrick L. Moore

An analysis of the Islamic doctrine of Jihad in light of recent peace plans and public pronouncements of Yassar Arafat. Jihad is discussed in the context of the mainstream, historical Islamic theory of international relations with non-Muslim states. SHARIA MUHAMMAD MOHAMMED JUST WAR CRUSADE

202. Current Issues - GUERRA.TXT - From 'Cold War' to Guerra Fria?
Patrick L. Moore

An analysis of the Islamic doctrine of Jihad in light of recent peace plans and public pronouncements of Yassar Arafat. Jihad is discussed in the context of the mainstream, historical Islamic theory of international relations with non-Muslim states being a state of continual hostilities on a sliding scale of intensity depending on the relative correlation of powers in favor of Islamic initiative. As known by the Spanish Christians of the 'reconqu

203. Current Issues - GUERRA.ZIP - From 'Cold War' to Guerra Fria?
Patrick L. Moore

An analysis of the Islamic doctrine of Jihad in light of recent peace plans and public pronouncements of Yassar Arafat. Jihad is discussed in the context of the mainstream, historical Islamic theory of international relations with non-Muslim states being a state of continual hostilities on a sliding scale of intensity depending on the relative correlation of powers in favor of Islamic initiative. As known by the Spanish Christians of the 'reconqu

204. Current Issues - apvisists.htm - From Sister to Sister

Approximately 50,000 sisters in 341 diocesan and pontifical right institutes were involved in the Apostolic Visitation of the women religious in the United States of America, which took place from 2009-2012. The results of the Visitation were presented in the Holy See Press Office on Tuesday morning, 16 December 2014. FEMININE GENIUS BRAZ DE AVIZ RODRÍGUEZ CARBALLO MILLEA DIALOGUE SUPERIORS

205. Current Issues - zgambling.htm - Gambling Fever

This ZENIT article on the increase of legalized gambling shows the negative impact on families, more and more of which are coming under pressure due to gambling addiction. "Problems range from bankruptcy, to family breakup, fraud, theft, homelessness and even suicide." GREED CATECHISM COMMUNITY

206. Current Issues - GAMBLING.TXT - Gambling in America
Stacy Mattingly

A look at the gambling industry in America and the attitude of the Church in the U.S. regarding it. This article was taken from the June 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

207. Current Issues - ZGAMBLNG.HTM - Gambling With Morality

The increasing reliance of many countries on income from legalized gambling raises the moral question of its impact on individuals, families, and society. LOTTERY CASINOS ADDICTION POVERTY GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS TEMPERANCE

208. Current Issues - GATTFLES.TXT - GATT & the Flesh Trade
Judith Reisman, PhD

Shows the link between the GATT treaty and the organized international traffic in drugs, child labor and heterosexual and homosexual child prostitution and child pornography. Taken from the March 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports,' published by Human Life International. REISMAN GATT CHILDREN PEDOPHILIA HOMOSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY CHILD PROSTITUTION DRUGS

209. Current Issues - barrgaymar.htm - Gay Marriage and the Breakdown of the Moral Argument
Very Rev. Robert Barron

In this article, Father Barron shows the impossibility of making a moral argument against same-sex "marriage," where any any appeal to morality is equated with discrimination. The result is, where reason is repulsed, that violence, either direct or indirect, becomes the only recourse. SUPREME COURT ETHICS MACINTYRE POLLS HOMOSEXUAL

210. Current Issues - GAYGUICA.TXT - Gays, Giuliani, and Catholics
William Donohue

This article taken from the September 1995 issue of "Crisis" magazine reports on the 1995 Gay Rights Parade and New York Mayor Guiliani's sympathy for the Gay Right's activists.

211. Current Issues - GENDER.TXT - Gender & the U.N.
Dale O'Leary

The Platform for Action for the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing is based on assumptions about the nature of feminity; these assumptions are based on a radical feminist ideology which is not shared by most of the world's women. O'LEARY WOMEN BEIJING CONFERENCE FEMINISM UN

212. Current Issues - GENDBEND.TXT - Gender Benders
Jean Guilfoyle

In this article taken from HLI Reports, Jean Guilfoyle warns of the agenda of feminists who are attending the U.N. Conference in Beijing in September. She explains the dangers involved in redefining the word gender and what testing for 'gender identity' could mean for our children. Taken from the June/July 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' GUILFOYLE GENDER UNITED NATIONS BEIJING WOMEN CONFERENCE

213. Current Issues - ZGENX.HTM - Generation X and the Turn to Christian Orthodoxy

A journalist, Colleen Carroll, has documented a trend toward traditional Christianity by Generation X and the rejection of the religious and cultural values of their parents, the baby boomers, in a highly acclaimed book, "The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy" (Loyola Press). Carroll described the phenomenon of "the new faithful" in an interview with ZENIT. COUNTERCULTURAL CULTURE CATECHESIS NEW AGE APOLOGETICS AUTHORITY TRADITION MEDIA

214. Current Issues - ZPREEMPT.HTM - George Weigel on Pre-emption, Just War and the Defense of World Order

Amid debate over a possible pre-emptive strike against Iraq, George Weigel, senior fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, reviews principles of traditional just-war theory, and considers how they may be refined to meet new threats to world peace. MORAL LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY LAST RESORT UNITED NATIONS U.N.

215. Current Issues - ZNRBWEIG.HTM - George Weigel on the National Review Board's Report

George Weigel thinks the U.S. bishops' National Review Board has turned out a report that is a "real service to the Church" as Catholics face the question of genuinely Catholic reform in light of the John Jay study of clerical sexual abuse. BISHOPS PRIESTS HOMOSEXUALITY

216. Current Issues - GIGGLE.TXT - Giggling For God: A New Spirit Of Hysteria Is Spreading In Church
Paul Likoudis

This article, taken from the April 27, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer, provides a glimpse of the grotesqueries of a movement called the Vineyard which is spreading across Canada and the United States. LIKOUDIS GIGGLE VINEYARD

217. Current Issues - zfaithlift.htm - Giving Politics a Faith Lift

All Catholics have a duty to bring faith to the forefront of political debates, says the bishop-author of a new booklet entitled "Catholics in the Public Square." The publication, written by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, challenges Catholics to take a more active part in influencing the nation and the political process. In this interview with ZENIT, Bishop Olmsted comments on why Catholics should be more active in the public square. POLITICS SECULARIZATION LAITY

218. Current Issues - ZBUMRAP.HTM - Globalization's Bum Rap

Fr Piero Gheddo, of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions, states that globalization is inevitable in a shrinking world, and it does no good to demonize it. Poverty in Third World countries is due in large part not to external forces, but to their lower productivity. ECONOMY DEPENDENCE MARXISM MALTHUS

219. Current Issues - zGodCaesar.htm - God and Caesar Seen From Down Under
Father John Flynn, LC

How to reconcile moral principles with the political and social demands of a secularized society is an issue addressed by Cardinal George Pell in his recently published book, God and Caesar: Selected Essays on Religion, Politics, and Society. Father Flynn gives an overview of the Cardinal's analysis of the issue. DEMOCRACY LAW MORALITY CONSCIENCE RIGHTS

220. Current Issues - SEXES1.TXT - God and the Sexes
Evelyn Birge Vitz

It seems safe to assume that, since God foresaw how he was going to assign power relations on earth, he designed his creatures to find satisfaction in this arrangement. This article was taken from the September 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine.

221. Current Issues - zlogoswill.htm - God as Logos, Allah as Will

The "unreasoned" reaction to Benedict XVI's speech at the University of Regensburg (12 September 2006) has proved that his point needed much attention, says a U.S. scholar. Jesuit Father James Schall, professor of political philosophy at Georgetown University, shared with ZENIT why he thinks the Regensburg lecture was liberating and imperative, and how the reaction to it highlighted the modern disconnect between faith and reason. VOLUNTARISM ISLAM MUSLIMS TERRORISM ALLAH HELLENISM

222. Current Issues - zpublife.htm - God's Role in Public Life
Father John Flynn, LC

At a time when religion is often portrayed as being harmful or noxious to modern society Chicago's Cardinal Francis George has come out with a book in which he argues that religion can make a unique contribution to the common good. In God in Action: How Faith in God Can Address the Challenges of the World, Cardinal George tries to discern how God acts in our times. WILL REASON DEISM ATHEISM AQUINAS FREEDOM SOCIETY ECONOMY ABORTION BUSINESS

223. Current Issues - GOLIAWON.TXT - Goliath Won--Barely
Kieron Wood

A referendum to allow divorce passed by a razor-thin margin, but a government advertising campaign produced a legal challenge. This article appeared in the January 1996 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.'

224. Current Issues - GATTACK.TXT - Gore Makes Veiled Attack on Catholic Church
William Donohue

This file contains: 1) the remarks of William A. Donohue, Ph.D., President, Catholic League concerning the speeches of Vice President Al Gore and Hillary Clinton when they spoke before the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) on January 22, 1997, 2) their speeches and 3) an article by Phil Lawler.

225. Current Issues - GATTACK.ZIP - Gore Makes Veiled Attack on Catholic Church
William Donohue

This file contains: 1) the remarks of William A. Donohue, Ph.D., President, Catholic League concerning the speeches of Vice President Al Gore and Hillary Clinton when they spoke before the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) on January 22, 1997, 2) their speeches and 3) an article by Phil Lawler.

226. Current Issues - ZHALLOWN.HTM - Halloween's Origins

As October 31 approaches, stores are filled with masks, monsters' costumes, witches gear and pumpkins with terrifying expressions. Halloween is just around the corner and every year it sweeps more countries of the globalized and consumerist world into its net. Generally speaking, Halloween is known for its pagan beginnings, which in the course of history have mixed with Christian elements.

227. Current Issues - ZHANDIPH.HTM - Handiphobia Leading Cause of Euthanasia

The desire to do away with personal suffering is one of the driving forces behind euthanasia, an attitude described as "handiphobia," says an Italian neonatologist. In this interview with ZENIT, Dr. Carlo Bellieni, of the Le Scotte Polyclinic of Sienna, talks about the phobia of handicap and the real reasons for incidences of euthanasia. SUFFERING ANALGESICS HANDICAPPED

228. Current Issues - CULTWAR.TXT - Hard Truths About the Culture War
Robert Bork

'Wherever one looks, the traditional virtues of this culture are being lost, its vices multiplied, its values degraded--in short, the cultuer itself is unraveling.' This article appeared in the June/July 1995 issue of 'First Things.' BORK CULTURE LIBERALISM AMERICA

229. Current Issues - CULTWAR.ZIP - Hard Truths About the Culture War
Robert Bork

'Wherever one looks, the traditional virtues of this culture are being lost, its vices multiplied, its values degraded--in short, the cultuer itself is unraveling.' This article appeared in the June/July 1995 issue of 'First Things.' BORK CULTURE LIBERALISM AMERICA

230. Current Issues - POTTER.HTM - Harry Potter Books
St. Joseph Covenant Keepers

The July/August 2000 edition of the newsletter of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers, dedicated entirely to the Harry Potter fad. LITERATURE OCCULT MAGIC CHILDREN WIZARD WITCH

231. Current Issues - zpoorcountr - Helping Poorer Countries

In preparation for the G8 Summit in Scotland, July 2005, various theories were fielded on how best to aid developing countries, particularly those in Africa. This ZENIT article provides a survey of those theories. ECONOMIES CORRUPTION REFORMS BUREAUCRACY IMF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND WORLD BANK DEBT

232. Current Issues - HIGHCOUR.TXT - High Court's Double Offensive in the Culture War
Russell Shaw

This article is a good summary of the current direction of the Supreme Court on cases which impinge on traditional values. Taken from the July 28, 1996 issue of "Catholic Twin Circle."

233. Current Issues - bbchypocr.htm - Historically Senseless Hypocrisy
Lucetta Scaraffia

The BBC decision to revise Chronological dating: BC, Before Christ, and AD, Anno Domini, to the generic "CE", Common Era, in order not to offend believers of other religions, is seen as as a veiled attempt on the part of Western secularists to erase Christianity from Western culture. FRENCH REVOLUTION ENLIGHTENMENT NAPOLEON LENIN MUSSOLINI

234. Current Issues - justicetoP12.htm - History Will Render Justice to Pope Pius XII

Fifty years after Pius XII's death, the black legend of "Hitler's Pope" is still vividly present in the newspapers. Paolo Mieli, an authoritative historian and editor-in-chief of an important Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, discusses it here in an interview with Giovanni Maria Vian, editor-in-chief of L'Osservatore Romano, and with the author of this article. PACELLI NAZIS SHOAH HOLOCAUST JEWS COMMUNISM GERMANY SOVIET UNION HISTORIOGRAPHY

235. Current Issues - PRREVIEW.TXT - Holy Mother Church, Holy Mother Oppressor
Thomas Brock

Thomas Brock, sysop on American Life League's BBS, reviews the blasphemous, Disney movie, 'Priest'. BROCK DISNEY PRIESTS MIRAMAX MOVIE

236. Current Issues - homfrpavone.htm - Homily: Thursday, Week II, Ordinary Time
Father Frank Pavone

In his homily of 18 January 2007, in EWTN's televised Mass, Father Pavone, defined the true meaning of peace, the true peace won for us by Christ on the cross, reconciling us with the Father. But this peace is lost whenever human lives are "oppressed or downtrodden," as in the killing of unborn children, legalized by Roe v. Wade. ABORTION MARTIN LUTHER KING NEGRO

237. Current Issues - HOMARRIA.TXT - Homosexual Marriage-The Marginalization of Women and the Family
L.M. Farrell, Ph. D.

An excellent article on homosexual marriage and the crisis which has been unleashed as a result of the revolutionary change in thinking about the family.

238. Current Issues - homomarr.htm - Homosexual Marriage: Much to Fear
Burman Skrable

An analysis of the implications of same-sex marriage, what it means about social and moral values, and its inevitable impact on society. This article was taken from the October 1996 issue of "Culture Wars." HOMOSEXUALITY

239. Current Issues - HOMOMARR.ZIP - Homosexual Marriage: Much to Fear
Burman Skrable

An analysis of the implications of same-sex marriage, what it means about social and moral values, and its inevitable impact on society. This article was taken from the October 1996 issue of "Culture Wars." HOMOSEXUALITY

240. Current Issues - HOMOCARE.HTM - Homosexuality and Gospel Truth: Towards Effective Pastoral Care
Robert A. Gahl, Jr.

Pastoral care of homosexuals should reinforce their dignity as persons by calling them to ascetical struggle against the sinfulness of homosexual behavior. MINISTRY GAY DISCRIMINATION SEXUALITY

241. Current Issues - homohope.htm - Homosexuality and Hope
Catholic Medical Association

The Catholic Medical Association, "dedicated to upholding the principles of the Catholic Faith as related to the practice of medicine," offers a summary and review of the status of the question on homosexuality. Is it genetically predetermined, or is it a result of trauma/erroneous education/sin? And what can a person with same-sex attraction do to overcome it? POLITICS FATHER MOTHER CHILDREN GAY SEXUAL ADDICTION GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER GID AIDS FAMILY BISEXUALITY LESBIANS

242. Current Issues - DEPOSE.TXT - How a Bishop Is Deposed: The Latest Case
Farley Clinton

Facts and events surrounding the removal of Bishop Jacques Gaillot. This article was taken from the February 2, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' CLINTON GAILLOT FRANCE DEPOSED

243. Current Issues - CHINBIR1.TXT - How the U.S. Helps China Control Births
Mary Meehan

A special investigation by Our Sunday Visitor finds the U.S. has been secretly assisting China's 'birth police'. This article was taken from the July 2, 1995 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. MEEHAN CHINA BIRTH ABORTION UN US

244. Current Issues - CULTURE.HTM - How to Win the Culture War
Peter Kreeft

Dr Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College and author of more than 25 books on Christian apologetics, outlines the three conditions for victory in the current war between the cultures of life and death. U.S. AMERICA MARTYR DEMONS

245. Current Issues - relatnorm.htm - If Relativism Becomes a Norm
Archbishop Dominique Mamberti

"There is a real risk that moral relativism, which imposes itself as a new social norm, will come to undermine the foundations of individual freedom of conscience and religion". Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, Secretary for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State, said this regarding the recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights for various cases on respecting religious freedom in the United Kingdom. HOMOSEXUALS SECULARISM RELIGIOUS FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE RELIGION CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION PLURALISM AUTONOMY

246. Current Issues - zechrhomadop.htm - If the Woman Had Been a Man...
Grégor Puppinck

Here is a commentary from Grégor Puppinck, PhD, director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, concerning a ruling, 19 February 2013, from the European Court of Human Rights on a homosexual adoption case. HETEROSEXUAL BIOLOGICAL PARENTS FATHER DISCRIMINATION CHILDREN EQUALITY SEXUAL ORIENTATION FAMILY

247. Current Issues - gomezimm.htm - Immigration and the Next America: Perspectives from Our History
Archbishop José H. Gomez

Here is an adapted address given by the Archbishop of Los Angeles at the Napa Institute on 28 July 2011. In it the Archbishop observes how America has changed, and not for the better, and how, in the providence of God, our need for renewal may be met by immigration. NATIVISM SPAIN JUNÍPERO SERRA ANTONIO MARGIL CHESTERTON ANGLO-PROTESTANT HISPANIC-CATHOLIC

248. Current Issues - GRAIL.TXT - In Search Of The Holy Grail
Robert Moynihan

The root cause of the current problem in Catholicism is a loss of the sense of the sacred, of the sense of God's presence. We must find it again There have been conflicting reports this summer about the search for the Holy Grail - the cup or chalice that Jesus used the night of the Last Supper, when he instituted the central mystery of the Christian faith, the Eucharist. This article was taken from 'Inside the Vatican.'

249. Current Issues - inaugeusym.htm - Inaugural Address: European Symposium of University Professors
Cardinal Camillo Ruini

On 5 June 2008, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome, opened the Sixth European Symposium of University Professors. These are extracts from the inaugural address given in Italian. The Cardinal spoke of the Holy Father's concern to "broaden the horizons of rationality" in the face of current tendencies "to limit reason to what can be experienced and calculated." SCIENCE MATERIALISM NATURALISM HABERMAS

250. Current Issues - INSIDCTA.TXT - Inside Call to Action
Mary Jo Anderson

"The call to build FutureChurch was the rallying cry of 3,500 Catholic dissidents at the 1995 Call to Action conference held in Chicago this past November. For an Orthodox Catholic taking a firsthand look at this subculture that threatens to form an "American Catholic Church," the open, aggressive rebellion unleashed in session after session is sobering." This article was taken from the February 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

251. Current Issues - intrsodano.htm - Interview with Cardinal Sodano
Giampaolo Mattei

"It is by now a cultural contrast: the Pope embodies moral truths that are not accepted so that priests' failings and shortcomings are used as weapons against the Church", Cardinal Angelo Sodano said in an interview with L'Osservatore Romano. SEX ABUSE SCANDAL

252. Current Issues - intrpasini.htm - Interview with Mons. Cesare Pasini, Prefect of the Vatican Apostolic Library
Marcello Filotei

This is a translation of the interview that Mons. Cesare Pasini, Prefect of the Vatican Apostolic Library, gave L'Osservatore Romano Italian daily edition. Mons. Pasini explains how the Apostolic Library has been computerized for ease of use. DAN BROWN

253. Current Issues - PILSORD.TXT - Is 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis' an Infallible Exercise of the Extraordinary Papal Magisterium?
Fr. Peter Pilsner

This file contains Fr. Peter Pilsner's valuable comments as they appeared on CRNET. PILSNER ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS INFALLIBLE

254. Current Issues - MARRDISC.HTM - Is Marriage Just Discrimination?
R.M.T. Schmid

The writer, from St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford, examines the question of whether limiting the legal recognition and social benefits of marriage to heterosexual couples is a form of unjust discrimination against homosexual couples. SOCIETY COMPLEMENTARITY PROCREATION SOCIALIZATION FAMILY

255. Current Issues - zproport.htm - Is Proportionalism Reasonable?
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, explains why the moral theory called "Porportionalism" is superficial, unworkable, and leads to a subjectivist morality. PREFERENCE PRINCIPLE CONSEQUENTIALISM INTRINSECE MALUM INTRINSICALLY EVIL GREATER GOOD

256. Current Issues - zrelighead.htm - Is Religion Only in Your Head
Father Dwight Longenecker

Father Longenecker, Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, South Carolina, explains why scientific experiments attempting to chart brain activity during religious experiences have no relevance to the validity of those experiences. MATERIALISM NEWBERG NEUROSCIENCE

257. Current Issues - zscifrewil.htm - Is Science Compatible With Free Will?

Through the use of quantum experiments, the prejudice that exists against the possibility that spiritual principles such as God, angels, and the human soul govern the visible world can be overcome. Interviewed by ZENIT, Antoine Suarez, a Swiss quantum physicist, philosopher, and bioethicist, says the study of free can help to promote dialogue between the "new Atheists" and people of faith. QUANTUM PHYSICS NEUROSCIENCE PHILOSOPHY DAWKINS PELL ATHEISM SPACE TIME

258. Current Issues - endnear.htm - Is the End Near?
Inside the Vatican Staff

An examination of the views and attitudes--and public statements--of those who have actually read the text of the third secred of Fatima. RATZINGER POPE JOHN PAUL II

259. Current Issues - ZISLAWDE.HTM - Islamic Law and Its Democratic Potential

A pressing question on the international scene is whether Islamic societies can embrace democratic governance and political self-determination after centuries of autocratic rule. David Forte, a consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family and an adviser to President George Bush on Islamic affairs, shared with ZENIT why he believes there are facets of Islamic law that are hospitable to the development of free societies. ination after centuries of autocratic rule. SHARIA FATWAS KORAN DEMOCRACY

260. Current Issues - ZINVEST.HTM - It Pays To Be Ethical

"Growing concern about the effects of globalization has forced companies to pay more attention to the ethical consequences of their actions." Bad conduct can result not only in "bad publicity and lost sales," but also in loss of capital, as "a growing number of investment funds have begun to channel money to firms seen as ethically acceptable." BUSINESS AQUINAS FUND

261. Current Issues - zjansmithpriv.htm - Janet Smith on the Right to Privacy

The advent of the right to privacy in American constitutional law enabled the culture of death to thrive in this country, according to philosopher Janet E. Smith. Professor Smith, who holds the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, shared with ZENIT how the so-called right to privacy has vitiated any sense that there is an objective truth that must govern human behavior. CONTRACEPTION ABORTION RELATIVISM SUBJECTIVISM HUMAN RIGHTS

262. Current Issues - ZPIUS12.HTM - Jewish Recognition of Pope Pius XII's Support

This ZENIT article of 30 July 1999 reports that "a document has been discovered in Israel that not only confirms Pius XII's role in defense of persecuted Jews, but reveals that world leaders of the Jewish communities at the time were very aware of his action, to the point that after the war they came to Rome and gave the Catholic Church a very generous donation." WWII JEWS JUDAISM HOLOCAUST GENOCIDE

263. Current Issues - JPFIRM.TXT - John Paul Stands Firm
Robert Moynihan

Mr. Moynihan endeavors to 'read between the lines' of 'Veritatis Splendor' and place this encyclical in the context of the theological and ecclesial crisis the Church faces in the closing years of the 20th century. Taken from the November 1993 issue of 'Inside the Vatican'. To subscribe write: St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Community, 3050 Gap Knob Road, New Hope, KY 40052. MOYNIHAN JOHN PAUL II VERITATIS SPLENDOR RELATIVISM INSIDE THE VATICAN

264. Current Issues - JPFIRM.ZIP - John Paul Stands Firm
Robert Moynihan

Mr. Moynihan endeavors to 'read between the lines' of 'Veritatis Splendor' and place this encyclical in the context of the theological and ecclesial crisis the Church faces in the closing years of the 20th century. Taken from the November 1993 issue of 'Inside the Vatican'. To subscribe write: St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Community, 3050 Gap Knob Road, New Hope, KY 40052. MOYNIHAN JOHN PAUL II VERITATIS SPLENDOR RELATIVISM INSIDE THE VATICAN

265. Current Issues - ZJUSTWAR.HTM - Just-War Principles

An article, "The Catholic Difference: Getting 'Just-War' Straight," written in light of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, which is followed by an interview with the writer, George Weigel. JUSTICE CHARITY PROPORTIONALITY NON-COMBATANT AUGUSTINE AQUINAS TERROR JUST CAUSE

266. Current Issues - REALKINS.HTM - Kinsey's Flawed Research

Here are two articles inspired by a book by Susan Brinkmann, The Kinsey Connection, and occasioned by the release of a movie on the famed "researcher" into sexual behavior. In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Judith Reisman, whose conclusions are summarized in Brinkmann's book, describes the addictive nature of pornography, and the pornographic industry which Kinsey's unwarranted conclusions helped to spawn. And Thomas Szyszkiewics, reviewing Brinkmann's book for Our Sunday Visitor, observes how Kinsey's conclusions were accepted at face value by the academic world and news media, even when scientists were critical of his methods. ADDICTION GUILT HOMOSEXUALITY MARRIAGE SEX EDUCATION SOCIALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES

267. Current Issues - KINSEY.TXT - Kinsey's Fraud and Its Consequences For Society
Raquel M. Chanano

'Many people will be surprised to discover that what has served and is serving as the basis for public school sex education has its roots in scientific fraud.' This article substantiates the claim of it's opening sentence. CHANANO KINSEY SEX EDUCATION SCHOOLS

268. Current Issues - zchaplaw.htm - Law and Morality in Public Discourse
Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM Cap

Here is an address from Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. at the Faith in the Public Square Conference, held at St. Augustine Seminary, Toronto, Canada, 6 Aug. 2014. The Archbishop of Philadelphia argues that natural law should undergird our positive laws. ORDER CREATION VOEGELIN MARITAIN BENEDICT XVI MURRAY CULTURE DULLES MANENT HUMAN RIGHTS TELOS GNOSTICISM GREGORY MACINTYRE NEUHAUS EUCHARIST

269. Current Issues - zcathlaw.htm - Law From a Catholic Lens

Much ink has been spilled over the supposed implications of having five Catholic justices sitting simultaneously on the U.S. Supreme Court. But there has been little discussion of what a uniquely Catholic understanding of American law actually means and how it may apply in the various substantive areas of law. Kevin Lee, a professor of law at Campbell University, shared with ZENIT the contours of a distinctively Catholic understanding of law, and how Catholics may productively contribute to the law's development. ANTHROPOLOGY LIBERALISM NATURAL LAW FALL IMAGO DEI JOHN PAUL II

270. Current Issues - RECOGHMO.HTM - Legal Recognition of Homosexual Unions
Mons. Angel Rodríguez (Luno) Luño

Mons. Luño, of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, enlarges on the dangerous consequences to society of legal recognition of homosexual unions, as addressed by Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions between Homosexual Persons, published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, July 2003. MARRIAGE FAMILY CHILDREN RIGHTS POLITICS ETHICS HETEROSEXUAL DISCRIMINATION

271. Current Issues - zeuthom.htm - Legalizing Euthanasia by Omission
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, examines the implications of a new end-of-life medical form, "Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment" (POLST), which is rapidly gaining ascendency in U.S. healthcare. DO NOT RESUSCITATE DNR PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE PVS TERMINAL SUICIDE COMPASSION & CHOICES

272. Current Issues - PRIECRIT.TXT - Letter to Roy Disney
James G. Prusa

Critique of the film 'Priest'. This file also provides a list of Disney contacts for those who would like to make their opinions known. PRUSA DISNEY PRIEST MOVIE

273. Current Issues - ZMORTARA.HTM - Levi-Mortara's Testimony for Beatification of Pius IX

The beatification of Pope Pius IX, 3 Sept 2000, was overshadowed in the media by controversies about his life, especially in regards to Edgardo Mortara. Mortara was born to Jewish parents but baptized without their knowledge, and eventually raised under the Pope's auspices. The case triggered a firestorm of controversy in 19th-century Italy. Here is Father Mortara's complete testimony, published in Italian in 1954. ECUMENIC

274. Current Issues - zsdmnfp.htm - Licit Forms of Natural Family Planning
E. Christian Brugger

In this ZENIT article, E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, argues in favor of the legitimacy of the Standard Days Method (SDM) of Natural Family Planning (NFP). USAID CONTRACEPTION RHYTHM ABSTINENCE FERTILITY

275. Current Issues - zcentrsm.hgm - Logic and the Myth of Centrism
Dr Edward Mulholland

Dr Edward Mulholland, of the Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College, laments that the USA no longer produces people who can think beyond their own interests and see reality. When it comes to matters of principle, the possibility of a centrist position is a myth. POLITICS POLITICAL DEBATES ABORTION GAY MARRIAGE SLAVERY ABOLITION

276. Current Issues - zcentrsm.htm - Logic and the Myth of Centrism
Dr Edward Mulholland

Dr Edward Mulholland, of the Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College, laments that the USA no longer produces people who can think beyond their own interests and see reality. When it comes to matters of principle, the possibility of a centrist position is a myth. POLITICS POLITICAL DEBATES ABORTION GAY MARRIAGE SLAVERY ABOLITION

277. Current Issues - LOOKLIKE.TXT - Looking More Like America?
Mary Meehan

A sketch of the anti-life pedigrees of President Clinton's National Bioethics Advisory Commission. Taken fromt he November 3, 1996 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor."

278. Current Issues - zfewbirths.htm - Lots of Data Point to Fewer Births

In a message sent 28 April 2006 to participants in a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Benedict XVI cited an "urgent need" for reflection in the area of demography. Experts agree that an increase in life expectancies is being met with a drop in birthrates. Societies are aging and "many nations or groups of nations lack a sufficient number of young people to renew their population," the Holy Father wrote. The root of the problem is moral and spiritual, rather than economic. EUROPE

279. Current Issues - UNGENDER.TXT - Mainstreaming the Gender Perspective in the UN System
Dale O'Leary

Gender as used by the UN is a word that implies an entire ideological agenda, one which is contrary to the culture, religious beliefs, laws and constitutions of many of the member states. Given this usage there is no way that the word gender can be used in a neutral or non-ideological sense in the Platform. Gender should be replaced with the word sex, or male and female, or women's Publication No. 541. OLEARY GENDER UN BEIJING S

280. Current Issues - RIGHTS.HTM - Man and His Rights
Cardinal Giovanni Colombo

In December 1977, on the feast of St Ambrose, Patron Saint of the diocese of Milan, Cardinal Giovanni Colombo [then Archbishop of Milan] delivered a homily on the difference between the Christian and secularist concepts of the rights of man, and how uncertain human rights are under the secularist concept. DUTIES AUTHORITY VALUES MORALITY ETHICS STATE MARXISM LIBERALISM HUMANISM

281. Current Issues - ZMANWOMN.HTM - Man-Woman Relationship Is Not a Rivalry

The differences between men and women are not to be reasons for rivalry, but rather are the foundation of a collaborative relationship. This is the central proposal of the "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Collaboration Between Man and Woman in the Church and the World," published 31 July 2004 by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In an interview with Vatican Radio, Archbishop Angelo Amato, secretary of the doctrinal congregation, sheds light on the implications of this proposal. MASCULINE FEMININE SEX GENDER

282. Current Issues - zmarkets.htm - Markets and Morality
Father John Flynn

Father Flynn summarizes a book by economist and theologian, Daniel Finn, The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims about Markets and Justice, which examines key issues related to the market economy from a moral perspective. Of central importance is the concept of self-interest. ADAM SMITH ECONOMICS CAPITALISM

283. Current Issues - zmarrtrib.htm - Marriage Tribulations
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn examines a report in the 2010 edition of The State of Our Unions, a joint effort by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and the Center for Marriage and Families at the Institute for American Values, released on 6 December 2010. MIDDLE AMERICANS EDUCATION DIVORCE COHABITATION CULTURE EUROPE

284. Current Issues - ZLAITY.HTM - Mary Ann Glendon on the Reform of Lay Catholics

Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard Law Professor, gave an address, 4 November 2002, at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum on the role and renewal of the Catholic laity. Glendon was Pope John Paul II's representative at the 1995 World Conference on Woman, held in Beijing. FORMATION PROTESTANTISM ANTICATHOLIC BIGOTRY SEXUAL ABUSE EDUCATION EVANGELIZATION

285. Current Issues - zmasathcath.htm - Masonry, Atheism and Catholicism

What's true and what's not about the Masons? Father Manuel Guerra Gómez is a diocesan priest of Burgos, and a retired professor of the Burgos headquarters of the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain. In this interview with ZENIT he says that "the Masonic method, atheistic in nature, reflects historical relativism and leads to the socio-cultural relativism that it promotes." CONSPIRACY FREEMASONRY GNOSTICISM SECRECY CULTURE DEMOCRACY

286. Current Issues - zmaybiomat.htm - May Researchers Use Biological Material Unjustly Obtained?
William E. May

William E. May, a Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers a difficult moral question regarding the use, for scientific research, of tissues taken from embryonic or fetal human persons who were intentionally aborted. ABORTION GRISEZ DIGNITAS PERSONAE DONUM VITAE ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZATION FETUS EMBRYO

287. Current Issues - JP2ARMEN.HTM - May We Rediscover Our Full Communion
Pope John Paul II

The Holy Father's message to Karekin I, Patriarch of All Armenians (shortly before the Patriarch's death), in which he recounts the venerable history of the Armenian Church, and looks forward to its restoration to communion with the Catholic Church. ECUMENISM KHATCHKAR

288. Current Issues - MEDEVOL.HTM - Media Twists Papal Statement on Evolution
Michael S. Rose

In response to a CWN news story about Pope John Paul's statement regarding the theory of evolution-- a statement which also provoked heavy coverage in the secular media-- several readers have asked for more details. Following this analysis by Michael Rose, extensive excerpts from the Holy Father's remarks on the subject are reproduced.

289. Current Issues - LAPAPACY.TXT - Media View of Pope John XXIII
David Shaw

Article taken from the April 18, 1995 issue of the 'Los Angeles Times'. SHAW JOHN XXIII COUNCIL JOHN PAUL II MEDIA

290. Current Issues - MEDMORLS.HTM - Medicine and Morals

A Study-course on "Medicine and Morals" was held in the Auditorium of the Hospital of St. Camillus from October 14th to 18th, 1968. This article provides a summary of some of the papers read. MEDICAL SITUATION ETHICS DOUBLE EFFECT TOTALITY RESUSCITATION HUMANAE VITAE TRANSPLANTS PIUS XII

291. Current Issues - MTERBEIJ.TXT - Message to the Fourth UN Women's Conference
Mother Teresa

This message was sent by Mother Teresa of Calcutta (11-23-95) to the UN Women's Conference in Beijing. MOTHER TERESA BEIJING UN

292. Current Issues - zmideastislm.htm - Middle Eastern Priest Explains Islam

Confusion over Islam may have peaked after 9/11/2001, but many questions still remain. That's why Jesuit Father Samir Khalil felt called to offer some answers, as an Islamic scholar, Semitologist, Orientalist and a Catholic theologian born in Egypt and based in the Middle East for more than 20 years. In this two-part interview with ZENIT, Father Samir speaks about his experience and efforts to build a mutual understanding between followers of the two Abrahamic faiths. KORAN TERRORISM WEST

293. Current Issues - CRMCHOAX.TXT - Mindszenty Report (November 1994)
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation


294. Current Issues - zmodslavry.htm - Modern Forms of Slavery
Father John Flynn, L.C.

In light of the U.S. State Department's 2010 Report on Trafficking in Persons, Father Flynn gives an overview of the problem. Although much media attention is focused on trafficking for sexual ends, the State Department pointed out that more people are trafficked for forced labor than for commercial sex. There are few prosecutions. ORGANIZED CRIME PROSTITUTION PALERMO PROTOCOL CORRUPTION

295. Current Issues - HRTTRNS.HTM - Moral Aspect of Heart Transplants

At a press conference on 24 May 1968, Mons. Ferdinando Lambruschini, professor of Moral theology in the Lateran University, dealt with the moral problems arising from heart transplants. Of particular concern was the moment of death of the donor. MEDICAL ETHICS RESUSCITATION

296. Current Issues - FALSEAD.TXT - More False Advice
Catholic Insight

Catholic Insight March 1996 An analysis of an attempt by Roman Catholic educators to make homosexuality acceptable in the Catholic schools in Canada.

297. Current Issues - ztestip12.htm - More Testimonies Defend Pius XII

Many past testimonies support Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's announcement that Pope Pius XII signed a letter in 1943 asking religious institutes to open their doors to persecuted Jews. That wartime letter undercuts the theory that bishops, religious and many Catholics who risked their lives to save Jews from extermination did so without the Pope's knowledge. NAZIS ANTI-SEMITISM

298. Current Issues - prbkmter.htm - Mother Teresa at the National Prayer Breakfast
Mother Teresa

This file contains Mother Teresa's talk to the National Prayer Breakfast, attended by President and Mrs. Clinton and by Vice-President and Mrs. Gore. MOTHER TERESA PRAYER BREAKFAST ABORTION

299. Current Issues - MTERSPCT.HTM - Mother Teresa Takes Pro-Life Message to the Supreme Court
Mother Teresa

This article appeared in the 24 February 1994 issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald in the 'Editor's Desk' column entitled 'More From Mother Teresa.' Mother Teresa has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court urging it to recognize the unborn child's right to life. MOTHER TERESA SUPREME COURT ROE V WADE LOCE ABORTION

300. Current Issues - EARLYYR.HTM - Mother Teresa: The Early Years
Renzo Allegri

An article from "New Covenant" magazine recounting Mother Teresa's early experiences in founding the Missionaries of Charity.

301. Current Issues - BLETP12.HTM - MYTH: The recurring accusations against Pope Pius XII
Rev. Pierre Blet, SJ

In this article Fr. Blet defends the record of Pius XII regarding the Jews, based upon documents in the Vatican archives. HOLOCAUST WORLD WAR NAZI HITLER JEWS

302. Current Issues - ZTRADFAM.HTM - Myths Aside, Traditional Families Protect Kids Best

Media reports of the findings by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) generally gave the impression that families were the main culprits in the area of sexual abuse. Yet the facts are rather different, demonstrated not least by the NSPCC’s own report based on information from just under 3,000 young adults. Even the NSPCC was taken aback by the way its statistics were distorted by the media. In fact, children are best protected by traditional family. VIOLENCE

303. Current Issues - ZNEWAGE.HTM - New Age Is Mistaken Answer to Search for Meaning

In a ZENIT interview, Massimo Introvigne, a leading expert in new religious movements, analyzed the recently published Vatican document on New Age [Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life], and expounds on the incompatibility of the spiritual phenomenon with Christian doctrine. CULT SPIRITUALITY

304. Current Issues - ZURCAVOI.HTM - New Catholic Political Movement in U.S.

A group of laity has formed a nonpartisan political movement that hopes to motivate and educate Catholic citizens for full political and social participation. The president of the group, called Your Catholic Voice, is Raymond Flynn, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican and former mayor of Boston. POLITICS PERSON DIGNITY LIFE FAMILY FREEDOM SOLIDARITY MEDIA

305. Current Issues - NEWEVID.TXT - New Evidence of Human Rights Abuse in China's One-Child Policy
Rita Joseph

June 1995 This article discusses the dilemma faced by the Australian Government regarding human rights abuse in China in light of the revelations of Amnesty International. JOSEPH AUSTRALIA CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS

306. Current Issues - MERECREA.TXT - No Mere Creatures
William Bentley Ball

In this interview Mr. Ball seeks to raise public awareness of growing threats to religious freedom in the United States. This article appeared in the August/September 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.'

307. Current Issues - ZSECRETS.HTM - No More Secrets, Visionary Said in 2001

The Fatima secret has been totally revealed by the Vatican, and Russia has already been consecrated as Mary requested, confirmed Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart. The witness of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima made this statement to the then secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, on Nov. 17, 2001, contradicting those who say that the Church still has secrets about the Marian apparition. FATIMA GRUNER THIRD SECRET

308. Current Issues - NOTSO.TXT - Not So Christian America
Thomas C. Reeves

An analysis of what it means to be religious or Christian in America today, with reference to Gallup polls which show at one and the same time an unprecedented high percentage of people who claim to believe in God and an unprecended secularization of personal values. Article appeared in the October 1996 issue of "First Things."

309. Current Issues - NOTSO.ZIP - Not So Christian America
Thomas C. Reeves

An analysis of what it means to be religious or Christian in America today, with reference to Gallup polls which show at one and the same time an unprecedented high percentage of people who claim to believe in God and an unprecended secularization of personal values. Article appeared in the October 1996 issue of "First Things."

310. Current Issues - NURSEPER.TXT - Nurse Persecuted by Army Hospital for Being Pro-Life
Michael A. Flach

A nurse's clinical privileges have been terminated at the Dewitt Army Hospital at Ft. Belvoir, Va., for refusing to prescribe the abortifacient contraceptive Depo-Provera.

311. Current Issues - BIOBELIE.TXT - Of Biochemistry and Belief
William Bole

Highlights the work of scientists such as Michael Behe who now have compelling evidence that "chance" cannot be the engine that drives evolution or the development of species. Taken from the December 1, 1996 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor."

312. Current Issues - TRUTOL.TXT - Of Truth and Tolerance at Easter
Patrick J. Buchanan

Excellent essay by Mr. Buchanan on false tolerance.

313. Current Issues - EUROPA.HTM - On Ecclesia in Europa
Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Archbishop Nichols, Birmingham, England, summarized the message of Pope John Paul II, in his Exhortation, Ecclesia in Europa, on the occasion of its promulgation (28 June 2003). The Holy Father reminds civil leaders of the European Union that "religious faith is crucial for the majority of people in Europe," and must be taken account of if the union is to succeed. Addressing Catholics, he calls them to conversion, in order to have more impact on European society. HOPE EU SOLIDARITY STATE EDUCATION CULTURE COMECE COMMUNION MISSION EVANGELIZATION SECULARIZATION CONSUMERISM FAMILY DOMESTIC LITURGY RECONCILIATION PENANCE MARRIAGE PERSON IMMIGRATION IMMIGRANTS REFUGEES ISLAM PRIESTS PARISHES

314. Current Issues - zplantepist.htm - On a Catholic-Protestant Philosophical Alliance

Alvin Plantinga is an American analytical philosopher, and is the John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame. He has been described as America's leading orthodox Protestant philosopher. In this interview, Plantinga reveals some interesting alliances between orthodox Protestants and Catholics. EVIL EXISTENCE OF GOD SELF-EVIDENT EPISTEMOLOGY NATURALISM PHILOSOPHY SCIENCE MATERIALISM EVOLUTION HEIDEGGER THEOLOGY

315. Current Issues - bavariab16.htm - On Benedict XVI's Addresses in Bavaria
Cardinal Renato R. Martino

Cardinal Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, highlights the concerns of Benedict XVI, expressed in his Addresses in Bavaria (2006). Particularly in the Pope's Address at the University of Regensburg, he criticized the West's limitation of reason to the empirically verifiable, divorcing it from all things metaphysical and religious. As a result, the West is not equipt for dialogue with the profoundly religious cultures of the world. INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY

316. Current Issues - casexabuse.htm - On Cases of Sexual Abuse
Fr Federiko Lombardi, SJ

Here is the text of the note issued on 9 March 2010 by Vatican Radio Director Fr Federico Lombardi, SJ, concerning cases of the sexual abuse of minors in ecclesiastical institutions. While acknowledging the reprehensibility of such cases, he notes their fractional part in a much broader problem, to the solution of which the Church is willing to contribute for the benefit of society at large. CANON LAW CHILDREN ADOLESCENTS

317. Current Issues - ZPRIVAT.HTM - On Catholic Politicians and Faith

Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, addresses the question, Where should a Catholic politician draw the line between private faith and public duties? This interview was conducted in light of the recent (Jan 2002) doctrinal note from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, entitled "On Some Questions Regarding the Participation of Catholics in Political Life". STATE POLITICS MORALITY ABORTION EQUALITY JUSTICE

318. Current Issues - zrtzeurcul - On Europe's Crisis of Culture
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Here is a ZENIT translation of a lecture given in Italian by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XIV, in the convent of Saint Scholastica in Subiaco, Italy, 1 April 2005, the day before Pope John Paul II died. The occasion for the lecture was the bestowal on Cardinal Ratzinger of the St. Benedict Award for the promotion of life and the family in Europe. POVERTY MORALISM POLITICS SCIENCE TERRORISM ENLIGHTENMENT REASON FREEDOM RIGHTS RATIONALISM POSITIVISM

319. Current Issues - zreprorights - On Feminism, Eugenics and Reproductive Rights

"Reproductive rights" are a means to wield demographic control in poor countries and to destroy the experience of being a woman, says journalist Eugenia Roccella. A 1970s leader of the women's liberation movement, Roccella is the author of essays on feminism and women's literature. In this interview with ZENIT, Roccella talks about the anti-birth ideology of international institutions such as the United Nations and European Union. FAMILY PLANNING CONTRCEPTION ABORTION STERILIZATION EUROPEAN UNION

320. Current Issues - PALRFUGE.HTM - On Palestinian Refugees
Archbishop Renato R. Martino

On 3 November 1999, Archbishop Renato R. Martino, the Holy See's Permanent Observer at the United Nations in New York, addressed the Fourth Committee of the 54th General Assembly on item 88, "United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East". The thrust of his message was that the "hopes of a people who long for a lasting peace ... remain unfulfilled." MIDDLE EAST ISRAEL JERUSALEM

321. Current Issues - zgeorgepolcon.htm - On Politics and Conscience
Robert George

As reported by ZENIT, here is the text of an address on political obligations and moral conscience, by Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University. HUMAN LIFE PERSONS ABORTION EMBRYOS RIGHTS CLONING CUOMO DEATH PENALTY CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

322. Current Issues - ENGBISHO.TXT - On Receiving Anglican Clergy Into the Catholic Church
English Bishops

Statement of the bishops of England and Wales given on April 15, 1994. Uploaded by Tim Church. ENGLAND ANGLICAN CLERGY BISHOPS

323. Current Issues - LEONARD.TXT - On the Ordination of Anglican Bishop Leonard as a Roman Catholic Priest
Cardinal George Basil Hume

Cardinal Hume's statement of April 26 discussing Dr. Graham Leonard's conditional ordination to the priesthood. Uploaded by Tim Church HUME LEONARD ANGLICAN PRIESTHOOD ORDINATION ENGLAND

324. Current Issues - chapstate.htm - On the Separation of Sense and State: A Clarification for the People of the Church in Northern Colorado
Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

In an address to Catholics of the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, dated 25 August 2008, Archbishop Charles Chaput took exception to televised remarks made by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, on the grave moral error of procured abortion. POLITICS INFANTICIDE DOCTORS EMBRYO BONHOEFFER AUGUSTINE CONNERY

325. Current Issues - zholywars.htm - On Wars Thought Holy

There is little similarity between the extremist concept of jihad as a holy war and the Christian Crusades, says a historian of the Middle Ages. Marco Meschini, a professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, says that jihad and the Crusades are asymmetric. In this interview with ZENIT, he explains why. MUSLIMS ISLAM PARADISE KORAN

326. Current Issues - ORDIN.TXT - Ordinatio Sacerdotalis: Exercise in Infallibility
Jeff Mirus

Jeff Mirus reflects on Ordinatio Sacerdotalis as an excercise of papal infallibility. (Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is the Apostolic Letter in which John Paul II declared that the Church has no authority to ordain women to the priesthood.) POPE JOHN PAUL II ORDINATIO SACERDOTALIS ORDINATION WOMEN PRIEST MIRUS APOSTOLIC LETTER SYSOP

327. Current Issues - TIGHTRES.TXT - Orthodox Church Body Seeks Tighter Restrictions on Religious Freedom
Lawrence A. Uzzell

By pushing for a tougher crack-down on religious minorities than several key secular officials are willing to accept, the Moscow Patriarchate's Department of External Church Relations may end up ensuring that Russia's 1990 law protecting freedom of conscience remains unchanged. Rumoured disagreements between the department's head, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk, and Patriarch Aleksei II came into the open at a September 27 hearing on a bill narrowing religious freedom which had received preliminary approval from the Duma in July.

328. Current Issues - FREEBELI.TXT - Our Freedom of Belief is in Peril
Rita M. Joseph

This article, which originially appeared in The Catholic Weekly, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia, Dec. 14, 1994, addresses the failure of the Australian government to protect 'freedom of belief.' FREEDOM CONSCIENCE AUSTRALIA

329. Current Issues - zxian2cl.htm - Pakistani Christians: Second-Class Citizens?

It is increasingly hard to be a Catholic in a Muslim majority country, says the bishop of the Faisalabad Diocese, where Christians are often treated as second-class citizens. In this interview given to the television program "Where God Weeps" of the Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN) in cooperation with Aid to the Church in Need, the bishop speaks about his vocation, the situation of Christians in Pakistan, and the problems associated with the "blasphemy law" in that country. ISLAM FUNDAMENTALISM DHIMMI BLASPHEMY LAW QUR'AN MARY

330. Current Issues - zparsol.htm - Parents Are the Solution, Not the Problem
Denise Hunnell, MD

Writing for ZENIT, Denise Hunnell, MD, a Fellow of Human Life International, addresses the increased involvement of government in the education, health care, and general well-being of children, at the expense of parental authority. HOMESCHOOLING HOMOSEXUALITY ABORTION CONTRACEPTION ABSTINENCE SAFE-SEX

331. Current Issues - HITORMIS.TXT - Parochial Councils--Hits or Misses?
Walter J. Paulits

An evaluation of parish councils and finance committees. This article was taken from the May 1996 issue of "The Priest".

332. Current Issues - PBABORT.HTM - Partial Birth Abortion and Catholics
William E. May

After briefly describing the nature of "partial-birth abortion", Professor May, of John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, Washington DC, summarizes the "efforts by American lawmakers to make it a criminal activity and the key role played by Catholic senators in preventing these efforts from taking effect." He then examines "recent steps taken by the Bishops of the United States to defend innocent human life, in particular the life of the unborn." ROE V. WADE

333. Current Issues - COURAGE.TXT - Pastoral Care for Homosexual Persons

This file gives the background of Courage, its program and Church teaching about homosexuality as well as a listing of different chapters.

334. Current Issues - PAULRIGH.TXT - Paul VI Was Right
Stefano M. Paci

According to Dutch Primate Cardinal Adrianus Simonis, Paul VI realized that non-Catholic thinking had penetrated the Church. Today, he warns, a new Reformation is under way on a par with the 16th century movement.

335. Current Issues - zpedoroots.htm - Pedophilia's Roots and the Catholic Church

If pedophilia is so widespread in society, what has caused its growth? And how did it infiltrate the Church? These and other questions have been tackled in a book by Francesco Agnoli, Massimo Introvigne, Giuliano Guzzo, Luca Volonté and Lorenzo Bertocchi, which considers the roots of the phenomenon of pedophilia. ZENIT spoke with one of the authors, Lorenzo Bertocchi, about their conclusions and what wavering Catholics can do to restore faith in the Church. SEXUAL ABUSE REVOLUTION TOURISM INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY SEMINARIES CULTURE SIN ZERO TOLERANCE

336. Current Issues - zphensuff.htm - Phenomenologist: Suffering Youth See Satan as Angel, Friend

Carlo Climati, an expert in the phenomenon of satanism among young people, spoke with ZENIT at the “Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation" course held at Rome's Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Climati sheds light on what satanology really is, why youth get involved, and whether there is a way out. HATE MUSIC GRIS OCCULTISM MAGIG

337. Current Issues - ZP12JWS.HTM - Pius XII's Aid to Jews Stirred Protests

Documentation from the Vatican Secret Archives has revealed that Pope Pius XII's wartime assistance to Jews was so great that it stirred protests in some Catholic circles. In order to understand better these discoveries, ZENIT (4 July 2004) interviewed Father Peter Gumpel, a historian and expert on the matter. WORLD WAR II NAZIS FASCISTS ANTI-SEMITISM

338. Current Issues - GUILTP12.HTM - Pius XII: Guilty as Charged?
Charles DeCelles

This article was taken from the January, 1996 issue of 'The Priest'.

339. Current Issues - PIUS12M.HTM - Pius XII: The Martyrdom of Silence
Emilia Paola Pacelli

"There is the silence of the fearful, the silence of cowards, the silence of traitors, the silence of opportunists, the silence of the indifferent. But there is also the silence of the strong, of the champions of the faith .... And this is the case with Pius XII." Dr Pacelli gives testimony to the Pope's suffering in silence rather than give occasion to the Nazis to worsen their atrocities. JEWS HOLOCAUST GENOCIDE WORLD WAR II misunder

340. Current Issues - PPPROMOT.TXT - Planned Parenthood Promotes 'Free Sex' by Employing These Harmful Deceptions
Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB

Deception #1: The present-day society is healthy, #2. There is no intrinsic connection between sex and new life; #3. It is good to promote 'safe' sex or recreational sex; #4. Recreational sex is an expression of freedom of choice.

341. Current Issues - PLANMILL.TXT - Planning For The Millennium: Where Is The 'Amchurch' Heading?
Paul Likoudis

Catholics across the country are currently engaged in parish or diocesan planning programs, devising parish mission statements or charting a diocesan "vision" as the Church prepares for the third millennium. This article, taken from the February 6, 1997 issue of "The Wanderer", analyses what direction the Catholic Church in the U.S. is headed.

342. Current Issues - PCATCC.TXT - Political Confusion at the Catholic Conference
Patrick Fagan

The bishops, when they permit their institutions to speak as they do, seem to know neither their own role in politics nor the layman's. As a result the USCC's statements on political responsibility are confusing at best, and a danger to the bishops' authority at worst. In this essay Mr. Fagan's seeks to uphold the teaching authority of the bishops on issues of faith or morals, while defending the freedom anyone has in political thought and action. This article was taken from the June 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

343. Current Issues - zpolincnbrs.htm - Politically Incorrect Numbers

Numbers might not be politically correct, but they shouldn't offend anyone, according to an author who says the current discourse on pedophile priests is a typical example of a "moral panic." In a ZENIT interview, Massimo Introvigne, director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, discussed the link between pedophilia and homosexuality. CELIBACY BERTONE EPHEBOPHILIA

344. Current Issues - STELLAR.TXT - Pontifical Science Academy Banks on Stellar Cast
Gabriel Meyer

An article taken from the December 1-7, 1996 issue of the "National Catholic Register", about the Pontifical Academy of Science, especially its newest members.

345. Current Issues - JP2FIGHT.TXT - Pope Continues Fight Against Draft Population Document

Pope John Paul calls the U.N.'s draft document on population a threat to 'human dignity and morality.' This article was taken from the April 21, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer,' 201 Ohio Street, St. Paul, MN 55107. WANDERER LIKOUDIS ABORTION JOHN PAUL II CAIRO UN

346. Current Issues - HEADHEAD.TXT - Population controllers, pro-life activists go head-to-head at U.N. Food Summit
Tom McFeely

A report on the Food and Agriculture Organization's World Food Summit held in Rome on November 13-17. By a combination of misrepresentation, procedural manipulation and anti-democratic subverrsion, the U.N. tried to force a host of feminist and radical environmentalist initiatives introduced by Western governments into every final document at recent U.N. conferences. Population control was a prime objective.

347. Current Issues - ZPORNOG.HTM - Pornography: the Degrading Behemoth

In a two-part interview, Alan Sears, president and general counsel of the Alliance Defense Fund, shared with ZENIT how pornography perpetuates hatred and exploitation of the human person and preys upon individuals' weaknesses for profit. SEX ABORTION HOMOSEXUALITY OBSCENITY FIRST AMENDMENT CENSORSHIP

348. Current Issues - POSTCON.HTM - Post-Conciliary States of Mind
Cardinal Pericle Felici

The Cardinal, in remarking on the inevitability of anxiety over the changes called for by Vatican II, warned against exacerbating the situation by innovations against the "substance of belief." DISCIPLINE CANON LAW THEOLOGIANS PRIVATE JUDGEMENT

349. Current Issues - zprenatest.htm - Prenatal Testing: A Double-edged Sword
Denise J. Hunnell, MD

Dr Hunnell draws attention to the misuse of prenatal testing. While it may offer opportunities to correct abnormalities, when used to screen for defects, it often results in the abortion of unborn children. DOWN SYNDROME AMNIOCENTESIS OBAMACARE IVF PREIMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS PGD EMBRYOS MALEK DAAR FETUS GENOME ULTRASOUND

350. Current Issues - educrelig.htm - Preventing Violence and Building Peace
Paul Bhatti

From 5-11 November 2013 the international conference "Identity, alterity, universality" was held in Milan and Moscow. The speakers included the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola. The following are excerpts of one of the addresses given by the brother of Shabhaz Bhatti, Minister far Minority Affairs in Pakistan, killed by Islamic extremists on 11 March 2011. EDUCATION RELIGIOUS FREEDOM INTOLERANCE PERSECUTION POVERTY

351. Current Issues - CRIMES.TXT - Priestly Crimes in China
Chinese Gov't

A copy of the Chinese government's "Letter of decision " sentencing Fr. Charles Bo Le Guo to an additional 2 years of imprisonment after having been confined for 28 years without any charges ever being filed against him. This letter is a good example of the persecution of priests in China.

352. Current Issues - lifelawduty.htm - Pro Life, Civil Law and Individual Duty
Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi

On 11-12 June 2005, 25.9 percent of Italians nationwide voted in the referendum for the abrogation of Law 40/2004 that strictly controls "medically assisted procreation", including artificial fertilization. To change this law, over 50 percent had to participate in this vote. Consequently, the referendum failed. The position of the Italian Catholic Church was that Christians, to protect life, should abstain from voting; Cardinal Tettamanzi observed that this was in this particular case a legitimate decision and not a matter of political disengagement. His article serves as an effective teaching tool regarding the possibility of hierarchical involvement in critical moral issues affecting our day, and the role that Bishops must exercise in informing the Catholic faithful of their responsibilities in these matters. MEDICAL ETHICS LESSER EVIL HETEROLOGOUS ARTIFICIAL IN VITRO FERTILIZATION FETUS EMBRYO PROCREATION

353. Current Issues - FEEDING.TXT - Problems of Artificial Feeding
Fr. William Most

Fr. Most summarizes the question of the morality of refusing artificial feeding to a terminally ill patient. TUBE-FEEDING PROPORTIONAL MEANS

354. Current Issues - zpromdef.htm - Promoting and Defending Marriage in the USA
US Bishops Subcommittee for Marriage

This five-part series, supplied by ZENIT, is based on a talk given by staff of the US Bishops' Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage at a conference for Catholic marriage and family life ministers in July 2013. The series is in response to the US Supreme Court's ruling (June 2013) which undermined the traditional definition of marriage. PROPOSITION 8 DOMA MARRIAGE DEBATE EQUALITY HOMOSEXUAL SAME-SEX HUMAN PERSON SEXUAL ORIENTATION ANTHROPOLOGY CHASTITY MOTHER FATHER CHILDREN

355. Current Issues - zpubempun.htm - Public Employee Unions and the Common Good

The Catholic Church has long been a stalwart defender of the dignity of labor, the rights of workers, and workers associations. In an interview with Dr Robert Kennedy, Professor of Catholic Studies and co-director of the Terrence J. Murphy Institute for Catholic Thought, Law and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas, Annamarie Adkins, of ZENIT, raises the question of whether those same principles of the Church's social teaching apply when the workers do not need to be safeguarded from a profit-seeking enterprise? WISCONSIN COMMON GOOD LEO XIII RERUM NOVARUM PRIVATE OWNERSHIP PROPERTY SOCIALISM EMPLOYERS

356. Current Issues - zandcare.htm - Putting the Care Back in Health Care
Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, shows why some politicians insist on coverage for abortion in health care reform, for economic reasons, and he explains why wide-spread abortion actually endangers economic growth. STUPAK CULTURE OF DEATH GENDERCIDE SEX SELECTION

357. Current Issues - zqualife.htm - Quality of Life — Its Bioethical Downside

"Quality of life" is not the same as "dignity of the person," a juridical challenge that bioethics must elucidate, says philosopher of law, José Miguel Serrano Ruiz-Calderón, professor of philosophy of law at Madrid's Complutense University and academic director of the Institute of Marketing Studies. In this ZENIT interview, the professor examines the threat to the concept of sanctity of life under the guise of championing certain subjective rights. ABORTION EUTHANASIA UTILITARIANISM EUGENICS

358. Current Issues - ZHOMCATH.HTM - Ray Flynn on Politically Homeless Catholics

Interviewed by ZENIT, Ray Flynn, former mayor of Boston expresses his concern over the noninvolvement of faithful Catholics in political life. "Catholics have become spectators in American politics, not active players." As a result, their beliefs and values have ceased to be reflected by either party. "...we need to find and recruit politically sophisticated, effective lay Catholics to speak for us in the civic arena." POLITICIANS MEDIA GAY LESBIAN ABORTION SAME-SEX MARRIAGE

359. Current Issues - zpapastron.htm - Real Science Is Not the Realm of Atheists or Egoists

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, who has been honored with the Carl Sagan Medal for “outstanding communication by an active planetary scientist" by the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society, tells ZENIT how the Church is not opposed to science and shares what he considers to be the greatest misperceptions between the two realms. ASTRONOMY UNIVERSE CREATURES

360. Current Issues - ZPOLCLER.HTM - Recalling the Polish Clergy Imprisoned in Dachau

The death of 20% of the total of 10,017 Polish clergy, including five bishops, at the start of World War II seems to be forgotten by many history books, says a survivor of Dachau. Kazimierz Majdanski, now archbishop emeritus of Stettino-Kamien, was arrested Nov. 7, 1939, by the Nazis, when he was in the seminary of Wloclawek. In this interview with ZENIT, he recalls his own experience and what he witnessed. MARTYRS MARTYRDOM

361. Current Issues - zredeug.htm - Redeeming Eugenics?
Denise Hunnell, MD

As published in ZENIT, Dr Hunnell, a Fellow of Human Life International, analyzes a recent argument in favor of eugenics, that a reduction in the population of disabled persons and the increased satisfaction of parents justify the selection of embryos based on their genetic characteristics. But, as Dr Hunnell observes, in so doing "they erroneously reject the concept of intrinsic human dignity and subject the weak and vulnerable [rejected embryos] to the judgments of the strong and powerful." IVF PRE-IMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS PGD GARRARD WILKINSON SEX SELECTION

362. Current Issues - zsectsla.htm - Redefining Sects in Latin America

The time has come in Latin America to redefine what exactly is a sect, according to an expert on interreligious relations. Manuel Guerra, author of the "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sects," and consultor to the Spanish bishops' commission on interreligious affairs, comments to ZENIT in this interview about the need to come to an agreement on the characteristics of a sect. REIKI TAI CHI CHUAN YOGA TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION ZEN SILVA METHOD

363. Current Issues - refldigpers.htm - Reflection on Dignitas Personae
Wojciech Giertych, OP

The theologian of the Papal Household writes of cloning as a form of biological slavery. It treats human beings as products, to be manipulated without regard to their innate dignity, however produced. PROCREATION REPRODUCTION ASEXUAL REPRODUCTIVE THERAPEUTIC CLONING EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS POSITIVISM

364. Current Issues - refldigpers2.htm - Reflection on Dignitatis Personae
Kevin L. Flannery, S.J.

Fr. Flannery, Professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University, follows John Paul II's instruction, Dignitatis Personae, in distinguishing gene therapy for the curing of disease from genetic manipulation for eugenic purposes. The former may be licit, the latter is not. HIPPOCRATIC OATH GIRM LINE CELL THERAPY SOMATIC CELL GENE THERAPY

365. Current Issues - youthbeauty - Reflection on Youth and the Drive To Be Beautiful
Biagio Buonomo

A fresh perspective on the search for physical beauty: while interior beauty is more important, affected external ugliness does nothing to enhance it. Rather, appreciation for external beauty is a rudimentary step toward "the One who made beauty beautiful." AESTHETICS FASHION BODY

366. Current Issues - zreformabuse.htm - Reform After the Abuse

The Church is once more passing through the painful process of coming to grips with a new wave of sexual abuse cases. But what's different this time is that the Church has more knowledge of the illness of pedophilia, and 10 years of experience of the U.S. bishops to build on. These are the conclusions of Matthew Bunson, editor of The Catholic Almanac, and Gregory Erlandson, president of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, in this two-part ZENIT interview. EPHEBOPHILIA HEBEPHILIA DALLAS CHARTER IRELAND

367. Current Issues - SCHIAVO.HTM - Refusing Food and Water to Non-Dying Patients
Gian Luigi Gigli

The following is a statement by the head of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations concerning the case in the United States of Terri Schiavo, who died on 31 March 2005, after nearly two weeks of being refused food and water. In a case of this sort, however rationalized, it is not that the "treatment" to be suspended is burdensome to the patient, but that the patient is considered burdesome to our society. NUTRITION HYDRATION EUTHANASIA VEGETATIVE STATE

368. Current Issues - zvatmasons.htm - Regent Restates Vatican's Anti-Masonry Position

The Church has not changed its ruling on Catholic membership in the Masons, said the regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary. Bishop Gianfranco Girotti made this statement on 1 March 2007 at a conference on the topic of Freemasonry held at the St. Bonaventure Pontifical Theological Faculty. MASONS

369. Current Issues - LEO2.TXT - Reinventing Religion
Anthony J. Sheehan

The Roman Catholic Church is besieged by many foes, among whom are the advocates of multiculturalism who demand that the Church soften, revise and even abandom certain of its doctrines. This article is a rebutal of arguments made by Fr. Leo O'Donovan, S.J., president of Georgetown University. Appeared in the March 1995 issue of 'The Georgetown Academy. SHEEHAN ODONOVAN MULTICULTURALISM GEORGETOWN

370. Current Issues - zrelativrights.htm - Relativism: The Erosion of Human Rights
William Newton

William Newton, assistant professor at the International Theological Institute, Austria, reflects on Benedict XVI's teaching on the connection between rights and duties. Where this connection is overlooked, fake rights may be given precedence over genuine rights. CHILDREN MARRIAGE FAMILY UNITED NATIONS PARENTS ABORTION

371. Current Issues - religgood.htm - Religion and the Common Good
Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Denver, delivered this address at the John Cardinal Krol Conference in Philadelphia on 21 April 2007. His topic was the "crisis of faith and action for Christians" in western society, i.e., the loss of a living faith, willing to be expressed in public action. NIETZCHE BERNANOS POLITICS CULTURE ABORTION FREE WILL

372. Current Issues - zreligrestr.htm - Religion Restrictions
Father John Flynn, LC

Fr Flynn summarizes a recent report published by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life. In the three-year period up to mid-2009, there was a significant increase in restrictions on religion in many countries. HUMAN RIGHTS CHRISTIANS MUSLIMS SOCIAL HOSTILITY TERRORISM RELIGIOUS LIBERTY FREEDOM

373. Current Issues - RELEFTCO.TXT - Religious Left Coalitions
Mark Tooley

A description of coalitions of the religious left, especially the relatively young Call to Renewal, which includes some familiar Catholic participants. Taken from the July/August 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine."

374. Current Issues - RELIGLIB.HTM - Religious Liberty
Sandro Maggiolini

The writer examines the concept of religious liberty, showing its necessary extension beyond the private conscience to the public arena, in which social action under spiritual leaders seeks not to impose one creed at the expense of others, but to further the common good. An article from 1978. CHURCH STATE ATHEISM CONFESSIONALISM GOVERNMENT CULTURE INTEGRALISM THEOCRACY TOTALITARIANISM CIVIL RIGHTS

375. Current Issues - zreliglibert.htm - Religious Liberty in the US on Its Way Out?
Father John Flynn, LC

Father Flynn cites recent attacks by government on religious liberty in the U.S., in support of his contention that freedom of conscience is in danger of being displaced by other more politically favored liberties. ABORTION CONTRACEPTION CONDOMS SAME-SEX MARRIAGE HEALTH CARE WORKERS ADOPTION MUSLIMS

376. Current Issues - zreligsymb.htm - Religious Symbols in the Cross Hairs
Father John Flynn

The presence of Christian symbols in public places is increasingly under challenge. Father Flynn cites a number of examples in which militant secularists have tried to remove religion from public life. SECULARISM

377. Current Issues - PRPHLCTC.HTM - Response to an Erroneous Interpretation of "Prophylactics or Family Values?"
Fr Jacques Suaudeau

Misinterpretation of an article (L'Osservatore Romano, English edition, 19 April 2000), in which the author is thought to differ from the Church's position condemning the use of condoms, is rectified. ETHICS MORAL CONTRACEPTION

378. Current Issues - LAWSUITS.TXT - Revealing Lawsuits Delay RU-486 Deployment
James A. Miller

An expose' of the criminal activities, deceptions and lawsuits characterizing the U.S. deployment of the abortifacient drug RU-486. This article was taken from the February 1997 issue of "HLI Reports."

379. Current Issues - RVBLTP12.HTM - Review of Pierre Blet's Book
Konrad Repgen

In this article, a professor emeritus of the University of Bonn reviews the book by Fr Pierre Blet, S.J., Papst Pius XII und der Zweite Weltkrieg. Aus den Akten de Vatikans ("Pius XII and the Second World War, according to the Archives of the Vatican"). HOCHHUTH VICAR HOLOCAUST SHOAH JEW NAZI

380. Current Issues - zrightsrel.htm - Rights Versus Religion
Father John Flynn, LC

In a ZENIT report dated 13 February 2011, Fr Flynn cites several cases in which Christians and others who disagree with the homosexual agenda are losing their jobs and being otherwise penalized. PEDOPHILIA GAY SAME-SEX MARRIAGE ADOPTION INTOLERANCE HATE

381. Current Issues - ZVIROCK.HTM - Rock Music Plays Role in Nun's Murder in Italy

An article examines the influence of satanic rock on unstable youth, and in particular a connection with the murder of Sister Mary Laura, in Chiavenna, Italy. DEVIL OCCULT METAL ANTI-CATHOLIC ANTICHRIST COLUMBINE

382. Current Issues - zrootsdeth.htm - Roots of the Culture of Death
Dr. Donald DeMarco

Dr. Donald DeMarco, a Senior Fellow of Human Life International and member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, examines the roots of the culture of death in the teachings of Schopenhauer, Kinsey, Marx, and Singer. WILL PLEASURE UTOPIA ADVERSITY ABORTION EUTHANASIA

383. Current Issues - REUTHER.TXT - Rosemary Radford Ruether Unmasked

Reuther is recognized in some circles as a 'feminist theologian.' However the theology she represents is rooted in false principles contrary to any semblance of Catholic doctrine. Taken from the November 1994 issue of HLI Reports. REUTHER FEMINIST PAGAN GODDESS

384. Current Issues - eurodignity.htm - Ruling in Favour of Human Dignity
Augusto Pessina

In this article, we have a report of the ruling, issued 18 October 2011, by the European Court of Justice on the patent-eligibility of cells and cell lines obtained from human embryos. Patents are possible on the use of embryos for a diagnostic or therapeutic purpose regarding the embryo in question, but not for scientific research. BLASTOCYST EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS GERMAN FEDERAL COURT OVOCITES CLONES CLONING PARTHENOGENESIS EUROPEAN PATENT CONVENTION EPC

385. Current Issues - zrocdiscr.htm - Russian Orthodox Church on Discrimination Against Christianity
Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

Here is the address delivered by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate's department for external Church relations, at the opening session of OSCE high-level meeting on anti-Christian violence. The meeting, titled "Preventing and Responding to Hate Incidents and Crimes against Christians," was held 12 September 2011 in Rome. OSCE VANDALISM CHRISTIANOPHOBIA SECULARISM INTOLERANCE

386. Current Issues - ZSSMCONT.HTM - Same-Sex Marriage and Its Relation With Contraception

Culture has all but embraced homosexual activity since abandoning the principle that procreative sex within a marriage is the only moral form of sexuality, says an expert on the Church's sexual teachings. Janet E. Smith, who holds the Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Issues at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, shared her views with ZENIT in this interview. HUMANAE VITAE FAMILY CHILDREN COHABITATION YOUTH

387. Current Issues - zssmenthel - Same-Sex Marriage and Mental Health

A recent meeting of the American Psychiatric Association calling for the legalization of same-sex marriage shows a political agenda that disregards scientific data, according to psychiatrist, Rick Fitzgibbons. Dr. Fitzgibbons shared his views with ZENIT about the APA's definition of same-sex marriage as a mental health "need" for the stability of the partners and the children they adopt. HOMOSEXUALITY PROMISCUITY AIDS ADOPTION FAMILY

388. Current Issues - zsasxmar.htm - Same-Sex Marriage Flounders

After the clamor to legalize same-sex marriage, it turns out that not many homosexuals really want it. Studies in European countries show that the longer same-sex marriages have been legal, the fewer take place. HOMOSEXUAL FAMILY

389. Current Issues - ZSSMKIDS.HTM - Same-Sex Marriage: Not in Kids' Interest

Compelling empirical evidence supporting the Church's objection to adoption by same-sex couples was published earlier this month in the United States by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). The organization was founded in 1992 to provide psychological understanding of the cause, treatment and behavior patterns associated with homosexuality. LESBIAN CHILDREN PARENTS PARENTING DIVORCE ROLE MODELS

390. Current Issues - zdiswomen.htm - Scholar: Ordaining Women Is Disrespectful

Those who want to ordain women to the priesthood manifest a failure to recognize the dignity of women, said an expert in moral theology and women's issues. Pia de Solenni asserted this during her 27 April 2007 conference at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. COMPLEMENTARITY AQUINAS MASCULINE FEMININE

391. Current Issues - zdistortp12.htm - Scholars Decry Distortion of Pius XII Quotation

The latest attempt to discredit Pope Pius XII is based on a manufactured quote that distorts his words, assert two authors. Ronald Rychlak, author of "Hitler, the War, and the Pope," stated this in an article written with William Doino, Jr., contributor to "The Pius War: Responses to the Critics of Pius XII." ZENIT summarizes the content of this article. NAZIS JEWS HERCZL PACELLI ANTISEMITISM

392. Current Issues - zscifaith.htm - Science and Faith: A Search for the Truth

Among the speakers present at the TEDx Conference, 19 April 2013 in Rome, was Brother Guy Consolmagno, a Planetary Scientist at the Vatican Observatory. After his talk at the Conference, Brother Consolmagno sat down with ZENIT to expand upon his thoughts on the conference, the relationship between science and faith, and the search for Truth. TECHNOLOGY STEM CELL RESEARCH TRUTH

393. Current Issues - zsolaids.htm - Searching for Solutions to AIDS
Father John Flynn, LC

Although the Catholic Church is regularly pilloried for refusing to back the use of condoms in the battle against AIDS, Fr Flynn draws attention to a recent study revealing that behavior change and not condoms have helped prevent the spread of HIV virus in Africa. HANLEY DE IRALA ABSTINENCE VALUES CIRCUMCISION BEHAVIOR

394. Current Issues - SECULAR.HTM - Secularism, Morality and Politics
Prof. John Finnis

Professor Finnis, of the University of Oxford, takes the CDF's Doctrinal Note on Participation of Catholics in Political Life as his point of departure. He compares a healthy form of secularism, which accords the state its rightful autonomy in the political sphere, with an intolerant form, which denies the right of believers to act politically from moral principles held by their faith, even when the same principles are accessible to reason apart from faith. Philosopher John Rawls is cited as an example of this position. PHILOSOPHY ETHICS PLATO SOUL IMAGE OF GOD ATHEISM PUBLIC REASON DEMOCRACY LIBERALISM

395. Current Issues - zopembre - Seeking an Ethical Option to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Legionary of Christ Father Thomas Berg, executive director of the Westchester Institute, a Catholic ethics think tank located in suburban New York, sees hope for a process known as altered nuclear transfer. He gave an overview of the status of stem cell research in this interview with ZENIT. EMBRYOS CLONES CLONING IVF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION PLURIPOTENT TOTIPOTENT MULTIPOTENT ANT OOCYTE ASSISTED REPROGRAMMING

396. Current Issues - ZSEMREFO.HTM - Seminary Reform Needed in Wake of Sex Abuse Study

Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons, of the Catholic Medical Association, believes that, in view of the recent study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the clerical sex abuse crisis shows the need for human and spiritual formation programs for priests and seminarians. Fitzgibbons shared his views with ZENIT. EPHEBOPHILIA PEDOPHILIA HOMOSEXUALITY PRIESTHOOD

397. Current Issues - GOALS.TXT - Senate Takes Giant Leap Forward to Nationalize Public Education
Paul Likoudis

Article appeared in the February 24, 1994 edition of the 'Wanderer.' Discusses Goals 2000, the education bill that passed the Senate on February 8th, 1994. Paul Likoudis gives us the background and the individuals involved in the passage of this act. GOALS 2000 SCHOOLS EDUCATION SENATE LIKOUDIS

398. Current Issues - ZGRADCUL.HTM - Senator Santorum Tells Graduates to Rebel Against Culture

Excerpts from his commencement address at Christendom College, 17 May 2003, in which Senator Santorum encouraged graduates to uphold natural law, the traditional moral viewpoint in the West since Aristotle. SUPREME COURT UNIVERSITY MARRIAGE LEISURE

399. Current Issues - FR94404.ZIP - Separating Church and State
Glenn W. Olsen

This article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

400. Current Issues - FR94404.TXT - Separating Church and State
Glenn W. Olsen

This article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

401. Current Issues - WALLBUID.TXT - Separation of Church & State: What Does The Constitution Really Say?
Richard Renker

This talk was given by Deacon Richard at St. John of the Cross Church, Middlebury, CT, June 1994. Deacon Renker maintains that the 'Founding Fathers never considered a separation of church and state as we know it today.' RENKER CHURCH STATE CONSTITUTION FOUNDING FATHERS FIRST AMENDMENT

402. Current Issues - zrecord.htm - Setting the Record Straight
Father John Flynn, LC

The ongoing revelations about sexual abuses by priests in the Catholic Church is bringing unprecedented attention on the role of the Vatican and particularly on the actions of Benedict XVI. This ZENIT article by Fr Flynn shows that the Holy Father is not part of the problem, but a "vital part of the solution." ERLANDSON BUNSON RATZINGER

403. Current Issues - zabsymp.htm - Sex Abuse Symposium a Lead-up to Further Response

The symposium on clergy sex abuse, 6-9 February 2011 at the Pontifical Gregorian University, is just a step on the path of the Church's response, says the director of the Vatican press office, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, in an interview with ZENIT. VICTIMS ZERO TOLERANCE

404. Current Issues - SEXLATIN.TXT - Sex Education Programs Subject Latin American Youth to Wholesale Immorality

Magaly Llaguno Profamilia, the affiliate of IPPF in Puerto Rico, has among its fundamental goals to 'work with the Puerto Rican government to ... promote sex education in the public schools.' Profamilia receives 11 percent of its funds from IPPF. The rest is obtained through local fundraising events, including the sale of contraceptives sponsored by the local government, as well as in the legislature, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Health Department. Taken from the January 1996 issue of "HLI Reports."

405. Current Issues - SE-NVG.TXT - Sex Education--New Vatican Guidelines
K.D. Whitehead

Analysis of the Congregation for the Family's guidelines for sex-education, ("The Truth and the Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family"), and the context in which it was issued. This article was taken from the May 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

406. Current Issues - SE-NVG.ZIP - Sex Education--New Vatican Guidelines
K.D. Whitehead

Analysis of the Congregation for the Family's guidelines for sex-education, ("The Truth and the Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family"), and the context in which it was issued. This article was taken from the May 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

407. Current Issues - SHROUD.TXT - Shroud of Turin Given New Life

Six years after the cloth was declared a fraud, researchers say hidden images prove it held Jesus in his tomb. Article taken from the April 3, 1994 issue of 'The Washington Times'. SHROUD TURIN

408. Current Issues - SINTOVOT.HTM - Sin To Vote For Pro-Abortion Politicians?
Fr. Matthew Habiger, HLI

Can a Catholic in good conscience vote for a politician who has a clear record of supporting abortion? Or is it a sin to vote for a politician who regularly uses his public office to fund or otherwise encourage the killing of unborn children? From HLI Reports, Vol 14, Number 4 - April 1996

409. Current Issues - SINCGIFT.TXT - Sincere Gift: The Pope's 'New Feminism'
Leonie Caldecott

Woman is a space-maker, a protector of growth, an enabler of life, a place of safety where others can encounter Christ and know themselves to be loved. This article taken from the Spring 1996 issue of "Communio: International Catholic Review" discusses "true feminism."

410. Current Issues - ONEISSUE.TXT - Single Issue Voting
Dr. Jeffrey Mirus

In response to a question on EWTN Online Services "Ask the Experts Forum", Dr. Mirus discusses the much maligned position of single issue voting.

411. Current Issues - ZPIUS9.HTM - Smear Campaign Against Pius IX on Eve of Beatification

122 years after his death, a press campaign has been unleashed against Pope Pius IX, charging him with anti-Semitism, on the eve of his beatification, scheduled for September 3. INFALLIBILITY MORTARA

412. Current Issues - ATRISK.TXT - Social Teachings At Risk In The American Catholic Church
Laurene Conner

A Review and Commentary on "Changing Witness, Catholic Bishops and Public Policy, 1917-1994" by Michael Warner. Taken from the Newsletter of the Wanderer Forum.

413. Current Issues - ATRISK.ZIP - Social Teachings At Risk In The American Catholic Church
Laurene Conner

A Review and Commentary on "Changing Witness, Catholic Bishops and Public Policy, 1917-1994" by Michael Warner. Taken from the Newsletter of the Wanderer Forum.

414. Current Issues - WEAK.TXT - Statement By Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland
Archbishop Weakland

This file was upload by Robert P. Sheehan and contains the text of a statement by Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, May 31, 1994, on the pope's apostolic letter, 'Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.' WEAKLAND WOMEN ORDINATION

415. Current Issues - ORTISSA.HTM - Statement of Reconciliation and the Decree of Reconciliation of Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, O.M.I.

The reconciliation of Fr Tissa Balasuriya, O.M.I., whom the Holy See had excommunicated for obstinately teaching error, took place on 15 January 1998 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This file contains his "Statement of Reconciliation" and the "Decree of Reconciliation" of the Church. DISSENT SALVATION MARY PRIESTHOOD

416. Current Issues - BISHOPRC.TXT - Statement on His Affiliation with Rome
Clarence Pope

This statement was made by Episcopal Bishop Pope on October 25, 1994 announcing his conversion to the Roman Catholic Church, it was addressed to the Clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Bishop Pope is the highest-ranking Episcopalian to affiliate with the Roman Catholic Church in this century. POPE EPISCOPAL ROMAN CATHOLIC CONVERSION

417. Current Issues - MTCAIRO.HTM - Statement to Cairo Conference on Population
Mother Teresa

Sent to the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development on Sept. 9, 1994. MOTHER TERESA CAIRO POPULATION UNITED NATIONS

418. Current Issues - zparthog.htm - Stem Cells and Parthenogenesis
E. Christian Brugger

Dr Brugger, a Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers a question on the ethics of parthenogenesis to produce stem cells from an ovum without fertilization by sperm. EMBRYO BLASTOCYST PLURIPOTENT PARTHENOTE DIGNITAS PERSONAE

419. Current Issues - STEMCELL.HTM - Stem Cells That Become Embryos
Diane N. Irving, M.A., PhD

Dr Irving, a consultant on issues relating to human embryology and human embryo research, evaluates guidelines of the National Institutes of Health for stem cell research. While prohibiting research on human embryos, the guidelines ignore the fact that human embryonic stem cells may themselves be capable of becoming embryos. PLURIPOTENT TOTIPOTENT CLONE INFORMED CONSENT NIH BUSH PROLIFE

420. Current Issues - zabortechr.htm - Study Published on Abortion and the European Convention on Human Rights
Grégor Puppinck

For ZENIT, Grégor Puppinck, Director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, summarizes his study, “Abortion and the European Convention on Human Rights,” published in the Irish Journal of Legal Studies, which examines the status of abortion under the European Convention on Human Rights. STATE COURT LEGISLATURE

421. Current Issues - zjohnjay2.htm - Study: No Single Cause of Clergy Abuse in US

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released a second study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York. The first, published in 2004, focused on the description and extent of the problem. The second, titled "The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010, sought to understand why sexual abuse of minors by clergy took place. ZENIT summarizes the new study's findings. CELIBACY HOMOSEXUALITY SEMINARY EDUCATION SEXUAL DEVIANCE FORMATION MINORS DOLAN

422. Current Issues - zsuffdepr.htm - Suffering and Depression as Means for Growth

Many risk factors for depression can also be valuable assets for personal and communal spiritual growth, says a Catholic psychologist. Dr. Ann Howe, a psychologist for 25 years, is the director of the Archdiocese of Atlanta counseling center Village of St. Joseph Counseling Services. She shared her experiences with ZENIT on the significance of suffering and depression in a person's psychological and spiritual flourishing. PSYCHOLOGY

423. Current Issues - SULLIVAN.TXT - Sullivan and Infallibility
Christopher Y Wong

A response to arguments made by Fr. Sullivan and Fr. McBrien about the possibility of women's ordination, in light of the Dubium issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith clarifying the Pope's Apostolic letter.

424. Current Issues - sidssmarr.htm - Sydney Archbishop on Same-Sex Marriage
Archbishop Anthony Fisher

Here, from ZENIT, is the full text of a lecture given 22 July 2015 by Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney. The archbishop’s address is titled: Same-Sex 'Marriage': Evolution or Deconstruction of Marriage and the Family? It was a lecture in the Defence of the Faith series, hosted by the Order of Malta. SSM JUSTICE SSA HUSBAND WIFE CHILDREN MALE FEMALE REPRODUCTION LOVE COMPLEMENTARITY THROUPLE BI-SEXUAL HOMOSEXUAL

425. Current Issues - SYROMALA.TXT - Syro-Malabar Rite Debates Liturgical Patrimony
Anto Akkara

An EWTN News Feature article about the tension within the Syro-Malabar Rite between those favoring the traditional Syrian or Chaldean liturgy and those seeking a more distinctly "Indian" approach.

426. Current Issues - ztacteuth.htm - Tactics to Promote Euthanasia

In the battle for the legalization of euthanasia, two tactics used by proponents are redefinition and confusion. These point to a larger societal issue, according to Dr. Margaret Somerville, founding director of the Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University in Montreal. In this interview with ZENIT, she speaks on the ethical issues at hand and the wider social-cultural implications. CULTURE SCIENCE CANADA DEATH

427. Current Issues - ZSEXDIFF.HTM - Taking Sex Differences Seriously

The recent Letter from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the collaboration, rather than competition, among men and women met with disdain from some feminists, for an outdated view of sexuality. There is, however, substantial evidence that the differences between men and women are more real than conventional, as shown by Steven Rhoads in his recently published book, which is the subject of this ZENIT interview. GENEDER ROLES MALE FEMALE UNISEX FAMILY FATHER FEMINISM

428. Current Issues - zboysgirls - Teaching Girls and Boys Differently

ZENIT reviews the main thesis of a book, Why Gender Matters, by Leonard Sax, who "takes issue with the modern tendency toward gender-neutral child-rearing." Boys and girls are different, develop differently, and need to be educated differently, in order to realize their potential. MALE FEMALE BRAIN FEELINGS

429. Current Issues - zschineuth.htm - Terri Schiavo's Brother on Euthanasia

Euthanasia implies two choices — either killing people because of their disability or caring for them and loving them as they deserve, says the brother of Terri Schiavo. Bobby Schindler said this as a participant at an international conference titled "Sense and Obligation on the Present State of the Euthanasia Debate." In this interview with ZENIT, Schindler discusses the growing problem of euthanasia in the United States, the attitudes that are driving it, and how its growth can be curtailed. NAZIS ABORTION EXTRAORDINARY CARE

430. Current Issues - RAINAIDS.TXT - The 'R.A.I.N. people' and AIDS
George Gurtner

The work of the reginal AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) and other programs of the Archdiocese of New Orleans lead the effort to bring AIDS sufferers back to God and show them mercy. This article appeared in the December 15, 1996 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor".

431. Current Issues - FR91202.TXT - The 'Three Waves' of American Society
Robert A. Herrera

Dr. Robert Herrera offers us an insightful analysis of an unholy trinity of contemporary aberrations which are corrupting American society: the rise of the pseudo-sacred bereft of intellectual grounding; a new public orthodoxy which seeks a revolutionary restructuring of society; and lastly, a trendy and aggressive 'dictatorship of the disadvantaged.'' This article was taken from the Summer 1991 issue of 'Faith & Reason'.

432. Current Issues - FR91202.ZIP - The 'Three Waves' of American Society
Robert A. Herrera

Dr. Robert Herrera offers us an insightful analysis of an unholy trinity of contemporary aberrations which are corrupting American society: the rise of the pseudo-sacred bereft of intellectual grounding; a new public orthodoxy which seeks a revolutionary restructuring of society; and lastly, a trendy and aggressive 'dictatorship of the disadvantaged.'' This article was taken from the Summer 1991 issue of 'Faith & Reason'.

433. Current Issues - zatheistdel.htm - The Atheistic Delusion
Father John Flynn

Father Flynn summarizes the response of Alister McGrath to Richard Dawkins' recent attact on religion as dangerous to humanity. While religion has been used to justify violence, the violence has generally been inspired by other factors, and Christianity in particular has inspired much that is good in the world. ATHEISM ISLAM SCIENCE

434. Current Issues - AUTHCH.HTM - The Authority of the Church
Most Rev. John Murphy

In the turbulent days following Vatican II, Archbishop Murphy addressed the problem of false ecumenism. While the Church should speak to modern man in language he can understand, changes in theological language cannot be made apart from the Magisterium without falling into heresy. PROGRESSIVE REACTIONARY CONSCIENCE PRIVATE JUDGMENT WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES

435. Current Issues - BIOMIGHT.TXT - The Biography That Might Have Been
George Weigel

Weigel writes on the failure of Tad Szulc's biography of John Paul II to provide a serious profile of the pope. He describes the book as a very great disappointment. This article was taken from the June 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine. WEIGEL JOHN PAUL II SZULC BIOGRAPHY

436. Current Issues - BIOMIGHT.ZIP - The Biography That Might Have Been
George Weigel

Weigel writes on the failure of Tad Szulc's biography of John Paul II to provide a serious profile of the pope. He describes the book as a very great disappointment. This article was taken from the June 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine. WEIGEL JOHN PAUL II SZULC BIOGRAPHY

437. Current Issues - churchgalileo.htm - The Catholic Church and Galileo
Father Bernard O'Connor

Father O'Connor interviews Dr David C. Lindberg, Hilldale Professor emeritus of the History of Science at the University of Wisconsin, a foremost authority on the Galileo dispute. According to Dr Lindberg, the image of the Church as the "bully of Galileo" was concocted by anti-Catholic writers, especially a 19th century American professor, Andrew Dickson White. SCIENCE ROGER BACON MEDIEVAL DARK AGES ENLIGHTENMENT TOLERANCE PROTESTANT REFORMERS

438. Current Issues - CHURAFRI.TXT - The Catholic Church in Africa

Archbishop Isidore D'Souza of Cotonou, Benin is interviewed by Fr. Alexander M. Apollonio, FFI, STL. This article was taken from the December 1995 issue of 'Christian Order'.

439. Current Issues - LEGACY.TXT - The Center Of Concern- Another Bernardin Legacy
Mary Ann Budnik

This article was taken from the February 6, 1997 issue of "The Wanderer".

440. Current Issues - zpowvce.htm - The Church as a Powerful Voice for Abuse Victims

In February 2012, a conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University, "Toward Healing and Renewal," confronted the crisis of clerical pedophilia with the objective of finding solutions. Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, associate dean for seminary and ministerial studies and a licensed psychologist, spoke with ZENIT about the concrete steps being taken to address the crisis, and offered some insights into the psychology of pedophilia. SCREENING SEXUAL ABUSE CULTURE EDUCATION SEMINARIANS MOLESTATION VOYEURISM MINORS CHILDREN FORMATION DALLAS CHARTER

441. Current Issues - TIMOR.TXT - The Church in East Timor: Voice of the Silenced

An extensive background study of the suffering of the Catholic East Timorese people at the hands of the Islamic government of Indonesia. Explores the Indonosean conquest and genocide, the resistance of the East Timorese, the role of the Catholic Church, and the indifference of the international community. From PeaceNet. EAST TIMOR CATHOLIC CHURCH SUFFERING INDONESIA ISLAM HUMAN RIGHTS PEACENET

442. Current Issues - zchrespaids.htm - The Church's Response to AIDS
Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

This is the address given by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Holy See’s permanent observer at the U.N. offices in Geneva, at a Vatican meeting, 27-28 May 2011, on “The Centrality of Care for the Person in the Prevention and Treatment of Illnesses Caused by HIV/AIDS.” UNAIDS CARITAS ABSTINENCE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

443. Current Issues - zstrictpatrol.htm - The Church's Strict Patrol Against Pedophilia
Monsignor Charles Scicluna

This is a Vatican translation of an interview with Monsignor Charles Scicluna, who, as "promoter of justice," handles cases brought against abusive priests for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was published 13 March 2010 by Avvenire. PAEDOPHILIA ADOLESCENTS HOMOSEXUALITY DELICTA GRAVIORA

444. Current Issues - zmideast.htm - The Civic State and Middle East Christianity

Christians in the Middle East are not victims of a systematic persecution, but they are subjected to a discrimination that is slowly extinguishing their presence in that region, says Jesuit Father Samir Khalil. In this interview with ZENIT, Father Khalil, an expert in Islam and the history of the Middle East, gives an historical-religious picture of the present situation in that region. ISLAM ISLAMISM MUSLIMS WAHHABISM EMMIGRATION DEMOCRACY DIASPORA

445. Current Issues - CMMSSP12.HTM - The Commission That Couldn't Shoot Straight
Dimitri Cavalli

Suspension of The International Catholic-Jewish Historical Commission was announced on 23 July 2001. Mr. Cavalli examines what went wrong with the Commission, formed to evaluate Vatican documents on Pope Pius XII's actions during the Holocaust. HITLER NAZIS ANTISEMITIC JEWS ANTICATHOLIC WORLD WAR II

446. Current Issues - martinabuse.htm - The Commitment of the Church Against the Abuse of Minors
Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino

On 29 November 2010, Cardinal Martino spoke at the inauguration of the Campaign promoted by the Council of Europe against violence to minors. The following is a translation of the Cardinal's answer in Italian to a question on the Catholic Church's commitment to put an end to the abuse of children. SEXUAL VIOLENCE VICTIMS CANON LAW GRAVE DELICTS CIVIL AUTHORITIES FORMATION

447. Current Issues - FREEBOND.TXT - The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Freedom or Bondage?
Joyce Cale

This article offers information and a plan of action to stop the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child from becoming the law of the land. Taken from the August/September 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!', P.O. Box 43-1015, Pontiac, MI 48343-1015. Subscriptions to this excellent magazine for homeschooling families are available for $22.50 a year (6 issues). UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN RIGHTS CHILD CALE

448. Current Issues - CRISFAIT.TXT - The Crisis of Faith
John A. Hardon, S.J.

Reflection on the nature of today's crisis of faith within the Church.

449. Current Issues - zcruxdec.htm - The Crucifix Decision: A Victory for Europe
Grégor Puppinck

The Director of European Centre for Law and Justice welcomed the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (3/18/2011), that the crucifix in a classroom, did not show undue influence on the part of the State. Thus, human rights were not allowed to be falsely opposed to Christianity in Europe. STRASBOURG COURT SECULARISM SUBSIDIARITY RELATIVISM PLURALISM

450. Current Issues - ETHRELTV.HTM - The Dangerous Error of Ethical Relativism
Prof. Robert Spaemann

Commenting on the Docrinal Note on ... Participation of Catholics in Political Life, Dr. Spaemann examines four assumptions on which ideological liberalism bases its commitment to pluralism. He concludes that, if these assumptions were true, neither liberalism nor any other political ideology would have any rational basis, leaving only anarchy or tyranny. TOLERANCE NATURAL LAW UNIVERSALIST INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE POWER HUMAN NATURE

451. Current Issues - DOFINTPN.HTM - The Defence of Life in the Context of International Policies and Norms
Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran

On 11 February 2000, during the Sixth General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, Secretary for Relations with States, addressed the inconsistencies in international norms and policies regarding human life. EVANGELIUM VITAE CONTRACEPTION ABORTION POPULATION EXPERIMENTATION CLONING BIOETHICS DEATH PENALTY EUTHANASIA

452. Current Issues - SAME-SEX.TXT - The Dilemma of Same-Sex Marriage
David Orgon Coolidge

An analysis of the fundamental problem with same-sex marriage as arising from the nature of marriage itself--a nature equally denied by many heterosexual couples. Taken from the July/August 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine."

453. Current Issues - zenchtlr.htm - The Encyclical That Infuriated Hitler

On Palm Sunday of 1937, Pope Pius XI's encyclical "Mit Brennender Sorge" was read in all the parishes of Germany. It was arguably the Holy See's harshest criticism ever of a political regime, according to Jesuit Father Peter Gumpel. And Pius XII, then Secretary of State, helped to write it. NAZISM JEWS RACISM PANTHEISM POLITICS

454. Current Issues - ENDIRISH.TXT - The End of the Irish Century
Philip F. Lawler

A death and a resignation mark the close of the long era of Catholic political dominance in Boston. This article appeared in the January 1996 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.'

455. Current Issues - ENDIRISH.ZIP - The End of the Irish Century
Philip F. Lawler

A death and a resignation mark the close of the long era of Catholic political dominance in Boston. This article appeared in the January 1996 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.'

456. Current Issues - zorgtrans.htm - The Erosion of Ethics in Organ Transplantation
Denise Hunnell, MD

Dr Hunnell writes for ZENIT on the increasing laxness of certain medical organizations in determining the death of organ donors. Organ transplantation, when done ethically, remains a heroic act of generosity, but "this legitimate and life-saving practice must not be degraded by turning human organs into commodities, and turning seriously wounded or disabled persons into mere suppliers of organs." EVANGELIUM VITAE ORGAN TRAFFICKING UNOS LIVING WILL CIRCULATORY DEATH

457. Current Issues - darwnchrch.htm - The False Contraposition Between Darwinism and the Church
Fabio Colagrande

Fabio Colagrande interviews Gennaro Auletta, lecturer in the Philosophy of Science at the Pontifical Gregorian University, on the supposed incompatibility between Darwinian evolution and the teaching of the Church. EVOLUTIONISM GENES MUTATION JOHN HENRY NEWMAN INTELLIGENT DESIGN FINALISM SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY

458. Current Issues - zparights.htm - The Fight Against Gender Stereotypes and Parental Rights
Grégor Puppinck

In an address given at a symposium on education in Rome (February 2014), Gregor Puppinck outlined the struggle faced by French parents who wish to pass on their own beliefs and values to their children, in the face of government attempts to usurp that right, particularly with regard to human sexuality and morality. TAUBIRA PEILLON GENDER STEREOTYPES BOYS GIRLS MARRIAGE FAMILY COMPLEMENTARITY SPAIN GERMANY EUROPEAN UNION ENGLAND RUSSIA

459. Current Issues - ZASTROLO.HTM - The Future Is Reserved to God

In comments during the celebration of solemn vespers on the eve of the new year 2002, the Holy Father warned against futile attempts to divine the future through fortune telling or astrology. Despite increasing acceptance of these superstitions by secular institutions, the Christian should rely instead on the Providence of God. HOROSCOPE PALMISTRY MEDIUM OCCULT PROPHECY

460. Current Issues - PIUS12GS.HTM - The Good Samaritan: Jewish Praise For Pope Pius XII
Dimitri Cavalli

This article brings together a considerable amount of previously scattered evidence for how Jews during Pius's lifetime viewed his conduct. It also raises the question, Were the Jews who praised and thanked Pius after the war all mistaken or insincere, or are the attacks on Pius today unfair? HOLOCAUST NAZI FASCIST COMMUNIST

461. Current Issues - amatoeuro.htm - The Gospel as Good News for Europe Today
Archbishop Angelo Amato

Here are excerpts from the discourse given by Archbishop Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, to professors and students at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, U.S.A. The Archbishop urges Europe to return to its Christian roots, for the benefit of Christians and nonchristians alike. Otherwise, democracy, freedom, and human dignity will be lost. RELATIVISM JEWS MUSLIMS BIOPOLITICS MARRIAGE HELLENISM GREEKNESS CHRISTOPHOBIA LAICISM SCIENTISM SECULARISM

462. Current Issues - zjudas.htm - The Gospel of Judas

The National Geographic Society has announced its intentions to publish an English translation of an ancient text called "The Gospel of Judas." The 31-page manuscript, written in Coptic, purportedly surfaced in Geneva in 1983 and has only been translated now [2006]. ZENIT asked Legionary Father Thomas D. Williams, dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum university in Rome, to comment on the relevance of the discovery. GNOSTIC GOSPELS HERESIES APOCRYPHA

463. Current Issues - NEREVIEW.TXT - The Gospel of Life
Richard John Neuhaus

A review of Pope John Paul II's encyclical 'Evangelium Vitae' by Fr. Neuhaus. Taken from the April 3, 1995 issue of the 'Wall Street Journal.' NEUHAUS JOHN PAUL II EVANGELIUM VITAE WALL STREET JOURNAL REVIEW

464. Current Issues - STURP.TXT - The Great Holy Shroud Dating Fraud of 1988
D.J. McDonnell

This file, "The Trouble with STURP" is a digest from reports compiled by a team of investigators for a French traditionalist group called "The Catholic Counter-Reformation of the Twentieth Century", and published in April 1991.

465. Current Issues - ZPRSTICN.HTM - The Importance of the Priest in Sanctifying the Church

An address by George Weigel to a diocesan luncheon in Charleston, South Carolina, following that local Church's Chrism Mass on 15 April 2003. His topic was the importance of the priesthood in a reformed and renewed Church today. SEX ABUSE SCANDAL FIDELITY HOLINESS

466. Current Issues - burkdignman.htm - The Inviolable Dignity of Man Under Attack
Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

On 28 June 2013, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, gave the keynote address at the second annual conference on human dignity held at the Vatican's Casina Pio IV. The Dignitatis Humanae Institute, hosting the event, was founded in 2008, as a think tank for the promotion of human dignity in the public forum. ABORTION SECULARISM PERSECUTION POLITICS GAY MARRIAGE POPULATION CONTROL CULTURE OF DEATH EVANGELIUM VITAE

467. Current Issues - ZDMARTIN.HTM - The Keys to Conquering Racism

An interview with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, head of the Holy See's delegation to the World Conference Against Racism, 31 August to 7 September 2001, at Durban, South Africa. ISRAEL SLAVERY IMMIGRATION XENOPHOBIA EDUCATION SOLIDARITY MUSLIM INDIA

468. Current Issues - FR91100.TXT - The Laity: Shock Troops of the Church Militant
Timothy T. O'Donnell, S.T.D.

Dr. O'Donnell offers the reflections of a Catholic layman, an American archbishop, and some recent statistical data in this address on the laity and the future of America. This article was taken from the Spring 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

469. Current Issues - CASEY.TXT - The Living Miracle
Robert P. Casey

Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey, a true Catholic hero, tells the story of his miraculous recovery from certain death, and the role of his faith and family as well as his political principles. This article appeared int the Summer 1996 issue of "Sursum Corda!".

470. Current Issues - CASEY.ZIP - The Living Miracle
Robert P. Casey

Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey, a true Catholic hero, tells the story of his miraculous recovery from certain death, and the role of his faith and family as well as his political principles. This article appeared int the Summer 1996 issue of "Sursum Corda!".

471. Current Issues - zaltreligions.htm - The Lure of Alternative Religions

People who enter alternative religious movements or sects are often seeking that "something which is lacking," says Roberta Grillo, the president of Milan's Socio-Religious Research Group. In this interview with ZENIT, Grillo explains the incompatibility between the practice of Reiki and Christianity, and the difference between alternative religious movements and the ecclesial movements recognized by the Church. NEW AGE HINDUISM BUDDHISM

472. Current Issues - zmeaningmarr.htm - The Meaning of Marriage

Debates about the institution of marriage are often characterized as clashes between religious adherents and secularists, which imply the debate is one between faith and reason. However, a new collection of essays from across the academic disciplines argues that marriage need not be defended solely through appeals to religious authority or tradition. Robert P. George, co-editor of "The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market and Morals" (Spence) shared with ZENIT some of the arguments presented in the book as to why marriage is an "intrinsic good." SAME-SEX MARRIAGE CHILDREN DIVORCE HUME COMPLEMENTARITY PROCREATION MONOGAMY SOCIETY

473. Current Issues - ZGLOBE3.HTM - The Mistake of Attributing Globalization to the Devil

Fr Piero Gheddo, of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, blaims the increasing gap between the rich and poor, in northern and southern parts of the world respectively, not on globalization, but on oppressive governments in the south and a lack of education. However, the Church has a responsibility to enrich globalization with a spiritual dimension. EVANGELIZATION MISSIONARY ECONOMY SOCIALISM CULTURE MATERIALISM CONSUMERISM

474. Current Issues - costcoop.htm - The Moral Cost of Cooperation in Evil
Colin Donovan, STL

In a column for the National Catholic Register, 11 March 2012, Colin Donovan, vice president for theology at EWTN, compared the consequences of the HHS mandate requiring religious institutions to provide medical coverage for morally objectionable procedures to the Fugitive Slave Act. The fact that the victim of abortion, including a “contraceptive abortion,” is small and defenseless, having little cultural or civil protection, only makes the evil greater — and the duty to oppose it greater as well. SLAVERY MATERIAL COOPERATION

475. Current Issues - zorgdon.htm - The Morality of Jesus' End-of-Life Decisions?
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, answers why offering a vital organ to save another's life is not the same as Christ's acceptance of death to save the world. SUICIDE ORGAN DONATION INTENTION MORAL OBJECT

476. Current Issues - zmorgtrans.htm - The Morality of Organ Transplants
William E. May

William E. May, Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation, provides some clarification on the Church's teaching on the donation of organs, particularly after death. ERDS TRANSPLANTS EVANGELIUM VITAE GERALD KELLY ASHLEY O'ROURKE GRISEZ DOUBLE EFFECT NEUROLOGICAL CRITERION BRAIN DEATH

477. Current Issues - zpangend.htm - The New Pangenderism
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, gives the Catholic perspective on issues related to sex and gender. TRANSGENDER POLYSEXUAL TRANSSEXUAL PANSEXUAL ASEXUAL GENDERQUEER HOMOSEXUAL SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY SRS GENDER IDENTITY SEXUAL ORIENTATION

478. Current Issues - RELIGPOL.HTM - The New Religion of Politics
Dr James Hitchcock

In an article from 1978, Dr Hitchcock, of St Louis University, examined the confusion and dissolution of much of religious life after Vatican II. He found the reasons not in any teaching of the Council, but in the desire of many to use the Council as an excuse to relax and adapt to western society. They then tried to fill the vacuum in their lives with political commitment. PRIESTS TOTALITARIAN CHINA STATE UTOPIA MORALITY

479. Current Issues - ALBRIGHT.TXT - The Policy Of Madeleine Albright
Anne Stewart Connell

Madeleine Albright is vehemently pursuing a policy of exporting "family planning" to Third World countries, which is a concern to Catholics and the Church. This article was taken from the February 27, 1997 issue of "The Wanderer."

480. Current Issues - FR90300.TXT - The Pope's Siege Mentality
Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Ph.D.

In this address given at Christendom college, Fr. Stravinskas contends that Pope John Paul II does have a "siege mentality" and is influenced by his Polish experience but that this is an asset rather than a liability when dealing with the Church in America. This article appeared in the Fall 1990 issue of "Faith & Reason."

481. Current Issues - FREECAPT.TXT - The Popes and Slavery
Pat Bartos

A review of an important book by Fr. Joel Panzer which documents the papacy's constant oppostion to slavery from the 1400's on. This article appeared in the January 12, 1997 issue of Our Sunday Visitor.

482. Current Issues - zrolerel.htm - The Positive Role of Religion
Father John Flynn, LC

In response to attacks by radical secularists on organized religion, Father Flynn cites various studies, which show the positive effect of religious practice on performance in school and college, in relationships, especially marriage and family, and in civic life. EDUCATION CHARITY TEENS URBAN YOUTH COMMUNITY

483. Current Issues - zpsychhomo.htm - The Psychology Behind Homosexual Tendencies

The Vatican Instruction on the priesthood and homosexual tendencies mentions a range of conditions, from deep-seated homosexual tendencies to transitory same-sex attractions. To learn more about the nuances of the range of homosexual tendencies and their treatment, ZENIT turned to Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist, author and contributor to the Catholic Medical Association's document "Homosexuality and Hope." SEXUAL ABUSE JOHN JAY REPORT FATHER

484. Current Issues - questsexed.htm - The Question of Sex Education
Lucetta Scaraffia

The writer takes occasion from New York's mandated sex education course to point out the defects of sex education, in its evident ineffectiveness, as well as in the opportunity taken by the State to impose its own values in place of those of the parents. YOUTH ABORTIONS SEXUAL INTERCOURSE BODY FAMILY MORAL EDUCATION

485. Current Issues - zredefmarr.htm - The Redefinition of Marriage: The Fight Is About Justice
Denise Hunnell, MD

As published by ZENIT, this is an explanation by Denise Hunnell, MD, a Fellow of Human Life International, of why the issue of "gay marriage" is not about the mutual affection of adults or their happiness, but about justice for children and the good of the state. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE HOMOSEXUAL CONTRACEPTION DIVORCE PROCREATION

486. Current Issues - retreliber.htm - The Retreat of Liberation Theology
Edward A, Lynch

The author discusses the Vatican's response to liberation theology, by displacing it with a theology of reconciliation. This article appeared in the February 1994 issue of 'The Homiletic & Pastoral Review.' LYNCH LIBERATION THEOLOGY VATICAN GUTIERREZ MARXISM

487. Current Issues - LIBERATE.TXT - The Retreat of Liberation Theology
Edward A. Lynch

The author, Edward A. Lynch, discusses the Vatican's handling of liberation theology. This article appeared in the February 1994 issue of 'The Homiletic & Pastoral Review.' LYNCH LIBERATION THEOLOGY VATICAN GUTIERREZ

488. Current Issues - LIBERATE.ZIP - The Retreat of Liberation Theology
Edward A. Lynch

The author, Edward A. Lynch, discusses the Vatican's handling of liberation theology. This article appeared in the February 1994 issue of 'The Homiletic & Pastoral Review.' LYNCH LIBERATION THEOLOGY VATICAN GUTIERREZ

489. Current Issues - ZMIGRATE.HTM - The Right to Migrate, According to Catholic Social Thought

Andrew Yuengert, an associate professor and the John and Francis Duggan Professor of economics at Seaver College at Pepperdine University, shared with ZENIT that the right to immigrate is not absolute. It is, however, an important reminder of the dignity of those affected by national policies and is a component of the universal common good, he said. IMMIGRATIONS MIGRANTS SOLIDARITY SUBSIDIARITY CULTURE WELFARE

490. Current Issues - dangeugenics.htm - The Risks of Pushing Towards Perfection
Prof. Barbara Chyrowicz

An attempt to perfect human nature through biomedicine could lead "to endowing it with the traits that are not directly related to the nature of the Homo sapiens species." Thus begins the lecture given by Prof. Barbara Chyrowicz at the academic congress promoted by the Pontifical Academy for Life on the occasion of its 15th General Assembly. GENETICS ENHANCEMENT EUGENICS IVF ABORTION PDG PREIMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS GENETHICS NATURE

491. Current Issues - STAUTWOM.TXT - The Sacraments & Authentic Womanhood
Dale O'Leary

O'Leary contends that feminists see the administration of the sacraments as a source of power. She maintains that their belief system is diametrically opposed to the Catholic vision and that they are determined to wipe out all cultural recognition of the differences between men and women. OLEARY FEMINISM MARXISM INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE WOMEN PRIESTS

492. Current Issues - ZSCANDAL.HTM - The Scandals in the U.S.

The key problem involving scandals with priests in the United States isn't what the media generally lead us to believe, says a Catholic psychologist. In a two-part ZENIT interview, Dr. Gladys Sweeney, president and dean of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, gives her insights into what lies behind the scandals that have rocked the U.S. Church in 2002. SEX ABUSE PEDOPHILIA EPHEBOPHILIA HOMOSEXUAL ASCETICISM CHASTITY CELIBACY

493. Current Issues - ZEMBRYO.HTM - The Status of the Embryo and IVF

Assaults against the human embryo are linked to faulty notions in the realm of philosophy as well as medicine. Here, ZENIT publishes an adapted text of an address by Alfonso Carrasco Rouco, dean of the School of Theology of San Dámaso in Madrid, Spain. PERSON ABORTION CLONE CLONING BODY SOUL DIGNITY IN VITRO FERTILIZATION

494. Current Issues - gentilesweden.htm - The Surprise of the Gentiles in Sweden
Fr Ulf Jonsson

The Court of the Gentiles conference, which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, 13-14 September 2012, provided two days of respectful dialogue between believers and non-believers. The conference was a collaboration of the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Embassy of Sweden to the Holy See, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the youth organisation Fryshuset. The theme was "The world with and without God." ATHEISM SECULARISM CULTURE ETHICS LIFE

495. Current Issues - ZTRUTDAV.HTM - The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code

Carl Olson, editor of Envoy magazine, shared with ZENIT how his book, The Da Vinci Hoax, exposes and critiques the numerous errors in the best selling The Da Vinci Code, and analyzes what the novel's success indicates about America's cultural and religious landscape. GNOSTICISM FEMINISM APOLOGETICS

496. Current Issues - ztyrliberl.htm - The Tyranny of Liberalism

Liberals may posit that they favor freedom, reason and the well-being of ordinary people. But some critics believe that liberalism itself erodes the very institutions — family, religion, local associations — necessary to restrain its excesses. One such liberal skeptic is attorney and writer James Kalb, who explained to ZENIT why he believes liberalism inevitably evolves into a form of soft totalitarianism, or a “dictatorship of relativism,” and why the Church is well positioned to be its preeminent foe. SKEPTICISM EQUALITY EQUAL FREEDOM MEDIA MODERNITY

497. Current Issues - UNAGAIN.TXT - The UN Is At It Again!
Mary Ann Budnik

Mary Ann Budnick discusses the upcoming United Nations World Summit in Copenhagen. She warns that there are four key areas threatening to the family: 1) The definition of the family, 2) abortion as a means of family planning, 3) the empowerment of women' 4) redistribution of the world's resources through taxation. This article was taken from the March 2, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' BUDNIK UNITED NATIONS COPENHAGEN FAMILY ABORTION WOMEN SUMMIT

498. Current Issues - vindhumvit.htm - The Vindication of Humanae Vitae
Mary Eberstadt

This essay, from First Things, traces the consequences of rejection, not only by non-Catholics, but by many Catholics as well, of Pope Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae. The author, Mary Eberstadt, is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, author of Home-Alone America, and editor of Why I Turned Right: Leading Baby Boom Conservatives Chronicle Their Political Journeys. BIRTH CONTROL CONTRACEPTION CAFETERIA CATHOLIC DIVORCE SEXUAL REVOLUTION MALTHUS POPULATION FEMINISM HOMOSEXUALITY ANGLICANS ANSCOMBE

499. Current Issues - ZWARNPAB.HTM - The Warning to Pro-Abortion Politicians Was Right

In an interview with ZENIT, two leading Catholic intellectuals came out in strong support of then La Crosse Bishop Raymond Burke (now archbishop of St. Louis) asking pro-abortion Catholic politicians to refrain from receiving Communion. LIFE RIGHTS PERSON

500. Current Issues - RATZINTV.HTM - The World Over: Cardinal Ratzinger Interview
Raymond Arroyo with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

This is a transcript of an interview of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, by EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo, which first aired on EWTN on 5 September 2003. Cardinal Ratzinger is the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, an office to which he was appointed by Pope John Paul II in 1981. RELATIVISM LITURGY MASS AD VERSUS ORIENTEM LATIN NEW SPRINGTIME SEX ABUSE SCANDAL JEWS HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE THIRD SECRET FATIMA YOUTH EUCHARIST

501. Current Issues - ZFRANECO.HTM - Theologian Luigi Iammarrone on St. Francis and Ecology

This interview with Fr. Iammarrone was conducted in light of the Holy Father's address at his general audience, 17 January 2001, at which he called for an "ecological conversion." PAGAN PANTHEISM CREATION ANIMAL VEGETARIAN

502. Current Issues - justify.htm - There Is No Way to Justify Evil
Colin Donovan, STL

In a column for the National Catholic Register, 8 April 2012, Colin Donovan, vice president for theology at EWTN, observes the increasing divide between those seeking to remain faithful to the Gospel and to Christ and those Christians, both Catholic and non-Catholic, for whom citizenship in the world is evidently more important than citizenship in the Kingdom. PROPORTIONALISM FUNDAMENTAL OPTION RAHNER LONERGAN INTRINSIC EVIL MORAL THEOLOGY HHS MANDATE

503. Current Issues - nocoverup.htm - There Was No Cover-Up

L'Osservatore Romano responds to a charge, made by the New York Times that Cardinal Ratzinger, while Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was involved in a cover-up of the sexual abuses committed by a Milwaukee priest. PENANCE CONFESSION WEAKLAND MURPHY

504. Current Issues - zovrduad.htm - Three Cheers for the CDF: A Long Overdue Admonition
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, applauds the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for their Notification of 4 June 2012, rejecting certain conclusions on moral matters by Sister of Mercy, Margaret A. Farley, in her book, Just Love: A Framework for Christian Ethics. PROPORTIONALISM CONSEQUENTIALISM MASTURBATION HOMOSEXUAL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY

505. Current Issues - zpopdecline.htm - Time to Defuse a Demographic Bomb

A number of countries from around the world have published data revealing a serious deficiency in the number of children being born. This ZENIT article examines the economic implications of aging populations. LABOR WELFARE

506. Current Issues - zradfembac.htm - To Radical Feminism and Back

Lorraine Murray went to college with a basic Catholic education, which only a few philosophy classes were enough to undo. Murray, who has a doctorate in philosophy, is a religion columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Georgia Bulletin. Interviewed by Teresa Tomeo of ZENIT, she comments on the insights she has gained in her journey back to the Catholic faith. CATECHISM RCIA CONVERTS ABORTION CHOICE RELATIVISM ATHEISM

507. Current Issues - gendagend.htm - Towards Preserving the Universality of Human Rights
Marguerite A. Peeters

Here are excerpts of the intervention given in Geneva, at the Palais des Nations, on 9 March 2012, at the parallel event organized by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See on the treatment of terms such as "gender" and "sex" and more recent formulations such as "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in ordinary discourse and in the context of UN documents. EQUALITY GLOBALISM HUMAN RIGHTS MARRIAGE FAMILY UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS UDHR FEMINISM HOMOSEXUALITY

508. Current Issues - ztranshum.htm - Transhumanism and the Perfection Imperative
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, gives the Catholic perspective on a new philosophy, Transhumanism, which favors the use of science and technology to transcend the limitations of human nature. FUKUYAMA BIOMEDICINE EUGENICS PRE-IMPLANTATION GENETIC DIAGNOSIS PGD EMBRYOS DESIGNER CHILDREN SAVIOR SIBLING

509. Current Issues - zbrandeth.htm - Transplants From Murder Victims
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation and associate professor of moral theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, answers questions on whether organ donations may be received from murder victims, and what constitutes moral certainty of death as a condition for organ donation. BRAIN DEATH IRREVERSIBLE CESSATION NEUROLOGICAL CARDIO-RESPIRATORY STANDARD INTEGRATIVE BODILY UNITY MORAL CERTITUDE

510. Current Issues - ztuares.htm - Tua Res Agitur: It Concerns You
Bishop James Conley

In a column published in the Southern Nebraska Register, Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska, explains why the defense of true marriage, i.e., between a man and a woman, should concern of all of us, since its suppression has serious consequences. HORACE SAME-SEX TOLERANCE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS FAMILY CHILDREN

511. Current Issues - UNDEBAT.TXT - U.N. Members Debate the Meaning of Family At Pre-Istanbul Meeting In NYC
Vernon Kirby

Will the world develop "sustainable,' "gendered" cities-places where every "stake holder" has a "right to housing," where "equality" (or is it "equity?") reign, where "various forms of the family exist" and where landlords cannot discriminate based on "sexual orientation"?

512. Current Issues - ERADPROG.TXT - U.N. Uses 'Eradication' Programs to Fight Poverty
Theresa Bell

The term "eradication of poverty" is heard frequently these days, especially with the United Nations designating 1996 as the "International Year for the Eradication of Poverty". They will soon proclaim 1997-2006 as the "Decade for the Eradication of Poverty". At first glance this seems an honorable and worthy cause. This article appeared in the March 1996 issue of "HLI Reports."

513. Current Issues - HLYSEUN.HTM - U.S. Congress Supports Holy See's Presence at UN
U.S. House of Representatives

On 11 July 2000 the Congress of the United States of America passed a Resolution supporting the Holy See's presence at the United Nations. The text was passed almost unanimously by roll-call vote (416 in favour, one opposed). DIPLOMAT OBSERVER RIGHTS LIFE

514. Current Issues - ZCANDTES.HTM - U.S. Presidential Candidates Differ Widely on Issues

As the U.S. primary season gets underway, Americans are reviewing the stances of the candidates, to choose the right person to lead the country for the next four years. As a service to American readers, ZENIT presents a review of where the candidates for the major parties stand on several typically "Catholic" issues. REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT ABORTION GUN HOMOSEXUALITY SCHOOLS

515. Current Issues - SOLVPROB.TXT - UN Agency Opposes Helping Women Solve Practical Problems
Dale O'Leary

The promoters of the UN's recent conference on women stressed that the conference would focus attention on the myriad problems facing women around the world. However, INSTRAW, the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women, one of the two UN agencies dedicated specifically to the advancement of women, circulated a booklet -Gender Concepts in Development Planning: Basic Approach

516. Current Issues - UNCLUE.TXT - UN Clueless In Copenhagen
Matthew Habiger

Taken from the April 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' HABIGER HLI UN COPENHAGEN

517. Current Issues - UNBAHAI.TXT - UN Joins Baha'is to Implement New World Order
Mary Ann Budnik

This article was taken from the March 9, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' The UN World Summit for Social Development and the Nongovernmental Forums (NGO Forums) being held March 6th-12th in Copenhagen, Denmark, bring together a new set of players. Three groups in particular bear watching because their focus is the theme of the summit-one-world religion and one-world government, the World Scientific Spiritual Party of India, the New World

518. Current Issues - ZJIHAD.HTM - Understanding Islam and the Theology of Jihad

Robert Spencer, an expert on Islam, shared with ZENIT why he and Daniel Ali, a convert from Islam, are dedicated to informing Christians about one of the most misunderstood and fastest growing faiths in the world: They see it not only as the Church's chief rival for souls but as a serious threat to the peace and well-being of the Church and the Western world in general. MUSLIMS MOHAMMED KORAN SHIITE SUNNI WAHHABISM SUFISM

519. Current Issues - SHAWINFA.TXT - Understanding the Infallibility Teaching
Russell Shaw

Are Catholics under the impression that unless a doctrine is infallibly taught, they don't have to abide by it? This article was taken from the December 17, 1995 issue of Our Sunday Visitor.

520. Current Issues - SPACETHX.HTM - Use of Outer Space Calls for Ethical Standards
Prof. Vittorio Canuto

UNISPACE III, the UN's Third Conference on the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, was held in Vienna, Austria, from 19 to 30 July 1999. The Conference was concerned with the benefits of space for humanity in the 21st century. At the plenary session, Prof. Vittorio Canuto, a member of the Holy See's Delegation, made a statement in English, in which he observed that space exploration is not merely a technological issue. Knowledge should contribute to improvement of the human spirit. SCIENCE EDUCATION MORAL RESPONSIBILITY

521. Current Issues - zvaccines.htm - Using Vaccines Obtained From Intentionally Aborted Human Embryos
William E. May

William E. May, Senior Fellow at the Culture of Life Foundation, responds to the question, whether it is ever permissable to use vaccines derived from aborted embryos, in light of the CDF's Dignitas Personae. ABORTION COOPERATION IN EVIL SCANDAL EVANGELIUM VITAE CRITERION OF INDEPENDANCE

522. Current Issues - zvanthuanlait.htm - Van Thuân Observatory on Laity

This reflection on the laity, which today stands at the crossroads of manifold ethical, social and political issues, is summarized in ten points, by the Cardinal Van Thuân International Observatory for the Social Doctrine of the Church. SECULARISM RELATIVISM REASON NIHILISM TECHNOLOGY TRANSCENDENCE

523. Current Issues - VATBAN.TXT - Vatican Ban on Women Priest Is Infallible
Paul Likoudis

In this article taken from the January 1996 issue of "Challenge" magazine, Mr. Likoudis says that those who continue to advocate women's ordination are not Catholic.

524. Current Issues - ZDIGHUM.HTM - Vatican II, 40 Years Later:Dignitatis Humanae

Forty years after the Second Vatican Council, ZENIT has asked Church leaders to reflect on the main documents of the council. Here ZENIT spoke with Father Richard Neuhaus, editor in chief of First Things, for his views on Dignitatis Humanae, the 1965 declaration on religious freedom. PERSON DIGNITY RELIGIOUS FREEDOM COMMUNISM ECUMENISM DOCTRINAL DEVELOPMENT DOCTRINE TERRORISM ISLAM STATE

525. Current Issues - USCANDL.HTM - Vatican Meeting of U.S. Cardinals on Sex-Abuse Scandals in the United States

An index page with addresses and other documents relating to the meeting of U.S. Cardinals in Rome on procedures for dealing with sex-abuse by clergy.

· Opening address by Cardinal Sodano
· Address by Pope John Paul II
· Final communiqué on resolutions reached
· Message to U.S. priests.


526. Current Issues - ZFORGOPR.HTM - Vatican Told Nuncio to Forgo Praise of Hitler

The recently opened Vatican-archives material relating to the interwar era continues to refute the theses that accuse Popes Pius XI and Pius XII of acquiescence to Adolf Hitler. In an interview published by the newspaper Il Giornale, professor Matteo Luigi Napolitano, who teaches church-state relations at the University of Urbino, Italy, described the Holy See's position vis-à-vis the Nazi regime. JEWS ANTISEMITISM

527. Current Issues - ZENMY2CV.HTM - We Are Fighting an Enemy of Two Civilizations

An article showing that Islamic fundamentalism is as much at war with mainstream Islam as it is with the West. MUSLIM WAHHABI TERROR JIHAD

528. Current Issues - SAVESOUL.TXT - We need a Crusade to Save the Soul of America
Patrick J. Buchanan

Republican presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan on May 13th delivered the commencement address for Christendom College in Front Royal, Va. Buchanan told the graduates that 'the inculcation of values, the shaping of conscience, the development of character, the formation of souls' are the purposes of education. This address appeared in the June 8, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' BUCHANAN CHRISTENDOM ADDRESS

529. Current Issues - zdefconsc.htm - Western Defense of Conscience

The right to conscientious objection — in areas ranging from health care to education — is one of the most important legal battles being fought in the West, according to Spanish jurist, law professor and author, Rafael Navarro Valls. ZENIT spoke with him about the nature and limits of conscientious objection. FREEDOM OF SPEECH RELIGION LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE MORMONS EDUCATION CHILDREN PARENTS YODER FOLGERO ZENGIN HEALTH CARE NATURAL LAW NUREMBERG ABORTION EUTHANASIA

530. Current Issues - zabstined.htm - What Abstinence Education Gets Right

A recent study published by a public policy research firm that claims abstinence education programs aren't effective, doesn't tell the whole story, says an expert. Jason Evert, an international chastity speaker, author and full-time apologist for Catholic Answers, disagrees with the methods and findings of the study by Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. Evert shared with ZENIT what the study gets wrong, and what good abstinence education programs get right in helping teens save sex for marriage. STD SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES BIRTH CONTROL PLANNED PARENTHOOD SEXUAL EDUCATION

531. Current Issues - CONDOMOC.HTM - What Are We Doing to the Young?
Cardinal John O'Connor

John Cardinal O'Connor refutes those who promote condom use for the young as a solution to the AIDS epidemic. This article appeared in the March-April 1994 issue of 'Celebrate Life'. Celebrate Life is available for $12.95 per year (6 issues) from American Life League, PO Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555. O'CONNOR AIDS CONDOMS ABSTINENCE

532. Current Issues - zconscpope.htm - What Comes First, Conscience or the Pope?
Father Juan R. Vélez

Father Vélez, an expert on Bl. John Henry Newman, explains what Newman meant when he wrote that he would give precedence to his conscience over the Pope. There could be conflict between the two only when one's conscience is not well-formed or the Pope expresses his private opinion, not a magisterial teaching. RELATIVISM DISSENT PAPAL INFALLIBILITY DEVELOPMENT OF DOCTRINE

533. Current Issues - zgoldcompass.htm - What Every Parent Should Know About The Golden Compass

The film "The Golden Compass" isn't simply about using fairy-tale magic to tell a good story, it corrupts the imagery of Lewis and Tolkien to undermine children's faith in God and the Church, says Catholic author Pete Vere. In this interview with ZENIT, Vere and Sandra Miesel discuss the movie adaptation of the fantasy novels written by Philip Pullman. NARNIA LORD OF THE RINGS ATHEISM ANTI-CATHOLICISM ANTI-CHRISTIANITY

534. Current Issues - PARTBIRT.TXT - What is a Partial-Birth Abortion?

This file contains questions and answers about partial-birth abortion as well as legislative information.

535. Current Issues - zmitchislam.htm - What the Islamic Riots Reveal

Riots related to the publication of anti-Muslim cartoons in Western newspapers were widely viewed as a popular religious reaction to offensive depictions of the prophet Mohammed. But in this 2-part ZENIT interview, Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa declares the riots were incited by governments to manipulate both the West and the Muslim world for political purposes. Father Mitch is a Middle East scholar and co-contributor to the "Islam and Christianity" DVD series. He also hosts live shows on EWTN. ISLAM

536. Current Issues - zwomencris.htm - What Women in Crisis Really Need

Abby Johnson's compassion for women in crisis drove her to work in Planned Parenthood, but its promotion of abortion and birth control soon raised questions about the women's true needs. The former Planned Parenthood clinic director, who walked out on her job after being asked to assist in an abortion, spoke to ZENIT about the real needs of women in crisis. NFP NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING 40 DAYS FOR LIFE CONVERSION BIRTH CONTROL

537. Current Issues - zsecbioeth.htm - When Bioethics Turned Secular

Recent news on the creation of hybrid embryos in England, and the U.S. debate on the use of embryos in research and cloning, all point to an increasingly secular agenda in life issues. Legionary of Christ Father Joseph Tham, a physician and bioethicist who recently defended his doctoral dissertation on "The Secularization of Bioethics: A Critical History," told ZENIT that this is yet another effect of the trend to push religion out of the social sphere. SECULARISM MODERNISM PROPORTIONALISM HUMANAE VITAE

538. Current Issues - ZDEVIANT.HTM - When Deviant Behavior Gets Respectable

In his 1993 encyclical, Veritatis Splendor, Pope John Paul II addressed the moral question, "How do I distinguish good from evil?" The question has particular relevance in today's society, as shown in The Politics of Deviance, a 2002 book by University of San Diego sociology professor Anne Hendershott. Hendershott explains that until recent times sociologists were concerned about questions of social order and the common good. But no longer. Now deviant behavior is being redefined without moral judgments, placing individual freedom above social stability. VICTIMHOOD MEDIA DRUG ADDICTION SUICIDE PEDOPHILIA TOLERANCE

539. Current Issues - euthandystop.htm - When Fiction Reflects Reality: Euthanasia in a Modern-Day Dystopia
Oddone Camerana

Drawing on Victorian author Anthony Trollope and modern Swedish author Carl Henning Wijkmark, Camerana shows how literature has foreshadowed the progress of the the euthanasia movement, when utilitarianism takes priority over ethics. KANT NATURAL RIGHTS

540. Current Issues - zmedexp.htm - When Medical Care Gets Expensive
E. Christian Brugger

Professor Brugger, a Senior Fellow of Ethics at the Culture of Life Foundation and associate professor of moral theology at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, Denver, responds to the question of whether it ever legitimate to withhold life-sustaining procedures from a patient in order to save excessive expenses to persons other than the patient. OBAMA HEALTH CARE ERDS ETHICAL AND RELIGIOUS DIRECTIVES FOR CATHOLIC HEALTHCARE SERVICES EXTRAORDINARY DISPROPORTIONATE MEANS BIOETHICS PATIENT AUTONOMY EUTHANASIA SUICIDE ADVANCED DIRECTIVE

541. Current Issues - zstemcellres.htm - When Stem Cell Research Gets Personal

The debate surrounding embryonic stem cell research is portrayed as an exercise in discerning politics from science. But there are undoubtedly some personal issues involved. ZENIT interviewed Father Alfred Cioffi, a priest of the Archdiocese of Miami. He is a research ethicist for the National Catholic Bioethics Center. After clarifying the issue between embryonic and adult stem cells, Fr Cioffi spoke of the opportunities in umbilical cord cell banking. CELL LINES EMBRYO INNER CELL MASS BLASTOCYST

542. Current Issues - ZCAPUNSH.HTM - Where the Catholic Church Stands

The article shows that the Church, in recent years, has become increasingly vocal in her opposition to the death penalty, and that a similar opposition is gaining ground among political leaders in the U.S. CAPITAL PUNISH PERSON DIGNITY

543. Current Issues - zcoopevil.htm - Where to Draw the Line on Cooperating With Evil
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, distinguishes between formal and material cooperation with evil, in particular as the distinction relates to President Obama's health care mandate. CONTRACEPTION FAITH-BASED LIGUORI VOTE PRO-ABORTION INTENTION REMOTE PROXIMATE MATERIAL COOPERATION

544. Current Issues - zwhose.htm - Whose Conscience? Which Religion? The Enemy Is Partially Us
E. Christian Brugger

E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, exposes the difficulty underlying recent political decisions inimical to conscience and religious liberty. TRUTH OBAMA SEBELIUS HHS REASONABLE RIGHT REASON ENGLISH COMMON LAW LIBERALISM HEALTH CARE

545. Current Issues - zcrucifix.htm - Why 20 Nations Are Defending the Crucifix

The Court of Strasbourg's ruling (November 2009) against the display of crucifixes in Italian schools has caused the most widespread opposition in the history of the European Court of Human Rights: 20 countries are officially opposed and have joined Italy in defense of the crucifix. In this ZENIT interview, Gregor Puppinck, director of the European Center for Law and Justice, explains what is at stake. ECHR SECULARISM RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ORTHODOXY

546. Current Issues - ZAIDS.HTM - Why BBC Was Wrong About AIDS Prevention

A BBC television program on AIDS prevention failed to note that scientific evidence indicates the Catholic Church is right when it advocates abstinence and marital fidelity, says John Smeaton, national director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, in an interview with ZENIT. HIV SEX FAMILY CONTRACEPTION CONDOMS

547. Current Issues - bargood.htm - Why Goodness Depends on God
Very Rev. Robert Barron

Father Barron, founder of the global ministry, Word on Fire, and Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary, explains why morality depends on faith, why we cannot have a coherent ethical view without belief in God. WILL ETHICS RELATIVISM SECULARISM ATHEISM

548. Current Issues - barronheart.htm - Why Having a Heart of God Is Not What Christianity Is About
Very Rev. Robert Barron

In response to those who argue that one need not be a believer to be ethically upright, Father Barron shows how Christianity is not primarily a system of ethics at all, but the proclamation of a new creation. KANT ATHEISM MORALITY PAUL RESURRECTION

549. Current Issues - ZANIMWEL.HTM - Why Human Rights Come Before Animal Welfare

A point missed by animal rights activists is highlighted in this ZENIT review of the issue. Animals do not have rights because they do not have obligations. Obligations involve the ability to make moral choices, which animals lack. This does not mean that man, though higher in the scale of nature, may inflict needless suffering on animals, since it does violence to his own nature. MEDICAL TESTS MEDICINE HIERARCHY MORAL CHARACTER

550. Current Issues - ZNACHALL.HTM - Why New Age Is a Challenge for Christianity

In a ZENIT interview, Father Alessandro Olivieri Pennesi, a professor at the Mater Ecclesiae Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of the Lateran, discusses the spread of New Age, its use and abuse of Christian elements, and the challenge this poses for the baptized. They must know this phenomenon better in order to provide more appropriate Christian answers. SUBJECTIVISM RELATIVISM GNOSTICISM ENNEAGRAM SYNCRETISM ECOLOGY ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT

551. Current Issues - ZROMEUN.HTM - Why Rome Supports the United Nations

Some Catholics wonder why the Church seems so supportive of the United Nations. The Church has criticized the U.N. on numerous occasions, particularly for its stance on abortion, artificial birth control and radical feminism, but the Holy See still regards the U.N. as "a significant means for promoting the universal common good." LAW HUMAN RIGHTS UTILITARIANISM WAR PEACE

552. Current Issues - zscicath.htm - Why Science Needs Catholicism

Prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins have consistently chastised religion for thwarting scientific research. But Professor Dominique Lambert, a respected expert in theoretical physics and the philosophy of science at the University of Namur, Belgium, believes not only does the Catholic faith, when correctly applied, not hinder science, but gives it vital intelligibility, meaning and purpose. SCIENTIFIC METHOD ATHEISM METAPHYSICS CREATIONISM CONCORDISM DISCORDISM RATIONALISM FIDEISM

553. Current Issues - MENWOM1.HTM - Why the Church Cares About the Women's Issue
Sr Sara Butler, M.S.B.T.

Sr Sara Butler gives reasons, based on the CDF's Letter to Catholic Bishops on the collaboration of men and women, for the Church's concern that certain feminist currents of thought undermine that relationship, and actually impede the advancement of women. MARRIAGE COMPLEMENTARITY SEXISM GENDER

554. Current Issues - CHINBIR2.TXT - Why the U.S. is Closing the Door on the Chinese
Mary Meehan

It's business as usual as the United States stops granting asylum to refugees fleeing communist China. This article was taken from the July 9, 1995 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. MEEHAN CHINA BIRTH ABORTION UN US

555. Current Issues - ztimemiss.htm - Why Time Magazine Misses the Point
Gregory Erlandson

The cover story in the 7 June 2010 issue of Time magazine is a particularly frustrating example of a media enterprise playing to prejudices with half-truths even to the point of severely misrepresenting the story. Gregory Erlandson, president and publisher of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, sheds light on the facts. PAPACY VATICAN I INFALLIBILITY SEX ABUSE PAPAL AUTHORITY

556. Current Issues - WHYWOMEN.TXT - Why Women Can't Be Priests
Mary DeTurris

Lost in the debate over women priests is the reason for the Church's teaching. A top woman theologian explains why the Church has always believed what it believes This article was taken from the December 17, 1995 issue of 'Our Sunday Visitor'.

557. Current Issues - zgeronemb.htm - Why Would the Leader in Embryonic Stem Cell Research Drop Out?
E. Christian Brugger

According to E. Christian Brugger, Senior Fellow of Ethics and director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation, the fact that Geron Corporation has shut down its embryonic stem cell research program signals a loss of confidence that any benefits from the program may be expected in the near future. Meanwhile attention is shifting to the benefits of adult stem cell research. INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS EMBRYOS

558. Current Issues - zwicca.htm - Wicca's World

ZENIT summarizes the advance of neo-paganism in Europe and the U.S. Elements contributing to its advance include feminism, environmentalism, and spiritual hunger. Among young people, a hunger for the supernatural is coupled with a desire for solemn ritual, which leads them to Wicca, rather than to traditional Christianity, where ceremonial has been reduced in recent times. PAGANISM ECOLOGY GAIA

559. Current Issues - ZEPISCWO.HTM - Woman Episcopalian Priest Converts to Catholicism

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, former Episcopal priest, Linda Poindexter, tells of her conversion to the Catholic Church, and why she now accepts an all-male, celibate priesthood. NEWMAN MARY AUTHORITY MAGISTERIUM

560. Current Issues - ADAMEVE.TXT - Woman's Authority in the Church
Monica Migliorino Miller

The feminist challenge to the Catholic Faith is based upon a deep misunderstanding. This article was taken from the September 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine.

561. Current Issues - TAKINGNO.TXT - Women's Ordination: Taking No for an Answer
Dr. James Hitchcock

Taken from an article that appeared in the June 23, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' PRIESTHOOD ORDINATION WOMEN HITCHCOCK MCBRIEN

562. Current Issues - ZPIUS12B.HTM - World Press Unmasks Fallacies in Book Defaming Pius XII

In a ZENIT interview Fr. Peter Gumbel, SJ shows how the world press is unmasking the fallacies and lack of scholarship in John Cornwell's book Hitler's Pope. HOLOCAUST SHOAH ANTISEMITISM JEWS

563. Current Issues - zfertind.htm - Young Women Exploited by Fertility Industry
Denise Hunnell, MD

In this ZENIT article, Doctor Hunnell, a Fellow of HLI America, an educational initiative of Human Life International, contrasts the nearly universal ban on the sale of human organs and tissues with the unfettered commerce in oocytes, commonly called “human eggs,” in the United States. ORGAN TRANSPLANTS BONE MARROW APHERESIS IVF IN VITRO FERTILIZATION OVARIAN HYPERSTIMULATION SYNDROME EMBRYOS NOTA NATIONAL ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION ACT