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1. Home Education - TCHREL.HTM - Are We Really Teaching Religion?
Frank Sheed

Published in 1953 by Sheed & Ward. Frank Sheed offers help for teachers in challenging students to get 'under the skin' of various doctrines and perceive their inner truth and harmony. DOCTRINE RELIGION SCHOOL SACRAMENTS FAITH APOLOGETICS INCARNATION TRINITY SHEED

2. Home Education - BUILDING.HTM - Building Your Own Curriculum and Staying Organized
Marianna Bartold

Editior of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!', Marianna Bartold helps parents venture out on their own and design a customized curriculum for their children. Taken from the June/July 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!', P.O. Box 43-1015, Pontiac, MI 48343-1015. BARTOLD CURRICULUM HOME SC

3. Home Education - CATHHS.HTM - Catholic Home Schooling
Mary Kay Clarke

This tract was published by Christendom Press in 1983. It provides guidelines to help parents get started planning a home-school curriculum and provides contact information for home study programs and publishers which can help them superintend a high quality education for their children. Author Mary Kay Clark is the President of Seton Home Study, the largest Catholic home study service organization in the United States. CLARK HOME SCHOOL EDUCATION SETON HO

4. Home Education - ROUNDTBL.HTM - Catholic Home-School Leaders Join First Annual Round Table
Marianna Bartold

An article about the first Round Table Conference held in Chicago and coordinated by Dr. Mary Kay Clark. Taken from the June 30, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' ROUND TABLE HOME SCHOOL

5. Home Education - WHITEHED.HTM - Catholic Schools and Kansas State Accreditation Policies
Margaret Whitehead

A pedagogical study of the Kansas restructuring plan, the QPA. Mrs. Whitehead begins with a review of what Catholic education is supposed to be and measures the QPA program against it. Although this manuscript was written because of the crisis in Kansas it is relevant for those who are fighting Outcome Based Education in other States. WHITEHEAD KANSAS OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION

6. Home Education - CHRCLS.HTM - Christ in the Classroom
F.J. Sheed

The object of this small book is to help teachers and parents prepare pupils to be followers of Christ. JESUS TEACHER CLASSROOM GOSPEL HOLY SPIRIT LIFE FAITH WORLD MAN SHEED

7. Home Education - HARHOMSC.HTM - Christ Speaks to Us
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Fr. Hardon address the subject of Catholic home schooling in the tradition of the Catholic Church. Taken from the June\July 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!' HARDON HOMESCHOOLING MATRIMONY GRACE FAITH

8. Home Education - CONVALCF.HTM - Confession: The Ultimate Values Clarification Tool
Elizabeth Foss

In this article, taken from the August 4, 1994 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald,' Elizabeth Foss, discusses children, values clarification and confession. FOSS VALUES CLARIFICATION CONFESSION CHILDREN

9. Home Education - FANTASY.HTM - Educational Fantasyland
Pete Du Pont

This article on out-come-based education was taken from the May 31, 1994 issue of 'The Washington Times.' DUPONT OUT-COME-BASED EDUCATION SCHOOLS

10. Home Education - ENGSTAND.HTM - English Standards Provoke Criticism
Eagle Forum

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the International Reading Association (IRA) have produced a volume called Standards for the English Language Arts. The 132-page document has been hailed by the professionals as representing "the best thinking and experience of thousands of English language-arts teachers across the country," but it apparently has pleased almost no one and has turned out to be only a set of vague recommendations.

11. Home Education - GOAL2000.HTM - Goals 2000, A Bad Bill
Frank Brown

Article appearing in the March 24, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' Exposes the dangers in the Goals 2000 bill just recently signed into law by President Clinton. EDUCATION SCHOOLS GOALS 2000 TEACHERS

12. Home Education - HSMSS2.HTM - Home Education & Survival of the Catholic Family
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

This conference by Fr. Hardon covers: 1. What is home education? 2. Why is home education necessary for the survival of the Catholic family. 3. How is home education to be provided not only for the survival but for the progress of the Catholic family as we enter the twenty-first century.

13. Home Education - HSRESOUR.HTM - Homeschool Resource List
Gromley & Smith

This file contains a resource list for homeschoolers uploaded by Liz Gormley in reply to a question asked on CRNET. Cecilia Ann Smith added additional resources. GORMLEY HOME SCHOOL RESOURCES

14. Home Education - HELPCHIL.HTM - How to Help Your Child be Successful in School
Edward Haskins Jacobs

Edward Jacobs, the director of the Phonics Institute, stresses the importance of phonics in the teaching of reading. This article was taken from the December 22, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' JACOBS READING PHONICS SCHOOL CHILDREN

15. Home Education - HSMANUAL.HTM - How-To Manual For Catholic Home Schooling
Douglas Alexander

A review of the book, 'Catholic Home Schooling', by Mary Kay Clark. Article appeared in 'The Arlington Catholic Herald', July 7, 1994. CLARK HOME SCHOOL MANUAL BOOK REVIEW ALEXANDER

16. Home Education - FEDTEST.HTM - Intrusive Federal Testing
Candace de Russy

This article provides information on federalized testing, which has been criticized as being academically deficient, psychologically manipulative, and ideologically biased. This article was taken from the June 1995 issue of 'Crisis' magazine. DE RUSSY FEDERAL TESTING SCHOOLS CURRICULUM

17. Home Education - JNDEWEY1.HTM - John Dewey, Prophet of American Naturalism
Fr. John A. Hardon

First of three essays by Fr. Hardon analyzing John Dewey and his influence on American education, reveals his views on God and religion--atheism, anti-supernaturalism. JOHN HARDON EDUCATION AMERICA NATURALISM ATHEISM WILLIAM JAMES HEGEL PHILOSOPHY

18. Home Education - JNDEWEY2.HTM - John Dewey--Radical Social Educator
Fr. John A. Hardon

Second of three essays by Fr. Hardon analyzing John Dewey and his influence on American education. Reveals his revolutionary, progressive ideals, his opposition to religious instruction. JOHN HARDON EDUCATION AMERICA PEDAGOGY DEMOCRACY PRAGMATISM SOCIALISM

19. Home Education - LIVLANG.HTM - Latin, the Living Language of the Church
Marion Smedberg

Marion Smedberg shares her experience of teaching Latin to her children and offers suggestions for others who may wish to do the same. Taken from the Pentecost 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Home Educator.' SMEDBERG LATIN LANGUAGE

20. Home Education - LEARNLAT.HTM - Learning Latin: The Next Step After Phonics
Cheryl Lowe

Mrs. Lowe contends that Latin is the basic subject because it is the basic language and that if we want to get back to basics we need to teach our children Latin. Taken from the February/May 1995 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!'. LOWE LATIN LANGUAGE

21. Home Education - HSMSS8.HTM - Mary As Model Catechist for Parents
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

We do not usually talk about Mary as a catechist and we do not commonly think of her as a model for those who catechize. But the Blessed Virgin Mary is not only a pattern, she is a perfect model of what every catechist in the Catholic Church should be.

22. Home Education - EDUBABLE.HTM - O.B.E. or a Lesson in Edubabble
Joyce Cale

For those who are trying to understand Outcome Based Education, Joyce Cale offers explanations and recommended reading for further research. Taken from the June/July 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!', P.O. Box 43-1015, Pontiac, MI 48343-1015. Subscriptions to this excellent magazine for homeschooling families are available for $22.50 a year (6 issues). CALE OBE SCHOOLS CLINTON EDUCATION

23. Home Education - OBJPAR.HTM - Objections by Parents
Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly writes about the dangers Outcome Based Education pose to our children's morals and quality of education. This article appeared in the February 5, 1994 edition of The Washington Times. SCHLAFLY OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION SCHOOLS

24. Home Education - PAT.HTM - Parents As Teachers: What Is It?
Jann Six

This article gives a brief explanation of what parents can expect from the federally funded program that is part of GOALS: 2000. SIX GOALS 2000 PARENTS TEACHERS PAT FAMILY CHILDREN

25. Home Education - PHONBOOM.HTM - Phonics Boom
Phyllis Schlafly

Americans are at last being told the tragic fact that the public schools are failing to teach children how to read. According to Phyllis Schlafly, the main reason being the adoption of the Whole Language system method over the traditional phonics method.

26. Home Education - PHOVSWL.HTM - Phonics Versus Whole Language
Phyllis Schlafly

The scandal of widespread illiteracy has finally become a topic of general discussion and debate, from local newspapers to Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News. Americans are at last being told the tragic fact that the public schools are failing to teach children how to read.

27. Home Education - BENZIGER.HTM - Preliminary Analysis: Benziger Family Life Program -- K-8

The following observations are based on a reading of three of seven components [student, family, and teacher resource guides] of the Benziger Family Life Program [copyright 1988, 89, imprimatur - 1987 Archbishop Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles.

28. Home Education - CLARHOSC.HTM - Questions About Home-Schooling
Mary K. Clark

Mary Kay Clark answers basic questions about home-schooling. CLARK HOME SCHOOL

29. Home Education - READLIST.HTM - Reading List
Kevin Clark

This is a suggested reading list compiled by Seton Home Study School. It covers grades 3 through high school. READING LIST SETON HOME STUDY

30. Home Education - RWRR.HTM - Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic, and Ritalin
Eagle Forum

An estimated two million children have been labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder and are taking a powerful drug to treat it. Yet there are many questions regarding the diagnosis of this "disease."

31. Home Education - SETON.HTM - Seton Home Study Brochure
Seton Home Study

Brochure describing Seton Home Study School, the largest U. S. home study course & support organization for Catholic home schooling families. Includes contact information. SETON HOME STUDY SCHOOL HOME EDUCATION BROCHURE

32. Home Education - SECATHSC.HTM - Sex Education and Catholic Schools
Thomas Dolan

This article appeared in 'Religious Life,' the July-August 1994 issue. Published by the Institute on Religious Life, P. O. Box 41007, Chicago, IL 60641. DOLAN SEX EDUCATION SCHOOLS

33. Home Education - DAYMASS.HTM - Should Pre-Schoolers Be Forced to Go to Daily Mass
Mary Kay Clark

Clark shows her understanding of children in this insightful response to a question presented by a member on CRNET who is having a problem with her 4 year-old. CLARK PRE-SCHOOLER MASS

34. Home Education - SPEAKEDU.HTM - Speaking of Education

Five talks given on the Education Day of the National Convention of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin, October 15, 1946. Different talks are: 'What Parents Think', 'Rural Life and Art', 'The Rural Elementary Teacher', 'From Urban Teacher to Rural Teacher', 'The Rural High School Teacher'. This file presents a glimpse of what life was life in the 'good old days.'Published by the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, 4625 Beaver Avenue,

35. Home Education - STGREGS.HTM - St. Gregory's Academy Forms Catholic Gentlemen & Scholars
Paul Likoudis

Taken from an article that appeared in the May 25, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer.' This file gives a description of the new Catholic school for boys, grades 8-12. SCHOOL BOYS ST GREGORY'S EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTS

36. Home Education - CHRSPLAY.HTM - Starship Emmanuel
A Catholic Youth Group

This is a play our youth group wrote and performed for Christmas. The daughter of the captain of the Starship Emmanuel learns the true meaning of Christmas. Her journey takes her by way of the North Pole to a stable. She brings someone else along on her journey to conversion.

37. Home Education - HISTHOME.HTM - Teaching History & Science: The Who's and Why's
Mrs. Anne Carroll

Mrs. Carroll is the founder and director of the Seton (Day) School in Manassas, VA, where she also teaches history and religion. Taken from the August/September 1994 issue of 'The Catholic Family's Magnificat!', P.O. Box 43-1015, Pontiac, MI 48343-1015. Subscriptions to this excellent magazine for homeschooling families are available for $22.50 a year (6 issues). CARROLL HISTORY TEACHING SCIENCE HOMESCHOOL

38. Home Education - CRUSADE.HTM - Teaching the Faith Effectively
Various Catholic Parents

This file is loaded with valuable points for parents trying maintain a truly Catholic home. Some of the topics covered include: Raising a Catholic family in a secular world, Christmas traditions, devotion to the Sacred Heart, Teaching devotions in the family, Teaching the love of Jesus Christ, The home is the first school - the first church, Teaching the Faith with authority Teaching Marian Devotion and the Rosary, Eucharist: the healing reality Passing on the Fa

39. Home Education - SEX-ED.HTM - The Church Speaks on Sex-Education
Philip and Jane Eckert

This file was compiled by CRNET members, Philip and Jane Eckert, as a refutation of the explicit sex-education course being taught in their school. The information is applicable for anyone who is fighting the same cancer in their area. Quotes from the 'Roman Catechism', Pope Pius XI, Holy Office, Pope Pius XII, Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Baum and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. SEX EDUCATION CATHOLIC SCHOOLS MODESTY PURITY

40. Home Education - JNDEWEY3.HTM - The Dewey Legend in American Education
Fr. John A. Hardon

Third of three essays by Fr. Hardon analyzing John Dewey and his influence on American education. Discusses issues like play-complex, sex education, scientific method, connection with educational liberalism and American social problems. JOHN HARDON EDUCATION AMERICA SEX SCIENTIFIC SOCIAL MORAL LIBERAL

41. Home Education - HSMSS7.HTM - The Family
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Parents have the right to give their offspring a share in their own life of the spirit, corresponding to the share they have given the children in their life of the body. Or, in more concrete terms, parents have the right to communicate their own religious beliefs and practices to the sons and daughters to have whom they have already communicated their physical existence as human beings.

42. Home Education - HSMSS6.HTM - The Greatest Need in the World Today: Forming the Eucharistic Faith and Love of Children
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

This conference covers: A brief summary of the Church's pedagogy of the Holy Eucharist over the centuries; An explanation of why parents and teachers should develop the Eucharistic faith and love of children from infancy to adulthood; To provide some guidelines to children on how to grow in their faith and love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

43. Home Education - HSMSS3.HTM - The Heart of Home Education: Teaching the Catholic Faith
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

This conference covers: 1. Our primary duty as Catholics is to share our faith with others. 2. This primary duty for parents is to teach the Catholic faith to their children. 3. This home teaching of the faith is God's providential plan for restoring family life in the Western world.

44. Home Education - HIGHJACK.HTM - The Highjacking of America's Children
Frank Morriss

This article, written in 1995, presents a view critical of Outcome-Based Education, for placing less emphasis on basic skills than on communicating values and perspectives often contrary to traditional belief systems. LIBERAL SOCIAL MARX PSYCHO

45. Home Education - HSMSS4.HTM - The Origen of the Family
Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Parents as primary educators, parents for Eternal Life, How parents are to become primary educators.

46. Home Education - EXPOKINS.HTM - Video Exposes Kinsey Research Fund
Eagle Forum

A 30-minute documentary entitled The Children of Table 34, released by the Family Research Council, shows that Alfred Kinsey's famous research on human sexuality was either fraudulent or based on "criminal experimentation on children funded by taxpayers."

47. Home Education - COMPSCHL.HTM - Whatever Happened To Competition in School?
Phyllis Schlafly

What's wrong with competition? Some people are at war against the whole concept. They think it is undemocratic, unfair, and elitist. Mrs. Schlafly highlights how this lack of competition is affecting education around the country.

48. Home Education - ZEDCHRIS.HTM - When the Education System Puts Christians on the Spot
Kenneth Whitehead

According to Kenneth Whitehead, former U.S. assistant secretary of education, it may be time for committed Christians to think more seriously about establishing their own schools or joining the growing home-schooling movement. He shared with ZENIT why it may be necessary for Catholics to look for educational alternatives in the face of the increasing conflicts among the courts, Christians and federally funded schools, and the growing moral corruption of our times. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION DEMOCRACY FIRST AMENDMENT FREEDOM OF RELIGION RELIGIOUS LIBERTY