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1. Fatherhood - ZBENEDCT.HTM - Applying St. Benedict's Rule to Fatherhood and Family Life

Dwight Longenecker, who has penned his application of the Rule of St. Benedict to family life in his book, "Listen My Son: St. Benedict for Fathers," shared with ZENIT how the wisdom of the father of religious life can help modern dads humbly guide their families and provide loving discipline. FAMILY CHILDREN DISCIPLINE ABBOT MONKS MONASTICISM

2. Fatherhood - zbecomman.htm - Becoming the Man God Made You to Be

Doug Barry, founder and director of RADIX, is interviewed by Carrie Gress of ZENIT. RADIX is an apostolate founded to help strengthen the family, especially the roles of fathers and sons, by learning and living the Catholic faith. COMMANDMENTS FATHERS SONS MEN MARRIAGE HERO

3. Fatherhood - MENSAPOS.HTM - Beginning a Men's Apostolate with Home Enthronements of the Sacred Heart
Steve Wood

This article is on the importance of fathers leading their families in home enthronements of the Sacred Heart and the blessings that accompany this devotion. It is also about beginning an apostolate to teach other fathers to do likewise. Taken from the May 1995 issue of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers. WOOD ENTHRONEMENT SACRED HEART APOSTOLATE

4. Fatherhood - GOODPIZA.HTM - Catholic Manhood: Like a Good Pizza
Bill Dodds

A brief sketch of what it means to be a Catholic man--son, husband, father, worker.

5. Fatherhood - malepostabort.htm - Conference on Male Post-Abortion Trauma

The first international conference on male post-abortion trauma was held 28-29 November 2007, in San Francisco, California. the conference, entitled "Reclaiming Fatherhood: A Multifaceted Examination of Men Dealing with Abortion," focused on the emotional impact of abortion on men. NOPARH PAVONE EXCOMMUNICATION

6. Fatherhood - FATHTEEN.HTM - Fathering Teens On the Eve of the Third Millennium
Steve Wood

Some excellent words of advice for the fathers of teenagers. This article appeared in the May 1996 issue of "St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers."

7. Fatherhood - zmascgenius.htm - Finding the Masculine Genius

Men must learn to seek the company of other men for the sake of women, the Church and the world, says a Catholic author and English professor. In this interview with ZENIT, Anthony Esolen discusses the growing trend in rediscovering masculinity, and what it takes to make men and boys flourish. ANDROGYNY MASCULINITY MANHOOD LEADERSHIP FAIRY TALES PUBLIC SCHOOLS

8. Fatherhood - zboysmen.htm - Helping Boys Become Men

Boys who never feel they have been accepted and affirmed by a male authority figure may spend the rest of their lives proving to themselves and others that they are worthy of approval, says author and teen-health expert Dr. Meg Meeker. In this interview with ZENIT, Meeker talks about the important roles of mother, fathers, play and faith in raising healthy sons. FATHERS EDUCATION MASCULINITY BLESSING GAMES COMPETITION MALE LOVE

9. Fatherhood - zdaddaught.htm - How Dads Can Help Raise Strong Daughters

The way a father treats his daughter is a strong indicator of how she will relate to men for the rest of her life, says author and teen-health expert Doctor Meg Meeker. In this interview with ZENIT, Meeker, who has practiced pediatric and adolescent medicine, as well as teen counseling, talks about the profound role a father plays in his daughter's life, whether he knows it or not. FAMILY SEX DEPRESSION HUMILITY DIVORCE MOTHER

10. Fatherhood - FINPRIOR.HTM - Making A Genuine Catholic Education A Financial Priority
Philip Lenahan

When it comes to finances play a key role in two ways. First, as parents, we have responsibility for providing the resources which allow our children to obtain a solid Catholic education. Second, we are called to be a living example when it comes to applying Godly principles in the area of money management. FATHERS FINANCIAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION

11. Fatherhood - zmenabort.htm - Men and the Abortion Aftermath

One man's sharing gives other men permission to examine their own role in abortion and the impact it has had on their lives, said counselor Kevin Burke, the associate director of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, and pastoral associate at Priests For Life. In this interview with ZENIT, Burke discusses the type of wounds men experience when they have been involved in an abortion, avenues for healing, and how to help the women they love also find healing after an abortion. PAIN SUFFERING POST-ABORTION GRIEF MARRIAGE DIVORCE

12. Fatherhood - RELIVEFA.HTM - Relive the Fatherhood of God
Elizabeth Foss

Elizabeth Foss writes on the role of the father in the Christian family. This article appeared in the March 9, 1995 issue of 'The Arlington Catholic Herald.' FOSS FATHERHOOD FATHERS HOME FAMILY

13. Fatherhood - ZSOFPATR.HTM - Soft Patriarchs, New Men

One of the most talked-about U.S. social phenomena of the past 30 years has been the "fatherhood crisis," wrought by a culture of permissiveness and easy divorce. A study on the state of fatherhood among Protestant men was done by University of Virginia sociologist Brad Wilcox. He shared with ZENIT his findings, which challenge some secular assumptions about Christian fathers, and his thoughts on Catholic fatherhood. HUSBANDS WIVES MOTHERS CHILDREN EVANGELICALISM VOCATIONS

14. Fatherhood - COVEKEEP.HTM - St. Joseph Covenant Keepers
Steve Wood

This file lists the 8 commitments involved in being a St. Joseph Covenant Keeper. St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers is an international network of Christian men dedicated to strengthening the family. WOOD ST. JOSEPH COVENANT KEEPERS FATHERS FATHERHOOD

15. Fatherhood - zprotector.htm - The Role of Father as Family Protector

In an age of same-sex "marriages" and children having "two mommies," the meaning of fatherhood has become blurred for many. James Stenson, educator and author of parenting books, including Father, the Family Protector (Scepter), clearly sees men's irreplaceable and imperative role in their marriages and families. Stenson shared with ZENIT the different ways men are protectors, and how they uniquely contribute to the development of their sons and daughters. MOTHER WIFE PROVIDER

16. Fatherhood - HOMEDAD.HTM - The Seven Steps in Preparing to be a Homeschool Father
Steve Wood

For homeschooling to be successful fathers must be involved. Steve Wood suggests seven steps to any man wanting to become a successful homeschool father. Fathers who do not plan to homeschool should still pay attention to several of the steps. Taken from the May 1995 issue of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers. WOOD HOMESCHOOL FATHERS PARENTING

17. Fatherhood - ZGENTLMN.HTM - The Warrior, the Lover and the Monk

The notion of the gentleman has been out of fashion for some time, but Brad Miner believes the example of the gentleman is ripe for recovery, and far from being a stick-in-the-mud, the "complete" gentleman is a passionate warrior, lover and monk. Miner shared with ZENIT, some key themes from his book, "The Compleat Gentleman" MEN FATHERS CHIVALRY FEMINISM MASCULINITY

18. Fatherhood - STJOCOVE.HTM - What the Catholic Church Has for Men: St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers
Bob Harvey

A new grassroots movement is springing up among Catholic men.

19. Fatherhood - zdadsmattr.htm - Why Dads Matter
Father John Flynn, LC

Children need more than ever the presence and guidance of fathers in family life. According to a recent collection of essays, a significant body of scientific research clearly documents the vital role a father plays in the formative years of a child's life. PARENTS MARRIAGE PATERNAL LOVE ADOLESCENTS