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1. Catholic Software - BIBCOM.TXT - Bibles on Disk
EWTN Staff

A file listing known sources (as of 1996) for computerized versions of Catholic Bibles, plus other useful software based Bible materials. If you know other good programs or sources please inform the EWTN Webmaster at SCRIPTURE BIBLE SOFTWARE COMPUTER NEW AMERICAN BIBLE STUDY

2. Catholic Software - BIBSTORY.ZIP - Catholic Bible Stories Demo
Catholic Software

Provided as a sample of the Catholic Bible Stories produced by Catholic Software. After unzipping file, type CBS at the prompt to start program. CATHOLIC SOFTWARE STORIES BIBLE

3. Catholic Software - CCD15S.ZIP - CCD Ver. 1.5
Catholic Software

This is a DOS program designed by a catechist for catechists to maintain the admin details of a CCD class. Keep track of all your students, names, addresses, phones, attendance, birthdays, sacraments, howework assignments, print reports and more. The program is based on a fourth grade CCD class, and has been developed over five years. The program is designed primarily for catechists, not so much for DREs, and can handle up to 50 students in a class.

4. Catholic Software - SSSS.EXE - Demo Programs
St. Scholastica Software

Three Catholic demo programs for Windows from St. Scholastica Software: Seven Sacraments, Talking Spelling Bee, Talking Alphabet. Designed for children in the primary grades, these programs talk and spell out loud if you have a sound card. Contact information for St. Scholastica Software is included, or contact CRNET member Glenn Yellico for further information. SCHOLASTICA MULTI-MEDIA WINDOWS SACRAMENTS SPELL ALPHABET PRIMARY TALK

5. Catholic Software - LTNPRYR.ZIP - English\Latin Prayerbook for DOS
Robert Gustke

The English and sometimes Latin text of a variety of familiar prayers presented through a clever batch file. For DOS only.

6. Catholic Software - LATIN.ZIP - Latin Vocabulary Program for Windows, Updated
Kevin Clark

This attractive Latin vocabulary drilling program for Windows was written by Kevin Clark, co-host of the Home Education and Schools Forum. This release of October 1994 corrects some problems with the original September 1994 release. Shareware. LATIN SHAREWARE VOCABULARY DRILL PROGRAM WINDOWS PC

7. Catholic Software - PCP95.ZIP - PC Prayerbook for Windows
Catholic Software

This shareware program from Catholic Software will run under both Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. It puts over 100 Catholic prayers at your fingertips. (Catholic Software, PO Box 1914, Murray, KY 42071, 502-753-8198)

8. Catholic Software - schonb16book.htm - Pope's New Book, Jesus of Nazareth, Published in English
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, O.P.

Jesus of Nazareth; from the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration was published in English on 15 May 2007. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, O.P., Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, presented the Italian edition of the Holy Father's book to Journalists at the Press Office of the Holy See on Friday afternoon, 13 April. The 10 chapters of Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy Father, says in his Foreword to the book, make up Part One, the first of two volumes; the Pope intends in Part Two to examine the birth of Christ, his Crucifixion and his Resurrection. BIBLE HISTORICAL-CRITICAL EXEGESIS JUDAISM NEUSNER CHRISTOLOGY

9. Catholic Software - WINPRAYC.ZIP - PrayerWare Software for Windows
Aquinas Software

A multi-media program which includes the text of many traditional Catholic prayers and standard Catholic information such as the corporal works of mercy, the liturgical calendar, etc. You can read, annotate, record, and playback pre-loaded prayers and 'knowledge' items, and add more of your own. Educational shareware from Aquinas Software, for Microsoft Windows. SOFTWARE PROGRAM CATHOLIC PRAYER STUDY EDUCATION WINDOWS

10. Catholic Software - ROSARY2.ZIP - Rosary, v. 4.5
Jack R. Voltz

This program contains the complete set of prayers for the Rosary. It is being offered as freeware. Copyright (c) 1996 by Jack R. Voltz Requirements: VGA monitor.

11. Catholic Software - LATLAD.ZIP - Scalae Verborum Latin Word Ladder
Paul Widergren

3 shareware programs to help you learn Latin. Includes 3400 word dictionary.

12. Catholic Software - ENCYCLIC.ZIP - Selected Encyclicals
Dewain W. Clausen

A menu-driven DOS VGA program for viewing 9 papal encyclicals, including Evangelium vitae (Gospel of Life) and Ut unum sint (That they may be one). ENCYCLICALS SOFTWARE JOHN PAUL II

13. Catholic Software - RSYPRMRW.ZIP - The Rosary Primer

The primary purpose of this interactive is to foster a greater devotion to praying the Rosary, and to offer a starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about this prayer. The Rosary Primer is offered to you at no cost other than your download time - you might call it 'prayerware' - and if you like it, perhaps you would offer a decade of the Rosary for the Holy Father's intentions. RECOMMENDED SYSTEM CONFIGURATION: 486 machine or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher, 4MB available RAM, 2MB available on hard drive, 256 color monitor, printer (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: Once this ZIP file has been extracted,

14. Catholic Software - WINZIP95.EXE - WinZip Windows 95/NT
Aquinas Software

This is a self-extracting shareware Window's utility for managing ZIP files. It allows you to zip/unzip, view contents and extract individual files all with a simple and easy to use Window's interface. Support a variety of compression formats, including those used on the Internet. ZIP UNZIP COMPRESSION WINDOWS UTILITIES SOFTWARE SHARWARE