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1. Catechetics - WAGGASYL.HTM - About the Syllabus
Gerard Gaskin

Information about how to purchase the acclaimed Australian elementary grade catechism syllabus, 'We Belong to the Lord', based on the Catholic Catechism. GASKIN SYLLABUS CATHOLIC CATECHISM ELEMENTARY

2. Catechetics - MOSTCAT.HTM - Basic Catholic Catechism
Fr. William Most

A short (75 p.) catechism by Fr. William Most. Follows the standard format of the Apostles Creed, the Mass and the Sacraments, the 10 Commandments and Christian life, and prayer, esp. the Lord's Prayer. Contains an opening section as well as supplementary material on scripture. MOST CATECHISM CREED SACRAMENTS COMMANDMENTS OUR FATHER SCRIPTURE

3. Catechetics - GCI.TXT - Catechetical Centers Approved by the Holy See
Levis & Wrenn

This file contains an overview of the Catechetical Centers in the United States which have been approved by the Holy See, including information about the Graduate Catechetical Institute and the Section Hosts, Fr. Robert Levis and Msgr. Michael Wrenn. CATECHETICS ROME POPE INSTITUTE DOCTRINE CCD RELIGIOUS

4. Catechetics - PIUSXCAT.HTM - Catechism of St. Pius X
St. Pius X

This catechism is St. Pius X's partial realization of a simple, plain, brief, popular Catechism for uniform use throughout the world. It was directed to the layman and was used in the ecclesiastical province of Rome and for some years in other parts of Italy.

5. Catechetics - RCIA.HTM - Catechism of the Catholic Church Outline for RCIA
Fr. John Trigilio

This is an example of how a Priest or Catechist can use the Catechism as the main textbook for RCIA class. Topics are divided as in the Catechism with paragraph & page #s. Helpful for lesson plans. RCIA TRIGILIO CATECHISM OUTLINE

6. Catechetics - CATPAGAN.HTM - Catechizing the New Pagans
Sr. M. Anastasia

Children arriving at high school age today are often found to be on a level of religious ignorance comparable with that of the ancient pagans. This article appeared in the August/ September 1995 issue of 'The Homiletic & Pastoral Review.' MARY ANASTASIA CHILDREN CCD HIGH SCHOOL CATECHIZE

7. Catechetics - FREEFAI.HTM - Critique of 'Free and Faithful In Christ'
Fr. Augustine Mary

Father provides an analysis of Bernard Haring's 3 volumes on moral theology in response to a question presented on EWTN Online Services.

8. Catechetics - FIRSTCAT.HTM - First Catechism
Fr. William Most

This little catechism answers some of the most basic questions about the faith. GOD PRIESTHOOD

9. Catechetics - zGodsped.htm - God's Pedagogy

The Church has expectations not only concerning the content of what we teach, but also how we teach it. So says Petroc Willey, deputy director of the Maryvale Institute, editor of the catechetical journal The Sower, and host of the EWTN series “Handing on the Faith.” Willey talks to ZENIT in this interview on why the Church has certain teaching requirements, and how catechesis should reflect the pedagogy of God. CATECHISM PERSONAL PROPOSITIONAL REVELATION

10. Catechetics - CATARS.HTM - Instructions on the Catechism
St. John Vianney

This file contains some of the more exceptional discourses of the Cure de Ars in abridged form.

11. Catechetics - ORTHCAT.HTM - Orthodox Children's Catechism Is Launched Into Cyberspace
Paul Likoudis

Article about a new computerized, children's catechism written by Fr. Robert J. Levis of Gannon University. This article was taken from the August 3, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer.' LIKOUDIS LEVIS CATECHISM CHILDREN

12. Catechetics - PROGWORK.HTM - Passing on the Faith: A Religious Education Program That Works
Marianne Alpha, C.V.

This article discusses religious education programs for preschool through high school. Taken from the June/July 1995 issue of 'HLI Reports.' ALPHA CATECHISM ELEMENTARY

13. Catechetics - RECEPCAT.HTM - Reception and the Catechism
Fr. Stephen Brett

Fr. Brett presents the theological notion of 'reception.' He argues that the collegial drafting and promulgation of the 'Catechism constitute a legitimate, authentic and indispensable 'reception' of the 'Catechism' and Vatican II on which it very much relies. This article appeared in the October 1994 issue of 'The Homiletic & Pastoral Review,' 86 Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y. 10024, 212-799-2600, $24.00 per year. CATECHISM BRETT VATICAN II RECEPTION

14. Catechetics - GOSTORAH.HTM - Reconciling Gospel and Torah: The Catechism
Cardinal Ratzinger

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger speaks at the international Jewish-Christian Conference in Jerusalem on the view of Jewish-Christian relations offered in the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. RATZINGER CATECHISM JEWS TORAH GOSPEL

15. Catechetics - CONFIRM1.HTM - Sacrament of Confirmation 'What is it all about?'
Tom Sullivan

This study of the Sacrament of Confirmation is the result of much research into the Church's continued teaching on the Sacrament over the past 2000 years, as well as Tom Sullivan's experience as a Confirmation Coordinator for the past 3 years. It is in no way an exhaustive explanation nor is it a complex theological thesis. It is simply a summary of many hundreds of hours of research and study to discover the meaning of the Sacrament

16. Catechetics - CATREADY.HTM - Start the Presses
Msgr. Wrenn

The controversy over the proposed use of inclusive language in the "Catechism of the Catholic Church," ultimately published with only modest horizontal inclusive language, can be seen in this article by Msgr. Michael Wrenn from the February 1994 issue of "The Catholic World Report." CATECHISM WRENN CWR TRANSLATION ENGLISH

17. Catechetics - CATMYERS.HTM - The Catechism: A Call to Faith
Most Rev. Myers

This address by the Most Rev. John J. Myers, Bishop of Peoria, was given on October 23, 1993 at the CUF 25th Anniversary Conference in Philadelphia, PA. Taken from LAY WITNESS, April 1994. MYERS CATECHISM LAY WITNESS

18. Catechetics - BCCHURCH.HTM - The Catholic Church
Baltimore Catechism

Lessons 11 and 12 of the Baltimore Catechism. ONE HOLY APOSTOLIC INFALLIBILITY PETER

19. Catechetics - CHURROCK.HTM - The Church and the Rock
Rev. Edward J. Hayes et alii

Our Lord made Simon Peter alone the rock and keybearer of the Church, and appointed him shepherd of the whole flock. And 'The Authority of the Church' This infallibility with which the divine Redeemer willed his Church to be endowed in defining a doctrine of faith and morals extends as far as extends the deposit of divine revelation, which must be religiously guarded and faithfully expounded. Taken from 'Catholicism and Reason'.

20. Catechetics - BALTEUCH.HTM - The Holy Eucharist
Baltimore Catechism

Baltimore Catechism Lessons 26, 27 & 28.

21. Catechetics - BCLESS7.HTM - The Incarnation
Baltimore Catechism

Lesson 7 of the Baltimore Catechism.

22. Catechetics - NCOFCC.HTM - The New Catechism of the Catholic Church
Fabian W. Bruskowitz, S.T.D.

History of the development of catechisms in the Church leading up to the new "Catechism of the Catholic Church", including an analysis of the nature and structure of the new "Catechism".

23. Catechetics - BCLESS8.HTM - The Redemption
Baltimore Catechism

Lesson 8 of the Baltimore Catechism.

24. Catechetics - ROMAN.ZIP - The Roman Catechism
Pope Pius V

This file contains the entire Catechsim in ascii text. Variously known as The Catechism of the Council of Trent, the Roman Catechism, or the Catechism of Pius V. This translation used as its basis the Manutian text as reflected in the Maredsous edition of 1902, the fourth Roman edition of 1907 and the Turin edition of 1914.

25. Catechetics - ROMANCAT.ZIP - The Roman Catechism
Pope Pius V

This file contains the entire Catechism in RTF (Rich Text Format), and is viewable as a single file in most major word processors. Also known as The Catechism of the Council of Trent, the Roman Catechism, or the Catechism of Pius V. This translation used as its basis the Manutian text as reflected in the Maredsous edition of 1902, the fourth Roman edition of 1907 and the Turin edition of 1914.

26. Catechetics - USEOFSCR.HTM - The Use of Scripture in the Catechism of the Catholic Church
William S. Kurz & Kevin E. Miller

This article responds to the criticism of modernist scholars that the Catholic Catechism uses Scripture in an outdated, primitive and incorrect manner. This article was taken from the Fall 1996 issue of "Communio."

27. Catechetics - QACONF.HTM - Understanding the Catechism of the Catholic
Fr. John Hardon

Church 'This Catechism is of historic importance. Depending on how seriously we take it, the future of the Catholic Church will be shaped accordingly. No one who has any knowledge of our age should have any doubt about the contemporary crisis in Christianity. A crisis, by definition, is a turning point in the course of anything. The course of the Christian religion will, in large measure, depend on whether we see this Catechism as an a

28. Catechetics - CCHISM.HTM - Unfaithful to the Truth
Msgr. Michael Wrenn and Kenneth Whitehead

This article gives insight into the battle over inclusive language that predates the final English language version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. From the November 1993 issue of Crisis Magazine. CATECHISM WRENN WHITEHEAD JOHN PAUL II TRANSLATION

29. Catechetics - AMERCAT.HTM - Why American Catechists Don't Teach the Catechism
Russell Shaw

A review of the new book, Flawed Expectations: The Reception of the Catechism of the Catholic Church" by Msgr. Michael Wrenn and Kenneth Whitehead. This book documents how religious education leaders undermine the Catechism of the Catholic Church.