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1. ACADEMIC - FR93404.HTM - 'Too Diffident to Define': The Gentleman in Newman's 'The Idea of a University'
Ronald B. Begley

In his celebrated portrait of the intellectual gentleman at the end "Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Religion", Newman shows himself "too diffident to define." Prof. Begley argues that in this portrait Newman follows his own advice to the university preacher addressing himself to "some special danger" or "probable deficiency" or "need" of his hearers: that is, Newman addresses his reader "covertly," not "showing on the surface of his discourse what he is aiming at." Taken from the Winter 1993 issue of "Faith & Reason."

2. Academic - znewmctr80.htm - 80 Years of Ministering to College Students

For 80 years, the home for Catholic students attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been St. John's Catholic Newman Center. In Septemberr 2008, St. John's marked it's 80th anniversary by opening a new residential facility. ZENIT spoke with Father Gregory Ketcham, the center's chaplain. He discusses the mission of St. John's Catholic Newman Center, and reflects on what's to come during the center's next 80 years. EDUCATION CATECHESIS EVANGELIZATION TEMPTATIONS MISSION

3. ACADEMIC - CIVILFOR.HTM - A Civilizing Force
Ralph McInerny

In their heyday, America's Catholic universities were a conduit of Europe's Christian culture. This article is taken from the Spring 1995 issue of 'The Latin Mass.

4. ACADEMIC - ACADDISS.HTM - Academic Dissent: An Original Ecclesiology
Joseph Costanzo S.J.

Critcal review of "Dissent IN and FOR the Church" by Charles Curren et al. and of "The Responsibility of Dissent" by Conelly, Curran et al.

5. ACADEMIC - FR90102.HTM - Academic Freedom: Unlimited?
Theodore Hall

The question of academic freedom continues to be a major source of tension between the Holy See and elements of the theological communities in the United States and Europe. Fr. Hall, OP offers a number of important distinctions which shed light upon the contemporary discussion. From Faith & Reason, Spring 1990. FAITH & REASON ACADEMIC FREEDOM HALL DISSENT THEOLOGY MAGISTERIUM

6. ACADEMIC - MORE98.HTM - Almost Wise
James A. Patrick

Robert Maynard Hutchins and the Reform of the Curriculum. Taken from: The Institute Papers, The College of Saint Thomas More, May 1998, Volume XVIII, Number 1. EDUCATION GREAT BOOKS

7. ACADEMIC - FR90100.HTM - Bringing a Sense of the Sacred to the Teaching of Theology
Timothy T. O'Donnell, S.T.D.

In order to maintain a sense of the sacred in the teaching of sacred theology, we must first reject the false spirit of worldliness and deepen our faith by growing and cultivating responses of gratitude and humility. This can only be done through prayer. This article appeared in the Spring 1990 issue of "Faith & Reason."

8. ACADEMIC - FR94105.HTM - Can Catholics Counsel? The Loss of Prudence in Modern Humanist Psychology
Richard W. Cross

This article was taken from a lecture to the faculty and students of Christendom College on October 22, 1993. Appeared in the Spring 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason."

9. ACADEMIC - FR92101.HTM - Catholic Higher Education: Is It In Or Out Of The Church?
Msgr. George A. Kelly

Msgr. George Kelly with his characteristic insight, probes the timely topic of the relationship which exists between the Church and Catholic Colleges and Universities. This article was taken from the Spring 1992 issue of "Faith & Reason".

10. Academic - ZLEGALTH.HTM - Catholic Legal Theory

For almost 100 years, secular schools of legal philosophy especially legal realism and legal positivism have been dominant within the legal academy and the judiciary. These have led to laws and practices inimical to religious practice and traditional morals. But now, Michael Scaperlanda and a growing number of lawyers and law professors are developing a response to this phenomenon through something called Catholic legal theory. Scaperlanda, who holds the Edwards Family Chair in Law and is associate dean for research at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, explains in this interview with ZENIT. NATURAL LAW REVELATION PERSON

11. Academic - ZCATHSTD.HTM - Catholic Studies Program and a Coming Renaissance

As many Catholic colleges and universities have continued to model themselves after secular institutions, new Catholic colleges have arisen, in response to publication of the apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae. An older school, the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, started a new program in 1992, the "Center for Catholic Studies," to offer students a comprehensive Catholic education shaped by the broad Catholic intellectual tradition. In a recent (March 2003) ZENIT interview, the founder of this program explained its rationale. EDUCATION

14. ACADEMIC - DARE.HTM - Coulson on the DARE drug prevention programme
W.R. Coulson Ph.D.

This paper presents the results of an evaluation of the effects of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Project, a school-based drug use prevention program, in a sample of fifth and sixth graders in North Carolina. The author evaluates the program as "values clarification."

15. ACADEMIC - FR92102.HTM - Deconstructing the University
Glenn W. Olsen

Deconstruction of every kind is one of the obsessions of our contemporary age. A fascinating twist is offered here by Professor Olsen who presents some profound thoughts in this area which are not usually proposed by liberals who seek to destroy the western patrimony. This was originally presented as a talk at the 52nd Annual Frederick William Reynolds Lecture delivered at the University of Utah on April 24, 1991. This article was taken from the Spring 1992 issue of "Faith & Reason".

16. ACADEMIC - FR91200.HTM - Delivered to the Christendom College
Stanley L. Jaki

Graduating Class of 1990-1991. This article was taken from the Summer 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason". MUGGERIDGE

17. ACADEMIC - ROGMAS.HTM - Did Rogers Have Doubts? Or Was He What Maslow Called a True Believer?
W.R. Coulson Ph.D.

La Jolla Program Newsletter (LJP), April, 1992 In this interview Dr. Coulson, a licensed psychologist, discusses and attempts to analyse one specific learning method, that of process education or humanistic education.

18. ACADEMIC - FR94104.HTM - Education: Yes and No
Timothy D. Sullivan

This article grew out of a participation in a college level program intended to acquaint students with the heritage of Western civilisation. Teams made up of members from different departments gave the lectures, usually in their own subject areas but not always. At the same time, the topic of an educational crisis was ongoing, and a crisis in formal education held out the possibility that formal education is no longer an education. Whether the problematic status of education was to be understood of curricula, staff, or students, or some combination of these, was not a prominent topic, and so I thought to distinguish the weight of each, and their relation in the functioning of formal education. Taken from the Spring 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason."

19. ACADEMIC - FULLHEAR.HTM - Full Hearts and Empty Heads: The Price of Certain Recent Programs in Humanistic Psychology
W.R. Coulson Ph.D.

Expanded from an Address of October 20, 1994, at a Conference on The Nature and Tasks of a Personalistic Psychology, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio U.S.A.

20. ACADEMIC - CATHACAD.HTM - Heart Attack: Catholic Academe Meets 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae'
Michael J. Mazza

'The mutiny of Catholic academics is one of the most serious problems afflicting the Catholic Church in the United States today.' Michael Mazza discusses the hostile attitude Catholic colleges are displaying toward Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Higher Education. Taken from the February 1995 issue of 'Fidelity' Magazine.

21. ACADEMIC - AQUINAS.HTM - Information About Thomas Aquinas College in California
Thomas Aquinas College

This file provides a list of the Great Books studied at TAC and contact information.

22. ACADEMIC - CATHCAMP.HTM - John Paul II vs The American Cath. College
Msgr. George A. Kelly

This article by Msgr. George A. Kelly appeared in the January 1995 issue of 'The Catholic World Report.' EX CORDE ECCLESIAE EDUCATION

23. ACADEMIC - MORE97.HTM - More than Here, More than Now
James A. Patrick

A reflection on the Rome program of the College of Saint Thomas More, Fort Worth, Texas. Taken from: The Institute Papers, The College of Saint Thomas More, June 1997, Volume XVII, Number I.

24. ACADEMIC - CNS.HTM - National Organization Seeks Renewal of Catholic Higher Education
The Wanderer

This article taken from the May 19, 1994 issue of 'The Wanderer,' discusses the new organization , the Cardinal Newman Society for the Preservation of Catholic Higher Education, formed to turn the tide against secularization on Catholic campuses and to encourage closer ties with the Church and its teachings.

25. ACADEMIC - FR92403.HTM - Newman on the Secular Need for a Religious Education
David Walsh

This article was taken from the Winter 1992 issue of "Faith & Reason".

26. ACADEMIC - NEWSOC.HTM - Newman Society Urges Bishops to Implement 'Ex Corde Ecclesiae'
Arthur J. Brew

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops ( NCCB ) in the process of implementing the Holy Father's efforts to keep Catholic institutions of higher learning 'Catholic,' has received significant and positive input from the Cardinal Newman Society. This article was taken from the February 9, 1995 issue of 'The Wanderer'.

27. ACADEMIC - FR89201.HTM - Souls and Bodies
George W. Rutler

Christendom College Commencement Address May 14, 1989. This article was taken from the Summer 1989 issue of "Faith & Reason".

28. ACADEMIC - 11THESIS.HTM - The Christian University: Eleven Thesis
Richard John Neuhaus

Address on the occasion of the installation of Robert Bryan Sloan, Jr. as President of Baylor University, September 1995. This article appeared in the January 1996 issue of "First Things."

29. ACADEMIC - FR94203.HTM - The Great Paradigm Shift: Xavier Zubiri and the Scientific Revolution, 1890-1990
Thomas B. Fowler, SC.D.

This article was taken from the Summer 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason."

30. Academic - zcathuniv.htm - The Identity of a Catholic University

For insight into the identity of Catholic colleges in general, ZENIT turned to Franciscan Father John Coughlin, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame. He shared with ZENIT the essential characteristics of a Catholic university as laid out in canon law and the 1990 apostolic constitution "Ex Corde Ecclesia," and the need for a commitment to the priority of Catholic truth over all other claims. RATIONALISM PLURALISM

31. ACADEMIC - FR94403.HTM - Towards a Christian Understanding of Academic Freedom
Paul M. Quay, S.J.

This article was taken from the Winter 1994 issue of "Faith & Reason".

32. ACADEMIC - FR89100.HTM - Truth, Freedom and the Catholic Academy
Damian Fedoryka

Academic freedom in a Catholic college or university has a threefold foundation: the duty of all men to seek the truth, the nature of the university as such, the existential conditions under which the institution was founded. This article was taken from the Spring 1989 issue of "Faith & Reason".

33. ACADEMIC - UNIVIDEN.HTM - University Identity Crisis
Kenneth D. Whitehead

On the Feast of the Assumption in 1990, Pope John Paul II issued "Ex corde ecclesiae", "From the Heart of the Church," Apostolic Constitution on Catholic Universities. Kenneth Whitehead discusses the current situtation at the majority of Catholic Universities in America and their lack of compliance with "Ex corde ecclesiae". This article was taken from the February 1996 issue of "Crisis" magazine.

34. ACADEMIC - BAYNOTRE.HTM - What Baylor & Notre Dame Can Learn From Each Other
David Solomon

This article, taken from the December 1995 issue of the 'New Oxford Review', is interesting and useful. It refutes the arguments against keeping universities faithful to a particular religious tradition.