Mother M. Angelica
During His life time Jesus gave me many examples of the Father's Attributes. I will ponder on how they affect my life and how I can have a share in their splendor.

The Divine Attributes seem to affect my life in different ways. Some fill me with such awe and wonder that my soul seems to rise above itself, above the petty, mundane things in life that weigh it down.

The Father lets me share in other Attributes such as Mercy, Compassion, Love and Goodness and these make me more like His Son.

In the Attributes I share—some seem to be just for me—Peace, Tranquillity, Omnipresence, others affect my neighbor—Justice, Mercy and Providence.

Some Attributes keep me aware of His Presence in His Creation: His Power in the wind, His Beauty in a sunrise, His Splendor manifested in the leaves blazing forth in the Fall and His Changelessness in the mountains.

I am surrounded and permeated by His Essence and held in creation by His Omnipotence.

My life is truly filled with God. His Mercy comforts me when I fall His Providence takes care when I worry His Goodness makes me good His Power upholds me His Love fills me His Wisdom is my guide His Changelessness gives me security His Tranquillity makes me calm His Majesty fills me with awe His Beauty entrances me His Joy sustains me in sorrow His Light enlightens my path His Omnipresence surrounds me like a cloak His Immanence fills me through and through His Transcendence is above me like warm sun His Grandeur thrills my soul His Unity brings all things together in Him. I lose myself like an atom in the universe, when I realize that this Great God loves me.


O Lord and Father, Your Attributes make me humble and fill me with Joy. Let the contemplation of Your Splendor raise me above the things that weigh me down, make me realize the dignity You have given me and the heights to which you have called me. Let the reflection of Jesus in my soul touch my neighbor and give you Glory. Amen

The Wisdom Of God

God knows Himself and every created thing perfectly. Not a blade of grass or the tiniest insect escapes His eye. Wisdom is not a part of God as it is a part of me—it is God. Wisdom is the very Being of God.

No creature, not even the most exalted angel, can understand God or have perfect knowledge of Him. God alone knows Himself and Wisdom reaches into the depths of God.

My own soul is proof of His Infinite Wisdom for He created it to His own image and likeness. The most glorious sunset and the beauty of the ocean all fade into nothingness in comparison with the Wisdom of God as it manifested itself in the creation of my soul.

The Providence Of God

God keeps the entire universe in perfect order for my benefit and pleasure and yet He seeks His rest and pleasure in my soul.

His Providence extends to the sufferings in my life, even the most painful, for He weighs every sorrow in the scale of His Mercy, fitting to my shoulders the cross I can carry best.

He helps me to choose the right thing at the right time but stands by me if I make the wrong choice.

The Mercy Of God

He pursues my soul with love and tenderness when I sin by giving me a conscience to discern my offense.

It is not enough for Him to forgive my sins when I repent—He covers my wounds with the Precious Blood of His own Son and makes my soul beautiful to behold.

His Mercy is drawn to my misery like a magnet and envelops my soul like a protecting shield.

He revealed to me His own intimate life by creating me to His image and likeness and then elevating that likeness by giving me a share in His own nature at Baptism.

God Is Love

God's Love, like Himself, is Infinite and the good He desires for me is infinite—beyond my wildest dreams—it is personal and totally mine.

I have a glimpse of Infinite Love when I realize the Father gave His only Son to take upon Himself the humiliation of assuming my human nature, living a laborious life, and dying an ignominious death—just so I could be with Him in the Kingdom.

Love yearns for equality, but since I could never reach Him, He came down to my level to let me experience the realization of being the sole object of His Love.


His Power is so great that He can do anything He Wills, when He wills, as He wills, without limitation.

God's Word is always effective and produces whatever it expresses. My words, on the contrary, cannot create anything; I can only change what already is into something else.

His Power never reaches some peak of perfection and then decreases—it is always complete. No matter how much it diffuses itself in creation it never decreases in the least—it is always the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Everything He created is good and His Goodness is so diffusive that the quantities qualities and dimensions of His creation stagger the mind. The variety of fruit, each with its own taste, size and color; the variety of flowers, rocks, precious stones;—everything He created overflows in abundance.

His Goodness gives me music, friendship, love, joy, happiness, success and all the other good things that cross my path to thrill my soul.

His Goodness gives me reflections of Himself in the intellect of man, the immensity of the universe, the variety of creatures and the beauty of the earth.

God Is Immutable (Changeless)

His Will is changeless because He wills only what is good for me. Even when I offend Him, His Will always desires my good, His Love reaches out for a response and His Mercy extends forgiveness.

God sees everything, past, present and future as an overall picture ever before Him. He is ever exercising His infinite attributes in His creation—without ever diminishing from or adding to His perfections.

His life is not subject to any progression because it is all perfect. There is no succession of knowledge in God for he knows all things and nothing can be added to His knowledge.

The evil His creatures heap upon themselves and the offenses they give Him do not diminish His Goodness towards them but only make it gush forth like a torrent in the desert.

He does not become provident because of my needs. He is provident before my needs manifest themselves.

An Immutable and Eternal God loves me.

God Is Everywhere

The most consoling attribute of God next to His Love is the reality of His Presence everywhere through His Essence and His Presence in my soul through grace and the Eucharist.

God must sustain everything He creates—He communicates existence to all creation. This being true, He must be present when He operates and so, even in a sinner, God dwells in substance, else the sinner would cease to exist.


All of God lives in me—He lives in me in a purely supernatural way—in the deepest recesses of my soul.

My soul, in a state of grace, carries God within it. I know Him through Faith, I trust Him through Hope and I possess Him through Love.

He offers me His intimate friendship and a life of peace and joy by living within the secret chamber of my soul.

The power of this Divine Indwelling can make me into a new person. It can slowly detach me from those faults and things in my life that weigh me down and keep me from reflecting Jesus.

"He is not far from any of us, since it is in Him that we live and move and exist.(Acts 17:28)

I can often go into the sanctuary of my soul—that secret place—and speak to Him as a friend speaks to a friend—Adore Him as Lord and Life-giver, Praise Him as the One who alone is Holy, Thank Him for raising me up from nothingness to a son of God and make Reparation for my sins by loving repentance. I can do all this in the depths of my soul, alone with God, anytime, anywhere, because He deigns to live in me.

He is "nearer to me than breathing and closer than hands and feet." I am a living temple in which God dwells, to manifest His perfections to my neighbor. I must often shut out the ramblings of my imagination, the inordinate desires of my senses and the selfishness of my will and enter into the interior of my soul where in the darkness is the light of faith, trust is the hope of things to come and love is the possession of a power that makes me holy.

To keep His image clear and more reflective in my soul, He gives Himself to me in the Holy Eucharist as food for my soul. I must participate in His nature more and more every day if I am to bring forth the love of Jesus and be a son of the Father.

Every time I receive this Sacrament of the Eucharist I receive more of God. The pool of my soul becomes brighter and His reflection more radiant.

He has given me His Presence in Scripture—to guide me along the path of life, to direct me in the right way, to reveal to me His Attributes, His Son and His Spirit, to feed my soul with His Word, to encourage me when things go wrong, to show me His Will, to assure me of His forgiveness, to give me hope when all seems lost, to tell me how much He loves me and to give me a glimpse of the Kingdom and the Glory to come.

God is present to me in another way, and of all the various ways he is present to me, perhaps this is the most difficult to understand—it is the Presence of God in my neighbor.

I must see His Presence in everyone. In the sinner, He dwells in Essence by the fact that He keeps him in existence. In Christians, He dwells through Grace. I cannot judge how God dwells in my neighbor for I judge only by appearances and God judges the heart.


Only the Father's Son and His Spirit share His nature on an equal basis and everything and everyone else are reflections of His attributes—created to give Him glory and diffuse His Goodness.

My idea of mercy is not His mercy, my ideas are of necessity limited, as I am limited. His Mercy is far above any human concept. If I could keep this in mind when I fall, I would never be discouraged.

His Tender Justice

His Justice demands His Mercy. I am fortunate if man passes judgment on me with mercy, but God is Just because He is merciful and He is merciful because He is Just.

Because my entire life is before Him, His Justice prevents Him from punishing me immediately after a fall. He patiently waits, heaping grace upon grace, reaching out and calling me to a higher life even though my weakness often disappoints Him.

He has given me free will and His Justice must let me decide and choose, even when that choice is not for my good. But the very Justice that gives me the freedom to make a wrong choice is covered with Mercy and brings good out of the evil my weak will may have brought.

It is because God is Just that He is compassionate. He knows me so perfectly His Justice shows compassion when my neighbor, who sees only the exterior, is ready to condemn me. His Justice excuses me, corrects me and patiently waits until my vacillating will unites itself to Him.

I must leave all judgment to Him. I see only the exterior and His Justice metes out to each one according to His All-Wise and Loving Will.

Litany Of Divine Attributes

Divine Essence, who alone art holy, I bow before Your Being. Let me share Your Holiness.

Divine Unity and Simplicity, in whom there is no complexity, make me simple and sincere.

Divine Eternity, without beginning and without end, giver of immortality, let me spend my heaven with You.

Divine Goodness, diffusing Yourself in everyone, make me good and kind.

Divine Wisdom, who designed the length and depth of creation, make me wise enough to see your form behind everything.

Divine Power, creating and sustaining all things with an act of Your Will, give me strength to accomplish the things You want me to do. Divine Providence, whose mantle covers every facet of my life with loving care, give me perfect trust that I may work for the needs of today without concern for tomorrow.

Divine Knowledge, from whom nothing is hidden and nothing forgotten, let me penetrate the mysteries of Your Being that I may share Your Life.

Divine Immanence, who penetrates all things and stoops to live in me, let me radiate Your Divine Immensity, that fills and contains all things, possess me through and through that I may be all things to all men.

Divine Mercy, infinite and without measure, let me forgive and forget with love and compassion.

Divine Peace, ever tranquil and serene in the midst of turmoil, let me maintain a quiet spirit and be strong enough to accept adversities with peace.

Divine Joy, who alone art the source of all happiness, give me that joy that no man can take from me.

Fill me with these perfections, that I may radiate Your Son through Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Father showed His Love by creating me and sending His Son; the Son showed His Love by living and dying for love of my love; the Spirit showed His Love by coming to earth as Teacher and Guide and making His home in my soul.

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