A Call To Prayer:
This Lepanto Moment 
Let me take you back over 400 years ago.  The Ottoman Turks were off the coast of Greece. A powerful Ottoman armada advanced on a badly out manned and out gunned Christian navy. All that stood between the Ottomans and Western Civilization were a relatively few ships, a small number of valiant men and one Rosary. So the men knelt in prayer and invoked the intercession of their Heavenly Mother. The miraculous Christian victory at Lepanto is now widely regarded as a decisive moment in the history of Western Civilization. Today we are in the grip of another decisive moment a life or death struggle for control of the executive branch of the United States Government. A war between two cultures…a culture of life and a culture of death. Once again we Christian believers appear out manned, out gunned and out lawyered. But we do have right. We do have each other and we do have a Rosary. And through that Rosary, recourse to the all-powerful intercession of our Heavenly Mother. Truly, never was it known that anyone who fled to her protection, implored her assistance or sought her intercession was left unaided. As a member of the Catholic Leadership Conference of the United States, I invite you all, and your friends, to join us ... in saying one Rosary for this Lepanto Moment. A single Rosary said either individually or collectively, either in front of the Blessed Sacrament or at your desk or at home, specifically requesting the Light of Christ to be renewed in our graced but troubled land. Please say this Rosary and may God Bless America.

Bowie Kuhn
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Rosary for Life and Litany of The Blessed Virgin Mary in RealAudio