The Celebration of the Great Jubilee
The Character of the Celebration
According to the Holy Father in Tertio Millennio Adveniente, the Churchís celebration of the Jubilee should have something of all these characteristics:

1) Jubilation, a joyful celebration of salvation in Jesus Christ
- making known to the world the great gift we have
- in that sense, a celebration of an historical event
- a proclamation of the continuing availability of salvation

2) Making the year of the Lordís favor alive in the Church
- through the exercise of the priestly power of the keys, and thus, a year of remission of sin and temporal punishment due to it
- a year of reconciliation between disputing parties
- a year of manifold conversions and sacramental and extra-
sacramental penance
- including the granting of indulgences on a larger scale than at other times.

It should also include a special hope for an increase in the unity among Christians, until full communion is reached 
- with calls for ecumenical celebrations of the Jubilee (to give witness to the world of the Christian desire for unity).