Blázquez Pérez, Ricardo
Order in College: Cardinal Priest
With Title: Santa Maria in Vallicella
Native Country: Spain
Appointed by: Pope Francis on 14 February 2015
Ecclesiastical Office:  Archbishop of Valladolid, Spain  
Papal Elector: Eligible; Ineligible on 13 April 2022

Ricardo Blázquez Pérez was born in Villanueva del Campillo, Spain on 13 April 1942 to a family of humble farmers. At the age of 13 he entered the minor seminary of Avila and later continued at the city’s major seminary. He was ordained a priest on 18 February 1967. He was sent to Rome to continue his studies, earning a doctorate in theology. His thesis was entitled: The Resurrection in Christology according to Wolfhart Pannenberg. During this period he spent time in Munich researching, studying with Prof. Pannenberg himself. In his 21 years of ministry as a priest, he served mostly in accademia. From 1972-1974 he served as secretary of the Theological Institute of Avila, then from 1974-1988 as professor, and from 1978-1981 as dean of the Faculty of Theology and then vice-rector of the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He was ordained a bishop on 29 May 1988 following his appointment as titular Bishop of Germa di Galazia and Auxiliary of Santiago di Compostela. On 26 May 1992 he was appointed Bishop of Palencia and then on 8 September 1995 he was transferred to the Diocese of Bilbao. From 2000-2005 he served as grand chancellor of the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He has served on various commissions within the Bishops’ Conference of Spain including the Doctrine of the Faith from 1988-1993 and the Liturgical Commission 1990-1993. He then served as president of the Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith from 1993-2003 and of the Commission for Interconfessional Relations from 2002-2005, when he was elected president of the episcopal conference. At the end of his mandate as president, he served as vice-president until Benedict XVI appointed him Archbishop of Valladolid on 13 March 2010. On 29 March 2014 he was appointed a member of the Congregation for Institutes for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. He has participated in various Synods and has collaborated in drafting various documents of the bishops’ conference.