Nichols, Vincent Gerard
Order in College: Cardinal Priest
With Title: Santissimo Redentore e Sant'Alfonso in via Merulana
Native Country: England
Appointed by: Pope Francis on 22 February 2014
Ecclesiastical Office:  Archbishop of Westminster, Great Britain 
Papal Elector: Eligible; Ineligible on 8 November 2025

Vincent Gerard Nichols was born in Crosby, England, on 8 November 1945. He began studying at the Venerable English College in 1963 and was ordained a priest on on 21 November 1969. He then returned to England where he earned a master's in theology on St John Fisher. He began working in parish ministry; however, for six months he went to study at Loyola University in Chicago. In 1984 he was appointed general secretary of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and served for eight years in this position. On 24 January 1992 he was ordained a bishop, subsequent to his appointment as titular Bishop of Othona and Auxiliary of Westminster. In 1998 he was appointed as Chairman of the Bishops' Conference Department for Catholic Education and Formation, and also Chairman of the Catholic Education Service. Upon the death of Cardinal Basil Hume in 1999 he became administrator of Westminster. He was appointed as Archbishop of Birmingham on 15 February 200o. Then in 2009 he was appointed Archbishop of Westminster and later that year as president of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. As Archbishop of Westminster he welcomed Benedict XVI on his state visit in 2010.