Calcagno, Domenico
Order in College: Cardinal Deacon
With Title: Annunciazione della della Beata Vergine Maria a Via Ardeatina
Native Country: Italy
Appointed by: Benedict XVI on 18 February 2012
Ecclesiastical Office:  President, Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See 
Papal Elector: Eligible; Ineligible on 3 February 2023

Cardinal Domenico Calcagno born on 3 February 1943 in Tramontana di Parodi, Ligure, Italy. He holds a BA in philosophy and a doctorate in dogmatic theology. He was ordained a priest on 25 February 1967. He was rector of the Oratorio di Sant'Erasmo in Genoa-Quinto for 20 years, taught theology at the Major Seminary, Genoa, and fundamental morals at the Interdiocesan Theological Studium, Alessandria. After the promulgation of the new Code of Canon Law he was a member of the working group set up to bring diocesan structures into line with the new Code. In 1985 he was appointed President of the Diocesan Institute for the Support of the Diocesan Clergy of Genoa. He moved to Rome to become secretary of the Italian Presbyteral Commission; national director of the Office for Inter-Church Missionary Cooperation; President of the Central Institute for the Support of the Clergy; Treasurer of the Italian Episcopal Conference and a member of its Council for Economic affairs, President of the College of Auditors of Caritas Italiana and Administrative Councillor of the Vatican Publishing House. He received episcopal ordination on 9 March 2002, subsequent to his appointment as Bishop of Savona-Noli. He was also bishop-delegate of the Ligurian Bishops' Conference. He resigned from the office on 31 August 2007 when the Holy Father appointed him Secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA) with the title of archbishop ad personam. He was appointed President of APSA on 7 July 2011.