Urosa Savino, Jorge Liberato
Order in College: Cardinal Priest
With Title: S. Mary ai Monti
Native Country: Venezuela
Appointed by: Benedict XVI on 22 February 2006
Ecclesiastical Office:  Archbishop of Caracas 
Papal Elector: Eligible; Ineligible on 28 August 2022

Cardinal Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino was born on 28 August 1942 in Caracas, Venezuela. He was ordained a priest on 15 August 1967 and holds a doctorate in theology. Cardinal Urosa Savino served as Vice-Rector and as Rector of the "San Jose" Seminary of El Hatillo and as Rector of the Interdiocesan Seminary of Caracas, where he was also professor of philosophical anthropology. He was also President of the Organization of Venezuelan Seminaries and Vice-President of the Organization of Latin American Seminaries. On 13 July 1982 he was appointed titular Bishop of Vegesela in Byzacena and Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Caracas, where he also served as Vicar General of the Central Zone. On 17 March 1990 he was appointed Archbishop of Valencia, Venezuela. Within the Bishops' Conference, he was appointed as the Country's Delegate to the Synod for America (1997) and was President of the Episcopal Commission of Social Pastoral Service. Pope Benedict XVI appointed Urosa Savino as Archbishop of Caracas on 19 September 2005, and elevated him to Cardinal on 24 March 2006. He serves as Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria ai Monti. (L'Osservatore Romano)