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Q: What type of file is your audio library in?

A: We use the MP3 format. This way if you want to download a file, you can play it in your MP3 player.


Q: How do I search for past shows?  How do I get this morning's homily or last night's live show?  

A: Start at our audio library page: www.ewtn.com/v/ondemand/audio/intro.asp

On this page you will find 3 ways to search audio.

First is the latest additions button:

This will take you to a list of recently added audio files. Here you will find any audio that has been added in the last two weeks.


Next you will see two search forms. One is for 'Series" and the other is for "Programs"

A series is what EWTN airs on a regular basis. This can be a past or present series that has aired on EWTN.

A program is a special or one time airing. This may have aired on EWTN but was not a regular weekly show.


(If you do not know if the audio is a series or program it is best to start a search in one and if that fails, try the other search engine.)


For you to search, type a keyword in the search field. For this example, I will type in the words "homily" to find the Daily Mass from EWTN. I type this in the white rectangle:

Next, I click the "Submit" button.

After just a few seconds, the page will change and you will get a list of  possible matches.

If one is what you're looking for, click on the white underlined title to select:

Now a list of that program will appear. Scroll through pages and select the one you want.


Click on "Listen Now" and your computer's default MP3 player will stream it for you to listen.


Q: How often do you add new content? Where is today's Mass? How long do I need to wait until I can download last night's show?

A: We try to update every weekday. We work weekdays 8 -5 so no uploading is done at night. Generally the Mass and the nightly live programs are uploaded by noon.


Q: Why can't I find shows from the Vatican, Scott Hahn, Fr. Corapi, The Abundant Life or other hosts?

A: We may not have the rights to make certain programs available. Please check the hosts website to see if they offer it.


Q: How do I get an audio file into my MP3 player?

A: After you have downloaded the file to a folder on your hard drive it will have a name such as  " el_02172010.mp3". You can tell what it is by the initials of the show "el" for EWTN Live and the numbers are the date the show aired.

You then will need to read your owners manual and see how to import files into your player.

Examples : For an iPod ( or similar device) you should use iTunes. Under File  - go to  'Add  File To Library'. Find file you downloaded and it should import into your iPod once it is connected to your computer.


For other MP3 devices once you have download file, plug your MP3 player into your computer. It may see this as another letter drive or external device.
(Example: In 'My Computer' you will see C: as your hard drive or D: as your CD/DVD. MP3 player maybe E: or other letter.)
Simply select the audio file you downloaded and drop and drag it into your MP3 player via the computer.

If this does not work you may have to go to manufactures website.


Q: How can I make an Audio CD from the downloaded files? 

A: Again, we use the MP3 format. Consult your CD burning software guide on how to burn MP3's as audio CD's.


If yours will not do this, you can find other software for free or use a search engine to look for MP3 convertors.





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