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EWTN Global Catholic Network to Premiere ‘Vianney Speaks’ With St. Luke Productions’ Acclaimed Filmmaker Leonardo Defilippis

    Irondale, AL (EWTN) – St. John Vianney was such a holy priest, he knew a penitent’s sins even before he confessed them, he was attached by the devil almost every night, and he converted every single soul in his parish – so people came to Ars as much to experience his parishioners as the saint himself.

Hear this saint’s life-changing sermons in the EWTN Original Co-Production, “Vianney Speaks” with acclaimed Actor and Filmmaker Leonardo Defilippis. The program will air 1 p.m. ET, Friday, Oct. 14, and 5 a.m. ET and 10 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. 15 – exclusively on EWTN. (Find EWTN at

“The majority of people have never heard any sermons like this from the pulpit,” Defilippis said. “They are very moving. Vianney was known to weep in front of people; he would also be thunderous; he would shake people up! I decided to take some of these sermons and put them into a dramatic format. I could have done it in [an EWTN] studio with a simple set, but we decided to go even further and put it into a cinematic format so you felt as if you were in Ars itself.”

Defilippis calls Vianney one of the most important saints in our Church and in Christianity. “I say that because he is directly connected with the very structure of the Church itself. He’s a priest, pastor, and patron saint of all priests, all bishops, all pastors. The parish is the foundation from which every saint comes. St. Francis, Mother Teresa, all grew up in a parish. They got their sacraments, their vocation, from priests.”

The sermons selected for this program are true masterpieces and include Vianney’s warnings about the enemies of our salvation. “[Satan] said to St. John Vianney himself, ‘I’m with you even in the Mass, as you’re doing the consecration, when you’re in the confessional. When a penitent leaves, I’m with them.’ [The devil] does the same with families; he goes after the mother and the father. He told John Vianney, ‘When the parents are mine, the children are mine.’ Our greatest weapon [against the devil] is the rosary.”

To learn more about the television special and to view movie trailers and videos, visit To learn more about the Curé of Ars, check out the many resources available from EWTN Religious Catalogue. There you will find the “Vianney Speaks” DVD,; an episode of EWTN’s award-winning “My Catholic Family” animated children’s TV series on St. John Vianney (in both English and Spanish),; a classic book by Abbe Francis Trochu entitled “The Cure D’Ars: St. Jean-Marie Baptiste Vianney,”; and many other related items. Just go to and search for “Vianney” and “St. John Vianney.”

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