TITLE: Theology Advisor

LOCATION OF JOB: Irondale, Alabama

GENERAL SUMMARY: The Theology Advisor is a theological resource and content reviewer assigned to a particular department or several departments. He or she assists the assigned department(s) in fulfilling the mission statement of EWTN to evangelize with authentic Catholic teaching. This assistance may take the form of guidance during concept development, production and post-production, review of programs or individual issues (whether raised internally or by the public), provision of theological content for distribution by various means, and in general, oversight of the theological content of materials acquired or produced for broadcast, mailing or other distribution by EWTN.


  1. Advise other departments' personnel on theological issues connected with their responsibilities.
  2. Review materials prepared for broadcast or other distribution for their fidelity to Church teaching and EWTN policies, and other matters as may be directed by the President of EWTN or the Vice President for Theology.
  3. Produce accurate written reviews of materials, with proposed edits or other recommended action.
  4. Provide theological content for other departments as required.
  5. Answer the theological questions of viewers as assigned.
  6. Participate in the Theological Department classes, and do other professional development as may be required.
  7. Regular and prompt attendance.


  1. Knowledge of Catholic Theology at a post-graduate level. Such knowledge can have been acquired through formal or practical education or experience.
  2. Possess a proven ability to work independently, as well as in cooperation with others to attain a common goal, faithful Catholic programming.
  3. Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing, as well as in any language for which one is hired to review material.
  4. A Catholic in good standing, according to the norms of the Catholic Church.
  5. Knowledge of computers highly desirable.

Note: The above is a brief summary of the job description. Additional information will be provided if an offer to interview is extended.

Resumes can be E-MAILED to No Telephone calls please.


EWTN is an Equal Opportunity Employer