TITLE: Technical Operations Center Operator/Master Control

LOCATION OF JOB: Irondale, Alabama

GENERAL SUMMARY: Uses Technical Operations Center Equipment to playback scheduled material. Views and listens to multiple television networks to ensure highest quality. Compares printed logs with computer logs and investigate any discrepancies. Observes equipment for technical failure. Implements back-up procedures when necessary. Maintains discrepancy reports for programs and equipment. Monitors transmitters and back-up power systems. Performs functions of Technical Operations Center Ingest Operator when necessary.


  1. Ensure that the material scheduled for playback is available and plays at the scheduled times.
  2. Maintain the playlists and makes timing adjustments due to timing discrepancies.
  3. Monitor the quality of the audio and video material.
  4. Cooperate with Production and Engineering staff during program events that are scheduled to playback live.
  5. Operate and observe all equipment associated with the Technical Operations Center and implement back-up procedures due to equipment failure.
  6. Prepare discrepancy reports for any differences in what is scheduled to air versus what actually airs.
  7. Coordinate transition to and from live programming with production staff.
  8. Monitor transmission equipment and log readings.
  9. Monitor back-up power equipment and conduct manual changeover to utility power when necessary.
  10. Monitor alarm display located in Technical Operations Center.
  11. Answer telephone calls and investigates queries from affiliates and signal distributors.
  12. Regular and prompt attendance.


  • Two-year technical college or equivalent experience in Broadcasting.
  • Knowledge of personal computers and familiarity with Windows environment.
  • Ability to switch large circuit breaker for power system (up to 20 pounds of pressure).
  • Flexible hours to include working on weekends, holidays and overnight hours.
  • Good eyesight and hearing are required. No color blindness.

Note: The above is a brief summary of the job description. Additional information will be provided if an offer to interview is extended.

Please send resume to EOE.