TITLE: Broadcast Radio Engineer

LOCATION OF JOB: Vandiver, Alabama

FLSA STATUS: Full-time, non-exempt

GENERAL SUMMARY: Responsible for all electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment including, but not limited to the generator, the transmitter, and all associated broadcast and production equipment required for normal day-to-day operations of WEWN.


1. Assures proper transmitter operation on correct frequency, with appropriate modulation levels and output power.

2. Installs all necessary equipment. Including mounting, cables, connectors, etc.

3. Identifies, schedules, and performs routine and advanced preventative maintenance including performing complete mechanical and/or electrical alignments to manufacturer specifications.

4. Troubleshoots and repairs all broadcast related equipment to component level.

5. Regular and prompt attendance.



  • Two-year technical college or equivalent specializing in component level repair of electronic equipment.
  • Three years experience in short-wave radio or related field required.
  • Possess a valid FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit.
  • Knowledge of analog and digital technologies.
  • Computer proficiency in hardware, software and networking.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the use of all test and measurement equipment as it applies to all job functions.
  • Good eyesight and hearing are required. No color blindness.

NOTE: The above is a brief summary of the job description. Additional information will be provided if an offer to interview is extended.

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