Examinations by Rev. Dr. Formigao
13 October 1917

Seminary professor Father Manuel Formigao of Santander examined the children after the apparition of October 13th, as he had done on two previous occasions. Later on he would conduct further examinations, covering most of the same territory as those of September and October 1917.

Lucia       Jacinta       Francisco

Examination of Lucia

 'Did our Lady appear again today in the Cova da Iria?"


"Was she dressed as on the other occasions?"

"She was dressed in the same way."

"Did St. Joseph and the Holy Child appear?"


"Did anyone else appear?"

"Our Lord appeared and blessed the people and our Lady of the two cards."

"What do you mean by our Lady of the two cards?"

"Our Lady appeared dressed like Our Lady of Sorrows but without the sword in her heart, and our Lady dressed---I don't quite know how, but I think it was Our Lady of Mount Carmel."

"They all came at the same time, did they not?"

"No. First I saw Our Lady of the Rosary, then St. Joseph and the Holy Child. After that I saw our Lord, then Our Lady of Sorrows and at the end what I think was Our Lady of Mount Carmel."

"Was the Holy Child standing or being carried by St. Joseph? "

"He was being carried by St. Joseph."

"Was He already a big child?"

"No. He was little."

"How old would He have been?"

"About a year."

"Why did you say that the Lady at one moment seemed to be dressed like Our Lady of Mount Carmel?"

"Because she had two things hanging from her hand."

"Did they appear on the oak tree?"

"No, they appeared near the sun, after the Lady had disappeared from the oak tree."

"Was our Lord standing?"

"I only saw Him from the waist."

"How long did the apparition on the oak tree last? Long enough to say the Rosary?"

"I don't think it was as long as that."

"Did the figures you saw in the sun last long?"

"No, only a short time."

"Did the Lady say who she was?"

"She said that she was the Lady of the Rosary."

"Did you ask what she wanted?"


"What did she say?"

"She said that we were to amend our lives and not offend our Lord any more because He was too much offended already, and that we were to say the Rosary and ask pardon for our sins."

"Did she say anything else?"

"She said that a chapel was to be built in the Cova da Iria."

"Where was the money to come from?"

"I think it would be what was left there."

"Did she say anything about our soldiers who were killed in the war?"

"No, she said nothing about them."

"Did she tell you to tell the people to look at the sun?"


"Did she say that the people were to do penance?"


"Did she use the word penance?"

"No. She said we were to say the Rosary and amend our lives and ask pardon of our Lord, but she did not use the word penance."

"When did the sign in the sun begin? Was it after the Lady disappeared?"


"Did you see the Lady come?"


"Where did she come from?"

"From the east."

"And the other times?"

"I didn't look the other times."

"Did you see her go?"


"In which direction?"

"To the east."

"How did she disappear?"

"Little by little."

"What disappeared first?"

"Her head. Then her body, and the last thing I saw was her feet."

"When she went did she go with her back toward or away from the people?"

"With her back toward the people."

"Did she take long to go?"

"Only a short time."

"Was she surrounded by any light?"

"I saw her in the middle of brilliant light. This time, too, she was blinding. Sometimes I had to rub my eyes."

"Will our Lady appear again?"

"I don't think so; she said nothing about it."

"Will you return to the Cova da Iria on the 13th?"


"Will our Lady do any miracles? Cure any sick people?"

"I don't know."

"Didn't you ask her anything?"

"I told her today that I had various petitions to give and she said she would grant some and not others."

"Did she say when she would grant them?"


"Under what title is the chapel of the Cova da Iria to be?"

"She said today that she was the Lady of the Rosary."

"Did she say that many people were to go there from all parts? "

"She didn't say that anybody was to go."

"Did you see the signs in the sun?"

"I saw it going round."

"Did you see signs on the oak tree?"


"When was the Lady the most beautiful, this time or on other occasions? "

"She was the same."

"How long was her dress?"

"It fell below the middle of her legs."

"What color was our Lady's dress when she was near the sun? "

"The mantle was blue and the dress white."

"And our Lord and St. Joseph and the Holy Child?"

"St. Joseph's was red and I think our Lord and the Child wore red too."

"When did you ask our Lady to make the people believe in her apparitions?"

"I asked her several times. I think the first time I asked was in June."

"When did she tell you the secret?"

"I think it was the second time."

  Lucia       Jacinta       Francisco

Examination of Jacinta

"Apart from our Lady, whom did you see today when you were in the Cova da Iria?"

"I saw St. Joseph and the Holy, Child."

"Where did you see them?"

"I saw them near the sun."

"What did the Lady say?"

"She said that we were to say the Rosary every day and that the war would end today."

"To whom did she say this?"

"To Lucia and to me. Francisco didn't hear."

"Did you hear her say when our soldiers would come back?"


"What else did she say?"

"She said that a chapel was to be built in the Cova da Iria."

"Where did the Lady come from?"

"From the east."

"And where did she go when she disappeared?"

"She went to the east."

"Did she go away backward facing the people?"

"No, she turned her back to the people."

"Did she say that she would come back to the Cova da Iria? "

"She said before that it was the last time she would come, and today, too, she said it was the last time."

"Did the Lady say anything else?"

"She said today that we were to say the Rosary every day to Our Lady of the Rosary."

"Where did she say that people were to say the Rosary?"

"She did not say where."

"Did she say that they were to go to the church?"

"She never said that."

"Where do you like to say the Rosary best; here, at home, or in the Cova da Iria,"

"In the, Cova da Iria."

"Why do you like to say it there?"

"I don't know."

"With what money did, the Lady say the chapel was to be built?"

"She said a chapel was to be built, but I don't know about the money."

"Did you look at the sun?"


"Did you see the signs?"


"Did the Lady tell you to look at the sun?"


"Then how did you see the signs?"

"I turned my eyes to the side."

"Was the Holy Child on the right or the left of St. Joseph? "

"On the right."

"Was he standing or being carried? "

"He was standing.'

"Did you see St. Joseph's right arm?"


"How tall was the Child? Did His head come up to St. Joseph's chest? "

"He didn't reach St. Joseph's waist."

"How old do you think the Child was?"

"The age of Deolinda Neves." ( A child of about two years.)

  Lucia       Jacinta       Francisco

Examination of Francisco

"Did you see our Lady this time?" 


"What Lady was she?"

"She was the Lady of the Rosary."

"How was she dressed?"

"She was dressed in white with a rosary in her hand."

"Did you see St. Joseph and the Holy Child?"


"Where did you see them?"

"By the sun."

"Was the Child being carried by St. Joseph or was He standing? Was He big or little?"

"He was little."

"Was He the size of Deolinda Neves?"

"Yes, He was just her size."

"Did the Lady hold her hands?"

"She had them joined."

"Did you only see her on the oak tree or by the sun as well?"

"I saw her near the sun too."

"Which was the brighter, the sun or the face of the Lady?"

"The Lady's face was brighter; she was white."

"Did you hear what the Lady said?"

"I heard nothing that she said."

"Who told you the secret; was it the Lady?"

"No, it was Lucia."

"Will you tell it?"


"You are afraid of being beaten by Lucia if you tell it, aren't you?"


"Then why don't you tell it? Is it a sin?"

"Perhaps it is a sin to tell the secret."

"Is the secret for the good of your soul, and Jacinta's and Lucia's soul?"


"Is it for the good of Father Ferreira's soul?"

"I don't know."

"Would the people be sad if they knew?"


"From which side did the Lady come?"

"From the east."

"And did she disappear in the same direction?"

"Yes, she went to the east."

"Did she go backward?"

"She turned her back to us."

"Did she go slowly or quickly?"


"Did she walk as we do?"

"She didn't walk. She just went without moving her feet."

"What part of the Lady disappeared first?"

"The head."

"Did you see her easily this time?"

"I saw her better than last month."

"When was she most beautiful, now or the other times?"

"As beautiful now as last month."

  Lucia       Jacinta       Francisco