Thursday, Fifth Week of  Lent
"I solemnly assure you, if a man is true to my word he shall never see death." (John 8:51)


St. Bonaventure once said that the day you no longer burn with love and concern for souls, many others will die of the cold. Where can we go to increase our love? To whom can we turn to find help? I am convinced that the Holy Spirit has raised up hopes in this century to focus our attention and to concentrate our devotion upon the Holy Family. Because in the Holy Family we are going to find the source of strength. We are going to find the encouragement we need when we have distressful losses on all sides.
The Holy Family is the place where we go when we feel like weak nobodies, incapable of withstanding the onslaught of the enemies of the Church, because Christ has raised up the Holy Family as the model of the Christian home, to be sure, but as the nucleus of the New Covenant Church-family of God showing that through detachment, through renunciation, through poverty, through mortification, through trials and sufferings, the war will be won. The Savior will be born and salvation will spill out in all directions and cover the earth. ...
Scott Hahn

Lenten Fact.

In the early 3rd century, Lent was lengthened to 6 days. About 800 AD it was changed to 40 days.
Those 40 days correspond with Christ's 40 days in the wilderness

Lenten Action.

Invite a friend who has been away to come to Church with you! Participate as fully as you can at Mass


O Jesus, who out of love for me were willing to submit to Your own creatures, teach me to obey blindly.

Stations Of The Cross