Sunday, Fourth Week of  Lent
"So must the Son of Man be lifted up, that all who believe may have eternal life in Him." (John 3:14,15)


Faith always takes us on a journey beyond the obvious and tangible. This was often lacking in those who experienced Jesus and His teachings. When He spoke of offering His Body and Blood, they exclaimed: "How can this man give us flesh to eat?" They totally missed the spiritual dimension of His words and message. He was pointing them to a higher realm of understanding, while they chose to remain on an earthly level leading only to darkness and death.
Faith does not come easy. While we see and know people for whom faith seems like second nature, for many of us it is a gift that reveals itself only with the utmost diligence and care. It usually begins to appear in times of transition, distress and/or sickness, for it is in moments like these that the Lord is able to get our attention long enough, so that we can hear His voice above the noise and confusion of our daily lives. Whenever trouble breaks into the serenity of our daily existence, we can be sure the Divine potter is at work trying to mold us into something beautiful.
....Fr. Dominic P. Irace

Lenten Action.

Pray for those who are being persecuted for their faith or race. Say thank you to one of your former teachers.


O Jesus, true Bread of Eternal Life, appease my hunger.

Stations Of The Cross