Letter of the Archbishop of Trani, 1 November 2012

The following communication of November 2012 from Archbishop Giovan Battista Picherri, Archbishop of Trani - Barletta- Bisceglie, represents the most recent statement available on the Cause's information website. The Archbishop of Trani is responsible to the Holy See for the postulation of the Cause of Luisa Piccarreta.

Source: Official Website of the Cause of Beatification

Unofficial translation:

Press Release #3 
about the process of beatification and canonization 
of the Servant of God LUISA PICCARRETA

In addressing those who in various ways in the world are interested in the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and the Spirituality of Living in the Divine Will, I want to update what I have reported on several occasions, and especially in the press releases of 23 April 2007 and of 30 May 2008.

The worldwide spread of the figure and the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta has grown in recent years, reaching new countries on every continent. That is evident in communications reached by the bishops, priests and lay people as well as the records of visitors to the sites of Luisa in Corato.

The joy to see the growth of this reality, is accompanied by trepidation to extend to all an earnest appeal for unity and mutual esteem, repudiating "quarrels and jealousies" as those awaiting the advent of the "broad daylight"  (cf. Romans 13:11-14). If we live in the light of the Divine Will, we can only gather in us the fruits of mutual Charity because "whoever says he is in the light but hates his brother is still in darkness"  (1 John 2:9).

I note, still in pain, that the doctrine of the Divine Will has not always been presented in a respectful and correct manner, according to the Doctrine of the Church and the Magisterium, placing on the lips of Luisa claims that not even implicitly are found in her writings. This causes trauma in the consciousness and even confusion and rejection in people and among the priests and bishops (Letter of 09 March 2006).

To this end, it is my duty to point out some information clearly to all.

Current status of the Cause

1. The (canonical) actor of the process of beatification and canonization is the Association Luisa Piccarreta - Little Children of the Divine Will Corato that with the new statute of the 13 November 2010 I wished to erect as a Public Association of the Faithful in relation to its specific importance to the Church.

2. The Association has been given a mandate in 2006 to establish the Secretariat of the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta as the operating body of the fitting, support and information in service of those who in any wayare interested in the Cause itself, with the task of liaising with other dioceses, individuals, groups and associations. The Archdiocese and the Association will serve exclusively the Secretariat to receive and process all requests that are addressed to them  (Communique of 23 April 2007). Therefore, no other person or association in the world can give official news besides this Secretariat. They are to be mistrusted who tries to do so on my behalf.

3. In 1994, with the "no obstare" the Holy See opened the diocesan inquiry on the life, virtues and reputation of sanctity, which ended 29 October 2005 with the transmission of documents to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the appointment of the Postulator Dr. Silvia Monica Correale and Vice Postulator Fr. Sabino Amedeo Lattanzio. The Congregation, later told me that "before proceeding to ulteriora [further stages]), you will accomplish an examination of the writings of the Servant of God to clarify difficulties of a theological nature."

4. Pending the outcome of this prayerful inquiry, I wish to address those who say that the writings contain doctrinal errors. This, today, is not endorsed by any ruling of the Holy See, nor by my staff. I would note that in this way the legitimate judgment of the Church is anticipated, causing a certain scandal to the faithful whom these writings have nourished spiritually, and giving rise to suspicions even among those of us who are zealous for the remainder of the Cause. Waiting for the judgment of the competent authority, I invite the most serious and thorough personal reading, meditation and reflection on these writings in the light of Sacred Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church.

5. I would also like to reiterate that if the writings of the Servant of God (in order to be) read by more people a group or groups are form, this is not to be done against the will of the local Ordinary. At the same time, remember what I have already communicated: "neither the Archdiocese nor the Association, let alone the same Secretariat, have delegated any person, group or association to represent themselves outside their legitimate seat, in order to diffuse the life, thought and the writings of the Servant of God, or to make any decisions on their behalf. This Archdiocese following the opening of the Diocesan Inquery has never appointed any theologian or official censor of the writings of Luisa. So likewise has not appointed any official translator of the writings in Italian into other languages ​​"  (Press release 23 April 2007).

Processing of the typical edition of the writings

6. "As I have already indicated at the conclusion of the diocesan cause, it is my desire, having listened to the opinion of the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints, to present a "TYPICAL AND CRITICAL EDITION" writings, in order to provide a safe and textually faithful work of Luisa Piccarreta. In this regard, I reiterate that the ownership of the writings is only the Archdiocese (Letter to the Bishops, 14 October 2006). To accomplish this challenging work that requires special skills, I will use a team of experts chosen by agreement with the postulation.

7. I must, however, point out the increasing uncontrolled spread of transcriptions, translations and publications both on paper and computer. Instead, taking account of the sensitivity of the current phase every publication of the writings is absolutely suspended. Anyone who takes action in the opposite way disobeys and seriously damages the Cause of the Servant of God (Press, 30 May 2008). Therefore, in every way "leaps forward" regarding publication should be avoided.

Groups of the Divine Will

8. With joy I note also the news I receive, as groups that are inspired by the Divine Will are quick to strengthen the bonds of communion with their diocesan bishops, realizing that indispensable communion that puts them organically in the Local Church Local (Press, 30 May 2008). I repeat, therefore, that the initiatives that are taken in reference to the spirituality of Luisa, such as conferences, days of spirituality, prayer meetings, etc., To give peace of mind to those who participate, must be authorized by their Bishop (Letter dated 24 November 2003).

9. Necessary prudence can not deaden the ardor of those who feel compelled to spread the knowledge of the sanctity of life of the Servant of God, to recommend reading the writings, (and) to inspire the making of trusting prayer for her beatification. All this is not only not forbidden but it is desirable. As well as, an invitation to strengthen the unity and communion among sister dioceses in which are found individuals, groups and associations inspired by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and know her writings (Final Communiqué, 28 October 2005 ).

What you ask anyone who knows Luisa Piccarreta

1. Pray for the Beatification of the Servant of God, because it glorifies the SS. Trinity and spreads the Kingdom of the Divine Will

2. Deliver to the postulation, through the Secretariat, testimonials and anything else about the Servant of God, together with economic resources needed more than ever for the work of the editio typical of the writings of Luisa.

3. Create a network of connections between the various groups united to their bishop and our Archdiocese in order to make more visible the great family of the Divine Will, formed in the bond of unity, ecclesial communion, (and) the commitment to the new evangelization for the handing on of the faith.

With great friendship and sympathy, greeting and blessing.

Trani, November 1, 2012