Totus Tuus

"Mary, I am totally yours." 

The motto of Pope John Paul II contains within it the theology of the Entrustment of the Third Millennium. "Mary I am totally yours! You, who are the Mother of Jesus and our Mother, form us into images of your Divine Son." As we begin the Third Millennium of the Christian era our world desperately needs this entrustment, an act which begs the grace to reform and renew human hearts. Only in this way can the Third Millennium become a Civilization of Love, rather than a culture of death.

The Entrustment of the Third Millennium will take place within the context of the pilgrimage of the Catholic Bishops to Rome for their Jubilee Day. At 10:00 a.m. (4:00 a.m. Eastern) on Sunday 8 October in St. Peter's Square, the assembled bishops will concelebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with Pope John Paul II. After Holy Communion, the Pontiff will go before the image of the Virgin of Fátima and make the act of Entrustment.


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