Suggested Remedies
for Spiritual Hangovers:

1. Become more aware of the action of the Spirit in the present moment.

2. Make a habit of seeing what the Spirit is doing for you in life situations.

3. Look at yourself objectively, receive self-knowledge with gratitude. Bless those who cause your faults to manifest themselves. It is really the Spirit showing you areas in your soul not like Jesus.

4. After a fall, rise repentant and continue on lovingly.

5. Exercise Faith by seeing the Spirit making you holy, Hope by realizing He will bring good out of everything and Love by responding with a union of Wills-His and yours.

6. Try to realize that life and all that happens during that span of time is permitted to transform you into the image of Jesus. Each moment of that time gives each of us the opportunity to change, be transformed and shine bright. The clarity of the light that radiates from us will be determined by our response to the present moment and our union of wills. If His Word lives in us and we struggle to persevere in following that Word, His Spirit will sanctify our efforts.

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