His Pain Like Mine

"An hour later another man insisted saying, 'This fellow was certainly with Him. Why he is a Galilean.' 'My friend,' said Peter, 'I do not know what you are talking about...' At that instant...the cock crowed and the Lord turned and looked straight at Peter." (Luke 22:59-61) We have a tendency to get caught up in Peter's denial in this Scripture passage. But have we thought of Jesus? Jesus heard Peter call a perfect stranger "friend" and then go on to deny the only true friend he possessed - Jesus. The Heart of Jesus was surely crushed. Those who arrested Him hated Him and although His Heart was deeply hurt, imagine the searing throb of pain as He heard with His own ears the rejection of His Love by a friend.

Peter was the man He had loved much, given much and depended upon to carry His message of love to the world. Here He heard him deny he even knew the One he was to represent on earth. Can any of us plumb the depths of disappointment and pain in the soul of Jesus! Perhaps we can - perhaps all men can at one time or another. Parents are hurt over children who flippantly throw away their care, advice, love and protection. Children too, whose hearts cry out for love, often see parents running after the things that perish and having little concern for the souls God has entrusted to their care as parents. Friendship too can suffer a mortal blow when one party yields to suspicion, distrust, jealousy or misunderstanding.

Yes, all of us can relate in some way to the deep hurt in the Heart of Jesus as He heard His friend and companion deny knowing Him. Let us unite our pain to His and give it to the Father for the salvation of souls, when we experience the rejection of a loved one.


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