It takes trust to leave everyone and everything in God's Hands without worry.

Everything Jesus asks of us demands our trust. 

The Beatitudes are eight steps to trust, for it takes great trust to believe and live by a principle that says the poor will possess a kingdom and the persecuted should rejoice. 

It takes trust to realize that even though everything seems to be falling apart, somehow the broken pieces are in His Hands and He will put them all back together. 

It takes trust to see suffering and realize that God is pruning those He loves and Jesus Himself suffers in them. 

It takes trust to pray long and hard and not receive the answer you  expected. 

It takes trust to realize that God will turn our weaknesses to our good as long as we make sincere effort to overcome them. 

It takes trust to realize that the death of a loved one happened at the best time of his life. 

It takes trust to leave everyone and everything in God's Hands without  worry. 

All of our lives we need to trust Him and that trust will radiate like the rays of the sun, touching everyone we meet. 

The trust that Jesus demands of His followers appears almost impossible and  this very fact proves that only God would demand an heroic trust. 

He asked us not to worry about tomorrow and the sight of that kind of trust  lifts up the heart of our neighbor. 

He asked us to dance for joy when we are persecuted because when we do, we show our neighbor there is a better world beyond and in that place our treasure lies. 

He asked us to do the Father's Will with complete trust in the Wisdom of His plan. The sight of this kind of trust is powerful enough to give courage to our neighbor in the most trying circumstances. 

He asked us to be meek and humble of heart so we would find rest for our  souls; the serenity that is the fruit of that self-control becomes the envy of the world. 

Every Christian is important - important to God, to the world and to the Kingdom. 


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