Empowering Catholic Missions Worldwide
Cross Catholic Outreach takes Christ’s command to serve the poor to heart. Members of this apostolate join Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe and explain how invest and empower the local Church and people to help the poor in other countries rather than bringing in others to do the work for them.


The Importance of Integral Missions
We are both physical and spiritual beings. Members of the Cross Catholic Outreach Apostolate join Fr. Joseph to discuss why it is important to help develop a person’s spiritual side when assisting in their physical needs. If a person’s spirituality is not developed they can end up worse off than before even though their material needs are met.


Five Critical Mercy Missions of the Church
The poor in developing countries have many different needs. Fr. Joseph welcomes members of Cross Catholic Outreach to discuss how some communities may need a source of clean water, others housing or education. Cross Catholic Outreach helps the Church help those in need with their specific need as they attempt to rise from poverty.
Cross Catholic Outreach