Deacon Bill's Plea for Prayer, Fasting, Adoration


Comments by Deacon William Steltemeier, CEO of the Eternal Word Television Network, made during the 7 a.m. Mass of 12 March 2003, Our Lady of the Angels Chapel, EWTN, Irondale, AL.

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Our Holy Father has been begging and pleading that we pray and fast. This Vicar of Christ on earth knows something, I’m convinced, that we do not know—that the results of this war, if it takes place will be a disaster, not just for a city, like Nineveh, but for the world. This Holy Father has sent an envoy to every person that he could think of to send, to beg and to plead that we avoid this war. Prayer and fasting is the weapon, greater than any bomb, greater than any nation, and greater than any army. Prayer and fasting can change this situation. 

I have one request this morning, and that is, that everyone that is listening and watching throughout the whole world go to their Pastor, go to their Bishop, and plead that our churches be opened, that we start adoration, day and night—prayer, fasting, and adoration. Jesus, the living Jesus in this Sacrament, the living Jesus that we just received, can change this war. And if it must happen, and God allows it, to bring the world to their knees. If God allows it, and only God can determine the course of events, He will allow it, or He will stop it, if we pray, fast, and adore. We must get our churches opened. We must come before Jesus. The greatest fast that anyone can make is the sacrifice of time to go before the living Jesus in your tabernacles, and adore and worship and plead. Follow the example of the Holy Father. He is begging for prayers and fasting, to end this war. We must respond to the Vicar of Christ. I’m convinced that he knows something that we do not know. Please pray, fast, and adore the living Eucharistic Lord, that controls the destiny of this nation and this world in the next few days.