Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA



Watchman, O Watchman, what of the night?
Faith urges onward, what of the height?
Love bids me follow, yet I know not where.
Fierce is the love that this journey would dare.

Twylight and starlight have long passed from sight.
Watchman, O Watchman, what of the night?
The voice of my Watchman, Guardian Angel and guide,
He whom my Father has placed at my side.

"Go without knowing the pathway you trod.
Yours is a journey that leads you to God."
"Fears, doubts and sorrows, my progress impede.
My soul loses courage ~ Iím lonely," I plead.

"Lonely?" he answers, "then know, at thy side.
Jesus, thy Bridegroom, accompanies His bride.
See, to the dregs of His chalice He sips.
Could you not taste in the kiss of His lips?

Dregs turn to sweetness when lovers drink deep.
You are His own, His to have and to keep.

          - Sister Mary Raphael