Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA


The Trinity

O Trinity within my soul ~ O Love of One in Three
The Arms of Love, embracing Love, in Love’s sweet ecstasy.
O Living Flame within me, Love grows beneath Thy Wing.
Leap forth from out my being and teach my heart to sing.

How oft’ I sought where Thou wast not; how oft’ I found and fled
And stopped my ears ‘gainst Love’s demands and wept till my heart bled.
You touched my soul with music; its melancholy plea
Cried, "Leave all things behind you and hasten often Me!"

My eyes have sought for beauty in flower, in sky, and tree.
"I made them all in passing by; come, hasten, after Me."
I’ve heard you say, "I thirsted." I answered, "So did I."
You say, "My Heart was wounded." "O Love, wound mine."

O Loneliness and Longing, I’ve drained Thy cup of tears.
O Love, too deep to fathom, come, comfort all my fears.
O Trinity in Unity, O Everlasting Three,
Whisper Thy choice name for me and speak my destiny.

"Thy name is Love, and Love thy trade and Love the song you’ll sing,
Upon My Bosom ~ In My Heart ~ Enfolded ‘neath My Wing.

Sister Mary Raphael