Sr. Mary Raphael, PCPA


Going Home

Remember when we used to ride in the country and see yellow fields with rows of hay piled up like Indian teepees along the road and huge orange pumpkins scattered among them? The air was brisk and clean, and great, puffy clouds were making their slow procession across the sky. Trees were turning riotous colors – rust, red, yellow, gold, orange, and some still green. Farmers were selling the last of their produce and apple cider began appearing on the table.

One day like this in Ohio, I looked out the window and huge snow flakes were drifting down and getting caught in the bright-colored foliage. It was time to get out our roller skates and find a hill that we could sail down from.

I wonder if stepping from our earthly home into Eternity is something like this. After a life of activity mixed with prayer, will we be excited about going Home to our Heavenly Father? Will we be ready to leave the battlefield of life and head out for a high hill where Jesus is waiting for us?

When you hear about after-death experiences you wonder if you will be carried through the tunnel of Purgatory toward the light, or will Jesus be waiting there in your room to take you in His Arms and press you to His Sacred Heart? Will Our Lady be there with her beautiful smile as our Guardian Angel stands at attention, waiting to greet you?

We will be carried by our very own True Love to the Throne of our Father. "It is You, O Lord, Who have accomplished all we have done." We are only unprofitable servants, but how He loves our fragile vessel in which He sees His Son Jesus reflected.

                                             (from the October 1999 newsletter)